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  1. Well, one actually. That one seemed extremely knowledgeable about the runs in the game. I know a lot of people are. When I spoke up and it was apparent that someone else was in the channel, there was dead silence. If it was just two players passing rumors, the conversation would have continued. It became clear that no one else was supposed to hear this. Maybe I'm wrong. But if it does end, it'll be like Aylwen said, you won't be forewarned. Otherwise you won't purchase stuff from the Turbine store or renew subs. Let me also point out that phone support ended for LOTRO and DDO with no improvement in online support like they said. I am now waiting a week and a half for a response to a ticket.
  2. Sadly, I've been waiting a week now for a password/email problem with no response. This would take five mminutes by phone. I can't use in-game support obviously. I noticed that Lego products has phone support, though.
  3. Well, this may be nothing but months ago, my kin switched to Razer. I installed the program and was testing it out. I switched to a channel occupied by a kin officer (won't mention his name) and another kin member. The program didn't announce when someone entered a channel. The kin member said, "So, I heard Turbine has already lost it's LOTRO title." The officer replied and said yes. The last content to be introduced will be the Black Gate and then in April of 2017, the servers go off. I asked if he read this somewhere and I got "crickets" from them. The kin member quickly said something about hearing it somewhere. They seemed to quiet up real fast for two players who were just discussing just another shutdown rumor. I didn't push it and just took my leave.
  4. Alywen, I found your posts very interesting. Thanks. What is your impression, considering that Turbines license with Tolkien is up in 2017? Will WB bother with negotiating a new one? I'm certain the Tolkien estate will ask for more money, if they want to negotiate. They are in a lawsuit with WB now as it is. I will probably stay in until the lights go out if for no other reason than to see where the ride ends.
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