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  1. ​Allowing for gaps in production so that writing and pre-production can take place is TOTALLY weird logic, I guess.
  2. Complaining about a 1 year break in the TV show, when it's 4-6 years between books. LOL. Reread the sample chapters for next book featuring Stannis. Suspect the show wanted to end his arc very early, and the outcome of the battle may be quite a bit different in the upcoming book.
  3. They left out the entire "Priests of Lord of Light able to bring people back from the dead" bit. Supposed to happen to one of the characters Ned sent off after the Mountain in season 1. Also supposed to have happened to Cate Stark. So they appear to be leaving that entire bit out. Could be massively spoiling the books, as in the books Melisandre is at the wall NOT with Stannis, and the assumption was that she would bring Jon back to life. However, Kit Harrington has claimed he is out of the show permanently and planning to make some movies. He cut his hair.
  4. ​20 years into the genre, people still struggle to differentiate games as a service from games as a stand alone product.
  5. ​And yet... it creates matches like this... that literally end with in a dance off out of respect for the play of the last mech standing on one team. Seriously, watch this.
  6. Lately? Mech Warrior Online. I must have something for games where a subset of the population assembles in dark corners of the internet on an alternate community page to be salty. (Seriously - nothing new under the sun... see http://www.reddit.com/r/mwo vs http://www.reddit.com/r/outreachhpg )
  7. ​I was responding to this specifically: ​It's a pretty big break from the book because Stannis makes a BIG deal out of going off to Winterfel without the Red Lord's favor. He leaves Melissandra behind and makes no sacrifice. So, at THIS stage of the story he's not the fundamentalist of the Lord of Light.
  8. ​See this is bad form on their part. Completely changes where Stannis is as a character. ​The rage after next episode is going to be amazing.
  9. ​As a book reader, it was just... odd. In the books, Stannis leaves for Winterfell and quite a big deal is made that he leaves Melisandra behind and DOESN'T sacrifice any king's blood. I hope this is some sort of pull forward - Shireen IS his humanizing part, but perhaps his arc is to fall and burn that part off.
  10. ​It's unclear how much of this you can blame on Martin. Shireen is not sacrificed this way in the book (at least it hasn't happened yet), rather there is a convoluted plot regarding the child of Mance Raider being swapped with the child of Gilly and taken to Bravos (to save that child from being sacrificed). I suppose it's possible that once said plot comes to light, Stannis could feel it necessary to sacrifice her. Perhaps that is where his storyline is leading - but at best the TV show has rushed this. Davos should not be at Castle Black at all, but rather out searching for Rickon Stark - they cut some interesting stuff he was up to with the Manderlys (Lord "Too Fat To Sit On A Horse"). Really, for all the talk of GOT fans quitting the show this season, I have a feeling NEXT episode will take that up a notch. I'm very interested to see how they handle what's essentially the only remaining cliff hanger from the most recent book for which this episode was named.
  11. ​I still actively play LOL. Part of the draw of the genre is the depth. LOL currently has (top of my head) ~130 Champions available. Understand that in this genre, that is the money maker. HOTS is launching with 36. That is going to increase. That's where the money is. Selling Champions (though HOTs is going to hit you on fancy clothes and mounts as well). IMO the biggest factors in getting match time down to ~20 minutes was smaller/simpler maps and team experience. Team experience is a huge crutch, since weaker players tend to get outleveled in LOL. The maps though... VERY small and the lanes are very short. I think simplification worked for Hearthstone in a way it doesn't for HOTS. I don't want my post to be seen as bashing - just opinion. Realistically, HOTS uses the SCII engine, and the Hearthstone Micropayment infastructure. It was not a huge investment of technological resources. Usually Blizzard titles have engines developed for the project - it's notable that their two F2P games either used an off the shelf engine (Hearthstone was Built in Unity), or reuse an existing engine (Though really, the SCII engine was a perfect fit). Only a fool would claim they are not going to make quite a bit of money from this. Relatively speaking however, it's not the bees knees compared to its competition. Blizzard is usually in position to beat other players in a genre with polish, but the top dogs in MOBA are already highly polished.
  12. On the contrary, I have been playing since Friends/Family releases. Beta connections FTW. I just happen to think removing tactical depth hurts the game more than it helps. ESPECIALLY on long term replay value. Understand that gaining the traction that LOL/DOTA have is very much Blizzards goal with this project. They made a bet that removing some of the harder barriers to game mastery would pull the casuals from the more "difficult to master" MOBAs. I don't think that this will happen. I did not claim the game wouldn't make money or have a good playerbase. But it's going to tall short of becoming a dominant player in the genre - becoming the first of the current gen Blizzard games to own that distinction.
  13. Blizzard's innovations are mostly to strip out the complexities and macro strategy from other titles. There's no item purchasing (So no difference in creating builds for your champion), NPC farming and EXP is granted team wide (removing some of the macro level strategy, and providing a crutch to weaker players on a team). Blizzard basically made a casuals only game that "innovates" by removing features. I think they'll do well stripping the casual playerbase from LOL/DOTA, but doubt they'll gain the traction these two have.
  14. ​This is a very interesting take on the subject. Due to pay wall, you'll need to google the title (you can read the full article if you find it through google). http://www.wsj.com/articles/paul-mchugh-transgender-surgery-isnt-the-solution-1402615120
  15. ​Factions were not built into the game at its core. Monsterplay has always been a giant "bolt on", and NPC faction targeting has broken frequently over the years. There are some engine limitations involved. Having damage reduced to 0 sometimes causes the game to think you "healed" the target. This used to happen with stacking audacity with RK or captain bubbles. Now it happens with attacks which target power when used on a Beornling. I've seen similar bugs in WoW actually, with factional NPCs engaging the opposite factions due to unforseen interaction in how a new skill or talent is designed. Just another thing that's possible to break.
  16. ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F4qzPbcFiA
  17. ​Unfortunately, I think this stuff ultimately lead to some of the other complaints of the Council generally by Beanie and others.
  18. ​OR perhaps they were protecting fragile snowflakes who have to make any disagreement of opinion into some sort of personal vendetta? For serious though, you missed about 6 months. I wish you hadn't.
  19. ​The confusion here is that the NDA *IS* a forever NDA. So was the one agreed to by the 2013 council. It wasn't set in stone that they were released from it. It could be that, given the experience post 2013 council release, they have come to the conclusion that doing so was not as good of an idea. Or perhaps it's just a different thought process now that there's been so much turnover (Perhaps this is something Sapience or Rowan had pushed for, and Frelorn or V are of a different opinion).
  20. ​I can think of 4-5 direct examples that run completely counter to this. Obvious ones if you stop and think.
  21. I was asked. I think you two can probably guess as to the purpose. As to the 2014 experience... it was an odd year. With Sapience leaving, Frelorn taking over. I think they still got some very useful feedback out of us.
  22. ​I'm not surprised they closed it. I think having a separate thread for the pvp council vs the pve one would have made sense - the thread looked tame only because they were deleting a LOT of stuff aimed at some of the pvp council. I wish they had dropped the 2014 council NDA, but I can understand why they didn't.
  23. "I really liked that they added instances into the game and thought this was a good thing, but then someone misspelled some words and used some marketing lingo... now all hope is lost".
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vxHkAQRQUQ Seriously.
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