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  1. Good to know you were behind this yourself, Xusia. I hadn't made the connection between that blog and yours. I happened upon it because Beau had linked it (the site, not that specific blog post) in one of his columns on Massively (he's my favourite writer there). Chances are you are right about the whole thing. It'll most likely pass without too much noise. But I just keep having this nagging feeling. I think we all know how things get blown way out of proportion on the Internet, especially when it comes to the MMO business, and Massively is certainly guilty of making stories bigger than they usually are. I wouldn't put it past Beau Hindman to devote a few words to this, as f2p titles are his personal forte and a story like this would be right up his alley. Anyway, I am morbidly curious about how this all will end. It's always good to see a big company being put in its place.
  2. The purpose of a forum, any forum, is to get discussions going. I'm sure he'll read this and reply in his own good time, if at all. No skin off my back. I am merely expressing my opinion, as this story is now out and about on the Internet, wild and free, and I am genuinely worried about the possible effects this could have. He got his money back, whether because of his digging into the legalities of it all or not is not really important. He got a result. For him to push the issue to the point of threatening to have the licence revoked sounds a tad revengeful to me. It is one thing to make sure Turbine amend their rules regarding refunds, but it's another to possibly jeopardise the continuation of the game, just to prove a point. I'm sure those thousands of LotRO players worldwide will be grateful they can get their money back when Turbine is forced by Middle-earth Enterprises to shut the game down for good. And ME are not exactly the guardians of all things Tolkien, but more of all things Tolkien that can make us insane amounts of money. If this gets out even more, it means a lot of bad press. Bad press is not good for business. The blog I linked to earlier (which is Xusia's text verbatim, by the way) has one of Massively's columnists commenting below it. How long before they pick this up? If one gaming site has a story, others follow suit fast. I applaud Hajile's dedication, and you're right in saying he went beyond just venting on a forum, which is what most people would do, but I just hope this isn't going to turn around and bite him on the butt and, by extension, our butts as well. It probably won't go that far, but even the slightest chance that it might is not a very comfortable feeling. Don't underestimate the power of a company that's not in it for the IP, but just for the money.
  3. They'll keep doing this because they get away with it, and they get away with it, because people pre-order en masse. SWTOR is already breaking records and other than the lucky few testers (who are still bound by the NDA and live in fear of a wookiee ripping their heads off should they break it), nobody has yet spent any significant amount of time in the game. I pre-ordered SWTOR, and as for LotRO, I have been happily running around in my spiffy Rohan armour on my spiffy Rohan mounts for weeks now. When even a relatively level-headed old-timer like me can fall for a pre-order scheme, anyone can.
  4. I doubt they made such a statement, or the news would have been plastered all over the Internet by now. Retailers just put in a random date when no official release date is known yet. When EA said they were aiming for a holiday release, that 21 October was obviously too early, so that's why they probably changed it to 2 January. Holiday 2011 is a pretty broad period as well, but my guess would be the game is out by early November. Still some time away from Christmas, but shopping season starts early every year. Gotta give those parents time to buy all those copies early (so they'll sell out and EA will have to restock all the stores in time for the last wave of Christmas shoppers, laughing all the way to the bank).
  5. Quitting WoW is easy enough once you realize that Blizzard is giving non-raiders nothing to do but an endless string of dailies, just so you can get a few measly reputation epics that pale in comparison with what Blizzard's favourite peeps, the hardcore raiders, are getting. I played for five years. Had a lot of good times. But in the end the raid-centric approach started to grate more and more. I tried that raiding thing a few times, when I was still in my guild. This was before the first expansion. The instance itself (Zul'Gurub) was a lot of fun, once we were inside. But it was the actual getting inside that was a problem, each and every time. Of everyone that signed up for the raid, only me and a handful of others dutifully showed up on time each time. Others not so much. "Stuck at work." "Oh, I forgot." "Gotta walk the dog." "Mom says I gotta have dinner first." Others were online, but had to finish their quests first, or buy potions, or repair, or finish that battleground. I got so sick of starting an hour late every time. But go ahead and try it. It certainly is fun (or used to be, anyway. I haven't played in over a year.) I think you can now level to 20 for free, like an endless trial. On topic: I pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition, but seeing that 40 gigabyte number being thrown around, I'm starting to doubt whether that was such a good decision. They'd better make the download available a few days ahead of time, or that week's headstart will be spent downloading the game. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to playing it.
  6. I hope that wasn't in reply to my post, because no hostility was meant on my part. In my opinion Hajile should just be careful not to mess up things for a great many people just because he feels wronged (which is a right I do not want taken away from him, either). Besides, wasn't this forum created so people could speak their minds?
  7. Well Hajile, your story is out and has even caught the attention of one of Massively's contributors: http://mmovoices.ning.com/profiles/blogs/turbine-and-consumer-rights?xg_source=activity Although I do enjoy a good "sticking it to the man" story as much as anyone, I too wonder why you got so worked up about that change. To clarify: I understand wanting your money back when a product is not what you were promised, and I fully agree Turbine should refund in such cases, but changes to the stat cap? Is all this fuss and bother really worth it? As others have said, you might just end up causing a whole lot of trouble for those Turbine customers who are happy, changes or not. One thing: I don't want to be lumped in with those who came here because they felt stifled by Turbine on the official forums. I came here because many of the Codemasters forums did as well, and I've always liked posting there and wanted to continue to do so with many of the old "gang". I see no problems in Turbine "censoring" their own forums. Those are theirs to do with as they please, whether I like it or not.
  8. My code was in white letters on a white background. I had to highlight it by left-mouse button holding and dragging the cursor over it. I'm not sure if this was deliberate or a simple html error. Anyway, you should also get the code in a confirmation e-mail from Digital River.
  9. Thanks. Found it on the LotRO forums. Not everyone was clear with this, apparently. A bit shoddy on Turbine's part.
  10. Did you get the expansion from that RoI page? I can't seem to find any way of adding it to my account from the account management page.
  11. Why is that RoI page asking me to create a new account? What is this new devilry? Nvm, found it. Not very clear, this new ordering business.
  12. Did you log into your account first, or did you go directly from that RoI page?
  13. Hehe. I would love all three colours as well (they're not just different colours, but different patterns as well), but here's where my doubt starts to niggle: what if Turbine decides to put all those cosmetics and mounts in the store one day?
  14. Currently installed and playing: Champions Online and City of Heroes (both games I get bored with after one or two months, but still return to once in a while - odd, that). Still have a Rift sub as well, but that's nearly run out. I don't intend to resub for the time being. I haven't even maxed out a character yet, but I feel the same about it as some of the others who posted before me: it's just not too rich in content yet. I'm also dabbling in APB, purely for the customisation (I'm not a big shooter fan, yet). I jump into Guild Wars as well, whenever the mood hits me. Still have some ways to go to max out my HoM. Anxiously awaiting The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.
  15. It was amazing. Really solid performance. Goosebumps throughout. Got my tickets for next year as well. Had to stand in line for an hour after the show , but it'll be worth it . I bought that beautiful book as well.
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