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  1. A shame that my kin didn't start on that server, then. Better chance at finding stuff. But the roleplaying sounds like it could be kind of fun, though.
  2. I hear you, most of the people I've seen online that have the quiver are on the Landroval server. But what exactly is a roleplaying server? I mean, does it have the same quests and stuff, or does everybody just do whatever?
  3. Haha thanks, I'm glad you feel the same! But yeah, that Trestlebridge one...I've tried to dye it, but the lines on it all stay that yucky crimson color still. Well, they wouldn't be yucky if the outfit's color scheme matched them If the lotro-wiki is to be trusted, then yeah, it's not available anymore at Spring Festival. But yeah, I have also heard about the server merging at some indeterminate date in the future - but it's supposed to preserve all your items and characters and stuff, I think. Yes!!! That is what I need - cross server AH! If only, if only. I'm glad that you at least have the recipe, though. I mean, I wish you were on my server, but the fact that you have it means there is at least some hope of finding someone on Dwarrowdelf who does
  4. Yeah, I guess that's the reality of it. But thanks for your sympathy, and those are some good suggestions! I appreciate you taking time out to help me. I check the auction house pretty regularly in the hopes that someone might post it there, too. I've pretty much scoured Lalia's market, but maybe by some lucky chance one of the special outfits that they rotate on the dummies will have one. And if I can get in touch with a large kin that might have one...that's actually the best idea, probably.
  5. So basically there isn't much I can do to find the quiver I guess
  6. Yes I'm logged in, my problem is the one listed below. Yeah I've done that several times, but I feel bad bugging everyone about it all the time in the /world chat. Sometimes people don't like it. I did find someone who said they have one (supposedly), but they apparently have 20-something different accounts and they don't remember which character's inventory it's in. Ya definitely sucks >.< What you said is pretty much what I gathered when searching about the problem online, but I just wanted to confirm. Sad day... Yeah, some people ruin things for everyone That seems to be the way of it. It just reminds me of grade school...a couple of kids decide to play tackle football, then football gets banned from recess, lol
  7. Thanks for replying! Yeah, I really wanted to post it there - that's actually where I went first. However, for some reason unbeknownst to me, under posting permissions it says: You may not post new threads You may not post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts Kind of puts a damper on things It seems like almost everyone is on Landroval xD I could probably find it more easily there. But yeah, I would like to try to find a good kin that might have it...maybe I can at least use the directory in the OF to find one, even if I can't post there?
  8. Looking for the Fine Quiver on Dwarrowdelf server! Help!

  9. I have been looking desperately for the Fine Quiver cosmetic and can't seem to find anyone who has it or can make it (image of it is here: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/File:Fine_Quiver_screenshot.jpg). It's a journeyman tailor recipe that was a drop from spring festival Green Gift Boxes a few years back, and according to the wiki, it is no longer available. I have searched around on sites like cosmeticlotro, but all of the players I've seen with the Fine Quiver are on different servers. I play on the Dwarrowdelf server, so is there anyone that could make this quiver for me, or even someone who already has it and could just let me borrow it to put on my outfit? I could then send it right back to you. My main character is named Suruborn, so if you are able to mail it, that would be where.
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