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  1. So now we can have good orcs, trans hobbits and the elven caliphate.
  2. Landroval peak since transfers was 350-400 AH pages, after Mordor it has been declining.
  3. Landroval lost 100 AH pages in a couple of days. People there say those who left to LS will return anyways.
  4. The exclusiveness taste, but after that, it will be another ghost server. I doubt most lifers and VIP would want to abandon everything for a fresh start.
  5. Most asian type mmos have sexualized characters, including child looks. No need to deny what's evident.
  6. An obvious response. He wont admit being influenced by Sipp & Joe's Co. Any case, any class dirty move under the balance or whatever excuse, is to make people grind or pay more cash to rebuild their LI's and gear.
  7. Yeah I never thought to see a negative post from Nymphonic https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?660522-End-game-enjoyment&p=7798178#post7798178
  8. Feel safe, that is against the new rules. The letter, not much to say about it... "we are excited and will continue developing Lotro". With the lootboxes and the progression (it's designed for lootboxes) tied to them, I'd think twice before spending in this company/game anymore.
  9. Did you grow up recently or something? Amorey trolls perfectly fine here and she's unaffected on the OF. (just a random example Amorey, you don't need to answer). Back to the topic, Hurin's guide is fine for people who have no idea of computers. Installing DX9 and .Net is one of the things I always have to do at some point because lots of games need them. Lotro is still "supported", so SSG should make it less painful. Especially for new players.
  10. They can't do a better trailer because the camera stuttering.
  11. For what it worths I've never perceived Hurin as a fanboi; even not always I agree with his views, I enjoy reading some of his post/discussions (e.g. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?656962-Final-Verdict-on-New-Avatars&p=7760925#post7760925). Now, after that picture, maybe he's not as self-controlled as I thought; too many infractions; one has to know when to stop.
  12. I read the five books and saw the tv series, they have ups and downs.
  13. Speaking of "difficult" games with poor controls and moronic UI... I thought consoles would ruin gaming and now we have this. GoT deserves better than that.
  14. Ha!, the expert of everything is now expert in trolling and baiting. Please don't remind us all those months you were making the ridiculous to get a ban from Frelorn. On topic, Cordovan seems to be very determined to silence criticism. These rules are more specific, tighter. Every time mmo forum rules are "revised" in the middle of a shitstorm (and Mordor is a disaster), is to scare away critics. No matter how many pardons were given, they wort nothing because with the new rules you simply can't deal with some passive trolls or with people who don't give a damn about Lotro anymore; or those with multiple accounts. People like the blonde bitch will accuse you of trolling, derailing or shaming at first glance.
  15. No way. I'd like to say yes but we are not judging just the Mordor expansion, but everything that comes with Lotro. Lag, shitty FPS, old areas outdated that became unpolished with all the changes in 10 years, bad practices, etc. No need to mention the new avatars monstrosity. It's like a house in ruins where everything you touch is a broken mess. You want to play skirmishes, shitty rewards; classic instances like Rift, Moria, etc, yeah fun but nothing you get there can be used, except as cosmetics. You are not truly rewarded by doing previous endgames like Moria, Isengard, Hytbold, Wildermore, Fangorn, Helm's Deep, Dol Amroth. They even made the flower picking and the wastes reputation grind completely useless with the stat changes in Mordor. I would pay $20 just to have it and not see the bloody store symbols, but no, Mordor does not worth the cost.
  16. There was close to zero interest (I think there is one thread in this forum about it) in the past, nothing more than a random request here and there. I doubt someone would waste time on a game that does not even run well on its own servers.
  17. You unleashed an open season on OF, don't try to step back now bitch.
  18. What in oblivion is that?! mushrooms abuse.
  19. You scraped Cordovan's surface and you found He-who-must-not-be-named... (I read your last posts and none justify a permaban; not even a warning, considering what I've seen since he's CM). In the end, it was all hypocrisy. When I look back to all the time I've spent in Lotro, I see all the good games I've missed. Maybe these morons are doing us a favor.
  20. I can't ignore the androgynous running animation in female elves. I suppose that is how Amorey runs irl because, of course, she likes it.
  21. Prolly she'll consider herself "lucky" https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?656658-New-Avatars-appreciation-thread&p=7756501#post7756501
  22. Someone posted this in OF Total loss. I wonder if ruining female faces and making them run like men is a coincidence.
  23. Your old elf was ugly, no doubt about that. It's not other players fault that you picked the wrong head. On the contrary, the woman was fine and now looks like a ventriloquist doll.
  24. Shocking prices, It looks like the ultimate cash grab. It would not surprise me if they pull the plug in early 2018
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