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  1. 'it's not the players job to leave the game. how about it being the company's job to fix the servers after 13 years?' ^^that particular line caught my attention. y'know...if you (in general) are still playing the game 13 years in and the servers are still fucked...well, maybe it is the players "job" to leave the game.
  2. and sadly, his base will believe him.
  3. Apparently a DDO server just got hit with a 3 week rollback. Yes, 3 weeks! There is no way it isn't related to the what has happened during the past 3 weeks in LOTRO. https://massivelyop.com/2020/08/07/lotro-ddo-character-transfer-wayfinder-rollback/
  4. SSG business page has them listed with 40 employees and 20 million in annual revenue. Looking at the state of the game, where the fuck is that 20 million going?
  5. ah, he is still alive. Cordovan: "we worked to resolve issues outside of our control in the data center and other environments" Severlin: "The cause was outside the scope of code and bugs" Also, they've only completed the "first wave"?
  6. I find it curious that the Executive Producer of both games hasn't stuck his head out of his hole to say a single. word.
  7. You can really see the psychosis on display in that thread. I can't help but point out Arnenna (hasn't she publicly threatened to quit/unsub multiple times now?)...where she defends the fact that SSG provided DDO an update but waited 18 hours, nearly a day, to update the LOTRO forums with the same update. Let's think about that for a sec...a company whose livelihood depends on people having access to their product...and that product is currently inaccessible...waits almost a day to keep a huge chunk of their customers informed about the status of things. Apparently, Cordovan was on annual leave? Which, of course, is the lamest excuse. The point is, stuff like this is clearly indefensible...it's just poor business practices on behalf of SSG and you'd think even the most devoted white knight would pull their head out (kudos to Massively for doing just that), but looking at that thread...either people are being contrarian for the sake of it or there is some deeper, psychological problem going on there. It's probably a little bit of both.
  8. you know shit has hit the fan when even fan boy Justin over at Massively is pissed off: https://massivelyop.com/2020/07/24/lotro-legendarium-what-we-have-here-is-a-failure-to-communicate/
  9. Day 9 of the SSG server crisis. They need to fire whomever is their community manager at the moment, little to zero communication on what is actually going on, bringing down the servers for hours with a 30 second in-game notice. I mean, where is all the money from those loot-boxes going lol?
  10. But...but...he was just joking. Honest. LOL
  11. My hope, once Trump loses the election, is that the Democrats put him on /ignore (that goes double for the media). Regardless of what he says--and make no mistake, he will not go quietly into the night--just ignore him. Don't try and indict him, just...put it behind them and move on. The country needs a reset.
  12. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/fox-news-on-scene-reporter-directly-calls-out-debunks-trumps-claims-about-violent-protestors-taking-over-seattle/?utm_source=mostpopular
  13. oh look, another incident where Fox and Friends tried to blame it on the "extreme leftist organization antifa", turns out to be...well, take a guess: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-06-16/suspects-charged-killing-santa-cruz-cop-and-oakland-federal-officer "right-wing “Boogaloo” movement that believes a second American Civil War is coming soon"
  14. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/16/us/protest-wrap-tuesday/index.html Fucking militia douche bags
  15. https://www.the-sun.com/news/987380/trump-john-bolton-book-strong-criminal-problem/ https://apnews.com/c1bd22be2194dcdb16dbb052dc3d5bd4 Trump and Barr don't want Bolton's book to see the light of day. I wonder why?
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