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  1. Well, all the shit is coming from just one person actually, pretty much every time i log there for whatever reason i still see her having drama(often inventing lies to ruin someone else reputation) in world chat with someone else. Lots of people switched server or quit game because of her, but since i xfered in the 48h window and i rarely play there anymore i'm not sure if it's still 24/7 drama or if i just logged at the wrong time every time.
  2. Lol crickhollow is the most drama heavy sever i've ever seen, and there is the most crazy person you can imagine ruining any playing experience there. Gladden instead at worst has some annoying people.
  3. ‚ÄčEven if copies fail, you'll still find your toons there.
  4. I can tell you who Carlanya is. Player in everyone's ignore list, who doesn't pvp at all(i heard she has only a greenie spider used a few times for pve quests), but she is in pvp council only because she wants 1v1s banned because "they are rank farming".
  5. Traps can't be deflected and trap damage is way too high at lower levels, yellow hunter can kill purple mobs in few seconds.
  6. I've been lurking this forum for a while and i decided to create a account after reading Aylwen (a lot of nice infos, thank you) a bit. So i have a couple questions too if you don't mind, regarding 2015 producer letter(you don't work for Turbine anymore so i'm just asking for opinions). -Do you think there is actually the chance of getting Osgiliath pvp map? Or it was just a lie to try making pvpers happy. -How could those Osgiliath instances be if they release them? I fear they might just copy and paste a lot of stuff from Annuminas and call it Osgiliath instance cluster or make them just short and ezmode, Or worse i fear it could be a lie and no instances are coming, what do you think?
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