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  1. In regards the map itself, I have mixed feelings. I generally agreed with Jalessa back in the day that a new map would have entailed a lot of work for the end result of splitting an already small player population. I think that reservation still applies and if anything carries much greater relevance now. Even after the promised server mergers I suspect one will often as not see tumbleweeds blowing through the Moors. As far as its implementation goes, I couldn't even guess as virtually all of the older LOTRO team has by now been laid off or otherwise moved on. I suppose I wouldn't expect a
  2. I've wondered that myself. Certainly it would have made balancing easier from update to update. Probably a bit less laggy as well. That said it's possible that Freepside would lose a lot of its appeal since you'd just be a watered down version of your 'real' toon without enjoying the exotic feel of Creepside. But from a technical standpoint, such a system would undoubtably have been less problematic.
  3. The 'solo revolution', at least on BW, was more of a SoM/F2P thing. I don't recall anyone in SoA purporting to know the 'right' way to play (although the so-called raid babies would have a stronger case there). There was indeed an assumption that Creeps would tend to enjoy a numerical advantage, given the relative ease of access to Creepside (where any player between 10-50 could roll a creep if they wished). This proved true (and would always be so for the most part). But teamwork was expected to be more of an equalizing force than sheer weight of numbers. This also tended to be born o
  4. Leaf, As regards griefing and Turbine's response (or lack thereof), I absolutely agree that this was an area where CS's track record was at best questionable. I certainly had friends who suffered some pretty ridiculous incidents of harassment, in particular females. Some received a measure of justice from CS, other were ostensibly ignored. Basically the enforcement was, while not nonexistent, very uneven. I remember one player (whom I knew in-game) catching a ban for calling another player a bitch in private tells. On the other hand there were players who could launch into the most
  5. There are a couple of subjects a few folks have asked me about so I figured I'd address them here (and speaking of walls of text...) Farming-why the lack of Turbine response? Tackling this issue was problematic. For starters, identifying farming wasn't always easy. There were a variety of fringe cases that often prompted reports of 'farming' (and remember that most of CS was not overly familiar with PvMP) but were questionable as being farms. Take for instance the player feeding himself to GV/Grams campers. Simply running out of the rez repeatedly to be killed in this situation isn
  6. Not knowing the kind of game being proposed makes proffering advice difficult. If one is talking about something grand and labor intensive, the best that could be suggested is: land a starting position at a company, eventually work up to senior developer, assemble a credible body of work under your belt, and then start shopping the idea. And be prepared to have 20 chefs stirring around in your pot and be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of feasibility. This course isn't necessarily the most attractive but it is the most (potentially) realistic. We are of course talking abo
  7. Heya Azsouth. Though outside of an RoI PvMP beta event we never played together I was certainly aware of you (like most serious PvMPers I followed the leader boards on a daily basis) and your career. It sounds like your interview fell somewhere between my first departure and the move to the new building if you saw the sections I posted pics of (so summer to fall-ish 2010 or perhaps later, I can't remember exactly when the move fell at this point). Had I been there at the time I would have lobbied hard on your behalf. I'm not sure why they gave you a test or why, given your play time, they
  8. The epic ranting of Grynch, circa May 2010, as recorded by Cynicalpride. [OOC] Grynch: 'you only logged a creep to make things worse' [OOC] Grynch: 'Meregash your easily the worst player in your kin' [OOC] Grynch: 'You reall lack any skill' [OOC] Grynch: 'that why you lead raids for protection and hide lack of skill' [OOC] Grynch: 'Evil are immature as he is leads more effectively than you' [OOC] Grynch: 'Pinglug, coming from you approval is actuallly bad' [OOC] Grynch: 'You pulled AN with 12 freeps in EC and then jumped on a pillar thinking AN coulnt hit you' [OOC] Grynch: 'then releaseed on
  9. 'This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.'
  10. Poor Supergirl. That trailer came off like a painfully unfunny parody. 1/10, wouldn't watch again.
  11. SR2 is solidly in my top 10 favorite games of all time; 3 wasn't quite up there with it but (and especially with mods) a lot of fun. Co-OP (especially 2) was a blast. The char creation system was one of the real selling points of the games. That instantly gave the SR series a big leg up for me over GTA. It is strange that MMOs as a rule have only basic character customization; looking back LOTRO could have dispensed with the work invested in expressions for more face templates. As things stood, only the hobbits in my opinion really offered a decent range of appearances. The Art team bugg
  12. That was the great abiding conundrum of PvMP. Improve accessibility and attract more players...only to negate the improvements through the consequent decline in performance. Impose hard population ceilings to improve performance only to thereby limit accessibility. And so on. Looking back now with some time and distance I'd have to say that ultimately the Moors as we experienced it was all the Moors realistically could have been. I cannot, knowing what I know, envision a scenario where there would have existed the necessary resources, command interest, and technical work required to ta
  13. I used to get super spooked whenever I heard horses riding up near me. As a warg this was part of my ingrained survival instincts. Problem was, when I happened to pop over to play my hunter of burg I'd still be getting all jumpy whenever a player rode by me whilst I was questing or tooling around about town. Ha I remember that sensation well. Especially for the first few years, that sudden clatter of hooves spelled doom: one CC application and it was often as not gray screen time. On the same token I remember catching myself randomly tracking on my hunter while running around in pve, ap
  14. I was always of two minds on the new creep experience. On the one hand, yes, one wants to be welcoming and friendly when the opportunity presents itself. We're all fellow LOTRO players and deserve to be accorded some basic respect. I tried to be nice to new players when I interacted with them (just throwing a newb a bubble could be worth a lot to them). On the other hand, I wasn't unduly concerned if a new player decided they couldn't handle the curve and left. I saw it as no great loss: less lag, less OOC QQ. In sad practical fact, the dodgy nature of Turbine's servers really required t
  15. Hiya RhaeRhae . I have really enjoyed the forum, not as a platform for rattling off my old stories so much as for how it reminds me of the old LOTRO community. Certainly the many insights and well-considered view points have enhanced my own thinking on the game both as a set of game systems and as a social platform. As regards the OP, it remains an interesting question insofar as how the Moors community may have been perceived from the outside looking in. The culture of PvMP was so intense and so marked in its closeness and in its foibles that I don't think that I could really be objective
  16. No problem, Ush. We've had some good times over the years; I wish a lot of things had played out differently in regards the Moors (even if a lot of the missteps, given the dev turnover rate and the tendency to dump the Moors on green dot devs, was probably inevitable) but I do think that in the future most of us will remember the experience with more fondness than rancor. Regarding Paradox, I do love that company: some of their titles would have put me on cloud nine even back in the (imo) golden age of PC gaming in the 90s, to say nothing of today. I personally find CK2 to be their maste
  17. Finding the 5 other players is the 'hard' bit the guy mentioned.
  18. As much as I hated grinding out Alts I always got excited when it came time for Moria. While that tended to wear off after a few levels, I loved the Great Delving, the tunnels and corridors. It will be interesting to see how the auto attacking strategy goes. I did find the last time I ran through MoM that normal play was still reasonably entertaining if not challenging.
  19. One of the things I missed the most about SoA was that the system was designed to reward well-rounded characters. The first time I ever fired up LOTRO was late in beta; inquiring of my qa lead brother how I should built a hunter, he explained that balancing out most of the stats (save Fate, which was a bit wonky, that is, useless) would pay dividends throughout the game. He also mentioned that stats carried diminishing returns the closer you got to cap, although such was not explicitly obvious to the players. And as I leveled my hunt after Launch I found this to be the case, whether in pve o
  20. All I'd say is that I liked the guy personally and on 90% of the issues we'd likely see eye to eye. But taking out the stat cap just wasn't the best move for a game like LOTRO. Even on the store front it was counterintuitive as it reduced the attractiveness of one of the better sellers (stat tomes). I just chalked it up to another case of WoW-itis.
  21. I tend to have the same feelings. But it wasn't ZC directly in this case and the dev in question was more the drum-beater who convinced Systems to go ahead with it. But I don't have any idea what his forum handle was nor I think would he be familiar to most as in the event his tenure as a Turbine dev was fairly brief.
  22. http://www.pcgamer.com/valve-has-removed-paid-mods-functionality-from-steam-workshop/
  23. From Lasrael's post: The sad thing, assuming the figures are accurate, is that those concurrency ranges are a pale shadow of what they were even during SoM and yet performance is if anything worse. The server's like a jet that's lost its hydraulics and is inexorably heading into the trees. If I were an active player I'd be pulling the eject cords right about now, not starting new toons there.
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