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  1. Almagnus1

    Update 23

    Have they done anything to address the technical issues or made any comment on the x64 client?
  2. Almagnus1

    Well, the UK's screwed...

    So now the UK is really screwed.
  3. Almagnus1

    Warframe just won the Internet

    And... we're all eagerly awaiting the new mode =D
  4. Almagnus1

    Who owns Lord of the Rings Online?

    As far as I know, SSG owns LotRO, but they're actually licensing the IP from Middle Earth Enterprises (or is it Tolkein Estates?).
  5. Almagnus1

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    As I understand it.... The kicker is that the ArenaNet CEO basically fired her because she had explained prior GW2 story (and how they did things) on her Twitter account (thus, was using it to represent the company) and then was a dick to their customers - which is why she was promptly fired on July 5th (as the 4th being a holiday here in the US). I'm guessing had she not have framed the entire thing as a sexist, Peter Fries may have gotten off with a warning, as (from what I saw) he wasn't as harsh as she was, but as she framed it as sexist, it left the CEO with little choice. Media stupidity ensued.
  6. Almagnus1

    2 recent GW2 firings make for some BIG DRAMA

    So basically.... #GetWokeGoBroke ?
  7. Amazing how holding it back helped fix all the bugs, right?
  8. Almagnus1

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    Both are MMOs, and they keep adding stuff to Warframe, and they're both F2P (I mean, PC Gamer just called it the best F2P PC game https://www.pcgamer.com/warframe-has-quietly-become-the-best-free-to-play-game-on-pc/ ). Yeah, there's a lot of grinding (especially initially), but once you build up your resource reserves, it's not that big of an issue. Most of the quests after Natah are actually interesting and mostly enjoyable, especially with the reveal of what the warframes really are and how you're able to control many of them. That, and there's enough other game modes now that it's not just an Akkad snooze farm =P
  9. Almagnus1

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    ... Have you even tried to play Warframe? That's got a learning curve like a brick wall, and throwing more money at it (to buy platinum) isn't going to help you until you learn enough of the game mechanics that you'll probalby not need the platinum for a majority of the things while also figured out how to use warframe.market to sell stuff and generate platinum, essentially making it an effective F2P game that works... if you don't mind the work involved. Oh, and it's also (at the time of writing) #4 at https://store.steampowered.com/stats/ .
  10. Yeah, it's just a cultural difference =/
  11. Or maybe comments like these just reflects the cultural ignorance of the poster and little more....
  12. Almagnus1

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    That's my read too... they probably wouldn't know what a kanban board is if it bit them in the ass.
  13. Almagnus1

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    IMO MMOs work best when you have a shadowy force that you're fighting against that you never really beat. Given that Morgoth was defeated at the end of the first age... what was there to fight against for the second age?
  14. Almagnus1

    Vastin Takes a Dig at Dissatisfied Customers

    **Looks at link*** Oh no, not at all.... Yeah, I like that premise as you don't want to focus everything after an "ending" especially if you don't have much to build off of. Going to an earlier part in the timeline only makes sense, especially if Amazon can build interest in earlier ages.
  15. How's the game performance outside of Mount Crashy?