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  1. ya sorry about the walls of test, poor grammar and poor sentence/paragraph structures, I obviously didn't earn my degree because in an informal setting I don't follow all the rules that guide how to properly write anything in the English language. Anyway I regret most of my responses, I mainly wanted to come here as I said to share my experience w/ Turbine and see if Aylwen was around when I went for the job, as I said that question has been answered so I'm done posting. You all can continue to critique my writing, or that I have an idea I'd like to see developed, or just outright attack my person as I have put more information about myself out here in 4 posts than I would have liked to, to a bunch of stranger that I doubt would have done the same and who seem to get off on tearing people down who aren't already established in this sites community. If you have anything you want to ask me you can PM me or get me on steam from the link in the previous post. Again, even though you say your critics and critiquing me I still sincerley wish you all Best Regards, -Azsouth/Anoden
  2. Not really sure what I did to piss this guy off but I have a BA in History, I'm not really a people person (in fact I'm restraining myself from going into full on troll mode over these unprovoked attacks against me because I mentioned that some day I'd like to get into the gaming business, that I have an idea, and answered a question, in fact I bet Stickeez is waiting for me to blow my top :P), as I said in my first post I should have realized after the first question I was there as a token but I was hopeful they would have a spot for me in the company as I felt at the time they where trying to build a better relationship with those that play their game. The job was to test bugs and report them to the higher ups, not sure that a college degree or knowing how to code is required for that but then again I wasn't hired as stated. No I have no coding skills, I do in my spare time try to learn Python because I like Mount and Blade: Warband and have made my own sub-mod for Crusader Kings II neither of which have anything to do w/ LOTRO. as stated I'm not a people person, so romancing people into opening their check books doesn't appeal to me, unfortunately that is where I'm at and I have to choose carefully in hopes those people don't steal the idea/change it a bit and call it theirs. if my game is developed I want it to be very high quality, if I wanted to I'm sure I could go down to RISD and grab a bunch of random people to see if they would like to test their skills, but I'd rather have it developed by people who know what they are doing and I would preferably like to keep the team small (again going for quality of worker over quantity). If I am to make a business which at this point seems less of an option than shopping the idea around I'd like it to be like what turbine was back in SoA as Aylwen described it was like a family and I'd prefer to keep it that way for as long as the game runs it's course or I develop a new one (I have several idea's, this one I'm talking about just excites me the most). I figure if the game is ever developed my role will be to oversee development and come up with solutions to problems that the people who do know how to build the game might be able to implement, and along the way maybe they (the game building literate employees) will teach me a few things so I'm not totally useless. I'm 99% convinced something like my idea isn't being developed atm nor am I sure if it can be given the current technology and different factors, anyone willing to take a shot at it will definitely be a brain teaser. But as the the guy assumes I'm sure getting an audience w/ people who are bombarded daily with ideas is as big a problem as we both think it is. Also, the person I am mainly addressing here is apparently illiterate as I mentioned I build computers, I know what RAM is I just never committed the actual name of the damn thing to memory and it was an example of what was on the test they gave at the end of the interview. I jumped into building computers cold, just taking my old one apart and rebuilding it and have since only gone about buying parts at either Newegg or TigerDirect, again using RAM in the search rather than Random Access Memory. Anyway, the main reason I came to this forum was to share my experience w/ Turbine, I thought Aylwen may have been there when I went for the job, that question has been answered so I'm content with just reading the rest of this thread now rather than being attack for really no reason. If you really are interested in my game I'll answer what I can in PM's (apparently if you are a programmer I'd be more than happy to talk with you :)) or you can add/contact me on steam (which I'm on all the time) at http://steamcommunity.com/id/Rohan750 if you would like to talk w/ me further. As far as I'm concerned though this thread was initially about pvpers in LOTRO it's now Aylwen's thread and really I'm only interested in seeing what he has to say, even if it's just random good time from around the office. I am one of those players that look back at SoA as the best time in the game so seeing under the hood of turbine and being reminded of what that time was like is nice. ./wave Stickeez Best Regards, -Azsouth/Anoden EDIT: also let me make one last thing clear, I never put in my resume that I played x game for thousands of hours, to get the Turbine interview I submitted my resume with a cover letter, and anyone who knows anything about trying to get a job knows that a cover letter is personalized to the company you are applying to, so I mentioned in it that at the time I had a rank 14 warg. I as well would be amused if someone gave me a resume that said "I played your game for thousands of hours", alas cover letters are not resumes, something you either missed, don't understand, or intentionally left out to again belittle and attack me for from where I'm sitting, no reason at all .
  3. ‚ÄčI spoke to a lawyer, you need an actual product which is beyond my capabilities, so I need to shop my game idea around to companies I think can make it with any degree of success, the lawyer to his credit was actually sad because he saw the prospectus I had wrote and thought it would be a great game apparently you can't patent ideas. Which means I have to be very careful with what I say about it because it's still not protected, in fact when shopping it to companies I need them to sign non-disclosure agreements so that way if they decide they don't like me but they like my idea and attempt to steal it I can sue them or at least have some legal recourse to attempt to get my intellectual property back, so I saved the money I had planed on putting towards the patent, unfortunately now I need to get in contact with heads of gaming companies who probably get bombarded daily with ideas or attempt to start my own company and hire people. For the second option I'd need someone bankrolling the whole thing as I don't have the money to hire and sustain staff while developing the game. All I will is, is that the game intends to be a hybrid, giving the player a lot of freedom in what they want to do in this world I plan to create. I know that is not much to go on but if it is ever picked up by a company and the idea secured I'd be more than happy to go into extreme detail about what I would like my game to be. Thanks for your interest. sorry it doesn't really answer your question, -Azsouth/Anoden
  4. New to the forums, saw this was posted on Elendilmirs faecbook page, I have only managed to get through a few pages in the hour I'v been reading your responses Aylwen and I thank you for your enlightening posts. I would just like to say I applied for a job at Turbine near 5 years ago now (?), Sapience actually got me an interview. I showed up early so I sat in the lobby I guess you could call it for about a half hour with random people walking through literally asking me what the hell I was waiting for, there was a video on loop on several TV screens including the one behind the unoccupied secretaries desk about DDO and LOTRO that I basically had memorized by the time I actually got into the interview. As I said after 30 minutes someone came out and got me, took me through the facility, like a penny tour, saw the war room, saw the massive cubical section you have posted many pictures of, and all the other arcade games that bordered the rooms so people working on the actual game could relax their brains a bit and play other stuff. I was then taken into a small white room where I was interviewed by two people, twice (4 people total). On my cover letter I had put that I was a lifetime member and for about 2 years was the highest ranking pvper in the game and at the time had a rank 14 warg making me the highest ranked warg in the U.S. (as I was the first rank 14 in the U.S. though I had been passed in points by one other warg) (just before the interview Cowlick of Elendilmir and either Xkillah of Brandywine or Grizlark of Elendilmir passed me infamy wise on the same day). Both sets of interviewers literally their first question was "why do you keep pvping?" the first time I simply said because I find it fun and it holds my attention, the 2nd time I got a little angry and actually replied with a question "is this to satisfy your curiosity or does this actually have any relevance to me getting a job?" to which they replied they where just curious as they never had anyone with any sufficient rank ever come in looking for a job, they then said they had someone on staff in the past (guess he was laid off or left) that may have had a rank 13 but that was it, no one else pvped to the extent the two of us had then they expounded on it by saying that most people working there don't even log much time in actual live game. I should have probably walked out at that point because from those responses I should have known nothing was going to come of the interview but I continued, explaining that I had a maxed out freep char as well that was at the time in the premier pve kin on Meneldor, explaining that my kinship was world first or one of in defeating the Rift, nofly Thorogs, the Watcher and other raids. At the end they gave me a written test that I know I failed but don't think it lost me the job, it had a bunch of stuff on it like what does RAM stand for (I build computers and know they are the sticks of batteries I put in my computer to make things faster but have not actually committed what R.A.M. actually stands for to memory (Random Access Memory)). So I went about guessing what I could and walked out feeling repetitively confident at the time (even though I know I failed that test miserably) as all the interviewers had said it was the best interview they had ever been apart of even though it was literally my first ever. Needless to say I didn't get the job, and found out that they literally choose someone else who lived down the street from me since we where both children, we are both from the same town in Rhode Island so the commute was the same, he had applied 3 months earlier than I. It was at this point that I realized (and this may be the cynic in me but it's how I feel) that they literally only invited me there to see the freak nerd who spends so much time in a side-part of the game. My friend ended up getting laid off three months after he began working for the Turbine. I was at first jealous that he got the job, but after hearing he was laid off (last one in first one out type thing I guess) I honestly didn't feel to bad about it, and held out hope for a call from Turbine in the future like he got, even though i felt the way I did knowing what I knew at that point, because, it's a job and one I would probably have fun doing. It's been 5 years, and now seeing your posts I'm thoroughly disheartened, the players council was a gimmick (another thing about turbine I had hoped to be apart of as some of my ideas had been getting relayed through the Elendilmir representatives at the time anyway). But mainly disheartened in how you view the industry, I have come up with a game I am attempting to patent and from what you have described about the slow death of Turbine and the quality of work and how it could have been better I am left to wonder if I do get the patent (which atm is at least a $10,000 investment in itself) and am allowed some artistic freedom money/if it's bought by a company allowing, is this what I have to look forward to? I really hope not but your posts are most enlightening and again thank you for relaying your experience. Sorry for the wall of text. Best Regards to all, -Azsouth of Elendilmir, Anoden of Meneldor
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