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  1. Just because a career change happened doesn't necessarily mean it was because she couldn't find work and not from a change in direction. For example, my sister went from being a marketer/analyst at a pay role analysis company to opening her own bakery.... mostly because she has basically wanted to open her own bakery since college, and the former job was a good way for her to put herself through culinary school. If she really wanted to continue on with that company, she could have, but she just wanted a change in career. That's actually fairly common, truth be told.
  2. That's probably the best joke you've told all thread 😃
  3. So you're saying Democrats don't do the same thing too? As it's apparent you're a sheep listening to the MSM.... I think the conclusion is already forgone, so the rest of your post doesn't matter.
  4. I see that comparison (predictably) went over your head. It's cause the Deep State heavily favors the Democrats, and while the Republicans have slowly been cleaning out the syncophants, it's a very slow and arduous process. This is the difference between Republicans and Democrats, Republicans want to leave it to the voters to decide... Democrats want to rule with an iron fist and decide for the people It's also strongly suspected that the reason why Democrats are so anti-voter validation is that it would basically highlight that they can't get elected unless they hack the election system.... kinda like what was exposed with the Iowa Primary issues.
  5. ------ In other news, I felt Ben Shapiro actually did a fairly decent analysis of New Hampshire, also including a few tips to the three Democrats that listen to him that would actually help them against Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-CQDckgHRc
  6. Sure you're not describing the Obama administration?
  7. So yeah, take a good hard look at the results for New Hampshire ( https://www.cnn.com/election/2020/state/new-hampshire ). Sanders and Buttigieg pulled in roughly 148k votes, with close to 250k votes for all the Democrats. Flip to the Republican side, and Trump pulled in about 130k votes... without even trying. That's going to be a problem for the Democrats as right now the field is so divided that it makes it easy for Sanders to win... especially since people like Warren and Biden aren't pulling out (yet). With the exception of Bloomberg, Klobuchar, and maybe Buttigieg, Trump would mop the floor with any of the other candidates. The spectacle with those three would make it interesting, to say the least, but I would suspect Trump would still win out in any event. Perhaps, but then again, maybe the Republican party needed to be re-centered? Either way, the first term results merit a second term, as does sending a giant FU to the MSM and their dogs, the Democrats.
  8. ------ And here's a video from one of the more high-profile Democrats that have walked away:
  9. No shit. And we need to stop doing this. And stop doing this too. And yet... you forget the French drug us into Vietnam as they were losing control of their colony... followed by our inability to capitalize on the Tet offensive, which basically sent us down the road of butchering Americans for God only knows why. Yet, we still mold the world in our image, both technologically, economically, and with the mailed fist when necessary.
  10. Trump changed the Republican party, and thanks to the Democrats, it has been tested and tempered. So while it looks like Buttigieg is in the lead with the delegates atm (going by https://www.google.com/search?q=dem+delegate+count+2020 ), Sanders is probably going to have the nomination stolen from him (again) because the Democrat top brass realizes that Sanders is unelectible... despite (if this was the Republican way of doing things) Sanders should have the nomination because that's the will of the Democratic voter base. However, the purity tests like what Sanders recently said that has the effect of essentially forcing the remaining pro-life Democrats out of the party, as the Democratic party rallies around their radical left elements. It's like what Obama described as a circular firing squad, and it's rendering the party impotent because it's forcing the center to the Republicans, especially in light of Pelosi tearing the speech, which has had the effect of alienating many Democrats as most saw that as a step too far... especially since it allows Trump to makes the point about just how little the Democrats actually care about others. The problem, however, comes from the Americans that are badly educated sheep because they see all this pie in the sky nonsense the Democrats are peddling, want it, and then vote for it... when it would really break the country because it's not actually addressing the cost issue within the medical industry (why is it so expensive?). nor is it addressing the looming problem of Social Security (the age where benefits begin keeps rising because it's actually a Ponzi scheme and unsustainable because it relies on the current workers paying into the system so payments to the beneficiaries can occur). College loan forgiveness is another one that sounds good... but what really needs to happen is a look at higher education, and the role of trade schools. Not everyone needs to goto college, and there are many degrees outside of STEM that lead to a well educated waiter or waitress and little more. That said, the problem with the Democratic party right now is if they get control of everything it will turn the US into a socialist state... and then America is going to die because all socialism does is invite massive poverty while consolidate wealth and power into the government. All you need to do is study Venezuela and you'll see exactly what socialism does to a prosperous country. ----- Here's one example that was on Drudge about the Democratic civil war... https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/02/aoc-bernie-sanders-campaign-iowa There's many more if you want to open your eyes to the disaster.
  11. When you had a forgone conclusion because the Democratic field is just that weak this time around (and that party is also in the midst of a civil war), what did you expect would happen?
  12. And stuff like this is why Trump is gonna steamroll in 2020. Which proves the point that you do not understand the US gun culture (and you will never admit to that point)... and somehow you expect all Americans to actually agree with your gun-phobic point of view, or your going to browbeat them into submission. And yet... I'm somehow the ignorant one here... **eyeroll** Or maybe you're just saying as much because the libtards can't accept reality and have gone blue in the face demanding that everyone bend the knee to their world view?
  13. Which tracks back to why there's a gun culture in the US that's completely foreign to the UK (or Europe for that matter), and basically shows how much of a bigot you are for attempting to enforce your bass ackwards values on the US. I find it hilarious that you're telling me to keep up... when you're really well over a mile back. #TypicalBritishIgnorance Maybe you shouldn't stand in the same room as the remaining Democratic party members?
  14. I'm still smarter than you are.... Then again, so is the average fish, so it's not that big of an accomplishment. -------------------- Which was a response to: So you're saying disputing a false claim is now talking shit? Did you have fun taking the goalposts on a cross country road trip? -------------------- And we've almost red-pilled him ladies and gents!
  15. Gotta love Trump screwing with the Dems.... https://news.yahoo.com/trump-storms-new-hampshire-on-eve-of-primary-looking-to-shake-up-the-dems-012133350.html Which is actually not unlike what I did in the 2016 election when I voted for Sanders in the primary despite being a registered Republican. If the state's dumb enough to allow the other party to vote for a candidate... then this is what you're going to get XD
  16. Shocking... Democrats are actually racist....
  17. Nobody on the Democrat side of the field can beat Trump. It's going to be Trump 2020. Just wait until the Democrats get voted out of office.... It's cause it keeps you off topic, and you actually needed me to explain why the smokescreen exists... For someone that's supposed to be so bright, you keep falling for the trolls....
  18. Why state the obvious? You had one to begin with?
  19. And like most libtards, you fold once you someone actually stands up to you because you lack the spine to stand up for yourself.
  20. And Pelosi, and Schumer, and (for that matter) most politicians. I mean, in the last several of years, the ones off the top of my head that I've been too are Seattle, Dallas, NYC, LA, Tallahassee, Orlando, New Orleans, Philadelphia.... I could probably name a few more US cities I've been too if I really sat and thought about it. So while it's been a while since the current passport has seen another country (despite the prior one seeing several), my passport still gets used with air travel because TSA is less likely to screw with you if you have it, especially if you point out the overkill of using a US passport while going through TSA Pre Check checkpoint XD Truthfully, I'm probably pretty well traveled compared to most of this board.
  21. Oh.... and then there's stuff like https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/cambridge-news/cambridge-professor-thinks-should-human-17684215 . If we're at the point where we're asking humanity to commit mass suicide to fix the climate, then the climate can go fuck itself because the outcome is the same either way.
  22. Because some people want to be in charge.... Just look at the Democrats and their behavior throughout impeachment... Yes, because Victoria, Vancouver, Hamburg, Munchen, Koln, Frankfurt, and London are all US cities....
  23. That's what the charities do, and do far better than anything the government does. There's no need to fund it with tax money if there's a system already in place that does it better than the government ever will. There was a time when I was barely scraping by and basically at poverty, and there were plenty of food banks for me to get food, even in the affluent areas. These services exist, all are funded by private donations, and work just fine. Again, charities ALREADY EXIST, not to mention several cost sharing plans that will help cover this. Yeah, cause: abortion =/= birth control abortion = murder If you don't want to get pregnant, then don't screw the opposite gender.... personal responsibility, it's not a hard concept.... So a gun can protect you from not only animal predators (mountain lions and bears WILL hunt and kill you, so will a wolf pack if you're alone and they're hungry enough), which is a legitimate concern when you're out in the wilderness in the western part of the US - or if you happen to be in Alaska (Alaska is, for all intents and purposes, untamed wilderness and we aren't at the top of the food chain there). Then there's other legitimate reasons like hunting, as hunting is the only way we can keep the deer and elk populations in check in certain parts of the country because ranchers killed off the natural predators to protect their livestock. Oh, and then there's self defense. You're not going to get any of these reasons unless you are actually living in the Western US because Europe is basically suburban sprawl compared to the Western US.
  24. Those Iowa results are just so gay......
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