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  1. We all know about that anyways... but many are too damned "political correct" to tell a simple truth like mixing immigrants from different religions might possibly maybe be a bad idea if they are at war with each other somewhere else. Loads of stuff like get get in under the blanket. You might however notice that the report is from January 2016 and that we have loads more immigrants since then with no particular increase in incidents.
  2. Good. You stand vindicated and can obviously read.
  3. I am. That being said, there is a huge difference between being a local politician and a "national" one. The ones in government are more bound by the party agenda and can, when needed, hide behind policy and whatnot, we can not. The most interesting matter is that we co-rule our local council with the opposition. We have for 6 years now, and it works very well, because we are not tied up by the prestige thinking and the theoretical discussion in the capital or on higher levels of government. Sure, we scrape now and then due to "official" policy, but in general its all a matter of common sense and practical politics. Sadly we see tendencies even here that some people only care about next election, which is inhibiting true long term thinking in so many ways. And we need long term solutions. Desperately.
  4. Ok, you got some very generalized statements there that you need to revise in regards to the following: Islam has a few derivations (like Christianity has Lutherans, Orthodox and Catholics, among others) and if you take a minute to check out the historical religions of many of the countries surrounding Syria, you will notice that they do not play well. We may call the islamic arabs as a VERY generalized term, but that is a pretty ignorant statement if you consider that the Wahabites in Saudi Arabia hate the guts of th... jeez, here have an image, read up. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam#Denominations So claiming that the richest are not helping out is just not the whole truth, nor relevant in all cases. You claim these things from one of the largest countries in the world with very few citizens per square mile and a working social and healthcare system that the "west" should push the immigrants back? Ok. Please elaborate how? Shooting them on sight? Letting the starve to death? Gas bunkers...? We took in about 160.000 refugees last year. I am not involved in that, I have not met them, but I do know that if other countries took in a few more, the burden per country would be much less than it is today. So how many did Canada take in? Frankly, you are pretty much full of crap. Sweden's major issue abut immigrants and refugees is housing them. We are short on apartments, houses, condoes, you name it, this is partly because we have underestimated the need for actually building new housing for at least a decade plus the fact we have so anal rules about building that it takes about 4-6 years to get all the planning and consents for your average 6 floor apartment building, Germany does it in about 18 months or some like that. We are full of young people refusing simple jobs because they all wanna be bosses or rockstars and ignore anything in between so our unemployment is not that big, about 6-7%, but we need people for those simpler unqualified jobs, since our own population don't want them but scream loud as hell when someone is not emptying the garbage bin. About feminism, I do not recognize your description and would ask you to elaborate a bit more. Swedens government has declared itself Feminist, but if you check the parliament and how much support you will see they have about 40% tops of the members, that counting coalition parties like the Green and the left. Yes, I am swede, and a local politician to that.
  5. These guys run it: http://lux-hdro.de/serverstatus.php As for who they are, not sure, some searching on these and the Turbine forums might help. Several names here: http://lux-hdro.de/forum/
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