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  1. It was a very fun raid. I'd say it was better than every wing in Orthanc except shadow. I'd rank LOTRO raids as: 1. Rift 2. OD 3. Throne 4. DN 5. BG 6. ToO 7. Watcher / Turtle 8. Hele 9. Erebor I don't think, btw that it was too easy at all as a full raid - sure some wings were straight dps races like Rakothas and Vadhokar, but the Mumaks and Unbroken One challenges certainly weren't. Overall it was a very good raid and very refreshing - I didn't think that Turbine / SSG was capable of producing anything close to it at this point in the game's life-cycle. In terms of mechanics, the raid is as follows: Rakothas - straight DPS race, usually done in under 90 seconds; Mumaks - requires a lot of coordination, CC, and group positioning skills, usually took more than 10 minutes; Vadokhar - straight DPS race; Unbroken One - easy on t1 or t2, t2c was very challenging. Requires excellent coordination between multiple groups, positional awareness from all raid members, and high DPS; Twins - standard LOTRO twins fight, but with some added wrinkles like incoming healing debuffs on the tanks and adds that require CC - I'd say medium difficulty; Gothmog - multi-stage fight with tons of adds. Requires good dps, positioning, debuffiing and even some CC. medium difficulty.
  2. It's a fair question. I guess that I would answer this by saying that my expectations are clearly different than yours. I don't disagree with you, I just have a different perspective. I do have to agree that the engine issues are a complete joke that I would love to see fixed - I have a very high-end gaming machine, and I have to run on the lowest setting if I want to avoid stuttering and / or crashes. I just think that LOTRO is, even in its diminished state, still a good value in terms of content for money. Is LOTRO a shadow of its former self in many ways? Yes. Is LOTRO still a good and fun game that I enjoy playing? Also yes.
  3. I do have some experience playing other MMO's and I agree with much of what you say here - this is a skimpy offering for an "expansion". That said, it is significantly better than the updates that we have been getting before, and I understand that a games company has to raise revenue in order to continue to put out content. LOTRO is an old title with a pretty static player base. If you are expecting to get something as big and robust as Moria for an expansion then you are definitely going to be disappointed. My expectations at this point are lower.
  4. I came back to LOTRO after a 2+ year break around update 16, and I have really enjoyed it. I think that the dev team has done a much better job since the horror that was Helm's Deep and RoR. I've enjoyed running Throne and think it is one of the better raids that Turbine / SSG has produced - it's at least as good as OD, and much better than Orthanc, DN, Hele and BG (not as good as Rift, but that's a high bar). LOTRO in its current state is certainly not perfect, and there are loads of things that I would like to see improved, but in my opinion it's back to being a quality game that I enjoy playing. While I don't really understand the attraction of the two higher-priced packages, I think that the basic package is pretty fairly priced for what we are getting. The only complaint I really have about it is that it should include the high elf - I'd rather they include it and leave out the auto-level item. I don't really understand what all the uproar is about.
  5. I find Cordovan to be worlds better than Sapience.
  6. First time I have posted to this forum, though I have been lurking for a long time. I'm a long-term player - 10/08 - Present (though I did take a break for about two years in between RoR and DA). I have a PC with specs very similar to what Almagnus1 quoted above, though with a better video card and running Windows 7 64-bit. Every other game I own plays well with almost zero crashes and very low load times. This new release is unplayable for me. I haven't made it ten minutes without crashing since the update. And I've tried leaving MT and going elsewhere - I still crash. I know that lots of people will say that Lotro has always crashed, and I'm sure that's true - it certainly crashed for me all the time on my Macbook. But it had never once in two years crashed to desktop for me on this desktop PC until U17. Not once. Let me repeat, not once. Even on my previous PC it never crashed more than once a week or so, and I have more than a year of /played time..... They screwed the pooch somewhere with this update, and claiming that it is no different from previous releases is just not an accurate representation of what I am seeing.
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