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  1. attention: kinship has been temporarily set back, as i am unable to gather the support that i require. You can still contact me to apply, but it will be unofficial for a while.
  2. IC: "a man aproaches you after witnessing you commit a theft" Dorvus: I seen you rob that man back there, lad, splendid job! You know, i run this little group, a guild of thieves, perhaps you would a taste of our little organization. you: tell me more... We are located right here in Bree town, but we may expand as we grow. I am offering you a once in a lifetime deal here, you join us, and we will make you rich, but don't expect a walk in the park, you will earn your keep. You see, lad, the deal is simple, you contribute to our name and cause, and your reputation among us grows. As long as you keep loyal, you have a select amount of services our folks can provide you. If you ever need an information broker or a fence, you can find one in our numbers, if you ever get in trouble, you can expect that any other member will have your back in a fight, and the more you contribute and the more we grow, the more you gain. you scratch our back, we scratch yours, quite a deal, eh? you: sounds great, but do i get my cut? Dorvus: ofcourse you get a cut, we take care of our own, on each job you join on, you get a cut out of the profits... OOC: The "ragged coinpurse society" is a society of thieves, aiming to help thieves in their lifestyle by collaborating in jobs as a brotherhood in crime. We mainly accept men and women (humans) , but we do sometimes make an exception. IF you consider yourself a thief (it matters little on what is your preferred method of stealing or preferred item to steal) , and are seeking a brotherhood to help you go after larger targets, all while having your back, you are more than welcome to join us. We have a medium sized little hideout as of now, just right of the Cloak and dagger inn, where we have all a thief could want: Drinks, music, an area to train your lockpicking skills, and Dorvus's personal office. If you are seeking a brotherhood of thieves to join, we gladly welcome you as one of us! How to join: Contact "Dorvus" via letter , tell, or by finding him directly near the prancing pony at some times of the day/night (Depending if you are European or American...). I am seriously looking forward to expanding this society, and i hope to have as many of you joining as possible. Dorvus's laurelin archives profile: http://laurelinarchives.org/profile/16584