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  1. Sorry, thats false. All "insults" are not created equal on your forum for lotro. Those "insults" lobbed at people that have negative opinions/experiences by those that defend lotro at every turn are not only tolerated but encouraged through long years of inaction by the moderators there. Please dont come here with this linf of crap and expect anyone here to believe that after seeing this over and over through the years.
  2. i guess you missed the attempted word play
  3. you keep saying this. sounds a lot like the playbook from psychophants on the official forums. *yawn*
  4. Ah yes, the old "you must be something nefarious because Im new and have an opinion" response. Anyone want to actually discuss the posts and or topic? I play lotro and WoW just for clarification, not that it should have to be said. Ironically those types of responses are trolling in nature. someone actually called me a "fanboi" but im the troll? isnt this exactly the type of behaviour you all bemoaned on the Lotro Oficial forums? lmao.Neither of you two made any relevant posts concerning the topic. Typical.
  5. It's not even remotely close to lotros lgendary item system in suckiness. It's actually closer to a talent tree. There is no RNG factor at all. Just a straightforward alternate advancement for your character in which you chose the multiple paths you would like to take to reach the three capstone skills/traits on the weapon. Only a die hard lotro fan or a devout WoW hater would say that lotros system is "better" As to "power being taken away and given back" does this statement really need an explanation as to why it is laughable?
  6. not even close. Thats laughable also laughable
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