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  1. And.... here's proof that nothing has remained unchanged and that the Democrats have failed to swing the moderates:


    56 minutes ago, Splay said:

    <incoherent ramblings of a butt hurt libtard>

    Strange I thought you were....

    On 11/12/2019 at 1:09 PM, Splay said:

    I'm pretty much done with this topic.

    Then again, hypocrisy and a complete unwillingness to live your principles are hallmarks of the modern Democratic party.

  2. 5 hours ago, Papi said:

    Except that it doesn't.  Several witnesses--including those called by the Republicans (hoping to support their narrative)--have testified as much during the impeachment inquiry.  It's worth noting you cited a Russian News Agency link to back up your ridiculous claim. I mean...whatever it takes, right?

    Hey, at least I'm doing the researching and not listening to the nightly TV for my approved programming.  I mean...whatever it takes, right?


    This Lt Col not only fails to follow his chain of command, but he's following the directions of a lawyer instead of following the normal procedures for whistleblowing.

    In other words, his lying and incompetent ass should be given a dishonorable discharged and stripped of rank.  Interesting part is at time offset t=15699


  3. So the great irony about the Trump/Ukraine thing, the more they dig into it, the stronger the case against Hunter Biden becomes...

    Especially since the little shit got a $16.5M payout from Burisma.


    4 hours ago, Thrabath said:

    The question is, if you truly believe Trump is misusing his presidency for personal gain at the cost of the USA, should you start, even if it is with only a small chance of succes, such a procedure.

    I'd say yes. I'd prefer a politician that does what he believes is good for the country instead good for himself. Though a part of the democrats will probably do it for personal gain.

    However, you've really got to have more than a game of telephone and a desire to throw the President out of office for it to succeed, otherwise you completely shutdown any possibility of impeachment as it's effectively a cry of "WOLF!" in the city center.

    4 hours ago, Thrabath said:

    No difference between democrats/republicans i guess ;)

    And that's likely because of corruption, and one of the reasons why I want to see term limits on the senators and representatives - as it makes it harder for corruption to sink in if you have to redo it about every decade.  Otherwise, there's not a whole lot of difference between those that have been there for decades... as they all need to go.

    Just now, Papi said:

    The front page of Drudgereport is a hoot...

    "Ambassador followed President's orders"

    "Giuliani pushed quid pro quo"

    "Everyone was in the loop"

    The actual testimony from today and yesterday (which included the Republican witnesses) is proving what we already know:  Trump is a crook.  What is truly fascinating...looking at how far the Republicans will go to deny that truth.



    So let's talk about Hunter Biden's payout from Burisma and how Joe Biden helped secure that, shall we?


    Something that may be useful is a full look at the timeline, especially the ties with Biden that started this whole mess, including Manafort's hand in this:


  4. Even Newsweek is starting to change the narrative that this impeachment fiasco is not going to result in Trump getting removed from office, while (tactically) the Democrats shot themselves in the foot by burning their impeachment card on something stupid - essentially giving Trump impeachment immunity because the Democrats have cried wolf one too many times.  I'm just waiting for (as predicted) this entire thing to fizzle out as the Democrats have nothing on Trump.

    I suspect Trump is going to be elected in 2020 because the Democratic field is one giant cluster, and I wouldn't be surprised if the House and Senate saw Republican gains.



    Some Democrats are concerned about impeachment, and want to move past it... which indicates that the entire impeachment thing is just BS.


  5. And with this entire Democratic primary fiasco expected to go on until summer ( https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Democrats-fear-a-long-primary-slog-could-drag-14841782.php ), I'm suspecting the Democrat candidate is going to have so much stuff dug up in the primary that all Trump needs to do is recycle the mud they sling against each other.

    IMO the best thing the Democrats can do is wrap up their primary ASAP to minimize the amount of self-inflicted damage they do to themselves.... but the Borg don't quite work that way...

  6. So reading more into what's going on with Roger Stone, the following quote from https://apnews.com/ad355d2c983e4a7c85bc17e86d8c563f raises a eyebrow:


    Stone has denied wrongdoing and consistently criticized the case against him as politically motivated. He did not take the stand during the trial and his lawyers did not call any witnesses in his defense.

    At this point, the first sentence (included for context) is a given, the bolded part is what I find odd.  It's almost as if Stone wanted this outcome...

  7. 5 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    Except he didn't, and citing world net daily as your source is laughable.  The official WAS NOT investigating corruption.  That's why they wanted him gone.   The investigation into Burisma was dormant for well over a year before the US and other world leaders called for his removal.  It wasn't a unilateral effort to cover for Hunter Biden.

    Everything (except the MSM) that I have seen indicates that this is not the case.  MSM is (generally speaking) pretty liberal so... I'm not surprised.

    5 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    More importantly, if Biden had been engaging in illegal activity the Republican-controlled house and senate would have been all over that like stink on shit.

    This is a good point, however, it assumes that the Republicans were aware of it at the time (which they may not have been), or (more likely) the Republicans in senate were profiting from this as there are a bunch of them in Congress that are pretty anti-Trump to begin with.

    5 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    It doesn't really matter what anyone tells you.  You'll never change your mind.

    Kinda funny what the hypocrite says, as this describes you to a T.

    4 hours ago, Papi said:

    The Democrats know what happened and the motive behind it.  The Republicans know what happened and the motive behind it.

    Which is also the fundamental problem on why no one is meeting in the middle, both sides think their right, both sides think they have truth on their side, and truth cannot be subjective.

    4 hours ago, Papi said:

    The Republicans are hoping that people are either just too stupid to see what is clearly obvious to anyone with intelligence.

    That would be the Democrats.

    Shall we talk about how the Democrats run big cities, yet they still manage to keep the minorities in their cities oppressed and in ghettos?  Or what about those same cities basically reverting back to medieval standards of living?  It's almost as if they've figured out they can get a government revenue stream by creating a problem and not solving it....


    Or more to the point, this sums up the entire impeachment fiasco nicely:


  8. 16 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    Fake news.

    Fake news.


    6 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    The reason is that the whole Biden/Ukraine thing was a conspiracy theory and not anything anyone actually believed.  Trump is an idiot and easily fooled.  Guiliani ran around pushing this conspiracy theory and Trump bought it.  He was hoping that getting Ukraine to publicly state they were investigating the Bidens would have the same effect that the reopening of the Clinton email investigation had.  It kind of did.  Biden's standings in the polls have diminished since.

    Oh noes, it's not like dear old daddy abused the office of VP for Hunter Biden to get him a job he didn't deserve and get a Ukrainian official investigating these activities fired.

    Oh wait... he did. https://www.wnd.com/2019/09/ukrainian-prosecutor-fired-investigating-hunter/

    6 hours ago, cossieuk said:

    Why has Trump not tried to have Biden investigated before now, why wait until he is running to be the Democratic nominee for President.

    Why did the Republicans not launch an investigation into Biden when they controlled the Senate

    Two very good questions.  I suspect that they were not answered prior to 2016 because of Biden being VP, and it may have taken this long for everything to come to light - but it definitely needs a deeper look into both the issue that it's pointing to and the timing as well.  IMO sunlight is the best disinfectant, so let's drag everything out into the light and see what we have.... rather than go off half cocked and proclaim someone guilty without due process.

  9. 9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    The Republicans already set a precedent when they voted to impeach Clinton for lying about a blow job, and/or telling other people to lie about said bj.

    There was also obstruction of justice, especially looking into other things (like Whitewater) and scandals (amusingly) mostly caused by HRC.

    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    Trump isn't being impeached because the Democrats don't have the confidence they can win.  It's to set an example that no sitting President is allowed to do whatever he or she pleases.  If Trump continued without a consequence of any kind, then it will only get worse as future Presidents get more and more brazen.

    And that's a load of bullshit.

    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    You must have been born after 1998.

    Yes, 1982 is prior to 1998...

    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    I remember the Starr report and all the crap that Republicans are now excusing on behalf of Trump.  It's the most blatant level of hypocrisy.  

    It's really hazy to me (as most of that was in middle school at the time), but there's a very big difference in what's going on as the controversies for the Trump White House are caused by the Democrats, rather than the ones in the Clinton White House being caused by HRC.

    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    Trump is dangerous and unfit to be President.

    And this only goes to show just how unhinged you are.

    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

      When Trump was elected I stupidly assumed that the people around him would temper his rhetoric and it would be another Republican President who created yet another recession.  I could live with that.  Trump waited one day after the Mueller report came out to start this Ukraine crap.  ONE DAY!  He felt empowered because jack shit happened to him.  In order to accept that Trump did nothing wrong, then you would have to assume that the whistleblower, the IG, the DNI, and everyone who has testified are lying.  I suppose that's possible from the lens of a total and complete moron. 


    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    Public testimony will begin, more and more people will decide that Trump needs to go, and Republicans will start abandoning ship if they believe for one second it might cost them reelection.  The only reason they haven't yet is because of people like you.  People that bought such a monumental con job and don't have the balls to admit they made a mistake.  

    It ain't over until it's over, and you really shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch.

    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    Touting that you're voting for someone because it will piss off liberals makes you an idiot.

    No, it's recognizing that ruffling some feathers can induce some much needed change.

    9 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    If your only agenda is to piss off half the country, then you and the rest of your kind can pack up and leave.

    Same can be said for you and your ilk - especially the ones that keep saying they'll move to Canada.

    3 hours ago, Splay said:

    Trump is a stooge, dumb enough to be a proxy for republican business investors.

    Kinda funny that they're recycling the same line they said about George Bush...  It's like this is the standard Democratic acknowledgement of a Republican President....

    3 hours ago, Splay said:

    It just happens that the Ukrainian government can benefit from United States protection shielding off Putin from taking more of their country. Ukrainian leadership won't do anything to stop the money and protection from coming into their sovereignty.

    It's also justified because the Russians caused stuff like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor .  I don't fault the Ukrainians at all for wanting to seek any edge to keep the Russians out.

    3 hours ago, Splay said:

    Basically Ukraine is parceling off their natural gas to the highest bidder as long as it isn't Putin. Trump using the office of President to remove all the obstacles including anyone who is perceived to be part of any deals which were already in progress. Using any means and excuse that fits the narrative. American businessmen sharpening their knives to carve up Ukraine.

    So how about we talk about Biden now?

    3 hours ago, Splay said:

    I'm pretty much done with this topic.

    No you're not.  You'll keep posting regardless.

    3 hours ago, Splay said:

    I've seen the writing on the wall. The reasons why my country is interested in Ukraine. The reasons why our President has committed to actions and events. All of which will eventually tarnish my country.

    So you're saying stuff like the Indian removal act - pushed forward by Jackson (who was a proto-Democrat) didn't tarnish the US first?

    We've got so much blood on our hands for what we did to our native populace, it's not even funny.  And yet.... Trump is somehow worse than our own crimes against humanity...  Really goes to show just how little perspective many of these loons have.


    I've heard the definition of insanity is trying the same thing multiple times and expecting a different outcome each time....



    Can't edit the post or it will pull the names from the quote boxes, Correct link is: https://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/12/hillary-clinton-presidential-run-2020-070318

  10. So breaking down the impeachment, here's what I see going on:

    • Democrats have enough numbers to force through an impeachment without any Republican support.
    • Democrats see impeachment as key to their victory in 2020 because they lack confidence that their candidates could beat Trump otherwise
    • Democrats have enough control (due to their numbers) of all committees in question where they can vote down any motion to bring in a witness, cross examine one by a Republican, or show evidence that may counter their narrative
    • Democrats believe that the Trump/Ukraine quid pro quo is real, citing concerns of a sitting president investigating a presidential candiate
    • Republicans see it as a collaboration, as they site Ukraine wasn't aware of the quid pro
    • Republicans also site Biden doing exactly what Trump was accused of, except Biden used his office of VP to get his son a job in Ukraine
    • Republicans have also cited this entire impeachment thing is setting a bad precedent, as the Republicans are going to eventually do what they perceive the Democrats of doing to Trump to some future Democratic president somewhere down the line should the Democrats force through an impeachment

    At this point, I'm honestly not sure we're going to find out what's actually going on as the Democrats have the numbers and motive to force through an impeachment based on their narrative, while the Republicans can do little to stop it... except from carrying out several monster filibusters to block.

    5 hours ago, Splay said:

    Choosing to be a conservative for the last 30 years is not my problem. I haven't forced anyone to do anything, let alone choose where they place themselves on the political spectrum. Honestly, its really weird to read that sentence. Democrat could as easily been replaced for the word Republican and others would see it as a valid expression. One step forward, two steps back.

    Except the Democrats have the media backing them, as it keeps trying to push this insane conspiracy theory.  Last I checked, the actual "whistleblower" did not directly hear the phone call, rather read it in the New York Times... and then blew a whistle on it.  And if you tune into most of the corporate media, they've already "proven" Trump guilty of supposed quid-pro-quo... which is completely ironic considering that every single Democratic candidate wants to do the exact same thing with Israel.

    It's almost as if this entire quid-pro-quo is just a tool in the foreign policy box, and people are mad here because Trump is investigating the Biden corruption angle....

    5 hours ago, Splay said:

    Which is, you have nothing more to say.

    O RLY?

    Maybe if you pulled your head out of your ass, you'd see how wrong you are, and how wrong you've been.

  11. 2 hours ago, Splay said:

    Essentially, you through inference and implication, sighted death is the solution. Yes Death, because none of those involved would see it as anything less.

    Or maybe you're the one that sighted death as the solution, because you're a bigot that wants everyone on the right to drop dead.

    2 hours ago, Splay said:

    Like as if half of the nation is going to roll over to placate the other half and not consider it a death in many measured ways. The idea of loss of freedom resounds all through the history of humanity and often when lost, is considered a loss described in a parallel to death itself.

    And what exactly do you think the Republicans have endured for nigh on 30 years?

    They get shouted down by ideologues like you when they dare to disagree with whatever subjective "truths" that the left is espousing at the moment, and when they dare mention something that contradicts the echo-chamber they get shouted down and every *phobic and *ist known to mankind gets thrown at them.

    How one that claims to defend those freedoms so easily cheers when someone gets deplatformed is beyond me.  It's as if it's easier for that ideologue to give lip service to those values than it is for them to actually try to live them....

    The great irony here is that you're proving (once again) that all you're doing is skimming through the posts and cherry picking examples to fit your narrative while discarding the rest - which is why I keep calling you a bad faith actor.

  12. On 11/10/2019 at 9:22 AM, Splay said:

    Below was you on the first page of this thread. Your "intuitive" thoughts put into motion, before you took the time, to adjust to a more rational level, better defining who you are relative to this thread. The real you, unabashed said this. "That's also not going to happen until the Democratic party either rolls over and dies" as quoted below.

    Oh, this is good.  So you basically skimmed through a sentence, and then misconstrued everything afterwards to fit your narrative.

    So let's break down this sentence while I highlight the two key words:

    On 9/13/2019 at 2:41 PM, Almagnus1 said:

    That's also not going to happen until the Democratic party either rolls over and dies (hopefully to be replaced by the Libertarians) or the Democrats excise the far left identity politic waving idiots.

    Essentially it's choice between two clauses which are:

    On 9/13/2019 at 2:41 PM, Almagnus1 said:

    Democratic party [...] rolls over and dies (hopefully to be replaced by the Libertarians)

    While a bit on the hyperbolic part, it's essentially highlighting (in a rather crass way) how the far left ideologues are really screwing things up for the moderates, which is creating an opening for the Libertarian party to gain a foothold - although that might happen anyway due to the sheer amount of RINOs [Republicans In Name Only] that are in Congress atm as I think most Americans are tired of both parties, myself included as they aren't governing, just fighting.  That's another reason why an outsider (like Trump) is an appealing choice as he's not infected with the corruption like Congress is - and the scope of corruption, I am considering all lobbyists to be legalized corruption.

    On 9/13/2019 at 2:41 PM, Almagnus1 said:

    the Democrats excise the far left identity politic waving idiots.

    And this would be another outcome, as the Democrats need to get the outrage politics out of their party because it's making them non-functional.  And the outrage politics is exactly how they created a weak field in 2016 and we got Trump elected to office.  It's what Obama was referencing when he made the comments outlined at https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/apr/06/barack-obama-progressives-circular-firing-squad-democrats .

    The main thing I want to see is the Democratic party move past the identity politics and the "my way or the highway" approach they have seem to have taken and be open to working WITH the Republicans.  But, as you keep demonstrating Splay, as long as there are bad faith actors like youin play that's never going to happen.

    On 9/13/2019 at 2:41 PM, Almagnus1 said:

    An eagle can't fly if there's a strong right wing while the left one keeps trying to smack everything else.

    And this statement is a direct reference to the fact that the Democratic party doesn't have it together and has a rather weak platform that's basically !Trump and "Impeach Trump so we can have a chance in 2020!"

    On 11/10/2019 at 9:22 AM, Splay said:

    From that point on, I knew anything you said was biased bullshit.

    So in other words, you jumped the gun (because you can't read), and now it's all my fault.  Sure your chromosomes are XX?  You've given us a wonderful example of bitch logic.

    22 hours ago, Papi said:

    Even when rational, fair minded people concede obvious truths in the spirit of a debate all you're going to get is trolling.

    Oh, like what "truths" are you referring to?

    22 hours ago, Papi said:

    He's not here for a conversation.  He's here to bark and delude himself into thinking he's always right.

    Don't waste your time.

    Funny how that describes you to a T.

  13. On 11/8/2019 at 4:34 AM, Amenhir said:

    I didn't realize all of those rich white guys were in Congress.  Who knew?  I guess if Jeff Bezos runs for senate or President you can vote against him.  Guess what, I wouldn't vote for any of those assholes on your list.  That's because billionaires do not care about regular people, just like Trumpy poo.

    Strange how you forget just how rich the Democrats are too...  kind of like how Congress is also in the top 1%, so they keep putting in loopholes for themselves while giving the gullible masses lip service that they're going to tax the rich.

    19 hours ago, Bohemond said:

    The Trump Derangment Syndrome is quite evident in this thread. It's really most amusing to see the cognitive dissonance of so many sufferers of TDS, here and elsewhere.

    I especially like the one where they blame his election on millions of hillbilly racists ... who also voted for Obama,  oh hmm oops.

    This is even extra special when same people who deride the dimwit racists complain about the elites looking down on regular people.

    IKR, it's almost like claiming you're a Democrat or Progressive is basically admitting you rode the short bus to school... and then getting mad when someone points out the truth.

  14. 5 hours ago, Amenhir said:

    OMG you're so edgy and woke and shit.  It's amazing what modern medicine can do these days.  You've managed to live into adulthood after suffering what is clearly a substantial head injury.  Keep on voting republican buddy.  Nothing says fighting the establishment quite like voting for old rich white dudes.

    Funny how all of the actual rich old white guys....  are all Democrats.

    4 hours ago, Splay said:

    Critical thinking is a sign of intelligence. Use your fuckin brain. Then maybe you'll see how I know your answer.

    I find predictability extremely boring. Try to not be boring.

    No, because you and I both know that if you actually provide that answer, you will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're a bad faith actor, so all you're doing is creating a smokescreen because I called your bluff and you can't admit that I out-maneuvered you with a simple post.

    So go on, answer the damn question already.


    And for those wondering about the richest in America:

    As of July 2019 https://www.jalewa.com/top-10-richest-people-in-america/

    1. Jeff Bezos - Democrat (or at least, mostly supports them through campaign donations)
    2. Bill Gates - Democrat
    3. Warren Buffet - Democrat
    4. Mark Zuckerburg - Ambiguous, however, Facebook has a strong Democrat and as corporate culture flows from the CEO...
    5. Larry Page - Democrat
    6. Larry Elison - Democrat
    7. Sergey Brin - Democrat
    8. Charles and David Kock - Republican
    9. Rob Walton - Republican
    10. Jim Walton - Republican

    So how about we stop pretending that one party favors the rich over the other?

  15. 1 hour ago, FundinStrongarm said:

    The other thing you have to keep in mind is that if you can't laugh off what Trump is doing most of the time (as most of his antics are quite literally Trump trolling), he's going to drive you mad because you're likely too thin skinned to laugh it off - which is why I'm not overly bothered by his Twitter account.  IMO he's done good enough (overall) that I'm not going to feel bad about voting for him again.  Trump causing people to lose their shit is just icing on the cake 😃 

    Trolling? The President being a troll is the excuse for his Twitter idiocy now? Like his fawning praise of Erdogan? Is that a troll or what he really thinks or are we supposed to laugh it off? Or, maybe each tweet is a toss up. I'd rather go with Occam's Razor and recognize he's a narcissist with very thin skin and leave it at that.

    I don't see both being mutually exclusive =P

    1 hour ago, Splay said:

    It doesn't surprise me with your collegiate writing level, you some how missed the obvious. Go back and use your interconnected webs of thinking and the answer might appear to you. :Y

    In this case, I'd rather have you spell it out so there's zero room for error on your position.

    ... unless you don't have the spine for it.

  16. 22 minutes ago, Splay said:

    So... Will you as a US citizen seek revenge just for the sake of it, continuing the endless line dance, that is the circular redoubts, of the current political surreal, illusionary, just to be a vindictive ass?

    Don't bother. I already know your answer.

    Oh, so then what is the answer?  I'd like to see how far off your screwed up viewpoint is from reality.

  17. On 11/6/2019 at 8:00 AM, FundinStrongarm said:

    Huh? I'm talking about your specific reference that you like Trump because he pisses off the people you think have it coming. What's that got to do with some of your posts?

    I don't think Republicans are all evil. I would have been one for the last 25+ years had I lived in the US. I just think it's sad how much they have to twist themselves into knots trying to justify the 14-year-old in the oval office.

    It's sad how they are still fighting about the whistleblower when there's now about half-a-dozen witnesses who have corroborated the quid pro quo over Ukraine.

    Anyways, carry on.

    I think a large part of it is the very clear schism where we have two completely incompatible political cultures (the Republican one and the Democratic one) within the US, and we're getting to a point where they are ceasing to co-exist peacefully.  There's been a lot of good things that has happened (like https://www.google.com/search?q=us+unemployment+rate&rlz=1C1GCEU_enUS821US821&oq=us+une&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0l4.1927j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 and https://abcnews.go.com/Health/trump-signs-18-billion-autism-cares-act/story?id=66002425 are two that come to mind), but the news media NEVER reports the good, yet Obama was the media darling.  Frankly, most Republicans are at the point where they're ready to just run roughshod over the Democrats.

    What's interesting about Kentucky is how the breakdown of population goes, especially when you compare https://www.tristatehomepage.com/news/your-local-election-hq/kentucky-voter-turnout-was-42/ to http://worldpopulationreview.com/states/kentucky-population/ , as it's clear that the cities like Democrats, yet the countryside favors Republicans.  That's been much the case with Washington, as it honestly doesn't matter what the state votes as King County (aka Seattle) decides all policies for the state.  That means that the cities are dictating policy for the countryside which may very well be detrimental for the countryside because the Democrats tend to be arrogant (as clearly demonstrated in this thread), so will never admit when they got it wrong.

    That kinda ties into the Ukraine stuff, as (IMO) there's too much dust in the air to get a clear reading on a situation that initially looked like it was basically a Democratic impeachment fishing expedition.  While I still suspect it's very much a nothing-burger, I'm open to evidence that may disprove that assumption.  What concerns me is that the Democrats basically have the numbers to declare Trump impeached despite what the Republicans can do, and the Democrats can also vote down the Republicans calling on witnesses that may disprove the Democrat narrative, so I'm not expecting the House to do this fairly and Trump getting impeached is (IMO) a forgone conclusion solely due to how the Democrats behave regardless of the actual evidence.

    The other thing you have to keep in mind is that if you can't laugh off what Trump is doing most of the time (as most of his antics are quite literally Trump trolling), he's going to drive you mad because you're likely too thin skinned to laugh it off - which is why I'm not overly bothered by his Twitter account.  IMO he's done good enough (overall) that I'm not going to feel bad about voting for him again.  Trump causing people to lose their shit is just icing on the cake 😃 

    On 11/5/2019 at 10:06 PM, Splay said:

    And those would be?

    Why don't you actually go read my posts and find out...

    Oh wait, a collegiate writing level is too hard for you kindergarten mind to digest.