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  1. ... I'm sure whatever marketing arm was in charge of creating and pricing this bundle are frequent readers of your many posts.
  2. I think this is just an idea that doesn't work with Skyrim. The mods are too complex and prone to incompatibilities that break your save game - many of which you can't know about until you try it out. It's also a mature modding community with MASSIVE amount of resource/tool sharing where consent/payment between contributors is difficult. At the end of the day, there are mods for Skyrim that ARE worth money. I would gladly pay $5 for Frostfall, something I can't play without, that is better than the Hearthfire release that I paid the same for. If anything, this experience has made me more aware of the donation options we have. It's probably good that this was tried for Skyrim before Fallout 4.
  3. Whatever process was in place for compiling notes almost always carried over pvp changes from one batch of release notes to the next. That always stuck out to me.
  4. The problem here was that the stun was tuned too high, but the damage vs morale was not tuned at all. I suspect as you run into more and more non-common damage you will have to become more and more cautious.
  5. Stuns cannot effect you within 10 seconds of the end of another stun due to the red-dot stun immunity granted on stun end. OTHER grey-bars can. Here we can talk about things like Fear (breaks on harm, so can't lock you down), silences/disarms (problematic. They've tried to give classes hit by this some counterplay, but i'm not a fan of the lack of immunity window on expiration). Stuns and other effects can be a GREAT way to add difficulty/danger to encounters. Without CC/Debuffs/Corruptions, the only "Dials" you have to tune pve difficulty on are Dps vs Morale incoming and DPS vs Morale outgoing - IMPORTANT knobs. But with just these two, combat is pretty shallow.
  6. Just the sort of complaint that got us into this mess, methinks.
  7. That Follow Frodo Quest is the most Bohemond quest of any quest.
  8. It's not without risk. Getting a good idea of the people/team involved is important.
  9. Your loss. 45 hours played and counting. You call it a handout, but I call it money well spent.
  10. Economically - the fact that they're able to successfully sell at near AAA pricing a game made on only around $4 million for a design budget tells me the opposite. What they created in terms of "economic" value is competing favorably with games that have 10-20x the creation budget. That's fucking impressive in terms of value generation. But you can't get over almost 80,000 people willingly pledging to have this created... because companies profiting from their labor is bad... so whatever.
  11. People willingly exchanged value for perceived value (money pledged for proposed game + rewards). The game was made - Obsidian provided the labor and expertise here The game is selling VERY well and perceived as many as being of good value. So the comparison holds completely. It's how Voluntary exchanges work. You obviously don't think POE has value. That's your judgement to make... but silly of you to try to make it for other people. Seriously, I recommend a self paced online course in economics. It will change your life for the better.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et-s_GnUNBw&t=0m13s Ah, the fine line between opinion and economic ignorance. "That Bastard wants me to give him MY food so he can stop working in the fields long enough to create this WHEEL so he can trade for EVEN MORE FOOD. I refuse to take part in such nonsense!" ~ Some distant relative of Doro's, around 5,500 years ago in Mesopotamia
  13. I find this to be a bit "backwards". They got "near $4 million" because they wanted to make a game, and pitched the idea to the public via kickstarter. The scope of the game increased as more funds were pledged. You also have to allow for taxes and physical rewards to eat into this (not to mention pledges that weren't fufilled - either cancelled or not processed due to declined/insufficient funds). So... having gotten funding to run their studio and create this game for the two year development cycle... you think they should just give everything away at distribution cost and lay everyone off? I'd rather they make some profit here, keep people employed and move whatever early state proto-project they may have forward. You have to AT LEAST acknowledge the irony in this statement. PEOPLE determine the worth. And while you may individually disagree, you have to admit that quite a few people find this worth the price point: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=topsellers#sort_by=_ASC&category1=998&filter=topsellers&page=1 That's only Steam Sales. It's also available on GoG without DRM, and selling great over there too. I'd say that Obsidian have done a good job pricing their product. If it's more than you want to spend on the game, wait 6 months. It will be lower. Wait a year, it's maybe $10. Less if it's a Steam sale.
  14. Kickstarter allows them to move forward without shopping a game to a publisher, allowing the studio more control. It allows them to seek out a niche market, where publishers push them towards mass appeal even when it means wholesale changing the project or approach. Obsidian as a studio has, just the worst track record of development treatment by publishers. As a small bit player, they don't get to pull a Blizzard "When it's done" development cycle - (see the ludicrous timelines they were forced to work on for KOTOR2 and Fallout: New Vegas). The different "game versions" were initially backer rewards for kickstarter supporters. It would be kind of a let down for those early backers who threw hundreds of dollars at the project to sell them at launch for an extra $5. So far I have backed WL2, Torment:TON, Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Returns:HK and PoE. Of the ones which have reached release, ALL have been worth the ~$20 I've chipped in. One of them, Shadowrun Returns, has had the BEST customer experience I have ever had from a game company (Harebrained Schemes is a fantastic studio). I think the games are worth what their charging. I would recommend POE, at retail, to anyone who enjoys RPGs.
  15. Bullroarer notes are not meant as marketing outreach.
  16. FWIW - the 3/6 man cluster are in Osgiliath on Bullroarer right now, though not all of the bosses are "ready for testing" for the beta1 release.
  17. The "Performance Cap" is one of the reasons for the new map. As Alywen related, test for LOTRO China where Creeps ran amok in normal zones didn't have many of the lag issues of the moors. This was due to how the moors was constructed vs ordinary zones, with more land blocks and therefore more server lines than the average zone. The idea is to gain some of this improved performance. There are other areas that can also increase performance, especially how skills and map mechanics are implemented. Auras and zonewide buff effects add quite a load. Hardly. I think that the council is more or less a decent representative sample of the general population. Whatever your notion of how the council was picked, I can't speak to that (Though I can say that I have a pretty thorough log of forum infractions, including for going after a few blue names, as well as a 2 month period where I was moderated and unable to post without having it approved... so it's not like I was anyone at OCR's favorite). I can say that it's a very diverse group with a pretty broad view. It's not "special" at all, really. If it were "special" and not like the larger group its sampling the feedback would be less than valuable. The purpose of using a council and not just reading the forums? A few: 1. Smaller group is easier to work with and keep on topic. 2. NDA inovlved allows them to ask questions on stuff that's further out, not far enough along to bring to the entire playerbase. So they can get more in depth feedback on something that's much earlier in the planning stages. Unfortunately, a side effect of that is that it takes a while for those "early along" things to trickle down the pipe. I know from talking to some of the 2013 group post NDA drop that they were very much in the favor of more group and instance cluster type content. I can't go into this year, NDA and whatnot, but I don't PVE in LOTRO a peep and I'm very happy to see a cluster launching with U16.
  18. 1. Had to chuckle at the concurrency charts... I noted on those severs only that there were more players participating in play in the zone, which didn't imply anything about the total concurrency. You had said that only Brandywine and Gwahir had decent activity in the moors - this is not true, though they are probably the best best for players who are looking for "off peak" activity. Landroval has certainly seen higher than 50 of late. I haven't personally been on E enough to comment, so I won't make up numbers here except to say I've been told they're getting ~ 2 fellows on each side with more on weekends. That's a pittance, but 2 months ago you were lucky to find 6 total players in the zone but for maybe an hour of the night. 2. I agree that having the consolidations happen is a vital piece. That's for NetOps to do right. 3. We may just have to wait for things to play out on the map. Getting mad that an executive producer replied to an off topic post in a thread about updates to the music system to say "we're still planning to do that, and it was never scheduled for this update" is your prerogative I suppose. It could just be me reading anger in your post when there is none intended - such is the folly of internet forums! It's almost like they were getting feedback from some mysterious source...
  19. LOL Quite the opposite. It will be nice to talk about this stuff though.
  20. There's a lot of speculation here that's unfounded. The pouncing on Vy's statement is... odd to me. Pvmp was never planned for U16, which is literally all she said. She was not even the Ex Prod when the notion of Audacity Essence was floated on the forums, in an unofficial manner (always the risks of having developers engage on the forum, as Alywen will no doubt remember all the trouble Orion and Jalessa had with exactly this). The anger at Jinjaah for comments he made on the forums back in October, shortly before a round of layoffs is being taken a bit far. NDA gets in my way a bit here, but I'll have more for you in a month. I would ask if you want Audacity essences with Audacity in it's current form? Or would you prefer to see whatever changes may yet come to audacity to come with such a development? At any rate, the stuff discussed by Jinjaah on the forums for post U15 were hardly a "pvp focused update", it was basically the idea of audacity essences. I'm glad they held off actually. Essence gear has already massively shifted the meta, and the game economy of essences needs further work (they just sort of exist and are created over time... they never go away. Think of long term implications of this!). As for the non-brandywine servers - Landroval is doing well, and I keep getting asked to come out on E in prime time. Things have picked up slightly. It helps that freeps are the stronger faction, if by not much. At any rate, the server changes are coming. Finally, to address the idea that the OG map is some sort of clever dev ruse... what makes you so sure this idea came from the devs?
  21. This is one of the reasons a new map is a very good idea. The moors construction itself is part of the problem.
  22. First step there is to fix skills that don't behave as they "should". That means looking at things like champ's duel (slow should be removable and not stack with other slows), Fire shield reflect (Reflect skills should fire off on hit, not on damage), Armor of elements (The daze should fire on harm, not on damage. Detargetting the RK should be the counterplay to this skill, having DoTs trigger the daze after you drop the target is asinine). I think that cleaning this sort of stuff up first, would put things fairly close. The balance point between creeps/freeps is actually pretty close currently - the issue being that creeps reach their power cap too easily compared to freeps (and aren't subscription gated). I have a lot more here, but NDA is upon me for another month or so and really should let the things to come happen before it'll make sense.
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