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  1. So many questions, so little time

  2. I've lurked here for a few years now, but I could not pass up a chance like this. There are lotro questions that I have been wondering about for years, but I will try to keep it short right now, since you probably do not want to answer fifty questions at once. Do you know of any zones in lotro that were canceled? From what I've read, it seems like Gladden Fields, the South Farthing, and Grey Havens were going to be in the game, but ended up being pushed aside. Were any big ideas or systems canceled (I like what-ifs)? I know that Skirmishes were originally going to have freep vs freep content, but that it got dropped do to balancing. Any others things like that? Do you know what other games Turbine has worked on? I know you mentioned the console lotro and Harry Potter MMO. I've heard rumors that Turbine was working on a Hobbit MMO or game. Do you know what happened to Berephon? I assume he got laid off. He just sort of disappeared from the other forums. You've mentioned lotro china a few times. Why was it canceled? And how different was it going to be from the western lotro? Also, what happened to Turbine West? I remember the announcement, but then nothing ever came of it. Did they actually ever do anything out there? The Tolkien guidelines sound really interesting. Do you remember any other things that were on it? Thank you so much for answering everyone's questions, Aylwen. It has been fascinating to read your posts. I have been playing lotro for six years now, and I've been saving up questions that I never thought would have a chance to get answered. I'm sure I've got more, but over the years I tend to forget them.
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