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  1. Time to chime in. I have been playing freep and creep since the first open beta. Leaving SWG for LOTRO back then. I retired from freep play in 2008 and took a break in creep play for many years only to return early this year. I learned the creep community is still a small, tight and friendly bunch who need to work together to deal with the freeps. My contribution is about pmvp only. Because the pmvp part is unique and in the beginning cleverly crafted. For instance: The second pmvp map, Osgilliath, is clearly a failure, it was abandonded only 1 week after the release. It shows how well thought the original dev's created the Moors. With a founders sub I never had an issue with F2P but I seriously hope they leave the Moore alone. To my it is the only part of the game which is still of interest.
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