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  1. Actually, you mentioning The Onion and the Federalist in the same post without any sense of irony is the the comedy gold. Flynn pleaded guilty. Twice. But, the Republicans love their distraction/deflections so in comes the newest conspiracy plot. Anything to put the focus over there...meanwhile, over here, our country is falling apart.
  2. In a perfect world, Justin Amash would upset the whole political system and send the Republicans and Democrats to their corner for 4 years for literally fucking everything up.
  3. Trump adding his signature to the check is just a vanity/ego trip on his part. It's stupid, shallow and irrelevant and tells us nothing that we already don't know about the man. Watching him squirm, deflect, lie, backtrack and be a complete ass in front of the world during his covid-9 update press conferences, however, is a national disgrace.
  4. That is the same dude that had to withdraw his name for the head of the Federal Reserve Board because some stupid statements he made came to light. Like this gem, "not a good thing that black women are making more than black men.”
  5. Every state without stay-at-home order had increase in coronavirus cases over the past week. Up 205% in SD, 82% in IA, 74% in NE, 60% in AR and 53% in OK. Due to lack of testing these counts are low. And POTUS is on twitter egging protesters on with taunts of "liberation" and calling people who show up for mass gatherings as "very responsible". The U.S. is fucked as long as that idiot-in-chief is in the oval office.
  6. Who knew that "anti-American behavior" was the application of common sense and actually giving a damn about the welfare of your fellow Americans. Trumpism 2020.
  7. Just about every COVID-9 White House briefing is another attempt by Trump to gaslight the events of the past few months. The latest being, he actually said he wished he was notified of the dangers sooner--when there is clear, video evidence of him being fully aware of the danger and completely downplaying them so that it wouldn't hurt his re-election. In early/mid March he was saying that it was OK for people to go to work with the virus. It's fucking ridiculous, but given the course of this presidency...not unexpected.
  8. Out of the mouth of babes...
  9. he's such a petulant child...
  10. "anybody who needs a test can get a test...the tests are beautiful...the tests are perfect"
  11. what does the fact that it was a live broadcast have to do with anything? If the intent was to misinform, then yes...he succeeded. right back at ya, sparky!
  12. You support a response that Trump's own people had to correct immediately after because it was filled with inaccuracies? The man had one job--read from a teleprompter and show just a hint of compassion and empathy towards a nation facing a pandemic while providing accurate, helpful information. He simply doesn't have the qualifications to do that. He never did.
  13. I'd like to think we can all agree that Trump's (and his lackeys) idiotic response(s) to the coronavirus has been...problematic at best, but something tells me Al and his ilk will defend literally everything. https://apnews.com/921ad7f1f08d7634bf681ba785faf269?utm_medium=AP&utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8088423/One-Matt-Gaetzs-constituents-dies-coronavirus-days-mocked-outbreak.html
  14. The OF is in a tizzy about the River Hobbits (the 6 or 7 regulars who still post there anyway). Severlin says "it's something we could look at"...and all at once, people have short memories with this company and what those words actually mean. But it doesn't stop people like Amorey (oh yes, she has returned *shocker*) from starting a thread entitled "The River Hobbits are Coming". #delusional
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