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  1. SpamwiserHamgee

    Fire and Murder in Archet

    If it's ok with everyone here, I would like to sing to you the tale of my adventures. I'm a minstrel by trade, though I don't sing as often as I ought. Sometimes, even music is no substitute for tears. My journal is available in the Great Smials, at http://hardhobbittobreak.com/category/spamwisers-journal/
  2. SpamwiserHamgee

    Fire and Murder in Archet

    My father tells me that he once traveled to a strange land far beyond the Shire. It’s hard to believe him, of course. He weaves such wonderful tales. But the images! We found hundreds of drawings, detailing his adventures and I am hard pressed to disbelieve. Still, he is old now, and my own adventures seem to be afoot these days. Today I was accosted by a black rider, looking for some of the Baggins clan. I’d just seen Frodo a little earlier, and I fear he may be this dark man’s target, but it seems like all Baggins are in danger — and maybe everyone in the Shire! A pair of rangers confronted the rider, and one of them was gravely wounded. I accompanied them both to Archet, where I have been given work trying to find medicinal herbs in the surrounding hills, and convince the sheriff that there may be a threat. If only my old Da could see me now! Another Hamgee, on another adventure!