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  1. And you don't read enough. They say 'big changes cause fuck ups', after already having made a big change, and you go 'well probably nothing'.


    Or maybe you didn't comprehend fully what was actually said.


    Emphasis Added:

    In general though, do not expect to see one big sweeping pass across all game skills and abilities. Large passes like that in a game of this type can be extremely dangerous. We prefer to make smaller tweaks so that there is focus and time to asses feedback from the community on the changes. Sweeping broad strokes can completely change the way a character is played and upset more people than you help and have knockdown affects across the entire game space that were unintended.

    This is pretty standard stuff, the kind we've seen plenty of in the past 8 years.

    I've met Vyvyanne.  One thing I took away from speaking to her and seeing her in the ex-prod role is that she's pretty straight forward in meaning precisely what she says and being clear, which I may add are good qualities for an executive producer - who's job is really in managing a team to keep releases on time and content as expected - more so than PR.

    I would encourage you guys to stick to what she says, and try to add less personal perspective.

  2. Sad as it is to say, arguably STO has done better and that's a damn low bar.  Turbine can't even make lockboxes hugely profitable though they tried.  And that's like some kind of staple in f2p, not to mention the lowest hanging fruit out there.

    I don't think LOTRO has things easily monotized by lockboxes the way STO does.  Ships are the cash cow in STO, and there's really nothing that compares in LOTRO, which instead gatekeeps PVE content the way that STO does not.

    Ships aren't just a cosmetic.  They are much more mechanically important/diverse and convey huge advantages that have grown since the Delta expansion (Ship mastery unlocks that gate powerful passive traits behind the lockbox lottery).

    Honestly, it works for STO somehow despite being utterly pay to win, but if Turbine tried something similar with Lotro this board would roast them.  I think STO can do it only because their "pvp" more or less died years ago, and is a pretty abandoned system by the designers and players alike.  The power creep in STO is astounding, even if the game is still somewhat fun in PVE.

  3. There's a big stink kicking up about Win 10 now. A few points people are making (I can't verify this myself, so be aware this could be exaggeration):


    - It sends all text you type anywhere (not just into search) every 30 minutes to MS. If you type about a holiday to your blog, next day youll see holiday ads.
    - Every 30 minutes it sends your geolocation and network info
    - If you type a telephone number into Edge it sends it to MS after 5 min
    - If you type anywhere in windows a name of some movie, windows will start indexing all your media files after a while and will send it to MS after 30 minutes of your inactivity
    - After installing W10, it will send about 35MB of data once
    - After turning on your webcam for the first time it sends data to microsoft once. Probably your photo.
    - Everything you say is transferred to MS, it works even if you disable and remove and uninstall cortana. Parts of Cortana are needed for the core of the OS to run. Confirmed by MS helpdesk. You can be identified by your voice anywhere near a microphone after they get enough data from you.
    - Voice to text is transferred instantly
    - Voice is transferred every 15 min, 80MB of data
    - After 15 minutes of your inactivity or when screensaver is on, network activity ramps up and everything else is being sent to MS
    - Blocking in hosts doesnt work, IPs are hardcoded into their code and DLLs

    They've tried to become Google, but at the OS level instead of Browser.

    I think a lot of what they're doing is going to get them in some shit in the EU.  If these "features" continue after being turned off in settings, there's probably going to be some shit in the US as well.

  4. So you're saying the game engine is crap and has to be split up? Or the population is small enough for one server? Because I'm not quite sure which party line you're spouting.

    Your mistake is to think that I'm spouting any party's thinking other than my own.

    If the engine could handle modern virtualization properly, or high player counts in small areas, they would have gone gone with FEWER clusters because that would be cheaper.  That's the actual "story" here, so much as there even is one.

    Missing that to go on about population and going off on Frelorn is kind of silly IMO.

  5. it's also coming from them.  the hardware boast only came up because Frelorn was discussing how folks were complaining about the fact that there were only 10 total servers.  so turbine brought the population numbers into the discussion.

    i understand their intent.  but for the first time, they revealed a piece of information that was better left not known.  they should have just talked up the hardware and eventually let it speak for itself a few months from now--and leave the population factor out of it.


    I don't think they "revealed" anything.  As I mentioned, there are single server setups able to handle many times LOTRO's population.  I don't think it is shocking information that they could have gone with only 2 clusters (and if not for the account ID issue, I think they would have said a SINGLE server instead of 2).

    ESO uses a single server cluster for their entire population - does this fact alone mean that their population is low?

    I don't think LOTRO has every had more players in its history than can be handled by current hardware in a single cluster... the fact that they're opting to split the capacity into multiple clusters DOES tell you something about the game engine. 

    I'm actually surprised you guys aren't harping on THAT, rather than the population angle.

  6. im not so sure. the exec producer also mentioned it later in a podcast with lotroreporter. for whatever reason, they want it to be known that two servers would have been sufficient to sustain the remaining population. 

    That's the thing though - they're trying to say "This hardware is REALLY GOOD".

    The "everyone would fit one 2 servers because population" context is coming from us.  More recent MMOs use single server clusters (ESO, GW2, ETC) with larger populations than LOTRO even at the 2007 peak.  I have no doubt that top of the line hardware could handle the entire LOTRO population on ONE server (If EU account IDs could be sorted out to not conflict with US account IDs).

    Why still have multiple servers?  I believe that comes down to the engine.  I think the servers could handle the entire population, but the game engine needs the division of servers to help spread people out.

  7. in theory, it should be better. easier to group up, more lively servers.  but how turbine let that bit of information slip (two servers were more than enough) was just...well, typical turbine really.

    not to be too negative, but...even with a condensed population...there still isn't shit to do for end-game content. so there will be more folks around to do the same, scaled instances and bugged big battles?  i guess that's better? :)

    I really just think he was trying to make a point about the data center quality...

  8. meh...well, i guess it's good to know who to blame for that hot mess.

    A criticism I would level at Turbine (and a lot of studios) is the tendency to get caught up in how "neat" and smart a new system is, without making sure it is fun first and foremost.  Losing sight of that early in the process tends to not end well.

    BBs and also LIs would fall into this for me.

  9. My impression was that that last SOM era update, "In Their Absence" was largely the last hurrah of the "classic" dev team, the ones from pre-launch through SOA, MoM & SoM.  Then they shifted to IC and the the 2nd tier devs took over LOTRO.  ROI probably had pieces of the original team too, (like JWBarry who half-assed us through ToO), but that original team seemed largely absent.  Ha, in their absence the game was never the same.

    JWBarry was involved in the design of Big Battles.

  10. Really? I thought myself that the size of HD was one of the things they got fairly right. I remember that I took out the book in HD beta to see, and the only thing I could see being wrong was the sewer thingy, no doubt because they needed to fit walking characters in there.

    It's ugly as hell tho...

    Yes.  Helms deep was a pretty good fit to the way it was described in the books.  However, some oddities came from allowing for players to interract - the top of the wall is a bit too wide (and the parapets are designed oddly) in an attempt to make the top of the wall better for navigation by players.  Likewise the drain culvert.

  11. The Stone of Erech as portrayed in LotRO is much, much bigger than it should be.


    It's described as being 12 feet in diameter, half buried, so standing as tall a man. Not the behemoth in game.

    The proportions of things have been adjusted by most (all?) of the people who have translated the words into a more visual element.  A great example is Minas Tirith, which as described in the books is a much more squat structure.  Peter Jackson made a great looking city out of it by making it much taller and narrow than described (and Turbine did likewise to a smaller degree).

  12. So essentially they gave us a nicely wrapped bag of shit without the resources to address the smell for months, if ever. And I have no faith that throwing all their resources will get the data and transfer issues done right. Most people who have seen this game go through changes expect them to get it wrong to at least a certain extent - so again, I expect it to be a major cluster. After all, one of the biggest issues is they're going to phase the transfers so some people are at a severe disadvantage to even get their names or housing. What moron thought that was a good idea?


    Complete speculation on my part - but perhaps the phased part of the transfer is meant to avoid other potential problems.  Having mass failures due to a land rush during the transfer would be arguably worse than some stress over names and houses.

    Will the transfers go smoothly and work?  We'll see soon enough.  I still enjoy the game, so I hope they do.

  13. They are consolidating servers, which isn't going to ease the load. I don't expect Brandy to have an outflux of people, but if there was it would shift the problem to another server rather than solve it. Gladden has probably the 2nd largest PvP population and it too is very laggy - without Brandy's concentration. I foresee it getting worse, especially in a smaller map with such concentrated points of focus. Not well thought out. And if the newer hardware doesn't fix it, which I don't believe it will, what will be the excuse then? "Please stop going to PvP, you're overloading our abilities and hardware and we have proven that we can't handle it." I've waited too many times for promised fixes that either didn't come or didn't do what was promised. I've learned not to expect better. My time in the PC simply reemphasized that.

    I expect Brandy will have an outflow of people, due to it not being available for incoming transfer.  I know several tribes planning to make the jump.

    On lag - there are definitely engine bottlenecks involved.  It will take engineering work.  You can say that IC was a mistake do to tying this sort of resource up, and I would not disagree with you.  Those resources are now focused on the data moves and new transfer functions is a necessity - getting these wrong would kill the game.

    But they will need to address the lag as well, even if the hardware upgrade helps the engine issues will persist.


  14. I'm saying what you've responded with has been bland. Not the topics, your response. Why? Because PvP was my main focus in LotRO and I could easily wax lyrical over what needed doing. And when given the chance to respond with where you want PvP to go, you gave a half-assed thing about classes needing balancing but was primarily concerned with nerfing healing and a burrow. That was it. That was all you could think of in all of your expertise as a 'PvPer'. It's like you want people to think you're just a slug farmer or something. I doubt you've actually got any opinions on PvP that are even worth listening to if that's the level you work at, which really makes me wonder at the sort of toddler level they must have as a focus group.


    You'll forgive me I hope that being at work I would prefer a discussion than producing a monologue.  Perhaps I will provide something a bit more when I am free.

    Were you by chance in the RoR beta?

    The magical new map has intensified the problem.

    Well, the land rush has certainly played a role in this - Brandy is still capping out frequently.  I think there are some graphics issues - as OSG is definitely more resource intensive to run than the 7 year old textures/geometry of the moors.  It's a problem for sure.  Load balancing via transfers, newer hardware will hopefully provide some improvement here.

  15. People are always happy to fight one hand tied behind their back when they know they can still win.  It's a testament to how overpowered weavers were that you're not stomping your feet and screaming.  Nothing more.

    LOL Whatever Snowlock.  Never change!

    You're confusing broad with bland. But I'll leave it. Nice to see the sort of firepower they're getting for PvP feedback.

    If you think class balance and faction are bland topics, you probably aren't a PVPer.  That's ok, I don't particularly like MMO PVE so to each their own.  

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