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  1. Frelorn and Vy have been extremely active on the dev tracker answering specific questions.
  2. If you agree with the accuracy of the logins tracking, Brandywine has about 26-29% of the entire US population of players. I expect that will drop, as Brandywine won't be an allowed destination at first, meaning those who leave to try other servers during the August to October window may not be able to get back. I think 10 total servers is much more realistic for the game at this stage. Of the 5 US servers, we can be fairly sure that Landroval (RP) and Brandywine will be present in name. I wonder if they will auction the old hardware. I have a good friend who bought one of the original Destromath sever blades at Blizcon a few years back (it was the cheapest one from our server... so I told him it obviously used to run Darnasus). I could see someone interested in "owning" Elendilmir or Brandywine in a similar vein.
  3. I figured someone should post this. https://www.lotro.com/en/game/articles/world-transfers
  4. How much development resources do YOU think it takes to populate items on a barter vendor? And what level on the design team do YOU think this sort of task is performed by?
  5. Someone else didn't foresee this! I didn't expect the level of land rush myself. That's for sure. If you nuke the center bridge? You have 2 bridges left. Three if you count the bridge that runs through the dome of stars area. There's a lot that can be done to spread people out. I think you might be the only person I've talked to who actually wants catapults ;p 1. You are projecting. Not everyone who pvps bothers to max out, just as not everyone who PVEs bothers to max out. 2. How does one "waste space" on some random barter vendor that is basically not in use? Not all "rewards" are intended for every player. This is like complaining about the existence of quest drops. I mean... complain about something that is actually a problem. I know that lvl 100 essences would be "nice", but you're never going to see top end PVE rewards gated behind PVP.
  6. I apologize for not foreseeing a ~40% increase in logins during the first week of the patch on the most populous server. I think it got a lot of people's attention. Especially the "less than 10% of the population" crowd. I don't know if people will stick around the ~ month or so to wait for the hardware/transfers (assuming things stick to V's most recent forum timeline talk, this is not actually something I'm privy to). But hopefully some good number of them will. The map itself is really nice. And there are numerous ways to address the "everyone just goes to the one bridge" issue (the bridges are ultimately destroyed in the story, and they could simply nuke that main bridge and render it unusable). They are not meant to be for endgame players. They are basically a stopgap, same as the skirmish essence barter. Just for people who need slots to fill, and don't care to maximize stats. Not all rewards are meant to fill "Best available" or "end game" categories. If it insults you, in some odd personal way, that there are now lower level essences on the barter I would suggest to just ignore them. I defend the map, because I like it. I don't expect everyone to, and I very much want to see things settle with the mergers/hardware updates. I disagree. Given free transfers, I expect a lot of resettling. Anecdotes =/= hard data, however from my talk with creeps on brandy many are hoping to move off. A lot depends on how many servers remain and how long the grace period for transfer is. People respond to incentives, and I'm drawing from past experience with transfer grace periods on games like GW2. But we'll see I suppose.
  7. That has more to do, in my opinion at least, with the self segregation of the pvp player base onto fewer and fewer servers. Hardware upgrade and merges are coming. I'm hoping we'll see the pvp population spread back out over a few servers instead of being so concentrated. Brandy's logins are up almost 40% of the last week. On a server that already struggled on most nights. Distributing that load onto 2-3 other servers would do wonders.
  8. Those light grey columns are only estimates, due to lack of released data. Probably covers that drop.
  9. I wanted to add a feature that caused players to cap out the largest server the game has on and off for over a week. I'm a monster!
  10. Indeed! One had over 9 million individual players paying $15/month during it's initial release, while the other had somewhere between 250 and perhaps 500 thousand. Wow was also a newer engine at launch, while LOTRO was the third game to use its engine (so the engine was later in its life cycle). Realistic expectations are important. Wow cannot really be compared realistically with any modern MMO. It's a unique animal. The closest you can get is perhaps EVE, in terms of how much engine work it has received over its life... but that work nearly broke the studio.
  11. You mean, more modern game engines handle large numbers of people better than the engine created for Asheron's Call 2?!?!? THIS IS SHOCKING AND NEW INFORMATION!
  12. Hardware upgrades are coming with the server cluster moves. I don't know that it makes sense to spend to upgrade in the short term with that coming so soon. I think they were surprised by the activity, and it will be interesting to see how much of this was "just going to check it out since it's new" vs pvmpers coming out to pvp. I would expect some additional net resources to be shifted over to try to lighten the load based lag, at the very least. There are parts that are definitely still WIP, including some of the map mechanics themselves. And this definitely plays into some of the initial issues (people massing on the main bridge and not using other parts of the space). It's a larger and more varied map than you realize once you explore a bit. But there are not enough incentives currently to get the sheep to spread away. Others, like some of the capture points, are overtuned (the NPCs are actually substantially difficult).
  13. Lag at this point appears to be from the land rush effect. I expect it will normal out as some of that rush either spreads back out to the normal moors or goes back to not being pvpers. The region cap is hundreds of players. Hitting that on brandywine in the smaller, less land block space of Osgiliath and not having the entire game world come down is actually impressive to me. The last time we region capped the moors that I can remember was a funeral for a player on Elendilmir (the Nidor event on Brandywine may have done the same? Not sure as I was not home at that time).
  14. "If we don't like the way you say things" = pretty much 90% of the code of conduct content. And that's not just LOTRO, it's pretty standard.
  15. Frelorn has a pretty light hand when it comes to moderation. I suspect you "earned" the time out.
  16. But I think the very much regret pushing Big Battles.
  17. I can see why they would want to avoid this: There are some real engineering issues in setting it up. Do you create session play? This limits you in a LOT of terrifying ways in terms of feature sets/stat adjustments. Some freep class capabilities and features simply do not work on creeps - who are built off of the session play mechanic. It took several years for creeps to even be able to have things like ground target abilities that didn't harm both factions and permanent pets. Do you create this using the Monsterplay Buff tech to trigger changes? I'm not sure this is viable - it has only been used a handful of times and may well require considerable work to make changes. I'm not sure it's good for the feel of the game. How much essential 'difference' can you get away with between your pvp character and your pve character before it doesn't "feel like you're playing your character"?
  18. Why would they walk over people in pvp gear? Simple. Raid gear had higher item levels, and lead to massive scaling in DPS/Heals. Thus a stat was created to reign in this scaling, as it was detrimental to the pvp environment. Occams razor - If Blizzard wanted to make PVP gear as powerful as PVE gear, and was not worried about scaling issues all they needed to do was raise the item level of the pvp gear to match the PVE gear, allocate the stats more defensively and call it a day. HOWEVER, they created an entire new stat with an entire new mechanic that, get this, reigned in scaling on damage. Off topic, but I did indeed play Wow from launch through late burning crusade. I took part in the Friends/Family alpha for the expansion and man did they struggle with that scaling. I highly recommend Alywen's posts on this subject. The story of how Monsterplay came to be is fascinating. Tolkien Enterprises did not want the larger game world experienced from the evil perspective as it was against the theme/experience of reading the books. Monsterplay started as creatureplay - essentially sessionplaying onto PVE mobs in the worldspace. That something that became as popular as it did came from such a small/strapped team in such a short time frame is astounding.
  19. My thought here was speculative. Perhaps all I have to back it up was that post Mirkwood they COMPLETELY reversed course and set the power creep dial to 11.
  20. So, does believing that Turbine is made up of fallible, good intention-ed people who are not omniscient now meet the bar of ball choking? Two sides of the same coin.
  21. I don't believe that PVMP was every truly ignored. The tweaks were small, careful and while the resources weren't huge they mostly achieved what they set out to do. Early through mid SOA, creeps were designed to be weaker than freeps - this came from some bad assumptions from a concept stand point... the development side delivered on a "purposefully weaker" faction that was still fun/engaging enough to develop large communities of full time players. I don't see how that can labeled a failure. Has anything like that existed before in the MMO space? "Pay full subscription price to be purposefully nerfed!" And yet, people chose not only to play it but to make it their full time home. Post Book 10-11, the design philosophy changed and creeps, especially ranked creeps, were to become close to equals of the freeps. And again, development mostly delivered on this. Sure, moria launch was bad.. but this was a game-wide issue not related to the pvmp side of things. PVE scaling went nuts, and was corrected. Post update 7, we once again had a very close balance. SoM actually had a creep favored launch, which again was corrected within a single update. Were these periods perfect? No. But they were as close as larger and more pvp focused games at the time were putting out. For me, things didn't go off the rails until RoI, due to the new scaling issues (no more stat caps. Massive mitigation system changes). At this stage, the game needed a pvp stat, since the rapid PVE based scaling was never going to go away. Again, I wholly disagree. Audacity could not be any simpler and it doesn't add to the complications of balance. It is merely a multiplier that is not player faced. For instance, when a player complains about how much damage a skill does to them, rarely will you see them math out the true initial damage of the hit, factoring mits, audacity, crit defense and any applicable buffs/debuffs. FAR more complicated are skill interractions and relative capabilities between the factions. That people will grouse on and on about. But so long as said skills do not directly interact with the multipliers from audacity, you don't see people even bring it up in their feedback. Things like relative stats, ratios of damage/morale/mitigations are the EASIEST things to figure out. They're math problems. Define baseline. Define intended ratios. Things like skill interractions that compound results? MASSIVELY more complicated. The only time audactiy made balance harder, was where it was impacted by skills directly - things that stacked additively with its damage reduction (captain and RK bubbles in RoR).
  22. Audacity is a pretty simple mechanic, mathematically. It's also worth mentioning that games you mention as having "fewer overlays" ALSO have pvp specific stats that work to control damage from other players - Resillience (World of Warcraft), Expertise (SWTOR), Valor (Rift), etc. Now why do so many MMOs have a similar mechanic - a stat designed to lower incoming damage specifically from other players? It's because there is a common design challenge when you use the gear system used by basically every modern MMO - the "item level system", coupled with RPG mechanics based around the "Heal, DPS, Tank" trinity. Because item power continues to scale, and PVE continues to scale, there is constant player power creep. Players do more damage to fight inflated health on mobs. Mobs do more damage to fight stronger tanks. Heals scale wildly. It becomes a cluster fuck in pvp. That's inescapable, due to the nature of the scaling. EVERY expansion, Blizzard have stated that THIS would be the expansion where heals were not over the top, and healing tanks would be about attrition and thought and not instant top offs. They have been proven wrong EVERY single release - because the item level power creep is baked into the model. IF ANYTHING - LOTRO did better than any other modern MMO to fight this power creep. BECAUSE creeps were so completely NOT freeps, and had no PVE scaling. There was NO scaling pressure from creeps outside of direct updates. And changes could be made to creeps 100% without impacting any segment of PVE. There were also stat caps. And WHEN scaling went out of control at Moria Launch, Turbine was the only developer I have ever seen force this scaling geenie back into the bottle, doing major rescaling to reign in DPS increases and then simply NOT advancing item level creep for the Mirkwood expansion. But perhaps internally, this stringent control of player power level was seen as part of the reason for the dip in players during the Moria area - because starting with RoI, they went in a completely different direction with the removal of stat caps and ever increasing player power levels. That's speculation on my part. Whatever the reason, it's a shame. PVMP was the first modern MMO pvp model to be able to thrive without needing a "pvp stat", and I don't think we will see that in the market again due to how entrenched the item level system is in the genre. You can trace a lot of the item level lunacy back to Everquest, and also a single developer from Ultima Online who got brought onto WoW development, Evocare. A conspiracy theory that Turbine's team intentionally break things. Being posted seriously, without any sarcasm I can detect. This forum sometimes...
  23. I wouldn't say false advertising - it works the same as mastery, multiplying the "base value" of the attack. It stacks with mastery bonus by addition. So if your mastery is boosting your base attack value by 75%, adding this bonus will increase that to 100%, rather than multiplying the resulting damage from your mastery by 1.25, as some people think it does. This makes it "less strong" than the 30% defense bonus, since that reduces all damage after mitigation by 30%. Incidentally, that 30% reduction stacks with tomes of defense by addition - making the reduction go to 40%. With the bugged version on BR right now, freeps can reach 60% reduction with just audacity and tome of defense... If a hit does 100 damage after mitigation, normal 30% audacity reduces that to 70, but bugged audacity + tome of defense reduces it to 40, which is a net reduction of ~42% of observed damage. Hopefully, the next build will solve this so we can get a better feel for where creep damage is.
  24. You shouldn't feel forced to go to 25 Audacity. The 30% damage reduction is now frontloaded, so you will have that benefit automatically. You can still comfortably use your current setup - since you already function well without maxing the CC reduction, you should come out alright. Mathematically, the 30% damage reduction is much stronger than the damage increase per rank. Because the reduction works on all incoming damage, applied after mitigation. The damage increase works on base damage only. So the 25% increase at max audacity, when applied to a high damage build, comes out to less than a 10% increase. The 30% reduction is a 30% reduction, and the way it stacks with tomes of defense is VERY powerful (Tomes of defense give you an effective 14% damage decrease as you are going from taking 70% damage to 60%). So if you are already comfortable avoiding some of the CC reduction, you have no reason to swap sets.
  25. I have no problem pointing to mistakes Turbine has made. But I try to keep an open mind, and not just reflexively attack them for any potential sleight. I think a lot of people project malice onto their mistakes and shortcomings where human error, perverse incentives and imperfect knowledge are just as if not more likely to be at the heart of it. But you can go on posting false statements. And then explaining that while the statement may actually be false, that due to some dark plot by Turbine they MEANT to say what you claimed they did say... but couldn't because THEN the players would catch onto their evil plot! ‚Äč
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