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  1. Well, most of LOTRO's players are eight years old or less. So yeah, it's going to hurt SSG.
  2. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?672423-Sick-of-it Nothing like watching a pit of vipers eating their own tails, publicly.
  3. psalm8818

    Other MMOs?

    There aren't any good MMOs out there today. They're all toxic cesspools of entitlement, exploits, and corrupt developers who couldn't give less of a shit about their player base. Gamers have largely moved on from those halcyon days of camaraderie and cooperation for a common goal. Today, it's all about instant gratification, pay-to-win cash stores, and bad-mouthing kids on the other side of the globe through comms/Ventrillo/Teamspeak/Discord for the lulz.
  4. Per the OF, djheydt is having issues with the 64-bit client on BR. Oh, sweet irony...
  5. I think I finally understand why Turbine/WB/SSG never marketed LOTRO with a substantial advertisement campaign. They're ashamed of it. There's not a single livestream out there that makes the game or its development look good in any measurable fashion. The streams are literally turning off potential new players from downloading the client. That amuses me. So more power to these soulless corporate sellouts who are genuinely torpedoing their own hobby by promoting it.
  6. It will depend on how "Classic" it actually is. If it's anything like LOTRO's "Classic" servers, then I'll pass. One would hope Blizzard is smarter than that, but then again we're talking about a company that made the next Diablo game for mobile phones and wondered why gamers were outraged.
  7. No the original game is still limping along...and I do mean limping. But as you might guess, it bares very little resemblance to the game that made it a serious competitor to Everquest for a time. Whereas LOTRO is held afloat by whales who can't live without buying premium hats and horses, DAOC's lifeline has ever been multiboxers who make it look like the game has double the playerbase it actually does (as of this writing, DAOC has no F2P model, and requires a sub to play, and two subs to be competitive), using their 2nd accounts as buffbots afking inside castle keeps. But not surprisingly, private DAOC emulator servers that do not allow multiboxing have more than 10x the playerbase than live servers today.
  8. One is reminded of Michael Scott teaching the sales department of Dunder Mifflin how to use Power Point when he himself had never even opened the application before.
  9. I think Dark Age of Camelot may be on its last legs. Nearly 100% of its already dwindling player base has migrated to a free private server. Broadsword (or whomever owns it now) was supposed to shift to a Free to Play model 3 years ago, but to date that has not occurred. It's the same old story really; people want to play the game before [insert shitty expansion/patch that ruined the game] was implemented.
  10. The thing that amuses me about streamers is how they CTD a dozen times during livestreams. It reminds me of that old video clip of Bill Gates promoting a latest version of Windows when it blue screens during the live presentation.
  11. Meh. That's genuinely the best I can muster. Even if the game ran smoothly without crashes, rubberbanding or data leaks, it's still a pay-to-win gambling simulator with 11 year-old bugs, raids that don't function properly, terrible customer service/community relations, and a cautionary tale of mismanagement and greed.
  12. IIRC DDO is 3.5e, Neverwinter is 4e (loosely, in both cases). Neverwinter plays more like modern WoW with all the smash button flashy skills win win give me muh lewtz, whereas DDO plays more like LOTRO with an equally shitty engine and equally shitty customer service. They're both terrible games IMHO, but Neverwinter is the lesser of two evils, which is why it has more players.
  13. Who asked for a Gollum-PoV LOTR game? (Probably the same mouth-breathers who asked for a LOTR MMO that focuses on lootboxes and picking flowers). At best, it will be a 1st or 3rd-person stealth-survival game with lots of fishing with your bare hands, hiding from orc patrols, and talking to yourself in the dark. How do they even plan to monetize custom unlocks? Different textures of loincloth? Different bulbous eye colours? It won't have a prayer unless Andy Serkis is involved, and I doubt his $ervices come cheap today. I just feel like they're really missing the mark on this, and that a game about a schizophrenic sociopath is not going to interest gaming's core demographic, most of whom play video games to escape the reality that they themselves are schizophrenic sociopaths (see below for their poster child).
  14. Is anyone else bothered by the prospect that all these crooked billionaires get together once a week at a high-society "Eyes Wide Shut" orgy to gloat about how they get away with so much white collar crime?
  15. This is exactly how WoW plays today, since they introduced the 'cross realm zones.' There is ALWAYS someone right in front of your face, having cleared out all slow-respawning quest mobs 20 seconds prior to your arrival, or having just mined/gathered the crafting resource you went several minutes out of your way to get to, or having just turned in a quest to an NPC that despawns upon turnin. Individually, those wasted seconds are trivial...but they add up. Open tapping alleviates part of the frustration, but certainly not all, especially if there are no mobs up to tap. As far as the LI system...well, that's what put me off with Moria years ago. The prospect of being compelled to level up several different LIs at the same time for the sole purpose of destroying them for better stats on your next LI to level up...eyerolling stupidity. My kinship was of a like mind, and by Mirkwood we dwindled from over 100 active players at launch to 3.
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