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  1. Papi

    Censoring Words

    You're right, I was clearly asking too much of you. My sincere apologies.
  2. Papi

    Censoring Words

    I never said gay people are the only ones to ever suffer injustice and violence. They are, however, a select minority of people who have and continue to suffer injustice and violence simply because they are gay. That point can't even be argued. To even equate that with "No, they get beaten up sometimes just because they were standing there" is just you being disingenuous. You've pulled this shtick before over the years when people have politely asked you to tone your shit down--and that was before you were a moderator. And you always raise the freedom of speech/censorship banner like you are on some fucking crusade. At the end of the day, you just want a space where you can be a dick with no consequences and anytime someone threatens that or, god forbid, ask for a little bit of civility, you cry foul.
  3. Papi

    Censoring Words

    You're purposely missing the point. This is ridiculous, you've wasted your time creating a separate thread for this. I fully support your right to act like a 12 year old child and call other grown adults faggots. Carry on.
  4. Papi

    Censoring Words

    Yeah, but straight people don't get beaten up simply because they are straight. There aren't places in the world right now where people are getting killed simply for being straight. But you know all of that.
  5. Papi

    Censoring Words

    @Almagnus1What the fuck are you talking about? If it's actually come to the point that grown adults can't have a discussion or share opinions and one of them politely say "hey, I'd prefer you not use that word in a derogatory manner around me" and it not explode into some ridiculous diatribe about free speech and censorship then fuck it. Context is all good, but if the word is still being used to insult, the intent is still there. You don't get to apply your own meaning to the word and act oblivious to the history behind it's use. Well, you can if you want to come across as ignorant. I find it funny that Doro posted a clip from Louis C.K. because it reminded me of a scene I saw while watching his TV show when he asked one of his gay friends if it bothers him when he uses the word on stage:
  6. Papi

    Censoring Words

    Look, I'm not some SJW trying to come here and limit free speech. I'm one of a small number of people who comes to this forum who finds that word offensive. No intelligent person is going to honestly argue how that word has been/is primarily used--no matter how many CK Louis videos you post. There is nothing to debate. If me asking another grown man to not use the word faggot in this space is too much to ask, then I have no problem not posting here anymore. Your call.
  7. Papi

    Censoring Words

    Can we not use the word faggot, if possible? I'm all for free speech, but when I see grown adults using that word I freely admit it triggers me. I'm not trying to derail the thread, but I've noticed it being used with more frequency (and not just by our moderator). I'm genuinely asking. Thanks.
  8. Papi

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Are you still able to log into the game? I only ask because when I got banned from the forum by Cordovan he also flipped a switch on the game side. In the end, not a big loss. If anything, it was actually good to make a clean (ish) break
  9. Papi

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    ...how anyone saw that trailer and decided it was the best product to promote the first expansion in years...#speechless.
  10. if you look a bit further into his tweets, he wasn't very happy with forced overtime due to failure of management. question is, was he referring to Severlin or Daybreak (who, imo, is clearly pulling the strings at SSG)
  11. Papi

    Questions asked and answered

    hmm, looks like SSG lost one of their lead designers...
  12. Papi

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    @kickman, it's probably for the best to be honest. the forum has become an apologist playground anyway (example: maartena) I'm surprised it took them this long to ban Hurin as he has long been a vocal critic of their business model.
  13. This and the DDO package...Daybreak must really need the extra cash
  14. Papi

    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    Full disclosure, I hate loot-boxes. Even further, I hate how the actual content devs spend time creating in LOTRO pushes you in not so subtle ways to use loot-boxes with (now) store-only bought keys. And spare me the yeah, but you don't *need* to do x, y and z. If it wasn't meant to be utilized, it wouldn't be in the bloody game. For every person that whines, but SSG needs to make money so the loot-boxes have to stay because there is no other way to keep the game alive, I point them to FFXIV and it's subscription based model. People don't seem to realize that a loot-box driven game actually equates to less content being developed (for that particular game) on a regular basis. Meanwhile, the "legendary" servers are all smoke and mirrors. Anything to distract from the shit show that is the current end-game experience. SSG won't budge on loot-boxes until they are forced to by law. The game needs an enema. The developers...even MoL, sold their souls to the devil long ago I'm afraid.
  15. Papi

    Legendary™ Servers

    This assertion is backed up by many player-number-quotes presented by players on the official forum from their home servers. What does it say about the current level cap end-game that the majority of people would rather play a different version (well, not really) of the game?