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  1. Papi

    FFXIV: Shadowbringers Patch Notes

    Best expansion. Hands down. SE continues to show the competition how it's done. Having a blast.
  2. Papi

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

  3. Papi

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    No, it just means that the staff working at a company may lean more in one direction--again, I'm not seeing any actual proof that this sort of bias (as a matter of policy, dictated by higher management) is actually occurring. For example, when I decide to go to the dark side and look at some right-wing conspiracy nut videos on Youtube (owned by Google), I don't see a rash of left-wing videos popping up as suggestions the next day to "sway my opinion back to the left", I actually see more right-wing style videos from other sources suggested for me. So, I'm not buying it and Ted Cruz grilling some Google employee and outright lying about shit just to try and catch her out isn't helping the case that any of this is legit.
  4. Papi

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    Fact: Google employees did donate to Trump's Presidential campaign (according to the FEC website)--around 22K (Cruz is called "lying Ted" for a reason). Yes, there was more contributions ($$) towards Hillary, but there were also more people who voted for Hillary. Imagine that. Fact: During the 2016 and 2018 elections, Google (as a company) donated more money to Republicans than they did Democrats. Of course, that doesn't fit the right-wing narrative currently on display, but it's 2019 and actual facts don't seem to matter. /shrug.
  5. Papi

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    Show me the full, unedited video. Otherwise, not buying it. In fact, the video itself almost comes across like a parody. /shrug.
  6. See the above videos I posted. Maybe it's just a matter of knowing what to look for.
  7. as I said, they recently added two new data centers. One for NA and one for EU. https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/11cadb280ca20f53f22e0b0885d1ebf675536bb9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvv7jjVI60M ^^Eureka final boss (Pazuzu) 144 people in a single instance, multiple instances spread out over the specific data centers. The majority of the content in FFXIV isn't designed to have a mass of players online focusing on a single activity in an open world setting--with the exception of Eureka. With Stormblood brought 4 different iterations of Eureka, 4 new zones all with bosses (i.e. multiple) like the one in the video where the entirety of the instance will group up to take it down. There are numerous videos out there covering the multiple zones to include the Baldesion Arsenal.
  8. I'm not sure if I agree with this statement. They wouldn't be able to keep making "noise" as you say--year after year--if something wasn't sticking. Yoshi-P recently stated that they had to add extra servers to the EU datacenter because sub numbers before the expac launch had hit an all-time high for the game. Nobody gives actual, active sub numbers and I don't expect SE to start now. It is what it is, but he is not known for blowing smoke out of his ass just for the sake of it. Also, they recently added whole new datacenters--you don't continue to expand your infrastructure if the game isn't progressing. People using Steam to play FFXIV feels like a rarity these days, so I'd wager that 25K figure is a very small percentage of the overall playerbase.
  9. The marketing and PR for FFXIV is full on, especially pre expansion launch. To the point it almost become relentless. I have friends, who don't even play MMORPGs , mention that they see advertisements all the time for the game (youtube feeds, etc.) With the news that they have reached their highest subscription numbers, buzz is at an all time high and I'd say it's impact on MMORPG culture is huge, given--outside of WoW--it's the only game that is still subscription based and still growing in population. A lot of critics point to FFXIV as a benchmark on how to treat their customers (there were immediate comparisons between the disastrous Blizzcon and FFXIV fan fests just as one example).
  10. Papi

    64-bit gossip

    Watching a bit of that video from gussymoose was...I honestly don't have the words.
  11. This has popped up again, thanks to the redacted documents being revealed. Where there is smoke there is bound to be fire. https://massivelyop.com/2019/03/19/daybreaks-definitely-not-owner-columbus-nova-is-back-in-national-news-again/
  12. Papi

    Moria soon on LS?

    RIFT Prime is closing after one year. I don't give the LS much longer than that--if it doesn't close sooner. Moria was the first and last great expansion of the game. I can't see people sticking around on the LS for what comes after.
  13. Google is your friend: A foreign limited liability company is defined as an LLC which has been formed in one state but which is now carrying out business, or wishes to carry out business, in another state. This is in direct contrast to a domestic LLC, which is a company formed in the state in which it will be doing business.
  14. Papi

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    Sapience left LotRO five years ago. And he was a special brand of <insert expletive>. Although Cordovan half-heartedly opened up a dialogue here, he doesn't even have time to manage the OF, so I doubt he gives two shits about what is said over here--let alone try and verify who is posting what under what name. Given the attitude of some of the people on this forum towards the game, I find it hard to believe that they are "protecting their status" on the OF and in-game by not using the same forum name here. It's bullshit, pure and simple. The only thing that Amorey is truly responsible for is getting under your skin, repeatedly.
  15. Papi

    The Elusive Producer's Letter

    Careful now...or you'll be the next target. That's pure bullshit and you know it. More bullshit.