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  1. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    And by "doing research" you mean believing conspiracy theories promoted by a government owned Russian news agency? Honestly, coming from you not so surprising. I'll take listening to live, un-edited testimony from key witness over your delusional ranting any day of the week.
  2. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    Except that it doesn't. Several witnesses--including those called by the Republicans (hoping to support their narrative)--have testified as much during the impeachment inquiry. It's worth noting you cited a Russian News Agency link to back up your ridiculous claim. I mean...whatever it takes, right?
  3. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    The front page of Drudgereport is a hoot... "Ambassador followed President's orders" "Giuliani pushed quid pro quo" "Everyone was in the loop" The actual testimony from today and yesterday (which included the Republican witnesses) is proving what we already know: Trump is a crook. What is truly fascinating...looking at how far the Republicans will go to deny that truth. https://www.drudgereport.com/
  4. Papi

    Just Another Day in Monetezation

    The mental gymnastics going on in that thread by the "regulars" is astonishing. The gem is Arnenna who claimed she wasn't going to be buying the expansion because of how it was being monetized (wait for it...she bought it) and now she is trying to claim some type of high ground because she isn't spending money on other things in-game..."Leave those that wish to feed the monster - face the monster. Imma be a million miles away from that, just playing the game..." If you bought the expansion and are actively playing the game you are feeding the fucking monster. It doesn't matter what SSG does, let's be honest. Those type of people won't--can't--log off, uninstall, quit, etc.
  5. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    This sums it up. The Democrats know what happened and the motive behind it. The Republicans know what happened and the motive behind it. What we are seeing now is political theater meant to sway public opinion. The Republicans are hoping that people are either just too stupid to see what is clearly obvious to anyone with intelligence...or that they are like Almagnus (i.e. willing to support Trump simply to fuck over more than half the population).
  6. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    Notoriety. As a President of the United States...he will be part of our national history. Forever. Sadly.
  7. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    @Splay, I admire your willingness to engage--but its complete lost on the likes of him. Even when rational, fair minded people concede obvious truths in the spirit of a debate all you're going to get is trolling. He's not here for a conversation. He's here to bark and delude himself into thinking he's always right. Don't waste your time.
  8. And to make the circle jerk of incompetence complete, they forgot to even add it into the patch notes. That is a major change to the crafting system and it goes under the radar until someone points it out to Cordovan. As for the BiS gear dropping in lootboxes at launch, anyone thinking this wasn't a deliberate, desperate cash grab tactic (despite Cordovan's transparent excuse) has lost touch with reality. Again, this is typical SSG tactics. The fact that it was only a day or two ago that a blue name posted that what happened would "never happen"...why anyone continues to play this game is lost on me.
  9. There are one or two threads where folks are venting their disappointment. The only issue...SSG isn't doing anything they haven't done before (i.e. Mordor). All this anger over something that isn't going to change. SSG already showed you who they are--years ago. If you continue to stick around and play the game, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  10. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    LMAO...this statement, coming from you...with everything you've posted in this thread. You are so far up Trump's ass, you have admitted--repeatedly--that you would vote for him simply just to spite x, y and z. If I believed in a god I would pray for you (nah, I probably wouldn't).
  11. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    Even if the whistle-blower had ties to Schiff, it doesn't change the fact that what he reported has been verified by the "transcript" that the White House released. It's hard to claim some wild conspiracy is at play, if the actual complaint is backed up by the facts presented. And, he is not the only person to come forward. Strange that people will take issue with actual non partisan fact checking websites, but wholeheartedly believe right wing propaganda sites. I guess it's not really so strange.
  12. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    It's not a transcript, period. It's the opposite of what an actual transcript is. That's the fucking point. Calling someone dishonest (Schiff), when you continue to back the liar-n-chief is hilarious. 19 pages in and the Trump acolyte still doesn't know the difference between the House Intelligence and Judicial committees. Sounds about right.
  13. The question is, why do you still play?
  14. Papi

    US Elections 2020

    This is the key reason his lawyers wouldn't let him be interviewed in person during the Mueller probe. He would have indicted himself in the first 5 minutes of the interview. It's also why he answered (some, not all) questions only in writing (which I'm sure his legal team did for him).
  15. It's the broken record that keeps on skipping over and over and over...People have the game they deserve.