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  1. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    Funny you cite that, because at https://youtu.be/ca12k2qbUQM?t=467 it mentions exactly what I've been talking about: The Democrats have prevented anyone with firsthand knowledge from testifying.....
  2. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    And the article https://theweek.com/articles/879231/welcome-vengeance-election highlights one of the really big problems (and why both sides are acting like children), specfically: So yeah, that's baiscally how the Nazi's got the Germans to think so they could do whatever they wanted to the Jews... and we all know how THAT turned out. Funny how some never learn from history, only doomed to repeat it. Cause the only thing he has heard is a recording of it, NOT the actual call. This came out in one of the cross examinations of Vindman, which makes him a secondhand source, NOT a primary one. The MSM news agencies, however, aren't covering that because they have a narrative that they must maintain and they aren't going to admit fault. Dude, a cardboard box down by the river is not a guest house. The funny thing about that, is if you've managed to maintain yourself you can live longer than that. That's also one of the main reasons why I don't think Biden or Sanders are going to be viable candidates. Well, the House has complete failed to convince anyone that didn't already believe their impeachment narrative and they have turned the independents against them. You've also hit the nail on the head, as that's exactly what one of the big problems with the US is. As you have clearly seen from this thread, the Democrats are not rational as they are prone to flying off the handle as soon as you so much as disagree with them. No conversation can be had, so resentment will continue fester until both sides start working with each other again.
  3. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    Even on CNN they get that Trump is currently winning: If CNN gets that Trump is in a really, really strong position... why is it so hard for the three idiots? Then please explain all the events from May 13, 2014 until Early 2015 on https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2019/politics/trump-impeachment-timeline/ and this article https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2014/05/14/hunter-bidens-new-job-at-a-ukrainian-gas-company-is-a-problem-for-u-s-soft-power/. Kinda amusing that there's five year old articles about something that "never happened". You're the only person that assumes I don't make that money - likely because you're too proud to admit that I have you aced in almost every category that actually counts (save home ownership - I'd rather live in an appartment tbh, despite the loss of equity that incurs). So you're saying that https://blackdemographics.com/households/african-american-income/ is wrong too? Actually, you have here. You're just too arrogant (and stupid) to see it. Damnstraight. Trump's doing a good job as a President, and anyone that can't see that is detached from reality living in a (bursting) bubble. Get ready to get another 4 years of the Orange man, cause the entire Democratic candidate field is full of shit candidates that only want to chase after the Twitter vote. Oh, and if you're going to say you'll move to Canada, please do us all a favor and actually MOVE to Canada.
  4. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    Trump got his wall - the real wall... of better immigration control and lesser volume coming through the southern border. https://www.huffpost.com/highline/article/invisible-wall/ What's this? Impeachment is blowing up in the Democrats' faces and alienating the independents while strengthening his position with this base https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/11/new-poll-suggests-democrats-impeachment-push-could-alienate-key-voters The impossible, Trump is gaining among the blacks - a traditionally Democratic voter base? Can't possibly be because he improved their annual income by more than Obama ever did, could it? https://www.theepochtimes.com/trump-approval-among-blacks-above-34-percent-emerson-polls-shows_3155737.html Trump is already leading almost all of the entire Democratic field (except Sanders) https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/471544-poll-trump-edges-biden-trails-sanders-in-neck-and-neck-matchups And guess what, Trump's approval rating keeps going up... despite him mentally shitting on Twitter, generally being an asshole, oh, and the impeachment nonsense https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/471263-trump-approval-ticks-up-amid-impeachment-battle-gallup Read it and weep bitches - neither one of you three idiots have a solid grasp on reality as all three of you are stuck in a cultish echo chamber. And that is the question you should be asking yourself. For you and the other two idiots here, I'm leaning towards the former. We all need help, but you need it more than the rest of us combined. So why don't you tell us about the libtard echochamber you're stuck in? What, like Trump/Russia and now Trump/Ukraine?' Oh wait, that's you. Hey, you demonstrate full well how to do this, so I'll just follow your example mmmkay?
  5. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    You mean like how Biden told Ukraine "Fire this guy and have this company hire my son or you don't get any aid?" So where's the fallout when a Democrat does a quid-pro-quo? I have no idea why you have this obsession with Russia. Sure you're not a Russian immigrant? So are you saying Biden did nothing wrong? The political rival thing is pure coincidence. I mean, have you seriously watched Biden? It's like watching your senile grandpa with a foot in death's door attempt to be relevant to impress the great-great-grandchildren and it's gone from being somewhat adorkable to just plain sad. No, there's not. Vindman does not have first hand knowledge of the call. Vindman was about to name the person that did, then Schiff shut him up, as clearly seen in the link that I gave to the CSPAN coverage. Watch the damn footage already and stop parroting the bullshit you've swallowed. Better than you being wrong the entire thread. You can read a lot from someone by watching how they're reacting since there's a lot of information in body language, facial expression, and how they vocalize their words (emotion/emphasis among other things). It's not only what they're saying, but also how they're saying it. I thought that was obvious and didn't need explaining? At least I have a level view of the world, unlike someone who's so deranged they are convinced that Trump never tells the truth. If it makes you sleep better at night, keep deluding yourself. Then again, maybe that is your actual profession... although judging how you react I would have guessed you're either a mover, janitor, day laborer, or garbage collector as you greatly remind me of that one guy that's got the lowest paying job... yet is 110% sure of everything and keeps rambling on about how they've got it all figured out (which is amusing because they clearly don't given the job they hold). And by the way, anyone that's more than 95% sure of anything is usually full of BS.
  6. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    It also shows he's being dishonest. The great irony with the impeachment proceedings is that it's turning moderates against the Democratic party as there hasn't been any new information aside from what was there prior to open proceedings... which indicates that the entire thing is a whole bunch of BS. So what does it really matter WHO the whistleblower is. Get them on the witness stand, let them be cross-examined WITHOUT being interrupted. And also, the entire quid pro quo thing can be used to describe almost any foreign policy done by the United States as we have a very long history of using our aid to get other countries to do our bidding... why should it be any different with Ukraine - especially since our interests look like they align. And no, beating Biden is not a valid reason because Trump would beat him so savagely in an election it'd be worth seeing for the memes alone. Your opinion =/= fact Might be if you pull your head out of your ass.
  7. So https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/9508ac6e1c5fe186effc1deace3eed87ccfe9faa is an interesting announcement, as SquareEnix is dropping support of Windows 7 from FFXIV... however, the system requirements for LotRO ( https://help.standingstonegames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002036807-What-are-the-system-requirements-for-LOTRO- ) hasn't been updated in a very, very long time (Wii... really?) It's like watching one studio that doesn't have a clue how to technically maintain their game, while another one is on the ball. Oh, and don't mention that on the official forums or prepared to get torn to shreds.
  8. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    And the reason why Schiff interrupted the cross examination by Republicans (which happens if you watch it) is that Vindman's testimony was starting to fall apart. I mean, that part of the cross examination was in the clip that I linked. No, that sensation you're referring to is not a headache, but that's actually what it feels to think. You're welcome by the way 😃 I didn't think I needed to point out that the mad ramblings of a victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome were such? It's usually considered impolite to directly call out mental illness. Considering that you're a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Useful_idiot of the Democratic party... And you can't take away my birthright, as I am a natural born US citizen, born on American soil.
  9. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    Vindman DOES NOT have first hand knowledge of the call, that's a well known fact... if you've been paying attention. As for the other, that's a 5 hour stream... where's the timestamp? If you're citing Vindman, your data is bad. He DOES NOT have firsthand knowledge of the call. That seems oddly anti-Semitic. Then again, a Democrat being a racist is hardly a new thing...
  10. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/11/22/barack-obama-conservative/?arc404=true ROFL All I'm asking for is a timestamp in a CSPAN stream of the impeachment proceedings. This is like the lowest hanging fruit possible for you, it should be a total cakewalk to show me that it's all a bunch of BS... or maybe you're actually in the wrong here?
  11. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    So then you'd be more than willing to share the clip that has the testimony from the proceedings, right?
  12. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    I think you're starting to see why I heavily distrust almost all of the corporate media, as the only way to discern what's actually going on here is to sample from everything and then think for yourself. As others have demonstrated in this thread, that's an apparently difficult thing to do, as that also involves working through thoughts like "what if Trump actually did do a quid pro quo?" and "what if the Democrats are making a mountain out of a mole hill?". For a trio of idiots on this forum, they don't have the mental processes to do this. I'm honestly hoping this goes into the senate now, as Trump seems a bit too eager for a fight, so Trump is either going to have his ego hang himself, or the Republicans are going to savagely rip this thing apart. Either way, should be interesting to watch but I have a feeling the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner, as we have not had a single person with firsthand knowledge of the phone call testify.
  13. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

  14. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    No, but when you see stuff like https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-impeachment-burisma/ukraine-widens-probe-against-burisma-founder-to-embezzlement-of-state-funds-idUSKBN1XU2N7 , I think the political rival thing is a very convenient angle as the Democrats would rather shift attention away from the actual issue that Papa Joe has been a very naughty boy. So not only did Burisma embezzle about the equivalent of $33M USD in taxpayer money, apparently they gave some of that to the US, and going by the other article, it's not a stretch to assume part of that money was sent to Hunter Biden. It looks like investigating Burisma is in the best interests of the US and Ukraine - and any and all US citizens that were part of the embezzlement scheme should be thrown in jail... just like Manafort was.
  15. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    One other very relevant thought to all of this.... How is foreign policy not a bunch of quid pro quos?