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  1. Outside of Lumul-Nar: The Halls of Night from above: Thorin's Ale-hall:
  2. Southern Ered Luin from above. The lanscape changes are very striking from this perspective. Before the update: After the update: The hill north of Nen Hilith before update: ... and after:
  3. I'll have a look at it once the server is back online. In the meantime, it would make sense to test if areas are still accessible on the live servers. Only yesterday I noticed that it is no longer possible to enter the Unexplored Territory surrounding the hidden village in the southern Lone-Lands. I appreciate his attempt to convince the developer not to add any additional walls. It seems that other explorers have also expressed their concerns but, judging by the developer's reply on the issue, I doubt it will have any effect. Posting screenshots of off-map places on the OF will only cause more invisible walls to appear.
  4. It's already on Bullroarer and will go live with the next update 22.2. They want to continue this bullshit and ruin the remaining regions in the following updates. "Current standards" = copy paste Mordor mountain, copy paste Gondor trees, add invisible walls everywhere around Nen Hilith in current live version: New version:
  5. Apparently SSG™ have now decided to destroy the older regions of the game by changing the terrain, adding useless frills and even more invisible walls. Details in this thread on the OF. RIP Bree-land and Ered Luin.
  6. I would like to share some screenshots of my offmap exploring in Mordor. Entering Nurn: High above Talath Úrui: A valley west of Durthang: A closer look at Minas Morgul:
  7. Thank you for sharing, Brystan. This is one of a few hidden areas that do not even require a single jump. However, I doubt that anyone in this thread is using mods to reach certain areas. Many routes involve difficult jumps and/or techniques which most players do not know.
  8. If you are daring enough, you can go even further than ibfe77 and enter this dangerous region: The ground is no longer visible, and the landscape becomes very bizarre. Finally, you will find yourself above Zelem-melek:
  9. Some more impressions of the borders of Mordor: The mountains above Imlad Morgul: The Stairs to Cirith Ungol: Ruins in the western area of Dagorlad: The south-west area: The Bridge of Doom: The Black Gate, Morannon: View to the eastern areas of Dagorlad:
  10. A few screenshots of the more rarely visited regions of Belfalas Lonely island in the south-west ocean: The mountains above Amon Corch on the island of Tol Fennas: The mountains in the South: Entrance to the Belfalas housing instance (screenshot taken in August): The forgotten road into the north-west: Mysterious building at the end of the road:
  11. Hi everyone I have been following this thread for a while and now I think it is time for me to post here as well and share some of my experience. @ibfe77 The mountains above Isengard are also one of my favourite offmap areas. If you head north, you can also reach the area in which Storm of Methedras is located. Unfortunately, mounts are not allowed there. I have recently visited Frostbluff and also found some beautiful locations there. View on Winter-home from above: High mountain in the south of Frostbluff: The far north-west of Frostbluff. You can see something which looks like an ocean in the distance. The icy high plain between Forochel and Frostbluff: Unfortunately the mountain passage is blocked by an invisible wall.
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