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  1. If people are curious about supposed standards for MMORPG's, one need but look at how many people have flocked (if only for a temporary breeze) to Bless Online.
  2. This really is tragedy come complete. The Twitch streams during the anniversary gave me some fickle hope that the people making this game were finally shedding the yoke of their Turbine CEO overlords... So much for that.
  3. Helm's Deep was ATROCIOUS. DiGrigerio is is so laughably bad I attribute much of my 3 years spent getting through 85-95 to his awful production. Still, I think credit is deserved where it is due. Lamedon's sound piece
  4. This is what essentially has me stuck at level 95. I want to get to max level, retouch bases with some of the old contacts on my friend list that still play, heckā€”go for a dash of role-play or maybe, just maybe, properly reconnect with a kinship or two that I used to be in or know about that are still kicking about, but what i recall after exploring my spell of Middle-Earth for a day or week was being able to go at dungeons or have something meaningful at end-game to do. There just isn't, though. And also: to hell with these Epic Battles. I had a kind soul help me do the first one...
  5. Yeah. I heard trickling tales of the Sapience problems at the height of its infamy. That said, playing on Laurelin means the community there really never grew to adopt Turbine's forums after Codemasters were out of the picture. It's also an RP server; hence, with its own fair share of absolutely pointless social trifles making a trifle of the community. I think what Cordovan is doing here seems like a fair enough Galadhrim branch, but isn't the major contentions you people have with the game, about the game?
  6. So, I just spent the better half of my morning reading through this post, linked from another website. I've played LOTRO in intense, passionate bursts since late 2008 (around the time MoM launched, so I only received glimpses of the Shadows of Angmar days). I was hoping to have some questions to bring to Alywen... Are the news really true? Not the way I expected this thread to end.
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