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  1. Yeah. I saw the Burglar class in website. But Burglar Combat role is support. That's why I'm confuse. I like a class of big damage and fast attack. Still, Burglar use debuffs, it means that make enomey weak and attact. Isn't it? I'm still confuse. Champion or Burglar.
  2. Thanks care ab me. First time i choosed elf hunter. Cos i like damage and active classes. But action used bow is too late. So i will change race of man champion. In Lotro don't hv assassin class? I like fast play.
  3. And one more thing... When i can chatt in world channel? Games said i hv to play longer time +_+; I wanna enjoy chatting with another people.
  4. I'm Jeil, and korean. Of course I live in korea. Even though my enlgish is not good, plz understand me. From i was middle school student, i played a lot of online game. Expecially from NC Soft co. Lineage, Lineage2, Aion, Guild war etc. Still, all online games' contents is almost same like level up, and collected good item plus ab quest, just hunting monster how many or hunting monster and collect how many item or meet someone... That's why i never interested ab game story at all, cos i know already how to play. So it's easily bored and not funny. I wanna enjoy fun of knowing. So eventually i desided play online game with english. Just now I played Lotro little bit. Yeah still i know how to play game, but i try to understand the game story and read all of NPC talking. It's quite fun u know. But i saw negative thinking ab this game in this website. Is it really useless game? Or can u recommend another good games?
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