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  1. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    The mid-term elections in 2018 proved there is a large enough voter bloc to get Trump out of office. Make no mistake, that mid term was more about him than it was the Republican party--but it will depend on who the actual Democratic candidate is. Hillary Clinton was simply a horrible candidate.
  2. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    I'd be all for a Libertarian party.
  3. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    When the Republican party forgets they are the Republican Party. Welcome to the Trump Party.
  4. Papi

    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    She got her ass handed to her and watched as her dwarf lover (lmao) died. Ripley was a strong female character. Tauriel was eye candy at best. Well, you made the hero-turned-villain-for-the-sake-of-pop-culture in your mythical story white and male so...yeah, I did.
  5. Papi

    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    Based on what? Some actress--who isn't even associated with the show--throwing ideas around? We get triggered so easily these days. At least wait until they actually cast all the characters before you jump on the white male rage bandwagon, eh?
  6. Papi

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    You could have all those things and still be completely clueless. Not to mention, the valar upgrades are another example of SSG bending you over without the courtesy of lube or a reach around. It's such an inadequate "jump" item it's pathetic--especially when you compare it to other similar jump potions in WoW and FFXIV.
  7. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    1. We clearly watched different podcasts. 2. LOL, first you go on a rant about how no one talks about subject X. Then when it's pointed someone has been for years, you then deflect and move the goal posts. Ok, sure. 3. You remember incorrectly. Arm yourself with actual facts please. 4. Deflection. Next you'll be saying "but her emails!!" 5. Only in your world is 30+ indictments, guilty pleas and prison sentences equate to "baseless propaganda" 6. Yes, next time I do something that I know is wrong and could possible get me arrested, I'll blame my deceit on the perceived political bias of the person who might arrest me. LMAO Just a little tid bit, fella--the FBI, historically, has leaned Republican--much like the military. If people are now "defecting" it's because they are smart enough to know that the Republican party has lost it's way under Trump. I mean, the once fiscally conservative boasting party is now responsible for a record high deficit that eclipses anything under Obama--and that is saying something.
  8. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    1. He doesn't dance around anything. If you actually listen, he explains in great detail exactly how it's going to work and not break the country. He even broke it down in the Rogan podcast you cited earlier. 2. Sanders has been talking about the corrupt insurance and pharmaceutical industry for the past 30 years, it's one of his key talking points. Again, blind bias on your part. 3. No one is moving the target, and I've already admitted the media went into a bit of a hysteria. As a result of the probe there were several indictments and people closely linked to Trump went to jail--for years. You'd have a leg to stand on, if everyone was cleared and the world was full of rainbows and unicorns. 4. The Mueller report made it abundantly clear that Russia actively sought to influence the general election in favor of Trump. That point isn't even debatable. Given how Trump would side with Putin over his own intelligence teams, it's not a far leap for the media to jump on the puppet bandwagon. Did they take it to extremes? Of course. 5. What is not expected is your key advisers (Kushner and Manafort), along with your son to have a meeting with a Russian operative with the sole purpose of getting dirt on your political rival. They chose not to report it to the FBI--which any sane, intelligent person agrees should have happened. Then, once discovered, they lied about the purpose of the meeting. I'm pretty sure there were a few more lies about statements and so on and so forth. It's hard to keep up with the bullshit. Gee, I have no idea why anyone would be suspicious of anything at all. If Obama did it...sweet Jesus, the right would have called for an impeachment right then and there. 6. Except that is not what is happening. The fact that you think it's just career politicians tells me you don't even know what's going on in your own party. 7. If you genuinely think that Trump is an actual Republican then you are without a doubt, hopeless. Linking a wikipedia page is priceless. I agree about the fundamental differences between the small European countries and the U.S. Sanders rolled out a plan that would take several years to implement, targeting coverage of certain age groups over a period time. Is it idealistic? Yes. I'd say there is a direct link between access of adequate health care and education to the current income/social inequality. You fix one, it goes a long way to fix the other.
  9. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    Translation: You can't even acknowledge a shared opinion, so you immediately resort to nut job right wing talking points right out the gate. Bernie is as consistent today as he was on the Rogan podcast as he was 30 years ago. His message and demeanor hasn't changed. You've basically got nothing. Your blind bias is on fully display if you can't even admit Trump has his own set of "mental problems". Another 20 to 30 years from now the rest of the world will have moved on and America will still be killing it's own with machines that were built and designed for war and people like you will still be shouting "I ain't gonna live without mah guns". Fuck that. Sure let's talk about the Trump/Russia conspiracy "theory"...34 indictments, 6 of which were Trump advisers including his National Security Adviser and Campaign Manager. Did media outlets like MSNBC go full on crazy mode with some of their reporting? God, yes. Did it help that Trump, his advisers and even his own children were caught in outright lies about meetings with Russian officials/operatives? That answer should be fucking obvious. I genuinely think people are tired of Trump. They are tired of the lies and the bullshit. You have a record number of Republicans choosing to retire and/or leave the Republican party as a direct result of Trump (I mean, Trump isn't even a Republican--oh the irony). Hell, the GOP is actually afraid that Texas will turn blue.
  10. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    You're all over the place (as usual). I admit that the media and the left overreact to Trump and you label me a triggered Democrat. Makes sense given how you normally act on here. Your counter argument against Bernie is that he is suffering from dementia. In other words, you're fresh out of ideas. You've used the "democrats-love-having-armed-guards" trope before. It was stupid then, it's stupid now. It was a bi-partisan effort, during President Bush's administration. I know, facts are sometimes hard. Both sides are equally entrenched in corporate America. But if it helps you sleep better at night, paint the Democrats as your favorite boogie man. Whatever gives you peace.
  11. Papi

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Well, at least you are honest about it. But I agree with Urwendil, an uninstall/unsub was the best for me as well. Otherwise, you are just feeding the same machine you are bitching about, no matter how small a role you may think you have in it.
  12. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    Just to clarify, I'm referring to Democratic Socialism. There is a difference. Interestingly enough the top 10 countries with the highest quality of life, almost half of them are democratic socialist countries. Failed ideology? I disagree. Having spent considerable time in Europe myself, makes me want to disagree even more. I would rather contribute to the education and health care of my country then pay for wars that certain companies and their execs profit from and bail out corrupt banks. I'm not even going to address the "straight white male owning a gun" scenario you presented because to be honest it sounds like a fear mongering ad from the NRA. It's an extreme, and I believe there is a middle ground that can be met. But, that means both parties would have to compromise and due to the political discourse in our country, that seems almost impossible.
  13. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    As a "yank", I think Trump needs to go. I admit how he riles up the left--and the media in particular--is entertaining (even if, at times, the hysteria is warranted--he's said and done some crazy shit). But for every stupid thing he does that should be pointed out, the media jumps on mundane shit or blows things out of proportion that is best left ignored. I mean, do we really need another panel of "analysts" discussing the latest tweet and debating another lie? Nope. I'd like to see 4 years under Bernie. He's been the most consistent (policies/views of the past 30 years) of any politician. Equating socialism to communism is a fear tactic the Republicans have used for years, but it only speaks volumes about the party's ignorance and their resistance to change. If we can pay trillions of dollars for an unnecessary war and billions of dollars to bail out corrupt Wall Street, we can spend the money for universal health care and free college (which is an actual investment in our country's future). As for guns...for a young country, we seem so stuck in the past. Waving the second amendment as a blanket of security against common sense gun control is idiotic. Cause y'know...its a fucking amendment. The bottom line is that if there wasn't so much money involved and the NRA wasn't so entrenched in American politics, gun control would be less of an issue.
  14. Papi


    This is already an issue now, the possibility it could get worse is mental. Granted, only those who are in need or have family members in need of medicine will give a shit. Until something directly affects them, people tend to hide behind a blanket of "you're overreacting!" And look at the pound rate--give it time and it will be one for one with the U.S. dollar.
  15. That thread is ridiculous. She goes on saying that SSG should recoup the FA symbols that people grabbed from the Skirmish camp (mistake on SSG's part for having them avail for barter) and then later admits that she, herself, got one from the skirmish camp. WTF? I always feel like I need to wash my brain out with soap after reading that forum.