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  1. https://www.enadglobal7.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/EG7-Investor-Presentation-Dec-2020-Acquires-Daybreak-Games.pdf Interesting to see official numbers about Lotro. Total users: 108K Users with VIP (monthly membership): 41K
  2. It's such a 2020 thing for Trump to say isn't it? "Why are all the mail-in ballots going for Biden?" I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that he spent the last 3 months telling his flock of followers that mail-in ballots are full of corruption so they decided to vote in-person while the Democrats mailed them in. Also, I just read that his Chief of Staff has come forward saying he tested positive for COVID...days ago...and didn't tell any of his staff and even attended Trump's "election win party". I mean...fuck all of them--whatever happens to them, they have it coming.
  3. It's worth noting that Justin over at Massively is a known fan boy of LOTRO. This article is telling: https://massivelyop.com/2020/10/22/lotro-legendarium-is-lotro-at-war-with-orcs-or-with-its-playerbase/
  4. Meanwhile... LOTRO game worlds and web site unavailable: Thursday, October 22nd 12:30am Eastern (-4 GMT) The LOTRO game worlds and web site are currently unavailable. We are investigating. We will keep you updated. #LOTRO http://LOTRO.com 5:27 AM ยท Oct 22, 2020
  5. Yikes: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684007-Update-28-Release
  6. "Recommended" above the Ultimate Fan Bundle...oh SSG...
  7. I find those people to be the worst. Disagreeing with someone "privately" when their very job is public policy/law that impacts millions. Putting party before country should never be the norm. Both parties are guilty of it (to certain extremes), but Trump has ensured the Republican party as we know it is fucked.
  8. Agreed. Trump will be in litigation for the next 10 years or so in civil/criminal cases but it won't have anything to do with Congress.
  9. Reporting no symptoms (right...) and back to saying on Twitter that the flu is worse than COVID. I guess he got an F in his recent "COVID School" Less than 30 days...
  10. I thought it was a SNL skit from the night before, but no...the dumb fuck took his infected fat ass for a joy ride to wave to 50 people.
  11. Also looks like he was diagnosed on Wednesday (even though they announced it on Friday). If you want further confirmation that Trump only cares about Trump, take a look at his schedule between Wednesday and Friday. He knowingly put people at risk, His own supporters.
  12. Trump is being sent to Walter Reed Hospital. He has a fever and is feeling fatigued.
  13. allow me to place my tin foil hat on for a sec... Trump has a shit show of a debate...Melania tape comes out (with the infamous quote "who gives a fuck")...and now, they both get covid. Trump doesn't have to do the next debate, Melania gets sympathy...and for the next two weeks, the media and the Democrats have to play nice. Right before the election, Trump has a huge rally as he comes out of the covid all strong and healthy and re-energizes his campaign. It's 2020, at this point nothing would surprise me.
  14. The thing is, you don't publicly denounce a far-right, neo fascist, male-only organization by telling them to "stand back and stand by". Worse, that wasn't an off the cuff remark--it was actually thought out in his pre-prep for the debate.
  15. The OF thread is a shit show. You know your game is in the toilet if players area actually pissed off that a new class might be in the works instead of the developers fixing the myriad of existing issues that continue to fuck the game.
  16. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?683312-New-class-quot-BRAWLER-quot-found-in-beta-trainer-traits-and-raid-gear-huge-selling-point-for-Gundabad-expansion&p=8037039#post8037039 I mean, I wouldn't put it past them...but given the game (and the current classes) are such a mess... $$$
  17. What can you say at this point... Did you see that trailer? Straight out of 2007, with no hint of irony. This team has zero imagination/creativity. And the people lapping it up on the OF...all the recent woes over the past couple of months has put the fear into the apologists. They know the game is in dire straights and they are willing to throw money at it to try and keep it afloat. We are witnessing a wicked combination of desperation and obsession being fed by the corporate greed of SSG management.
  18. Herman Cain's twitter account is spewing bullshit about how covid19 isn't deadly. Herman Cain died of covid19 (after attending a Trump rally). Only in 2020.
  19. Trump: The U.S. will go to shit if I'm not reelected. Shows video of the country going to shit...oblivious to the fact that the video he just showed depicted events that took place during his administration. /shrug.
  20. I definitely think he made it about him and not the issue at hand. Keep in mind, this is the second time in the past month that SSG has been criticised for a) not keeping the players informed in a timely manner and b) issuing a copy and past statement when they eventually got around to it.
  21. the twitch video with Cord is ridiculous (for some reason I can't post it). He basically plays the victim card about how hard it has been for him to deal with the negative feedback on the forum the past few days. smh
  22. SSG is still using the "due to external issues outside of our control" excuse. Because, of course.
  23. 'it's not the players job to leave the game. how about it being the company's job to fix the servers after 13 years?' ^^that particular line caught my attention. y'know...if you (in general) are still playing the game 13 years in and the servers are still fucked...well, maybe it is the players "job" to leave the game.
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