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  1. CBS owns the TV and IP rights for the "Prime" timeline (TOS, TNG, etc). Paramount Pictures owns the JJ-Verse. Much more likely we'll get a Prime timeline series. Voyager had it's moments but... this is pretty damning... Complete Inventory of Voyager's Photon Torpedo Stockpile
  2. Emphasis Added: This is pretty standard stuff, the kind we've seen plenty of in the past 8 years. I've met Vyvyanne. One thing I took away from speaking to her and seeing her in the ex-prod role is that she's pretty straight forward in meaning precisely what she says and being clear, which I may add are good qualities for an executive producer - who's job is really in managing a team to keep releases on time and content as expected - more so than PR. I would encourage you guys to stick to what she says, and try to add less personal perspective.
  3. 16 year old game needs engineering work to run smoothly on new hardware and also address a game wrecking dupe bug? SHOCKING DEVELOPMENT!
  4. It sounded to me like... they have a scheduling system for design focus, which she Vy stated quite clearly that's been around for a while... I think you guys really try to read to much into her posts.
  5. Well, I find the whole parse thing silly TBH. At this point, I can fly ISA/ISE in my sleep, and the amount of hull I have to chew through makes torps actually more useful than they otherwise would be. Flanking from raider + specialization = ezpz.
  6. I don't think LOTRO has things easily monotized by lockboxes the way STO does. Ships are the cash cow in STO, and there's really nothing that compares in LOTRO, which instead gatekeeps PVE content the way that STO does not. Ships aren't just a cosmetic. They are much more mechanically important/diverse and convey huge advantages that have grown since the Delta expansion (Ship mastery unlocks that gate powerful passive traits behind the lockbox lottery). Honestly, it works for STO somehow despite being utterly pay to win, but if Turbine tried something similar with Lotro this board would roast them. I think STO can do it only because their "pvp" more or less died years ago, and is a pretty abandoned system by the designers and players alike. The power creep in STO is astounding, even if the game is still somewhat fun in PVE.
  7. Thank you for that, it's a pretty fair look at things.
  8. They've tried to become Google, but at the OS level instead of Browser. I think a lot of what they're doing is going to get them in some shit in the EU. If these "features" continue after being turned off in settings, there's probably going to be some shit in the US as well.
  9. On the topic of whether players generally want a Busy/populated server vs not wanting that - I think the buildup on Brandywine shows that generally players do want to play on populated/active servers. That's not to say EVERY player wants this, but most do.
  10. Your mistake is to think that I'm spouting any party's thinking other than my own. If the engine could handle modern virtualization properly, or high player counts in small areas, they would have gone gone with FEWER clusters because that would be cheaper. That's the actual "story" here, so much as there even is one. Missing that to go on about population and going off on Frelorn is kind of silly IMO.
  11. I don't think they "revealed" anything. As I mentioned, there are single server setups able to handle many times LOTRO's population. I don't think it is shocking information that they could have gone with only 2 clusters (and if not for the account ID issue, I think they would have said a SINGLE server instead of 2). ESO uses a single server cluster for their entire population - does this fact alone mean that their population is low? I don't think LOTRO has every had more players in its history than can be handled by current hardware in a single cluster... the fact that they're opting to split the capacity into multiple clusters DOES tell you something about the game engine. I'm actually surprised you guys aren't harping on THAT, rather than the population angle.
  12. That's the thing though - they're trying to say "This hardware is REALLY GOOD". The "everyone would fit one 2 servers because population" context is coming from us. More recent MMOs use single server clusters (ESO, GW2, ETC) with larger populations than LOTRO even at the 2007 peak. I have no doubt that top of the line hardware could handle the entire LOTRO population on ONE server (If EU account IDs could be sorted out to not conflict with US account IDs). Why still have multiple servers? I believe that comes down to the engine. I think the servers could handle the entire population, but the game engine needs the division of servers to help spread people out.
  13. I really just think he was trying to make a point about the data center quality...
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