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  1. So, WoW is doing something stupid: Releasing a patch against a FFXIV expansion when FFXIV is at it's peak and growing, and WoW is currently in it's worst expansion. WoW has typically pulled this stunt to squash competition in the past... but I think it's going to be quite the comedic backfire this time around. So, anyone else want to see the population data for each MMO over the next few months?
  2. Almagnus1

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    To be fair though, there have been several times where I've bitten off more than I can chew (get swarmed by like six or seven mobs and manage to kill about half of them and die), so I can totally understand wanting to jump back in without having to hike back to where I was, so I can understand the argument for improving the mechanic - as the MC revive should allow you to recover on the spot and if you happened to die in the middle of an enemy camp, you're gonna be hiking back regardless. There's also been a couple of times when I've thought I'm safe, clicked the free revive and.... got run over by the warband that I wasn't tracking and died again. Kinda comical stuff, really, but still frustrating. Either way, it's not something I'd throw money at cause... you really shouldn't be dying in the first place =/
  3. Almagnus1

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    IMO if the CM can't stand criticism, they're in the wrong field, as normally when people are providing criticism, that's showing where an issue lies (whether or not it's directly or indirectly related). Yes, there's always going to be the handful of people that will want to complain about everything (and you can never make them happy), but sometimes the issues being raised need to be addressed. In the scope of streaming, Cord completely sucks at it as he's just not fun to watch, so I find the feedback quiet amusing as it's stating the same truth that can be seen today. And people wonder why LotRO really hasn't shined as we all thought it could have.
  4. Almagnus1

    Same shit different week

    From what little screwing around with performance monitor earlier today and the LotRO client, I suspect there's (at minimum) asset loading code that needs optimization and a handle leak in the game code.
  5. Almagnus1

    Captain Build Advice

    I'm going to take the mindset of throwing out the longgame with SSG as (historically speaking) anything I've set aside for "I'm going to need it later" has ended up sitting in the vault until I threw it on the AH and I haven't missed it since. That said, from refining the entire relic collection, I've pulled something like 200k shards, 10M IXP, and using what shards I had combined with what I got, I'm up 6 SoEs. Thankfully SSG put in several sliders and other tools to help expedite the entire proccess, even though it's really the client doing a batch of transactions one after the other instead of all of this happening server side (which would make more sense).
  6. Almagnus1

    Captain Build Advice

    Refinement is actually a fairly good way to earn IXP, as when you refine you get shards and occasionally an IXP rune. Just be sure to set it to stack mode, and clear out your IXP runes periodically, or you'll end up with like 200 in your inventory..... Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.... Edit: After looking deeper into the relic system, I may as well just run 8 of https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Relic%3AInsignia_of_Commanding_Presence which would definitely make Moors amusing XD
  7. Almagnus1

    Same shit different week

    Well, engine and system wise, as SSG should have done what WoW did, which is take the engine that runs everything, and throw on the 1.12 data and have the engine run that so that you essentially have two games that share a very large percentage of code, thus reducing your overhead. Given what I've seen from SSG and Turbine, I'm not sure if they've done that yet, or at least have the codebases as close as they should be.
  8. Almagnus1

    Be Virtuous!

    the great irony is that a level 120 char probably has so much stats behind them that they could solo all downlevel raids - especially if they're on a class with some self healing capability.
  9. Almagnus1

    Captain Build Advice

    One other thing I'm seeing, it looks like almost all of the relics that I'd use (ie: 115 or 120) are from barter/instance sources, and not from shards. If so, would it make sense to shard all the relics that I have and then cash out however many SoEs that is?
  10. Almagnus1

    Be Virtuous!

    They're hitting the WoW problem of stat scaling, where each expansion needs to increase exponentially over the last, so the virtues need to scale up exponentially or they stop mattering.
  11. Almagnus1

    Same shit different week

    Even if they were doing agile development, and keeping up with the QA part of things, SSG needs to step back and look at the game client as they really need to bring DDO and LotRO onto the same engine, and even tighter than they are now, otherwise they are going to keep muddling along with a spaghetti code engine.
  12. Almagnus1

    Same shit different week

    I would have hoped SSG/Turbine would have done the smart thing and started writing the fourth age by now.... And yet, they did the greedy thing and screwed up a potentially good MMO....
  13. Almagnus1

    Goss for Doro - The Arnor Scene

    I hear ya. The great irony is that the OF used to actually be useful for seeking class advice, but given what I have seen as far as traffic goes, I highly doubt there's many there that have deep systems understanding to be able to provide good class advice.
  14. Almagnus1

    Be Virtuous!

    Wit is getting leveled as it is literally the only virtue that I don't have a rank in, and I want the points to go SOMEWHERE marginally useful as I'm lower level. Now that I have a better grasp on the system, I'm going to probably run a few skirms with a bunch of XP boosters to help powerlevel myself so that I can start contributing to Discipline, Fidelity, Honour, Innocence, and Tolerance for my virtues as that should give me a decent baseline defensive stats that I can add to with my LI relics, and then use the essences to properly build things out to cap. The advantage to this is that I can use most of my gear to be largely offensive, and as most of the gear will be focused around might and crit (as most of the defensive stats should be taken care of), the remainder of my deeds can be thrown at the virtues - so in this case, I'm just lucky with the virtue rework as I basically stopped prior to MT and have a whole lot of deeds left from the Great River forward as I really didn't see the point in doing the slayer deeds.
  15. Almagnus1

    Captain Build Advice

    Hopefully this doesn't merge with the rest, but here's an update on part of the build I'm going to run as LtC: Traits - tree planner won't generate a link soo..... >=( Max everything in LtC except: Heightened Allies 1/2 (it was the spare point) Restraint 0/4 (Captains haven't had power issues for a long, long time) Standard of War 4/5 (I prefer ground targeting) HoH Traits: Reversal 2/2 Skilled Hands 3/3 Blood of Numenor 3/3 Revealing Mark 1/1 Dignified Spectacle 3/4 Rousing Cry 3/3 Astute hands 6/6 Courageous Convocation 1/1 Virtues: Discipline Fidelity Honour Innocence Tolerance Racials (included for completeness as most of these really don't matter that much): Tactics and Might Bonus Man Sword-damage Bonus Duty-bound Balance of Man Strength of Morale Weapon LI legacies Bleed Damage Cutting Attack Damage Inpsire Damage Grave Wound Damage Battle-Readied Damage Buff Blade of Elendil Damage Melee Skills Critical Damage Emblem LI Legacies Shadow's Lament Damage Light-type Damage Bleed Skills Critical Damage Healing Critical magnitude Sure Strike Damage Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Damage Time of Need Buff Duration IMO Turbine/SSG really shot themselves in the foot with the trait trees, as giving players more and more points means (as time progresses) we're eventually going to fill up that entire tree. Either way, from researching into the stats, it looks like Might/Fate/Vit are the primaries I want to focus on, so what I'm wondering is what's the best way to min/max the essences so that I end up with near cap physical mitigation, tactical mitigation, crit defence, crit rating, and resistence? Edit: Also, where should I be planning on acquiring relics from? Is Beleriand + Dead still the best weapon title? Is Light Damage still the best for the emblem title? What was the last level of stuff for Mounted Combat?