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  1. I am not sure about PvP being antiTolkienesque. One of his main themes is civil wars, the kin strife, the Kinslayings, Arthedain vs Cardolan vs Rhudaur. None of the participants in these is portrayed as purely evil.
  2. What speaks volumes is that SSG had not actual presence inside PAX and opted to gather at a former producer’s pub instead. Not a very strong proof of life.
  3. Of course you remember who owns the aforementioned Adventure Pub.
  4. Not that I know of. What I meant is that Druidsfire / MMO Central seem to have lost favour and have been substituted with Carter / Destructoid. SSG is paying in order to present themselves as contenders, when major gaming news sites have all but lost any former interest in LOTRO. Destructoid and MMO Central are nothing but glorified fanzines, strictly infomercial territory. You will not find professional reviews there. As an example, either Chris Carter completely ignores everything about licensing or has chosen to ignore it. Only an ignorant or a liar would write the following: “Although Second Age material is off the table for Standing Stone Games right, that could change with the possibility of Amazon touching Second Age material. Depending on how it's handled, it could be the first real time that the era was depicted in popular media ever.” Does he think that the Silmarillion is going to become public domain when Amazon buys into it? No, but he misguides gullible readers into thinking so. Truth is, in order to get access to that material you need the kind of money that Amazon has, and SSG are worlds away from that no matter how many whales they could attract.
  5. Meet Chris Carter, the new Druidsfire, and Destructoid, the new MMO Central. Only the most naive would mistake these microscopic propaganda ridden pamphlets for independent, critical sources of information. “Travel was provided by Standing Stone Games”. No shit! Ciccolini’s comments are delusional if given the benefit of the doubt. Remove it and it’s some of the most malicious I’ve ever read from a games company. Embarrassing to say the least.
  6. I stand corrected, the newest BBoMordor quests are not gated behind Minas M purchase, in fact it is an alternative to buying Mordor as both unlock them (or, you paid twice for the same stuff). SSGs communication is dismal for a company that includes at least a storytelling lawyer within their ranks (granted, he is not a very good one). BTW, win some lose some: their newest accelerator gear does not stack with others. Again, they fail to tell you so before purchase.
  7. Expect valuables to drop where unintended for 2 weeks after release. That will be the only working mechanic.
  8. 5000 if you pay the Ultimate $130 ? Correct. If you are a new player you don’t have a chance to have the required gold, anyway.
  9. I was under the impression that shards were easier to find now, as until last week I had never mined for them and got 4 on a single session. Anyway, solvents are what I find the most P2W component as you can only get them at the Store. And you can completely skip the lootboxes given you invest huge amounts of time, but you cannot skip essences. That’s the worse grind.
  10. They used to sell them all the time, I have not looked for them since the revamp TBH.
  11. The more I think about it the more ridiculous it is. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is what you need to do to level from an already capped at 120 char: Purchase the “expansion” at the Store. Get new gear - as Papi says, LoE is back. Your embers will become motes so you need to grind embers once more, or, second visit to the Store. Upgrade essences. Third visit to the Store, get those solvents. Upgrade ILIs. Grind Crystals and SoEs, or fourth visit to the Store. If there are new raid-gated relics, more power to them. Grind Virtues if they raise their cap. No way the new content will provide enough points for a full set, so, fifth visit to the Store. Additionally, some would want accelerators etc. What would be the price for a new player to get a single capped toon? It must be in the thousands range. Even crackheads get more respect.
  12. I’m all for development requiring payment, but when you are forced to pay four times for the same content, something is clearly wrong. EDIT: make that five times, I forgot that they have the Virtue grind now.
  13. Guys, it’s not even in beta. People are GIVING AWAY money at this point, we know nearly nothing about the “expansion” and I bet neither does SSG. Release in a month my ass. If they do so, it will be their biggest bugstorm to date. Not to mention the level cap increase makes all the current gear useless. How long has the highest essence tier lasted? Two months? There is no way you can level up at this rhythm without hitting the Store. Which you already did for purchasing this. Because, this is an Expansion meaning not free for VIPs or Lifers. Everyone must pay, even epic questers as they seem to have gated the Black Book - like they did with the Epic at Helm’s Deep. Also, landmass. Also, lowest number of quests for an Expansion bar Mirkwood. This does not even qualify as your regular quest pack, but has the same price as Mordor and way higher than every other expansion at launch.
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