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  1. I updated the OP with new open beta info & TheLazyPeon's recent preview. Here's more footage, combat changes: ...and Duelist preview (Basically, Van Helsing guinea pig rogue...):
  2. On a second glance, OP pics are dated and look way too minecrafty. This is how the game actually looks like (and it's only alpha!):
  3. I am coming from Warhammer (and we'll see some of it's elements in CU), but majority of backers is certainly ex-DAoC.
  4. Building is 100% free form (think: Minecraft on steroids) and this is how it looks, video by one of players in alpha tests: Many, many hours later: He made this by C.U.B.E. building tool and buildings can be completely destroyed - unless built offline or in starting zones BUT there will be siege windows (time for destruction) and it should take big number of players and siege engines. The game is Camelot Unchained, "Dark Age of Camelot 2", PvP / crafting / building MMO by Mark Jacobs. Or you can check it's IGN Wiki for quick intro and more pics + vi
  5. Thanks for the update. Both EVE and WoW are adjusting to the modern market...well, a bit.
  6. Briefly - Crowfall is MMORPG with building & voxel destruction, players physically making their own kingdoms (by playing Tetris!?!) and likely frequent changes of sex/class/race (account is tied to crow spirit, not the body); IMO good quick intro is it's IGN Wiki. Alpha access is not cheap, but they will have open beta (free tests) in "summer 2017", requiring only registration on the site. Cartoony looks should enable smooth battles with hundreds of players, collision detection, lots of physics and destruction - here are some videos:
  7. Well, they are hyping to, kinda, get the money Here is some bit more recent footage: Also, there is some very early combat here ( around 1:30 ) https://teksyndicate.com/videos/chronicles-elyria-interview-w-developer-pax-east-2016
  8. Thanks for replying! By the way, I learned about that meantime... * cough *gotta fix my email notifications =)
  9. Is this still a thing? Site is unupdated for two months, and forums are dead!? Any news?
  10. Indeed, MMOs are tough business - even on the AAA level. Problem is, the way I see it, that we don't have much choice outside of current indies!? Speaking of funding, they announced the announcement ( lol yea, I know ) of Kickstarter these days. And we can help by spreading the word, I prefer that to sitting back and commenting how everything went to hell
  11. @OP he was obviously raping in self defense. Typical case of wrongly accused innocent guy.
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