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  1. It's cause he's getting results and keeping America calm. That's complete and total bullshit. If Trump wasn't taking this seriously, why was the Coronovirus Task Force created on January 29th? See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Coronavirus_Task_Force They actually volunteered of their own volition. Trump merely activated the legislation, but (AFAIK) he hasn't compelled industry to do anything. If you can find a source that proves the point, go for it. We're kinda already doing the former, the trace part has been going on for a while, and as far as treating goes, that should happen (from what I have heard in NYC) soon... but you kinda need a known good need a cure a virus in order to treat it and we don't have clinical data that shows the cocktail to be a known good cure. ------------------ So the MSM is getting called out on their Anti-Trump bias:
  2. Why isn't the Trump hate contained in the 2020 Election thread?
  3. Actually, I've seen several polls that show otherwise, as trump's approval rating is actually positive, largely because he's been doing daily briefings for the Coronavirus. It's spelled "buffoon"...... Except that the only people that say the Trump ship is sinking are those that are flying higher than a kite own hubris.
  4. Sums up why a significant chunk of American's don't trust the MSM quite nicely...
  5. 3/26 US Coronovirus Task Force Press Conference
  6. It's cause we're doing far more testing than other countries. When you test more, you find more. Key thing to watch is the fatality rate, as we could be looking at a 3%, 1%, or .1% kill rate for the virus.... but infection numbers without the rest of the data means you can't really draw conclusions.
  7. No, that's actually a pretty sane assumption because it's a government program. If they are living off of welfare, they're already a ward of the state, so are a red herring to this discussion. If you're only living off of $15/hr, you are clearly doing it wrong. Get off your ass, get to a job training center, and make something of yourself. My rent in Seattle was $1500 a month. Don't bitch to me about that kind of cheap rent. And most of that is caused by idiot purchases and bad money management decisions. If that's true, why is half of the bailout going to the individuals? You act as if you are owed a $100k/year life as a high school drop out. Why don't you do something productive like... I don't know... learn to code?
  8. That's enough (when paired with unemployment) to offset a couple of months of lost income, it's also accounting for about 500B of the bailout, and it will likely be paid out twice. I mean, I'm not sure how many people wouldn't want to see a $1200 check because of this. It's because what they're doing for the bailout is following along the lines of eminent domain, and compensating Americans for forcing them to stay sheltered and they need to support the small businesses (which is what this is primarily aimed at doing) as we're trying to get through a natural disaster without destroying the US economy in the process. You really need to go watch...
  9. And a pretty good summary of why what the Democrats are doing right now is political suicide...
  10. McConnell describing the Democrats screwing over the average Joe by withholding a much needed Coronavirus Stimulus Package just to check off boxes on their wish list...
  11. And the Senate Democrats are committing political suicide by holding up a Coronovirus relief bill https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/489033-senate-fails-to-advance-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-for-second-time-in-two-days , because the Democrats reason they can use the suffering of the average American to advance their agenda instead of just helping people that need it. And you wonder why the Republicans hate the Democrats.....
  12. Operative word there is "need". Most healthy people under the age of 40 don't need to be tested as they're (most likely) going to survive the Kung Flu. As are China's. I've heard their actual death count is in the millions, and the CCP is suppressing that information, kinda like how they suppressed the doctor that first found this thing and basically created this entire epidemic. Winnie the Pooh has certainly outdone himself this time. Take a look at the cases per million, as that's the number that better normalizes how the countries are doing. The US currently has several major population centers infected, so of our estimated total population of 327.2M, the major cities in California (39.5M), Florida (21.5M) and New York (19.5M) are likely to drive infection numbers up. As far as Texas goes (29.0M), distance is helping here, as are the shelter at home order currently ongoing in one of the metro areas (Dallas County, 2.6M - DFW Metro area has around 7.4M). Let's put this into perspective, Europe has a land area of roughly 10.180M km^2, while the lower 48 US land area is 7.65M km^2 (Alaska is a freaking huge state at 1.48 M km^2 which is why I'm only counting lower 48). So while Europe has a population of 742.6M people, the US has roughly half of that... meaning that Europe is going to get wrecked by Coronavirus while the US will likely weather it just fine, mostly due to population density. China doing what they have been doing to aggravate this pandemic coupled with their complete bungling of the initial stages when they figured out what was going on as we suspect by December 12, 2020 (see https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/tourism/chinese-scientists-identify-the-wuhan-virus-screening-continues-on-thai-bound-flights ) is likely going to get them economically slaughtered by sanctions as the US thinking towards China is "embargo them back into the stone age" as China denied the US critical supplies which has made things over here worse than they really should be. And the amusing thing about all of this... it's going to influence the US 2020 election as Coronavirus has proven Trump right about the need to secure our borders, manage immigration, and have critical industries ONLY in the US - so while Trump is doing almost daily news conferences, Joe Biden is no where to be seen. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is actually staying somewhat relevant but the Democrat super delegates don't want him so.... let's just say it's going to be interesting later this year =D
  13. Maybe because you're using numbers that are approved by the CCP (because they're several orders of magnitude less than what they actually are)? A large part of the problem with the numbers in the US is that it's so big it makes getting enough tests out to places that need them is making identifying the actual infected population anybody's guess.... let alone getting said tests manufactured and distributed - which indicates that all the stats you've been showing are hypothetical bullshit.
  14. So you're saying that the LotRO population is dying off and they need to entice new players?
  15. For those that are throwing stones at the US for not acting soon enough.... here's a press release on January 29th announcing the formation of the Coronavirus Task Force https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/statement-press-secretary-regarding-presidents-coronavirus-task-force/ , and here's the Wiki article on it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_House_Coronavirus_Task_Force
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