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  1. If my maths are right, that's about 55 USD for a house and nearly 100 USD for a mead hall. Plus maintenance probably.
  2. Viznak is just a washed up second hand Gollum and a stellar example of the bland tripe MadeofLions gets praised for at the OF. Uninspired fanfic which in better days would never have been allowed into print. The guy is the king of lack of continuity and loose ends. How many Gandalfs are currently in game waiting for him to pick up one of his inane subplots?
  3. Yeah I was going to mention this. The worst animation I've seen in a game in many many years, it's beyond laughable. Positively nightmare stuff.
  4. They are almost on level with rude bouncers emptying a venue after a show.
  5. This is nothing less than an insult. They seemingly want everybody out for good.
  6. I stopped reading after the first four words. "In the last week". According to their own Twitter account, the current shitfest started on July the 15th. These morons can't even figure a calendar.
  7. Cordovan, 12 days later: "it is taking slightly longer than originally estimated." What a clown. Also, the THANKYOUGIFT coupon just in: Skill and Slayer Deed Boost x5 Enhanced XP Supply x5 +5000 Enhanced Reputation Supply +2000 Virtue Acceleration Tome Not a single fucking LP. The mingy stingy skimpy mean motherfuckers.
  8. Except for Smeagol and Deagol... and things got pretty bad with Lotho and his Shirriffs during the Scouring of the Shire, no bloodshed but unjustified detention and beatings. Wasn’t there some kind of internal fight during the Long Winter?
  9. I am not sure about PvP being antiTolkienesque. One of his main themes is civil wars, the kin strife, the Kinslayings, Arthedain vs Cardolan vs Rhudaur. None of the participants in these is portrayed as purely evil.
  10. What speaks volumes is that SSG had not actual presence inside PAX and opted to gather at a former producer’s pub instead. Not a very strong proof of life.
  11. Of course you remember who owns the aforementioned Adventure Pub.
  12. Not that I know of. What I meant is that Druidsfire / MMO Central seem to have lost favour and have been substituted with Carter / Destructoid. SSG is paying in order to present themselves as contenders, when major gaming news sites have all but lost any former interest in LOTRO. Destructoid and MMO Central are nothing but glorified fanzines, strictly infomercial territory. You will not find professional reviews there. As an example, either Chris Carter completely ignores everything about licensing or has chosen to ignore it. Only an ignorant or a liar would write the following: “Although Second Age material is off the table for Standing Stone Games right, that could change with the possibility of Amazon touching Second Age material. Depending on how it's handled, it could be the first real time that the era was depicted in popular media ever.” Does he think that the Silmarillion is going to become public domain when Amazon buys into it? No, but he misguides gullible readers into thinking so. Truth is, in order to get access to that material you need the kind of money that Amazon has, and SSG are worlds away from that no matter how many whales they could attract.
  13. Meet Chris Carter, the new Druidsfire, and Destructoid, the new MMO Central. Only the most naive would mistake these microscopic propaganda ridden pamphlets for independent, critical sources of information. “Travel was provided by Standing Stone Games”. No shit! Ciccolini’s comments are delusional if given the benefit of the doubt. Remove it and it’s some of the most malicious I’ve ever read from a games company. Embarrassing to say the least.
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