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  1. Yep, we're still plugging away. We mentioned at the end of the last build (November 28th, 2015) that we would be "going dark" until around late March of 2016. Holidays + switching around some back-end stuff + polishing and adding to the existing build so that the next one we push out has some substantial meat on its bones as opposed to only testing server infrastructure. We're also all fully employed and working on this game in our spare time, which means slower-than-normal development. If you hit up our social media channels you'll see what we've been up to over the holidays. We released an hour+ video interview with multiple team members talking about what they've all been working on individually, we've shared some teaser videos and screenshots of the latest build (including today's teaser of the day/night cycle), and I've been busy catching up on chapter content during the holidays. It'll remain slow until our next build, after which we are hoping to get back to our previous pace of a build per month for folks to sink their teeth into.
  2. After Vanguard bombed, we moved right into LOTRO, back in the early days when it was still a group-based game. I thought this was *the* best MMORPG on the market ...all the way up until they gave everyone a clickie stone to give them infinite hitpoints and soloability all the way to the steps of Mordor without ever needing to actually be part of what a FELLOWSHIP was all about in the first place. So I'm with you there The moment they gave everyone click stones to solo the book quests was the day I walked away from LOTRO, and that was despite my huge love and passion for all things Tolkien. It's just another prime example of how players thrive on the group component of MMORPGs, and without it, there is something lacking. Which is why we're sticking to our guns about the 100% group requirements...whether it's 3-4 man groups in the overland, to 6-8 man groups in dungeons....and then to raids and beyond. And no 30 minute "hard modes" =P That is a KEY component right there. The friendships made during GROUP content, where you were required to work together and, more importantly, form a bond over hours on end spent working together. The modern group finders where you are insta-ported to a dungeon group and then poof, no one ever sees each other after the 15-30 minute run is over = the exact reason why we aren't using dungeon finders in our game. We want to FOSTER community, not add to its degredation. I still have friends I talk with regularly on Facebook from 15 years ago during our initial playing of EQ1 (has it really been that long!!??!??) and it's because of those group components Also, cheers We're still small enough that I have the time to reach out to most of the communities as I see threads pop up about our game, to answer questions and the like. That will go away over time as we grow, simply due to time restraints, but I'm doing what I can now, while I can, because community > all to me, and I really love sharing my passion with people So here's to being able to find the time to replying!
  3. We've got the first four Volumes planned out on a two year release schedule. In between those, we plan on running world events several times per year with GM-ran quest content. No player mods planned at this time. We're working hard to include enough content in the game to keep players busy for 18-24 months in between expansions. With a game like, say, World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic, the game revolves around quest hubs, so you need a team of writers working around the clock to crank out generic quest content so that when you launch a new expansion you can stick that shiny "5,000 new quests!" button on it as a marketing tool. But with us, the players themselves provide a huge chunk of the content in the sense that this is a sandbox game. We don't tell you where you want to go or what you want to do: you decide. Want to craft? Go for it. Want to adventure? Go for it. Want to follow a questline? Go for it. Want to roleplay and hang out in the cities? Go for it. We don't have experience points, so you aren't on an exp grind. While you will be "leveling up" your skills, those are independent of any quests, which is why we've told people from day one that quests are 100% option. If you want to just get up with your friends, form your caravan, stock up on supplies, and head west until you find ruins or a dungeon or something to explore...go for it. Instead, the quests of our game are there to provide a backdrop: the lore of the world. The primary storyline will be long, arduous, and challenging....but feel epic enough in scope that as you are adventuring alonside your friends, you feel like you are the Heroes of the Lance...the Fellowship of the Ring...Jason and the Argonauts. This is not a tale where you are sole hero, the chosen one, the one who was prophesied. In this game, you are a blank slate, a nobody, and only through adventure will you make a name for yourself. Of course they will have rewards attached: in the case of the primary storyline, epic weapons (think epic as in EverQuest epic weapons; questlines that took months to complete) and armor are associated with the quests. In the case of city quests, or guild quests (Adventurer's Guild, The Blackbirds, the Scholar's Guild, and beyond), they won't have "epic" rewards, but they will provide gear and additional lore, plus the zones and dungeons themselves all have special lore/storylines that John is working on creating as we speak. But crafting in and of itself is on an equal level of importance. And while you can't craft Relic gear (an art long-forgotten as magic has faded from the realm), you'll be able to provide the necessary components to get your fellow adventurers and scholars up to the point, and then as the game progresses and magic comes back into the realm, crafters will grow in power just like adventurers and scholars, eventually finding themselves creating weapons and armors that are just as powerful as any raid gear. Plus, only through crafters will you be able to keep your caravans on the road for lengths of time, keeping your wagons repaired, your armor and weapons repaired, preparing food and drink and necessary support for the lengthy journeys outside of cities and outposts while on campaigns. With no city recall button or fast travel options, you rely on the strength of the group while out in the field, which means relying on everyone OTHER than just yourself. You are a cog in the wheel, not the wheel itself. All 100% optional, and there as a backdrop for the overall world, the foundation layer that players can choose to build upon. I could wax on all day about this
  4. Cheers. We can't speak to size just yet. We're confidant of a 5k playerbase to start, split between two servers, and we're estimating at least 1.2-1.5k players per night, per server, which would be a fairly active and large enough community. We've had some people tell us we should expect 10k-15k subs, but we're lowballing and going with what we know we can achieve, and then we'll see how it goes from there. Euro + NA servers at launch, both RP preferred, name policy enforced, play-nice-policy enforced, live GM events, and a hell of a lot of other things. Should be fun! We're really focused on melding the classic D&D with classic EQ/UO experience. So far, people seem to be enjoying where we're heading! Raid size isn't yet ironed out, but will likely be 4-6 groups. We're also talking internally about some really interesting cross-sphere raids, with 4 groups of crafters + 4 groups of adventurers working at the same time in the same zone but with differnet objectives...we'll see 2-4 man content in the overland, with camps for 6-8 players, wandering raid mobs and things to keep you on your toes (nothing is safe), then 6-8 man dungeons + raid zones beyond, and the primary storyline should take 18-24 months combining small group content, full group content, raid content, languages, factions, crafting, and beyond.
  5. Thanks for sharing. More than happy to answer Qs you guys might have (although you can also tune in to Tuesdays nights where I lead a developer vodcast Q&A on Google+ Hangouts and ask us live). We're happy with that fact. We're a niche game, highly targeted, and we don't need huge numbers to be successful since we are building the game with sweat equity and not a multi-million dollar loan. We're a 13 man team right now, and we'll probably add a couple more people between now and launch, probably local talent out of Austin now that we have our game studio founded, Stormhaven Studios. What you may have missed is that while the campaign content is meant for full groups playing scheduled sessions just like a D&D campaign, there is still plenty of small group (2-4 man) content that you can partake of in the overland zones with your friends in between campaign sessions. So maybe your primary nights are Mon and Wed with your static group, but you want to also play Sat and Sun, so you get together with some locals from the tavern and you go out into the world and have fun anyway with smaller groups The Heroes of the Lance also had other adventures they went on, in various different parts of their lives. So will it be here. You'll have your primary group that you meet up with for scheduled sessions, and then the random people you meet up with for other things when you only have time for an hour or so. Don't forget the Camps and Caravans system as well, designed to help you keep up with your group even if you miss a few nights. Zero quest hubs, and the storyline quests are 100% optional, so you can literally do whatever you want. Harvest, craft, adventure, roleplay....head east, south, north, west....follow a quest....your choice! Guilds will play a huge role in the overall game world. Especially when we're talking about group crafting, raids that combine crafters + adventurers at the same time, player-built outposts, wagons, ships, and etc. You gotta have a team to gather resources, take on the challenges of the world, and explore all there is to explore. Heals are in the game...just not in the beginning. You start off as nobody. Magic is fleeting, a fading resource. As you find Relics, you'll be able to "cast" magic depending on your skill and the type of Relic you've found...which may include healing or spell-casting. In the early stages, you'll be healing out-of-combat and builds like Rangers and Alchemists or those who have herb-based skills and lore will be creating potions and salves, while others like the Field Medic or builds with those skills can create bandages. Which means strategy wins the day for combat scenarios. There won't be any tank-and-spank scenarios where your tank can sit there and soak up the mobs while a healer heals him. Instead, it'll be all about the utility, locking down adds, making sure there are only one or two mobs loose, and focusing your attacks...plus utlizing tactics such as ambushes and traps and the like to wear mobs down or debuff them before they arrive in camp. And indeed....no updates in the patch notes regarding content updates or changes. Ranger Bob might go on a quest of his own, and when you arrive at the location you pulled from a Wiki, thinking that he'll be there...he won't. And you'll have to explore and find out where he went and how to find him if you want to learn Advanced Skinning (or etc.) Stay tuned: Giovanni and Nick are starting a new Twitch stream on Monday nights called "Mastery Mastery" where they'll be talking about Archetypes, Skills, and the Mastery system...and how these hundreds of skills will all work.
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