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  1. Why upgrade a dead forum lolol. It's like lotro upgrading to 64bit client in 2020
  2. Nah, it's far from dead. I play several hours on my free days. There is always something to do. Daily box runs, roving threat raids, landscape quest raids, new resource instance 6-mans etc. The performance issues people claim to have, just have some common sense to get an i7 and disable shadows, frills and lower visible distance. But you wouldn't know anything about it, this is the 'I hate Lotro' forum after all. I've never seen so many sad sacks of shit, still here commenting on a game they stopped playing in 2010. Like, move on already. You got nothing better to do? For people who actually want to talk about the game and not whine about it, the new update seems like a good direction for the game. They have managed to make Mordor believable. I'm looking forward to the actual Mordor expansion.
  3. Don't worry, at least you still count as Millennials. Granted, the millennials are getting old...
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