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  1. I can certainly agree to the soloability. It's not as good as with the DPS heavy classes (namely Champ which I've been playing lots recently), but compared to the old minstrel we're in a good position. And it's the varieability that I like. In short what I mean is: I can adjust how much I focus on damage, threat and healing more easily, on the fly. (Self)healing in War-speech has saved me a lot, and when I start to run out of power, I don't have to (always) cry for Lore-Master.
  2. No question about it, Jeremy Soul is a genious. Not a many game tsound tracks find their way to my playlist. Some games were just so much better thanks to a theme that fit the atmosphere. GW2 won't be a game where I need to turn the music off and switch to my own collection. I actually didn't sign for the beta. I probably won't be bringing my Guild Wars Prophesies, Factions and Nightfall gained things to GW2 since I would actually have to get GW: Eye of North and.. well, basically play old GW. It's not that bad, but I rather spend time elsewhere. I fear Lotro will find a significant drop upon release of GW2 (and for me, Diablo 3).
  3. Oh totally. Guild Wars had this sorted out just so. You could play PVP with your PVP only character or PVE with your PVE only character. I don't recall if you could unlock skills and equipment for the other type of character but anyway... Still they tweaked the skills on a weekly basis too I think. Separate PVP gear (maybe even skills working differently) is required since obviously Turbine doesn't have enough resources to balance everything. Though in all honesty, I doubt any company would be struggling with a task this big.
  4. Riders of Rohan announcement made me sigh. Why? Because of housing, hobbies and kinships. I know they won't be taken care of any time soon. I can hope, but I don't believe it anymore. The ideas on this thread are all amazing. In fact, ANY change would be great.
  5. This reminds me of every Battlefield 3 (and other FPS/RTS game) forums regarding players from Russia. While I understand that some contries have a higher percentage of people who want to get money and ruin the game for others, I wouldn't want China to be without Lotro. Selfish reason, more money in the game I like, more content. Then there's the question of moral and justice, but I've always been in the losing side. Well we did lose to the Soviet Union in the second great war but look how that turned out in the end.
  6. I can't rightly decide quite yet. On one hand I'm glad the dwarves aren't stereotypical dwarves because it would be hard to remember who is who, with so many of them running about. Fresh look is.. well, okay. On the other hand, I fear the shiny and new dwarven demeanor might affect how they are portrayed in the movie. But then again, Ring sage didn't follow the book to the letter and it turned out okay. Sure it missed a few important bits and few bits were daft, but it made a pretty decent story. So I'm hoping the Hobbit will be as good or better, with a touch of dread.
  7. IE does load Lotro forums for me, but it's horribly slow for some reason. I tried versions 8 and 9. Chrome and Firefox load at least twice faster or better. All browsers updated. Hopefully it's just a network hickup.
  8. (The first) Tribes was awesome! I can't believe I stopped playing it. Maybe I got brain damage from too much Tribes? I just got rank 40 in BF3 so I'm putting it to rest for a bit. So mad at IRNV and mortars... I almost bought Global Agenda but oddly enough I was Lotro-ing too much..?
  9. Bah, there goes the last reason I might've tried the game. Granted, I have been rather negative about it even before actually seeing it. I really hope this game develops into something worth playing, because they sure are making it harder for me to like Lotro.
  10. Sweet. This would be a perfect Christmas present for uhm.. my wife...
  11. Well the one leading could switch from run to walk (insert key default I think?) but that would slow down the speed to a crawl.
  12. I know, but I almost never use it in any games.
  13. To me, buyers remorse came to effect with the installation/starting/crash problems, but also when I went to "wrong" servers. When I found a few good ones (where admins don't kick you for having a k/d ratio of over 2 without being a snipercamperho) the quality of game experience rose to positive levels. Of course all the out of topic mic commentry made me get killed a few times...
  14. My fingers would be bleeding from pressing the "forward" key if I hadn't quit. Very boring. Sad they wasted a big title opportunity.
  15. Indeed, I did see some ways to launch BF3 without Origin, but they aren't too legit according to EA anyway. I haven't tried it as I'm used to Steam stealing my resources. Which is too bad. Also, as an off-topic note: BF3 is a buggiest thing since bug left bug city. I wasn't even able to start the game at first. I got "bf3.exe has stopped working" and the game would never start. Ah well, it starts okay now after a few tweaks and reinstall. But crashes on multiplayer a lot. I tried it on another PC and the problem with installing and crashing was very similar. Ah well, got single player through which was very CoD-ish, and wouldn't be worth a price of a game if there wasn't a great multiplayer game attached. When I say great, I don't mean "BF2 Great" as it feels like an improved Bad Company 2. Still, better than most.
  16. Apparently your post was also edited by Celestra. +rep'd for saying the truth, no matter how unpopular it is in Lotro right now.
  17. I got a beta invite. I can't find anything Star Wars-y enough in it for me. Or rather, it doesn't "do it" for me. Boring indeed.
  18. I'm not buying a single horse with TP until they're made account bound. Using a huge bundle of TP (real money that is, in a way) to get a mount for a single character isn't my cup of tea. I already have one goat and three horses free for all my characters anyway...
  19. Some (all?) of these have been mentioned already but: - Hobbies. When are we getting new ones? - Instance finder. How much effort is being put into this, will we be able to choose what instance we look a group for (instead of random instance)? - Kinships. There's an amazing kinship renewal idea put out by community member, look at it? Kinship alliances, is this possible? - Housing. More hooks/removal of hooks. Anything to spice up housing would be nice.
  20. EA and their Origin software that spies what you got on your hard drive are sand between my gears. But I still drive their attack vehicle over my enemies while shooting at things flying over me, especially those that try to throw explosives at my wheels. Oh heck, I can't get enough tank kills on jets.
  21. As far as I know, Turbine CAN'T police this board. They can have someone troll and spam, but those can be dealt with. Short of starting a lawsuit they can't censor this board. If indeed people are/will be reprimended (bans, warnings) for something said here, they would have to infallably prove that this poster uses that account. Again, this seems far fetched (if alarming!) A big deal would have to change for Turbine to get the trust of some (most?) people on this forum. I would settle for a few apologies, few heads rolled down the hill (Sap sacked e.g.) and change of policies regarding the Store and how it's convenient/advantageous. Frankly, I don't expect this to happen. Maybe some mild changes towards actually listening to what paying customers say. That or just ending the product.
  22. I bought RoI, but aside that, after getting Lifetime I haven't spent money. I wouldn't buy RoI if I could go back in time, as it is... oh well, Pit anyone?
  23. If I recall right, you need GW:EN (Eye of the North expansion) to get the rewards from GW 1 to GW 2. I could probably get all of the rewards, if I had GW:EN. But I don't want to play GW or even install it anymore.
  24. SWTOR doesn't intrest me at all, but I'd go for PvP and/or RP.
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