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  1. MusicMachine

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Will she retaliate against SSG in mmo-central? Chances are she will.
  2. MusicMachine

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    So they get frustrated at their failures, go cry all over the OF because “the game is too difficult”, and end up having it nerfed for everyone.
  3. MusicMachine

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Man this sure is getting uglier every day... If this Valar repackaging these losers are advocating for gets approved, SSG should officially replace the Free To Play banners with Pay To Win. Not that it’s not currently P2W, but selling a package that gets you to cap level including items that would require MONTHS of playing for most of their user base defies even their lowest standards. They’re selling a game they don’t want people to play. Also, no way will Cordovan’s or DF’s game benefit from top notch ILIs as they presume. They are too lacking in skills and comprehension. Best part, them pompous bastards won’t even notice.
  4. AND expurged. As expected.
  5. Hard to believe that fucking Amorey didn't qualify. Is she gone for good from the OF?
  6. MusicMachine

    64-bit gossip

    Not compatible at the moment.
  7. MusicMachine

    Cheesing through LotRO

    Yes, all current expansions / quest packs are available for TP, and you'll probably have enough of them as Minas Tirith was released... 3 years ago? When Mordor was first released it was cash only but they reverted that past a few months. Cannot help with your captain question as my only cappy is a mule, I don't like how captains feel. I am not sure if you'd need ILIs for landscape which would be an issue. Probably not. If you feel like raiding that's another story, you won't be able to get past the grind before giving up again.
  8. MusicMachine

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    This goes beyond sad and into deranged. Kind of explains the infommercials that she “writes” for MMO Central. I sincerely hope that she’s on SSG’s payroll.
  9. I wonder if he goes regimental.
  10. MusicMachine

    22 Hours

    Of course it is not 64 bit. There is no change to the game code. They were only cutting up server expenses.
  11. MusicMachine

    22 Hours

    Thought so, but am I being obtuse or you can’t reduce from 60 to 80%? Maybe they’re also reducing salaries for everyone involved at the mess. From 60,000 to 80,000 😖
  12. MusicMachine

    22 Hours

    “Legendary Story XP has been reduced from 60% of normal to 80% of normal through Wednesday, March 13th.” WTF does that even mean?
  13. MusicMachine

    22 Hours

    It’s sickening to read the comments at Twitter. People thanking SSG for fixing a 3 day downtime caused by their own inoperancy - and one that no one but their shareholders asked for. Junkie slaves them all. EDIT: as expected, no explanation at all. Maybe they need five or six months for it to be translated.
  14. MusicMachine

    22 Hours

    I like the way you think.
  15. MusicMachine

    22 Hours

    Apparently it’s people who changed it during the last 3 months and new players who is affected. I changed mine Nov I think and can log in the OF just right. I purchased a quest pack (off deeds LPs) a couple weeks ago, that’s the first thing I’ll check once back in the game. Not that I care much for it, but that would prove that the DB was tampered with.