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  1. ​​Guy posts false statement on thread. He gets corrected. Then you seque the admission that I was correct in my correction of this false information into an ANGRY rant directed at RICK HEATON! All things begin and end with Sapience. Somewhere, someone posting on this forum has a dusty bulletin board with pictures of the Kennedy assassination, Hindenburg disaster and box score from the 2002 Lakers Kings Western Semi Finals game 6 connected to a worn photograph of Sapience with push pins and yarn. In regards to Sapience's numbers - you can recall Alywen discussed them in the "Lotro PvPers: is this thread's title really this far divorced from the actual contents of the thread" post. I actually had an interesting conversation regarding these numbers last year. Without getting into the NDA portion, it's safe to say that HOW you define who a raider and who a pvmper is plays a big role in how these numbers are generated. Is anyone who ever steps into a raid even once a raider? Is anyone who has ever gone to the moors a pvmper? Do you use a rank cut off? I think these numbers were very subject to how they were sampled and agree with you fully that it was irresponsible to use them in the manner they were used.
  2. ​And so long as they communicated changes to their plans in good faith, they did nothing wrong. That is the risk of communicating plans that are far off on the road map. I think most people on this forum could admit an improvement in communication from them of late. This, to me, clearly coincides with changes in the time period they are willing to comment on: Source I believe a good deal of the hemming and hawing here about "Dishonesty" on Turbine's behalf actually stems from being TOO HONEST and forthcoming with current long term plans, and not having a good policy/structure for how such information was released to the community. And before you Blame a certain community manager, this was a problem across the company - down to individual developers. And it burned Turbine quite a few times. It's not that you can't speak to vague/far off design goals, it's that the WAY such things are communicated - WHO does the communication, what form it takes. And Turbine has not historically had good policy here. It's been interesting to see them as they have improved in this area over the last year and few months.
  3. ​But they really didn't. "Not being on the roadmap" in 2013 means "we're not planning active work on this specific thing on our current work flow for the next year". That does not "effectively" mean never. You all are attributing complex motivation and your own external context, rather than just taking them at face value.
  4. ​ ​These statements are 100% incompatible. You are projecting onto Turbine, who for all of their shortcomings NEVER did this great sleight. Can you at least admit that, to yourself if not the rest of the internet?
  5. ​I actually can't remember any turbine employee ever saying this. They did state that "at this time" there would be no new map, and cancelled an announced new map for SoM. But they have not to my knowledge ever stated that they would never have a new pvmp map at some stage. Saying something is not likely =/= saying something will never happen.
  6. ​To me this is a pretty spurious complaint, given the part I've highlighted.
  7. ​More likely explanation: This had been an ask and on the engineering team's development track for some time. However, said engineering team has to prioritize work completion (they have always been a small team and shared among all active titles), and cosmetic weapons were probably a B or C priority, which took a long time to work on. The Engineering team adds features to the engine. The normal development teams are constrained by what is available to them in the engine. Your Orions, Jinjaahs, etc, do NOT code the game and their ability to add some features they design depends on engineering resources. Turbine being restrained by their engineering resources is NOT new, they have been all along (Reread Alywen's posts in the PVPers really that bad thread: as he puts it "Engineering resources were the real currency within the company"). In fact, if you asked me the biggest difference between a studio like Turbine and one like Blizzard, the scale and availability of engineering resources is THE biggest. I think a lot of LOTRO's mechanics suffer from being pigeonholed into what the engine can support, where larger studios have more capability to build new capabilities into their engines to meet changing design.
  8. ​I think most players would be surprised at how many "easy" things are actually extremely difficult. You're working in constructs that only exist because of UI elements tell you that they exist. Behind the scenes, it's much more complicated.
  9. Quite possibly. Lotro has different design hurdles to using a cosmetic weapon system. Back in the old pre-SOM days, a BIG hurdle was linking up animations, since each weapon had a different speed around which its animations were built. But that hurdle went away when weapon speeds were all normalized. This is probably a case of an engineering task for one game had positive ramifications for another. Though, truthfully we don't know which game is responsible for the tech getting built. These things take a lot of time. As the NDA for the 2013 council was lifted, we know that there were quite lengthy discussions about Osgiliath and having PVP take place there years ago. The pipeline for new releases is a long one, and the game is just not able to be stopped and turned on a dime.
  10. ​Return of the GIANT ASS SHIELD! ​Action games straight up use different protocols - MOBAs typically employ a deterministic lock step to keep everything 100% in sync between client and server, as sync issues are not tenable in action based combat. MMOs, especially older/traditional ones use a client side predictive model, which allows the client to assume all issued commands are valid. I can't say for sure what was done on the side of IC. Did they try to launch a MOBA using client predictive lockstep? There's a reason other MOBAs do not use this, and it could certainly have been trouble. Or, they simply could have had issues creating a lockstep mode with the very dated engine that IC/LOTRO/DDO all share. I have no personal knowledge of this either way. But what you posted reads like a bad action movie where the bad guys "hack the entire internet!" LAG in LOTRO pvp comes from two primary sources. This map likely takes care of one of them (Sync across land blocks). The other is a client issue dealing with how continuing effects are loaded on character vitals, something this map will not fix. That's not to say it can't/won't be fixed (They are quite aware of the issue).
  11. ​Find me one example of Turbine stating a feature would be in PUBLIC BETA TESTING in 2 days, and then that feature was not in fact in public beta testing. Equating this with Turbine talking about long off projects that are in rough outline/dev document stage is bat-shit insane. But obviously, being in the pvp council from the famed "turbine leaks its own test schedule", I know that the map is real. I have actually pvp'd on it. It's quite entertaining to see people play the "I'll believe it when I see it card" (while simultaneously harping on turbine for publicizing that it was in preview testing, natch).
  12. ​Realistically, are you saying that the things mentioned as going live on bullroarer this weekend are in fact lies? Or potentially lies? Because that's real tin-foil hat stuff. Say what you will about how you expect them to turn out, but there's nothing in the information contained in this topic beyond "here is something coming to bullroarer on Friday", and if you think that the ex-prod would go on the forums and say so on that tight a time table and it be a lie... we're in paranoia territory now ;p
  13. ​I tend to agree. I purchased several of the creep skins, even though I barely play my alts and only use the rank skin on my spider. I hope folks here will pop on BR to give the update a look. I'd be interesting in seeing how the map goes over.
  14. ​As Vy explained it on the forums, the slots are tied to your outfits. So unlocking more outfit slots increases the number of cosmetic slots. I guess that could be considered store involvement? I COULD see them marketing store exclusive weapon models, however that may not happen. Art like this is relatively expensive for them to produce. They'd need data that these would be big sellers, as class restrictions alone will cut the potential market of each one put up for sale. Also - anything they sell is competing with 8 years of art assets, so they would have to stand out in some way. A good analog to this is creep skins. They don't have to make new ones to "sell" to creeps - they can just take existing art work already in use within the game and rig it for creeps. They have NUMEROUS available models not currently available to creeps... but they have to date only put a single model on the store per creep class. While it's obviously a smaller market compared to the PVE playerbase, it's also MUCH closer to "free" for them on the production side. I think this points to limited potential for selling weapon skins. ONE thing I think we could see would be "evil" weapons. There are numerous gnarly looking swords/axes/etc used by orcs in this game. Some of those could pass as a free person's weapon. And they would be unique and unavailable elsewhere in the game, while also being free from production cost. To me, that sounds like a win for Turbine.
  15. ​"It's really difficult and not possible at this time" =/= "all but impossible". Hope you all saved those choice SOA weapons. I'm going to dust off Captain's Arm on my pve-bot.
  16. It's really almost FUNNY to see the lengths you guys will go to be mad at Turbine. I get you don't like the aesthetic. That's entirely up for personal preference - and given your views on this expansion as a whole, I question whether that preference has been influenced by other (legitimate) gripes with what was a weak release. Helms deep is a minor Gondorian fortification built for the defense of the Fords of Isen (Isengard is, likewise a Gondorian fortification, but much larger in scope and at a different time in history). I find it entirely within reason for them to use a more advanced architecture for the fortifications, especially given the period of time it comes from. And as for the defensive value - this design has been used in actual castles. I'll spare you a treatise on actual life castle design. In order to match the description in the books, it's a pretty low bar. The description is vague, but does provide a clue as to why they went with the parapet in this slightly gothic style: the dimensions for the wall state it is quite wide at the top (something they needed to perhaps even stretch slightly to make the gameplay on this wall possible). At any rate - I would prefer it if you were just honest and said "I don't like how that wall looks", instead of making up pretend expertise on castle design. ​
  17. ​Fun actual lore fact: The stone used to build Orthanc (that's the name of the tower in Isengard), was also used to build the outer wall of Minis Tirith. From the same quarry source. So actual lore says that you DO move large stone blocks quite far. For good reason - that black stone is described as almost indestructable. But that's not what helms deep is made out of. You're confusing the exterior of the mountains in the backdrop with the stone they are composed of. For a good look at what the Mountains around helms deep are made of, we merely need to look inside the glittering caves: Not exactly "white stone". It's a good match for the stone used in Helm's Deep actually: ​I think in this case, the official forums posters had the right of it. The design of Helm's deep lined up very well with the description in the books. Peter Jackson made it MUCH grander in scale/scope.
  18. ​Also Ultima online. Evocare was the lead designer on UO some of the expansions for that game and went on to design much of the item design and pvp system for WoW.
  19. ​This actually fits very well with the story of the Rohirrim, and how they came to control their lands (Gifted by the more powerful and technologically advanced Dunedain culture of Gondor). I believe the worldbuilders were trying to imply these fountains were a gift, especially given how central fountains are to the cultural assets used in all of the Gondor regions.
  20. ​There are a few very important differences: Modular Crafting - All of the items in the game are modular. You do not just craft a laser rifle. You can also craft a light weight stock, a scope, a focuser or splitter, etc. This is a pretty large departure from the Skyrim Craft system. No obvious material tiers - It appears that any material based gating will ocur at the individual component or output level, rather than gating behind tiered repetitive materials. There are not an artificial structures here like "Iron paperweight" vs "Dragon Bone" paperweight. Decoupled from a skill system - The lack of a skill system, and the assumed perk tree only system closes some loopholes from Skyrim (Crafting cycle abuse) It's all iterative improvement. But that's how MOST forms of improvement occur. It takes a pretty shallow view to not note how different these systems are. ​Fallout 3 was not. Fallout: New Vegas Was. I would be surprised to not see some functionality here in FO4. If not, it will be modded in rapidly. ​This is a real lack of economic thought process on your end. You basically answered WHY they will not have a large improvement - Sales indicate to them that this is not a priority. They have not improved as dialogue writers (through hiring or changing internal standards/practices) since Morrowind. Yet each game has had higher sales outcome than the last.
  21. A useful graphical comparison, Fallout 3 vs 4 http://imgur.com/a/7cUM2
  22. ​I can add to this and say that they have not changed this practice. It's not something "recent" showing that they are changing how they develop world space to save money. Rather, they still use essentially the same team and the same basic processes, tools and pipelines. The looks good/looks bad... eh, so much personal taste and room for bias to get into that.
  23. ​In a wasteland setting, where scarcity is a huge factor in gameplay, a good crafting system is a HUGE essential and can be very core to the experience. ​I remain interested in seeing the changes in my own hands before I can pass judgement... but it's a bit funny to me that all the things you are mad you didn't see, are things that are necessarily going to be hard if not impossible to convincingly show in a stage demo. On dialogue, don't expect an improvement. Because it's an institutional weakness in Bethesda as a studio. That's why the writing/dialogue for New Vegas was hugely superior to FO3. I think you undersell the combat changes - there do appear to be quite a few things under the hood here. VATs used to only allow time to move (at a very slow rate) when carrying out actions. Now VATS always allows a slowed time pass. Melee attacks with ranged weapons are confirmed - both pistol whips and optional bayonets on long arms. Also sniping at range now has a "hold breath" system - allowing you to steady the scope, and also using some form metered resource. The entire character building system - something core to any RPG experience - has changed. Perhaps for the better. Perhaps not. Getting dissapointed that something that can't be shown in a stage demo effectively wasn't shown in a stage demo seems like jumping the gun slightly. Though what they were able to show of the voiced protagonist seemed effective. Having other characters able to refer to you audibly by name (caveat: IF you choose one of the "thousands" of common names they've recorded dialogue for) was effective where it was shown. The internal monologue in parts they showed will be interesting - it will be new to this type of game. Time will tell if the dialogue wheel is too limiting depending on how it works with whatever factional/karma/perk/special based responses may exist. TLDR: the stuff you are most wanting to see improved don't necessarily show up well in a stage demo.
  24. ​You mean... when representing cultures, they use strong architecture themes to tie it together visually? THE HORROR!
  25. ​They showed a LOT more meat than you may have realized. For instance, it appears that they have merged skills into perks entirely. Evidence: screenshot of the tooltip for Intelligence: "Intelligence improves the amount of experience you gain" - no longer references "number of skill points gained per level". The pip boy is also missing a visible section for skills, and instead of perks there are "perk charts". So it would seem we are going to be gaining perk points per level, which we will spend in perk trees that have replaced 'skills' altogether. Another interesting reveal - critical hits are not random, at least not in VATS. There is a meter that fills up and we can choose when to execute the critical hit once the meter is full. The tool tip for luck states that it "Increases the rate that the critical meter fills". It's not clear that power armor can be worn full time. A unique HUD appears when wearing it with a meter tracking the "Core" (power core). Using some of the systems seems to drain this. Also, individual pieces of armor on the suit can be damaged/destroyed. Much of the armor appears to be modular. The crafting system looks FANTASTIC. Huge improvement over previous modern fallout games (3 and NV).
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