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  1. Okay so it's been a minute since I've last posted on the forums, but I am trying to get a hybrid DPS & Moors build going with these stats, without having 2 separate builds. 100k Physical Mastery. Capped Mitigations, including over-capped Physical for Fell-Wrought and Orc-craft damage. ~50% Critical Defense. ~20%+ Finesse. Capped Critical rating. I run all the OE Jewelry with the full Juggernaut set, completely slotted with Masterful Agilities. For a pocket, I'll have the Agility hilt, with 2 supreme finesses as well as a crit defense(I Think..). I need to know how else to increase my mastery to 100k while still balancing the few other stats in roughly the same numbers as listed. I am also working on capping my Agility/Vitality/Might stat tomes for their obvious bonuses, but I still feel like I'll be around 4k mastery short. Anyone have any tips?
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