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  1. It seems to me that this is the entire opposite of how someone in a focus group should behave. I think it's better to have an open mind and an understanding of the current situation, because the feedback we are being asked for is based on future hypothetical situations. Again, you don't seem interested whether my broad views are right/wrong, so why bother with the specifics? Do you disagree that combat pacing and quality are paramount issues for someone interested in pvmp? There I go being happy my own class got nerfed so I can win on it!
  2. I meant to start a dialogue. Perhaps you could ask questions or even offer agreement or disagreement with what I have listed.
  3. The opposite is happening. The change over to Wow token, a soft version of F2P (Using in game currency to purchase game time from subscribers - similar to EVE) is a part of this as well.
  4. In shocking news - focus group member providing feedback on pvmp balance and issues primarily concerned with pvmp balance and issues.
  5. *shrug* I think Alywen's posts demonstrated that small focused changes are preferable to large sweeping ones when it comes to pvmp. The biggest limiting factors on pvp right now are the engine itself (Lag from loading vitals bar buffs/debuffs), and that would/will take a lot to solve. It will be interesting if these resources will be put into fixing this. Currently, I am under the assumption that the engineering team are working on the transfer systems and data move. So as much as I hope and think it would be a good move to fix that client bottleneck... being honest getting the transfer to work and go as smooth as possible is much more important. I don't think fixing this type of lag is particularly controversial, so didn't really feel like it was needed in the post.
  6. http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/06/21 (I'm also having that problem inserting images).
  7. I'm a primary creep player, so it would basically be a PVMP discussion. Happy to have it though. On a macro level, I'd like to see less healing overall. I think healing abilities based on morale% are breaking PVP pretty good right now. I think the main problems are class imbalances between the various freep classes - some being "more equal" than others in their capabilities. On a micro level, Born of shadow got nerfed and toxic carapace got tuned down. If healing burrow can get similar treatment, I'll feel that I've seen my own class become more balanced.
  8. I don't think you're familiar with my post history. I received several infractions for telling off Orion, Zombie Columbus. I've been a pretty steady critic of balance issues and class design problems. The difference is - I accept that the people making Lotro are people. I don't assume malice, and I try to accept that people are prone to error and often work with imperfect information. That appears to be the point of contention. It's interesting for me to read all of Alywens posts, pretty much saying the same thing.
  9. The tribalism here is fantastic. Basically, you guys are exactly what you complain about on the official forums.
  10. The responses under the linked post though... LOL
  11. Oh I know... claiming someone gave Sapience a Rim Job - ABSOLUTELY NORMAL here. But jokingly using the word "Troll" in a post in the Comic Sans font? My god he's a monster!
  12. Whatever "self importance" is involved with this is in your collective heads. I'm here to talk the same as any and every member of the forum. Underneath the salt piles, there is some interesting talk here. It seems to me that Rude/insulting posts are ok here... but only if they are coming from people who hold certain opinions. So, I would argue that It IS just that you don't agree with my ideas. I looked in the post and saw that I had not actually quoted you in the post at all. If my judgement on you was wrong, you are welcome to reconcile it. or not. That's merely my perception. Some of the things that get tossed around here are quite insulting and personal. I'll leave others out of posts going forward, as that clearly is a sore spot for you, but I wish you would be more aware that things said here are read by more than the people taking part in the discussion.
  13. It's always telling when someone makes sure to announce the application of the ignore setting. It's even more humorous when done via quoting someone else's reply to the ignored individual. (Literally as I'm writing this sentence no less, which was HILARIOUS). TheQuinn didn't like the implication that he was standing by accepting some of Brango's gutter talk, which by implication touched his former Kinmate. Because calling Brango out or agreeing with my calling him out was hard. That former kinmate is a fantastic person, and well worth defending. Perhaps I'm wrong in judging TheQuinn for his failure here, but I'm judging him all the same. The ignore function was the easier way out. How so? I think that throwing about "so and so sucked this Turbine employee's dick" is the opposite of actual useful discussion. I really don't see why pointing that out should be a problem.
  14. Good to see you are so open to the opinions and thoughts of people who do not agree with you!
  15. It's only natural for people to flinch when someone draws attention to their internal inconsistencies. I always find the reaction interesting.
  16. His "favorite post" from a some other poster was titled "How to dick punch turbine". But this one guy jokingly titles a thread with "flame on" and "OMG he's just here to make trouble!"
  17. Just keep in mind that, given the chance to engage with someone with different views, you have consistently chosen not to. I still find your declaration of that other poster's "Trolling" to be pretty weak compared to the norm on this forum.
  18. That's pretty weak tea. This is a place where disagreements tend to result in people claiming sexual favors have been passed between Turbine employees and other players. And *THAT* is to be considered trolling? Someone called the guy a Nazi, but OH NOES he jokingly put "flame on" in the thread title? Seemed a pretty tame thread. Get help man.
  19. SO we're back to "You disagree with me, which must mean you performed sexual favors with someone". This place ;p
  20. I'm here because I enjoy being exposed to different perspectives, and once you get through some of the saltiness there is some interesting discussion here. I find it entertaining/silly when some of the posters here go off on wild tangents trying to pin motives on people in odd ways. They see malice and forethought in things that are just as explainable by more mundane human failings. At the end of the day, I see a small studio with some management issues that you're pretty sure to find in all organizations at some level or another. It's not a perfect company, or a perfect game by any stretch. I'm not afraid to point to or discuss the flaws. Anyways, TIME TO TROLL I did attend several of the Flordia Player Meetups. These were set up by Kickman, who still organizes them: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?565226-3rd-Annual-Central-Florida-Meet-and-Greet SO Quinn, it would seem both Snowlock and Bango are implying some crude things about your former kinnie here! I mean, if attending one of these events is bad.. actually COORDINATING AND PLANNING THEM must be worse, right?
  21. That's a bigger issue than you're assuming it to be. A copied Character =/= a copied account. That's many, many magnitudes more of complication AND risk. They've only just gotten the capability to move certain account bound features (Mithril, Destiny Points, etc), and were investigating whether a solution like this could be safely implemented. So much as a single account identifier not being correctly changed would lead to some NASTY repercussions.
  22. How dare those executives not have perfect 20/20 clarity provided by hindsight over 8 years ago when working out the licensing agreement with Codemasters!
  23. You can believe whatever you wish. I enjoy watching you guys make up the most hilarious crap.
  24. Sigh. Because the services were split down to the account level, there was no check in place to make sure identical account IDs were not issued cross region. So there are players on the EU servers who have account ID information that is identical to players on the US servers. It has nothing to do with coding. You had two identical systems assigning account ID's that were not in communication. "Solving" that would be a true nightmare. Blindly blaming "coders" is of course, some people's default auto-response... but it's really a matter that Turbine licensed the EU operations to codemasters and did not plan around one day integrating that into their own operation of the game.
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