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  1. Familiar


    I know this was requested to stay as private as possible by his tribe but, given Spidey's presence on this community site, I wanted to pass along the news once I heard it myself. Unfortunately, Spidey was not successful in his battle and on December 20th I was told he passed away. I am trying to get further information for any way to contact family/friends to pass along condolences. If there are others who are interested feel free to send me a message.
  2. As a social worker I must confess we aren't able to afford brushes to go with our paint, not that we simply like using our fingers.
  3. Admittedly my friend took a 6 year break before he came back to the game to do the latest content with me (so he hasn't been burnt out yet on all of the grinding as much as it is daunting). However, the quest chain really does deter people from doing it and another reason why Turbine is killing off alts with all this work. SoA books were very painful to do then as well, before they added the instant ports with the quest itself. I remember taking on the role as Middle Earth Fedex to speak to NPCs across Eriador and that took a long time as well.
  4. Let's not ignore the fact that Turbine's instant quest port now costs 5 Mithril Coins instead of the 1 before in other areas to get to the NPC. I think that's an acknowledgment by Turbine about the drawn out questing especially with the Forlong chain. I understood the relevance of talking to them as you learn about the lore and history of the city but I did the city with a friend and it took us over 3 hours to finish 21 quests for the deed. If not for how the city was laid out and my friend's frequent crashing we'd likely finish the quests in half that time but it's a grind that's slowly stealing the enjoyment out of me and my end game is PvMP which can be a hit or miss itself.
  5. On an unrelated note I discovered on this thread, a few posts up, someone who copied a signature style I made for several people upon request. I'm a mixture between shocked and flattered.
  6. Obviously people were completing Turbine's limited content too quickly.
  7. It really is a panic move. The producer puts up a hastily put together thread with minute changes that would not have been noticed or realized by players during the stress test until after the fact and six hours later suddenly we're going live tomorrow. This could actually be where we see Turbine starting to collapse upon its broken foundation and I may see myself quitting the game by the end of the year if there is indeed disaster on the horizon with this update and pending hardware upgrade.
  8. Pretty sure the stress test was bad for Turbine over the weekend and today's meeting to review the data and work needed made the company realize they had to push all of their resources in to hardware upgrade with the initial update 17 content rushed out. Maybe we'll see some fixes and changes before the end of the year and holidays but I'm doubtful.
  9. I see a lot of discontent in that thread. This next update should be fun. On one hand I see an opportunity for players to have access to 3 slot jewelry that was otherwise restricted to just doing the Osgiliath instances and pray to the RnG gods but now the grind turns to the essences themselves which has never been easy for the smaller servers and those that weren't aware of the exploit. Although the level 95 ones are a slap to the face of PvPers to barter for they are better than nothing and the difference between levels is marginal (68 each on morale, 65~ each on mastery).
  10. I didn't feel like the stress test went very well. Of course, I'm not sure how things are run or hosted but when the first hour of the two hour event left a majority of users being unable to login due to constant reboots of the server for increased memory it doesn't look too promising. Login servers were down for a good 20+ minutes and then the chat server kept going down intermittently. Plus Turbine wasn't fully prepared for all of the various layers that were created for the users in Bree. So therefore all of the "events" that were created (Balrogs in Bree and a neverending picnic stairway to heaven) weren't experienced by a majority of people. The feel of the server was extremely choppy and I had several second skill delay at times when I was testing out heals. When I briefly went to the Moors before the event ended I could barely move out of GV. Someone had said it best earlier that now that new content has slowed and a majority of the population has caught up in the end game zones such as the Ettenmoors those areas are really suffering when it comes to server side lag and the population. I'm hesitant about what the hardware upgrade will do for those of us struggling with it mostly in one area and really Turbine was just stressing out their login servers. It would be nice if they tried another event in the Ettenmoors as well as Osgiliath for players to see if there's some improvement to look forward to.
  11. It doesn't appear to be a rumor. :'C From Nutty's Facebook page there's some posts regarding his passing which occurred about a week ago.
  12. Depending on how the hardware upgrade goes, we'd definitely see Arkenstone being at the top of the NA servers due to many people choosing the server when Brandy itself is closed off to incoming transfers. If the hardware doesn't do much good we'll continue to see a pattern of migration between PvMP communities in hopes of escaping lag.
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