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  1. Some kinnies say the servers are down. Was there any announcement? It happened suddently.
  2. Can't connect to game or to the turbine site. Is anyone having a similar problem or is it just me? I tried on another pc but still...
  3. Thanks! I think it's ok since I'm not the only one having this problem. I'll wait until the migration is complete.
  4. I had a lifetime subscription with Codemasters. My account's migration status is still on progress and I haven't received any e-mails yet. When I log in turbine's accounts it says: Codemasters LOTRO Lifetime Membership Plan Pending Cancellation: June 1, 2061 Does anyone knows what that means? Should I be worried? Or it just means that my codemasters subscription will be cancelled and a turbine's subscription will be activated?
  5. I had a really good time last night climbing on Bree rooftops with several others Laurelians, listening to music and dancing (or actually floating- if you were there you know what i mean ) in front of the Prancing Pony.
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