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  1. even the 560 is tipped and reviewed as being quite good tbh I use asus MB's too so thumbs up from me.
  2. I use a GTX580 at present which I am very happy with after years of ATI's. I tend to check the tables and reviews on Tom's Hardware site before deciding tbh. Tom's Hardware Graphics May help
  3. > Gloomy outlook Joeeyore *ponders white wolf being adopted by Turbine & half-nosferatu clans running around bree town*
  4. I hope so. I was looking forwards to World of Darkness focussing on this more interactive framework which nods at RPG's (albeit a narrow & unappealing field for some, i.e., vampires etc; I would like to think that if they suceeded other gameworlds would build on it). but *sigh* ccp cutbacks may put this on the back burner.
  5. /cries a lot One of the few things in gaming I had to look forwards too..............
  6. Agreed. I feel Bioware excel at this and it is what has often negated the grind aspect of MMo's for me, but in terms of the wider market I am not sure. After all i do know many players across different MMO's who basically click through the quests givers dialogue, cut scenes etc and then review the basic quest objectives in their journal/log- they aren't really interested in the storyline at all unless the way they interact with the storyline/npc's affects their characters in the long run.
  7. Found this deleted line cached in Google: *tuts* negative I know.....
  8. Within 2 hours yesterday a fellow kin member received 6 Goldspam tells. Haven't seen this much spamming in a while.......
  9. @MockingBird I personally applaud your idea of placing Turbine under pressure by appealing to any standards they may have in reserve for treating their customers with honesty and respect. @Everyone Else If voicing a concern or complaint to an external agency could move Turbine the smallest step toward being more transparent with their customers so that informed choices can be made about purchases - I say let's do it! Thank you for the information Mockingbird and Hajile (in your other post).
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