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  1. This reddit post sums up exactly why LotRO is going to be the paste eater MMO that's too dumb to die.
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    And you thought the OF were bad...

    That's kinda the problem... F2P doesn't really work unless you have a way to monetize the hell out of it with sacrificing the quality of your game in the progress. Warframe is an example of F2P done right. LotRO is an example of F2P done wrong. And if you really stop and think about the title, why isn't the best part the world you're in rather than your ability to pay (or not)?
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    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    As we were derailing in the other thread, what are your favorite "awesome", gold star worthy, streaming moments that our community (and the SSG reps) have given us?
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    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    I was wondering about that, as I had a run in with the host when they tried to pull the "we're going for a world record" stunt, and I basically called them out for the PR stunt as they were not able to disclose how they were going to count the numbers, nor provide the script that did so - which ultimately led to their retraction of that particular advertising angle. The irony was that I was (at the time) interested in how they were doing the counting and wanted to know how it worked... yet didn't realize that I had accidentally called their bluff. From that point forward, the RP crowd hated me.
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    The Emperor Returns

    Well, they're in a bit of a pickle because the second act was hot steaming garbage. With the prequel triology, I think the intent was to have Jar Jar Binks be big bad but hiding in plain sight (aka Darth Jar Jar theory), but he was so poorly received that Lucas changed course. and managed to salvage the prequel triology (as IMO it got better with 2 and 3). Had Rian Johnson not decided to wave about his Johnson and screw up the sequel triology with TLJ, it might be a completely different story... and this is all the fault of Kathleen Kennedy for basically killing a franchise because she'd rather virtue signal than make a good film.
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    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Why put forth effort when you can autoattack from start to finish and win?
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    World of Warcraft "Classic"

    There are going to be places where you need a group, and get ready to hike to every instance... and no flying. Do NOT play on a PvP server if you don't want to deal with random ganking whenever you're in a contested zone as even a stealth class isn't going to help you there. It was fun, it was challenging, and as they're not screwing up the content waves with the releases, it's going to be good for a while.
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    World of Warcraft "Classic"

    I dunno... it seems like it has a community that's going to keep it as it was in vanilla, at least initially. Content is going to be released in six waves, so it looks like it could be an interesting experience to redo vanilla with everything I know now. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/classic-pvp-content-plan/146049 https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/classic-content-plan/120346 If it stays as it was then, the only way it's going to be easier is because we already know most of the instances and have good guides on them. Either way, it'll be fun to go screw around as a Tauren this summer, and see the world unscrewed up.
  9. I suspect that's the main problem, as LotRO and DDO have not been modernized. What's more ironic is that WoW:Classic is going to show how you bring an old MMO back to life again... but they had to basically rewrite the server code and massage the database to have it work correctly because Blizzard wasn't going to put the original 1.12 server code out for the world to exploit and hack all over again. I doubt SSG has the manpower or financials to fix their clients as it's all too little, too late.
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    64-bit gossip

    That's one of the reasons why I like mechanics like ilvl gating (which is what radiance really was a softer version of) as it does so much to help set a general bar of "you must be this good or know players who pity you" I mean, when you decide to cater to this crowd: What did you expect would happen?
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    Game Of Thrones Winner

    Why not the dragons? They get tired of their human overlords and decide they'd rather have dinner and proceed to eat humanity after the defeat of the Night King.
  12. I think that's the core problem with DDO.... it's TOO close to the tabletop version that many that play basically go "why don't I just join a local group instead?" Was not aware of that, and that seems a little overkill. If I'm going to spend that much on a video game, it's going to be on something like https://www.warframe.com/prime-access , provided it's for a warframe I like. I wonder if there was a server move (or some of the botched LotRO-style server "upgrades") as I don't recall the lag being that bad when I had played for a bit. That said, I can definitely see your point as that's just bad. I wouldn't be surprised if SSG has taken whatever chance LotRO and DDO had of surviving and driven it into the ground.
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    Frivolous Polling: Doomsayers 2020

    Isn't a Norwegian game studio responsible for Secret World Legends? If so, they may get a government bailt out potentially, so that one could be a wild card.
  14. I think you need to put some context on this as going by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_8.1 that was before 2013, so my experience is clearly dated. That and I enjoy retrogaming when the game is actually worth playing as I don't need the best graphics to appreciate a game that's fun. The main point to this is that the way DDO was handled was so much better than LotRO as you had adventures (aka quest packs) that were narrated, and just a better level of polish. VIP in DDO actually made sense as the quest packs (which were largely made by Turbine), and many of the other features are just standard perks as part of VIP. In the long run, though, buying the components would eventually be more money efficient as (tbh) neither LotRO nor DDO is really worth a sub nowadays. I can go more in depth on more of the perks, but that's a derail. What the dude probably saw was someone doing a reincarnation, which is where you get a permanent trait to the character after hitting level 20, put your gear into a cache, and then have your level reset back to 1. Leveling works differently, as while there's 20 levels in total, there's like 4 or 5 ranks to each level, so there's actually more levels than you'd think in practice. The one downside to DDO is that you must have a decent understanding of 3.5 or you will not do well because it's a little too easy to screw up a char because you don't know what your doing - which can be fixed with money. I mean, I did enjoy the time I spent playing DDO, yes that was a while ago. It's a game that would DEFINITELY work better with a group of friends, as a lot of the quest packs offer the LotRO equivalent of 4-5 dungeons with a questline to go through them, and a lot of the quests are well done enough that they felt worth the money at the time. The downside was that the technical bar of entry coupled with a horrendous flop initially (which is why it was forced to go F2P) essentially doomed that game.
  15. There's been various versions of the D&D rules set over the year, as AD&D (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) is considered 2.0, and then there was a 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 5.0 releases through the years... maybe a few more. Either way, while the overall each versions are largely the same, each version has nuances which is why some will prefer 3.5 (like me) over 5.0, and completely loathe 4.0 because it's a screwed up mess. I think the last time I played this was back before Windows 8.1 released, as I was still running Windows 7 at the time (as I generally stay on the latest Windows version), if that says anything to how long ago this was - but everything generally worked back then as the calculations weren't nearly as indepth as what you're thinking, so it worked well with DDO. LotRO, on the other hand, added complexity in all the wrong ways, which is why there's all the problems with it.
  16. So, as an American, this entire situation makes zero sense to me. I'm looking at what this Canadian is doing with respect to the trial, and from an American perspective, this would be normal as a case like this would be trial by jury (as most everything in the US is when it goes to trial). The other thing that makes zero sense is the concept of a press blackout for non-classified trials (ie: not US government stuff classified as Secret or Top Secret). For context, this is after a day's session in the Tommy Robinson v Cambridgshire Police trial - which is based around an incident that really reminds me of something out of the USSR, and not something that should be in the UK (or the US for that matter). The clip of the incident starts in the second video at 1:40 btw. Can someone from the UK help make sense of this?
  17. Having actually played DDO a bit a while ago, it actually works rather well with the engine... more so than LotRO ever did. The big thing is that DDO is an instanced MMO, which helps a ton with keeping things in check. That and it's been a loooong time since I've logged in. However, DDO is probably the most pure D&D translation I've seen in a long time, as it's the 3.5E system in MMO form with some elements of 4E bled in. I don't know how epic levels worked, but it did allow you to reroll the char as a way to provide advancement as the reroll gave you a feat and allowed DDO to better reuse its instances... something LotRO failed at doing miserably. The freedom to multiclass worked well in that implementation, as there was a lot of depth in how you built your char... which means it's pretty easy to make a non-viable character if you aren't building somewhat sanely.
  18. What version of D&D is Neverwinter based off of?
  19. Their steam catalogue is https://store.steampowered.com/developer/daedalic . We could actually be looking at a company that has an interesting idea with the IP and wants to do something with it, so I'd keep an open mind rather than taking a dump on the idea like:
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    Cause I'm starting to forget which server goes with which tag >.>
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    Reclaim Moria Bundle

    Oh, so when something like FFXIV offering the base client and game time for free on https://www.twitch.tv/prime ?
  22. For the idiot American... what's the difference between a kilt and a skirt?
  23. ... Considering that the vast majority of Turtle LIs look like hot steaming garbage.... That's a problem?
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    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    So a debrief/interview of Tommy Robinson by Sargon of Akkad after the fact:
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    What about putting the tags (DE, FR, RE, RP, etc) on the various servers on the larger pie chart?