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  1. I used to play on Povar, but movelogged to Xev when they split the servers because they were getting too big. The 20 year anniversary is coming up next Saturday. How crazy is that? If you ever feel like returning to EQ, do it on one of the Emu servers, they are all vasty superior. Also their volunteer dev teams have a larger sense of responsibility than the goons at DBG and SSG. p2002.com is my poison! And while I do agree that starting from zero would bring some people back, the majority of people playing and paying for lotro these days are in the "4 years to level 75" camp. I think the people quitting over this would far outweigh the people it would bring back. Also, SSG would have to give up something for compensation, which might break the bank so to speak.
  2. I mean there is an obvious alternative explanation. They were actually physically moving the servers and someone dropped and broke one of them. Definitely not the picture of competency you are looking for, but better than blatantly lying about it
  3. Yeah, I agree with that. I am glad this all blew up in their face, lying to your customers is never the right move. It just boggles my mind they would undertake such a big migration, in secrecy, without proper preparation. I am certain that if this would have been an upgrade, we would know about it. So instead they scaled back their operation yet again and disguised it as something completely different. The hilarious thing is that their incompetence is so obvious that they are going to have a really hard time explaining this one away. They probably won't even try, seeing as the community just seems to resemble an echo chamber at this point.
  4. Hahah, yeah. You see the fact that so many people were online immediately after the servers reopened and only a fraction were having issues logging in... Leads me to believe that there is a large amount of people who never change their password and probably also use that same password all across the Internet. And that, coupled with the incompetence of SSG is a recipe for disaster. I do have to say, while I definitely would prefer to be playing the laggy, input delay infested product instead of sitting around, watching this dumpster fire has been a very entertaining couple of days. I haven't spent any money on the game in years so it's all free entertainment either way
  5. The servers went back up but apparently SSG either imported a wrong DB backup or they actually lost the current data because you can only log in using an old password. People are also reporting missing VIP status, characters slots, shared storage and cosmetic storage. Some other people are missing purchased quest packs. So the servers just went back down again to fix these issues. I have to say world chat was a lot less understanding than in the past but of course people are just happy to be back in the game after having to go cold turkey for 3 days so its only a matter of time until the old paradigm is restored.
  6. Let's not forget that some classes are much harder to solo with than others. Some person on the of made the idiotic statement that content was easy, he had no problem at all doing it with a minstrel warden duo. High mob density makes kiting alot harder for certain classes, for example. After they completely fucked up any semblance of class balance with trait trees solo content only really worked because it was mindnumbingly easy, I'm not sure the increase of difficulty came at the right moment
  7. Amorey back to show us how little she cares
  8. When I first heard about upcoming avatar changes I was confused because I thought a true revamp would require too much of SSGs money to be feasible, and it just seemed like really odd timing along with Mordor release. However, when the new avatars first hit Bullroarer, it made more sense: This was nothing more than replacing some skins on the old models, and wouldn't require the same amount of money a true avatar rework would. Despite that, what we got is a really rushed product, hardly worthy of being called an 'update'. Technologically speaking I don't see a 10 year gap, they really only changed some skins around in an attempt to make the game look more modern. Ultimately unsuccessful, they also inadvertently messed up the emotes and poses, along with introducing some alienating animations, things that now also affect the ''old avatars''. All in all it just looks like a waste of resources to me, seeing as they are not even half way done and have a long way to get them into a working state I am very pessimistic about the outcome of all of this, I fear whatever we will be stuck with will be a downgrade in many ways. Just compare the quality of these new avatars to the Beorning faces. That's the level of update I was hoping for
  9. There is a new movement on the forums now, trying to convince SSG to never release the expansion for Lotro Points and keep it purchase only, I guess to ''stick it'' to all the people who held back on purchasing. Probably inspired by a combination of buyer's remorse and jealousy.
  10. Coming from someone who keeps reporting people for their opinions and calling them whiners. Your posts are the equivalent of a child putting their fingers inside their ears and screaming nonsense at this point! I also find it hilarious that you tried reporting people on this forum as well !
  11. Don't want her to go away, I think her public meltdown is quite entertaining, and it keeps her off the OF. We are doing everyone a favor as far as I am concerned
  12. I've never seen a person who ''cares so little'' care so much.
  13. Keep the posts coming, I'd rather have you post here where we can collectively laugh at your fat ass. Keeps you from shilling on the OF, which is detrimental to the game
  14. Keep the posts coming, they're the perfect way to prove that you have better things to do and show us that 'life's too short' from up on your high horse
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