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  1. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    Same, it'd be a better replacement of the current Democratic party as the Democrats have lost their marbles.
  2. Almagnus1

    Spotted a bargain - post here

    It's the Epic game store so... KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!
  3. Almagnus1

    Amazon: Lord of the Rings for tv?

    That's like what happened in the summer, we had two action oriented films with a female lead, one had a well written and strong female lead, the other was set in the MCU. Guess which one the media shilled for.....
  4. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    Life is change, and it's time we had both parties reinvent themselves. If one can't adapt the current times, hopefully we'll see another (like the Libertarian party) rise up to replace them. Sad thing is all you can do is screech ORANGE MAD BAD!
  5. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    And here's yet another reason why the stupidity on the left is helping Trump:
  6. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    And another post relating to the issues of the major Democrat controlled cities in the US reverting to a medieval state. Trump makes the shitty (pun intended) state of the cities a campaign issue and blames the Democrats incompetence during the election season, Trump could very well curbstomp the Democrats in the popular vote.
  7. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    And the Democratic debates in a nutshell:
  8. Almagnus1

    Iran trying to start WW3?

    I don't doubt that would be the case, as it would definitely explain **A LOT** with Israel. That said, we kinda made that bed and now we must sleep in it.
  9. Almagnus1

    How the electric car dies

    I wouldn't be surprised, as I know you can definitely build up patches that can be extremely dangerous immediately after the start of a rain storm (like soak you to the bone rain, not this half-assed cloud sitting on the ground mist rain). To put things in perspective, the Netherlands claims about 41.5k km^2, while the state of Texas (where I'm currently living) covers an area of about 696k km^2. I think that's part of the issue here is that taking trips in the US that's 1.1k km one way (as that's how far my parents are from me) is completely doable with my WRX (which is not the most gas efficient vehicle on the road), but I'd have severe range anxiety if I were try that with an electric car. It takes me roughy 3-4 hours just to leave the state of Texas if I can hold ~136 km/h (85 mph) most of the way to Lousiana. That's about the fastest you can go on the Interestate in Texas without the cops taking issue with you, traffic permitting that is. If I had the capability to, say, go 120 mph (~193 km/h) I'd do that... but that's pretty reckless unless you're in a controlled environment and you have a vehicle that is well maintained and capable of doing so. The Germans should know about what I'm talking about, especially with what's needed to maintain their Porches to drive as fast as I've heard they can go on the Autobahn. That's part of the problem with the US is that the country is just so freaking huge that many Europeans simply don't understand the distances involved, as many of the states (especially in the west) are on par with the average European country size.
  10. Almagnus1

    US Elections 2020

    And Tim sums up exactly why the Democratic party is sick, and why it's on the path of destruction: Hopefully we'll see another party rise to take it's place, as the US with a single party isn't a good thing.
  11. Almagnus1

    Iran trying to start WW3?

    And you should really look at which administrations have the most casualties and tend to drag us deeper into wars (and involved with NATO/UN security actions we probably shouldn't be handling in the first place). Hint: They're all Democratic presidents. So let me get this straight, Saudi Arabia profits because they can jack up their oil prices to cover their losses.... on an open market where it means their competitors are going to be cheaper than they are? How much of an economic dumbass are you? Doesn't matter, for those companies that refine oil and have Sauid oil in their production chain, they will be impacted. While slower, that will eventually work it's way out to the pumps. Or maybe it's a statement of reality that you seem heavily disconnected from. That's nice, but it still shows that the US gets some of it's oil from the Persian Gulf. Yes there will be an impact, but it's not going to be as big as it was back in dark ages... that is, the 70's when OPEC really screwed with the US. After you learn economics.
  12. Almagnus1

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Y'know, I'm tempted to drag my captain out of retirement and start streaming just to show these idiots what a well played captain can do. I have a feeling I'd be able to run circles around half of the streams cause it sounds like they are utterly incompetent when it comes to LotRO.
  13. Almagnus1

    Iran trying to start WW3?

    Which is why I'm remaining skeptical. What we know is that it's fighters from Yemen. I haven't seen enough to credibly say that it's actually backed by Iran, but given what Iran has been doing in the Persian Gulf and capturing/screwing with ships... it does make it plausible that Iran may have had a hand in this which is where the initial read came from. However, it's not like countries haven't used something like this (or an assassination of a duke) to start a war. I hope the US is smart enough to stay out of this and let the Middle East handle it themselves.
  14. Almagnus1

    Iran trying to start WW3?

    You do realize both of those are left leaning sources, and the Democrats are the ones that want the US war machine to keep going, right?
  15. Almagnus1

    How the electric car dies

    On this part we agree.... You're offsetting the car's polution with whatever the power source is, and unless you're talking about using a nuclear reactor, almost all of the other types of power are either worse in production, or worse in operation. With nuclear, the current thinking is that they'd use a series of reactors where one would use the waste of another so you mitigate the nuclear waste problem and better extract energy from it, in addition to using other types of radioactive fuel beyond uranium. This has actually caused problems because electric cars are too quiet... which means people are MORE likely to be hit by an electric because it's harder to hear it coming. Do you actually own and operate an electric car? From talking to the owners of those cars at work, you basically have to leave it plugged in 24/7 when you're not using it... or you don't have enough charge when you ready for work, and you have to modify your home to get the proper charge plugged in as they generally don't work off of the wall outlets (at least, not if you don't want them charging for a week). There's a reason why the office installed a bunch of chargers for electric cars, as that was needed to make them viable for the commuters... but they don't need to make the same concession for the gas powered vehicles. Until we start seeing fast charging stations start to exist (and by fast charging, I mean charged in 10 minutes or less), and spread everywhere with the proper connection to the power grid, it's still a pipe dream. For a smaller country (like those in Europe) the range issue is mitigated because they're so tiny. For a larger country, (like the US) or one where the climate would cause the batteries to get too cold to work correctly (like Canada in the winter), I'm not seeing it work. There's still several fundamental issues that need to be solved otherwise the battle is optimistically even for the electrics at best.