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  1. The old schoolyard defense of, "but he/she IS a _____!!!" doesn't work. If someone is calling someone else a _____, and it's an insult, it's not up to me to determine whether the insult is warranted. Don't do insults. It also almost always lessens your argument, and makes you seem less intelligent. Debate the topic, not the person. If you can't handle someone else's personality, no one's requiring you to interact with them.
  2. Just wanted to let people know I'm still reading the thread. I haven't had too many people request another look at their banned status on the forums, but I am open to getting more, and have unbanned some folks. Always open to suggestions from others about things I should be doing. Have fun!
  3. FYI: I also removed the top of the forum notice about the Community Guidelines. They can still be found through the Community drop-down tab.
  4. I spent a couple of hours today digging through a massive backlog of community/forum tickets, and tried to get back to folks' tickets that weren't so old as to not make sense to reply to. Now that that's done, I'm able to carve out some time to look at old forum bans. So, if you are looking to be reinstated on the forums, let me know through support.turbine.com. Send it to Community/Forum Support. It may take some time to get back to everyone, and I can't promise you'll be unbanned until I learn more about the circumstances that led to it, but I'm willing to spend some time to sort through this.
  5. I don't plan to hold public trials on reinstating bans, but will be working to address bans that can be re-evaluated soon. The best way to get this done is to send in a ticket through support.turbine.com, and although it may take a while, I'll see what we can do.
  6. That's interesting about linking to lotrocommunity; I lack the history to know what prompted it. I think it probably would have to depend on what is being linked to rather than a permanent ban on linking to the forum. If someone was linking to NDA information, for example, or an exploit, that would still have to be prohibited, but just a general link to a nonissue thread is probably fine.
  7. Timing and atmosphere isn't a big concern of mine at this point, although I suppose history can color your reaction to it for sure. What - today - prevents you from being logged in and Xing out of it? I am not aware of a persistent logout issue, and have not experienced it in several years. What - today - makes you believe that it is a current "threat"?
  8. Are you talking about the link to the Community Guidelines? My understanding is you can simply X it out and it won't show up again, provided you are logged in. Unsure what's so obnoxious about it, seems pretty benign to me: " We strive to make these forums a welcoming, open, respectful, place for discussion about LOTRO. As part of this effort, our community team has created and enforces a set of Community Guidelines that all members are expected to follow. If you haven't read them, or if it's been a while, please take a moment to do so. " It'd be pretty easy to get rid of it, although I'm not sure where else the rules are linked to on the forums, which is why I think it's there to begin with.
  9. Turbine isn't the only studio to have a limitation on active players on the forums. Typically this is done to prevent people from using the forum as a place to troll after they're done playing a game, and helps discourage the fairly large number of people who claim to quit but actually don't (not criticizing, just saying it happens pretty frequently.) It also is used to stop people who might come to the LOTRO forums from other games to troll or cause havoc; less of an issue with LOTRO, but for example on DDO we wouldn't want the DDO community to bombard Neverwinter, and I am sure they don't want their players starting wars on our forums either. While technically a company doesn't need a formal reason to remove someone from the forums, and most of this can be covered by other rules, having a "should be an active player to post" gives moderators headroom to remove people who come onto the forums to cause problems.
  10. As someone said above, it's true; I am not particularly concerned with how you feel/felt about previous people in this position. I do plan to make an effort to take another look at bans, generally on an on-request basis through our support system, when time permits. As said, it'll be a few weeks before I have time to do this, though. Regarding the claim that you say got you banned: Not looking at the validity of the moderation decision, but just saying that your statement is simply not accurate. LOTRO and Infinite Crisis had separate budgets, and LOTRO's budget was not set by spending on Infinite Crisis (at least I've never heard of it happening.) That's not how we manage our games. Without providing more detail than permitted, the games in general set their budgets by their own revenue, which is part of the reason they have been able to be sustained for as long as they have. There may be additional investment from other sources, but the idea that we'd cut one budget to give it to another game is simply not what happens.
  11. Don't know the circumstances, but I'd imagine it depends a lot on what your definition of "disagreeing" is. If you were an abusive jerk, then yeah. If you lashed out at folks and threw a temper tantrum, then also yeah. Otherwise, when the time comes, we'll take another look at it. In general being abusive toward Turbine employees and members of the Community Team is not cool, and not allowed. Especially if you are also abusive to other players on top of it.
  12. I do think there is an opportunity to take another look at forum bans, but it'll be a couple of weeks most likely before I've got the time to do it. That said, I know some of the bans are legit, having looked at some ban appeals for LOTRO in the past, and the folks banned have a difference of opinion on it, so be prepared to be told no if you've violated Wheaton's Law.
  13. And of course I put this in the off topic section rather than the regular LOTRO general discussion. Guess I still need to learn how to forums.
  14. Hello! I wanted to create an account here just to introduce myself, and see what's going on. I know there's been some animosity between the community folks and this forum in the past, but AFAIK it didn't involve me (much?), so I figure this new era of sorts is a good time to say hello. I'm the current Community Manager for LOTRO and DDO (and to the extent AC is still supported, Asheron's Call.) I'm an old-school gamer and pen and paper nerd. Ask me about my THACO! There's a lot of work to do in the LOTRO community in the coming weeks, and I plan to do it. If you have a short bullet-list of what you feel is most important for the community (not development, that's a different thing), lemme know.
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