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  1. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    My name is Blessing

    i am a young lady with a kind and open heart,

    I enjoy my life,but life can't be complete if you don't have a person to share it

    with. blessing_777@yahoo.com

    Hoping To Hear From You

    Yours Blessing

  2. anonymi

    [Snowbourn] The Last Alliance

    To quote Douglas Adams' marvelous Marvin "...Ah!. . .Life! /heavy sigh/... /grumble...grumble...shuffle.../" :'(
  3. anonymi

    [Snowbourn] The Last Alliance

    My decision to start a Codemasters account on Snowbourn was entirely due to this recruitment poster. Once the servers are back up I will be able to bring my main Turbine LTA to Snowbourn and start a couple of toons there to join their Codies brethren (sistren)? I resemble all of the examples given in the advert. My mother was Canadian and, even though I was raised in the US, I spell colour and armour the civilized way despite the demerits from my Yank teachers. My (grown) children will tell you that "grumpy" is my trademark - I even have the coffee mug to prove it. I look forward to meeting ya'll in-game when the servers are back up.
  4. anonymi

    Further info re: EU to Global

    Here is the latest information from Sapience at Turbine: Sapience Harbinger of Soon Join Date Aug 2008 Posts 4,663 Re: European LOTRO Account Migration Begins May31st Originally Posted by Rylas The link is still leading to http://content.turbine.com/lotro_migration/index.html# Correct. The link will continue to lead there until the actual migration page is active. Until we've secured the data and the official transition (June 1) takes place we cannot activate the migration tool. All that should take 1-2 days with a target to have everything back online and playable within ~3 days. Sapience - Lead Community Specialist, The Lord of the Rings Online." I saw this and thought I would share the news.