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  1. ​Couldn't agree more with this post. But hey, shit happens all the time and not everything's meant to be. It's sad to look back and think what could have been done like you said. It just wasn't meant to be it seems. A chain reaction of bad decisions and we're in 2015 with a broken game and a playerbase of pale shadow of it's former self. Personaly I find myself playing for 15-30 mins max a day, rarely i play more than an hour because I lost all the enjoyment in the game. Most of the time I spend chatting with friends or scrolling down through forums while being afk in Dol Amroth, sad really
  2. When it was announced that they will release the new pvmp map I was very surprised after all the ignorance from turbine and saying that the pvmp player base is too small. It's quite hillarious when you think how ignorant and stupid Sapience was telling us that it would never happen. Well Karma's a bitch, but IMO it's too little too late. We'll have to wait and see if a new map actually brings some of the old faces back to the game.
  3. ​Well it's probably the right answer, but at least they should make an effort to make or at least some 6 mans instead. ffs I've been playing this game since it's launch and it's painful to see it decline and suck so much....
  4. ​well they can't fuck around more than they have there.
  5. Hey guys, I have been reading these forums for a long time and finally decided to sign up. I know that this question has been asked a milion times, but just want to hear your opinion on the matter at the present state of the game. The question for you guys is; Do you think that there's a possibility that we'll ever see a new and better made raid than the erebor ones before the game goes into maintenance mode or eventually dies off?? I know quite well myself that it's a longshot and the possibilities are small, but we've already seen that with the new management anything can happen. Not alot of people have seen the arrival of the new instances at this time last year, but one year forward and we finally got some group content back. While it may be a very small step in the right direction, I think alot of work needs to be done before we see a new raid or anything close to it and being good quality. Or we just got used to seing bad things that this group content has made us think that things will miraculisly change to old days again. Hope I'll not start a conflict and raging or anything like that, just want to hear your opinion on the matter.
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