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  1. Per Severlin, "We absolutely want to reward players who are awesome enough to support the long-term success of the game by opening lootboxes, and get joy in doing it, but we don't want players to feel like they are forced to open lootboxes in order to play or excel in the game." Awesome=whales. And then there is this convoluted mess: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?666721-End-Game-Loot-Lootboxes-Update-23-and-Beyond&p=7867073#post7867073
  2. If you actually take a step back and look at it (i.e. read between the lines), this is worse than when Mordor launched. But, of course, people won't realize it until the update launches and they are knee deep in it.
  3. the only silver lining to that, is that it's being done by the same folks that handle Warframe.
  4. Papi

    Update 23

    @cossieuk all I see is a bunch of re-used assets in the new areas. Also, SSG is expanding it's loot-box pox even further--check the BR forums for a brief taste. I've never seen a game troll what little players they have left with such careless abandon. Long live the whales that keep this game afloat.
  5. 1. he's not telling you to do something you haven't already done, so what is the issue? 2. so that just means you have something in common with him. again, what is the issue? 3. 21st century sensibilities?? ...you live alone, don't you?
  6. Papi

    The Latest Debacle

    The "community" gets what it deserves. Maybe if they had spoken up louder when the loot-boxes were introduced with the Mordor expansion...it's pretty silly to feign outrage now.
  7. That is a big "if", and even so...it's not something I would necessarily be proud of. On the first raid, you had to lower your graphics drastically just to get through it (which, by today's standards, is unacceptable), the second one was released bugged as hell and almost a whole 4 months after the expansion was launched. But, Doro is right...the whales have been and are continuing to keep this ship afloat. The trend now is "well, at least they are doing this..." There are too many better games out there to resign yourself to that type of mentality.
  8. Say what you will, but I give kudos to the folks @Massively for continuing to run with this story and providing updates. It could have very well fallen under the radar.
  9. That is a fair point. It is interesting that the executive producer explicitly said (recently in a live stream) that some dude at Daybreak is his boss. I think people who say that Daybreak is just their publisher is underestimating the relationship between the two.
  10. Update, the Chief Publishing Officer at Daybreak bails... http://massivelyop.com/2018/04/25/daybreak-update-chief-publishing-officer-laura-naviaux-has-left-the-company/
  11. The walk back from Jason Epstein (to massively) is quite fascinating. "Oh, we worded that wrong 3 years ago and never corrected it"....um, what?? There is a post started about it on the OF, but if people think SSG is going to be transparent about this issue...well, then they haven't been paying attention the past few years.
  12. Papi

    LOTRO Solo and PVP

    I would humbly disagree. First, spend a couple days in world chat. While "haters" will always appear louder than the content, the sheer number of disgruntled/unhappy people took me by surprise. Second, look at the actual output from SSG. Specifically, what they said they can't/won't do and what little they are doing. The lore driven, nostalgic whales are saving this game. And it has nothing to do with cosmetics in the shop, but everything to do with loot boxes and keys in the store.
  13. a few people have been sharing the many infractions that Cordovan has been handing out (through PMs). the majority of them he isn't even bothering to put a reason, he's actively deleting posts and in a lot of the cases, the threads he is using to back up the infractions are those simply critical of the dev decisions. he also made a point to close (at the time) the only active loot-box discussion thread. others have popped up since then of course. i'd say he is on his way to sapience level douche-baggery
  14. Papi

    LotRO Dev Halt?

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. If I pay a sub for a game, it's because I want to play and support that game. It probably would have been better off if Cordovan just gave his usual "they are working on it". The last thing someone wants to hear is that a particular type of content is currently on hold because resources (that your sub helps fund) have been diverted to another game you don't give two shits about.