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  1. berry

    Give away - LotRO Europe stuff

    will the Lifetime subscription code work? I will take the code only if no one else will take the box and everything.
  2. As much as I love lotro, I don't care about the fate of the game or the company who runs it cause I don't feel like they were being honest with us or treated their fan base with fairness, I know many will disagree with me and maybe it's not true, but this is the way I feel about it.
  3. Microtransactions are not the problem, the problem is the gambling nature of those loot boxes. On it's core the loot boxes provides a temporary and short excitement and it meant to get people addict so they will use this again while spending money. If a gamining company wants to turn their game into p2w it's one thing, but what we witness right now is the gaming industry is slowly turning into a casino.
  4. No idea if it's intentional but they wont kill the game the easily many players still defend SSG, and as it seems they enjoy giving SSG their money. I simply start to think that maybe SSG realized who are their costumers, and just deliver to their expectation. I mean if people paid 130 euro for Mordor, and even 40 euro is way too much, why should the company spend time on proper beta testing and proper QA, when the player simply look the other way. So I don't think they are trying to kill the game just trying to get as much money as they can out of it, but not in any smart way in my opinion. This game could have been gold mine but instead they probably prefer a dairy.
  5. for some reason it doesn't surprise me any more, I won't be surprised if it was all planned ahead.
  6. Why does he even care about dx 10/11 the game keep crashing on dx 10/11 if you have modern reg.
  7. berry

    Meanwhile, back at Turbine...

    I just can't believe this company got another big title under their hands...
  8. berry

    Mordor Rant

    I agree with what you said, I don't understand their choices over years, I was wondering if they are actually trying to drive players away. I tried to understand turbine's tactics over the years and it never made any sense to me. But I still don't understand why would they do it in deliberately. Maybe the whalers are really keep this game alive. I wish we could see the real number behind the game how many players still playing, and how much money this game even makes this days. And I got to ask when Paiz said that? do you have a source for that?
  9. berry

    Mordor Rant

    why would they want to sabotage their money making product?
  10. berry

    Mordor Rant

    Couldn't say it better myself, their actions over the years drove people away. The sad thing the last year was pretty good for them, they introduce new raid, people came back, and now they drove people again with their pricing agenda. I have no idea who is calling the shots at lotro but In my opinion he is doing really bad job.
  11. berry

    Mordor Rant

    I havn't played mordor yet, but the idea of hard fighting mobs in LOTRO kinda annoying me. The landscape fights are pretty much all the same no special abilities to the mobs just taking longer to kill mobs, and we did that so many times over and over again, Mordor is nothing new Angmar/Moria I believe were just hard as mordor, and many quests (mostly at Angmar) meant for fellowship. I guess my point is that I'm tired of doing this old shit again. I would prefer to have series of quests with boss fighting mechanisms and a good story, than simply the same mindless grind/farming quests go there kill/explore/emote this and return.
  12. berry

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    I didn't notice they deleted anything, but I'm not following the forums that much. and about bans/infractions I have no idea.
  13. berry

    Morder Pre-Purchase Packages Announced

    I have to give it to ssg cord, the OF are way more open minded than it used to be at sapience days. They let people say their piece, even when it's negative opinions about ssg.
  14. berry

    Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase

    Guild wars 2 pricing are normal and not only that it's pay once and play there is no subscription plan but there is in game store. Also the in game store's currency can be traded for gold so one can basically earn it in game. If not for the lotr brand this game wouldn't survive that long.
  15. berry


    The problem is for 10 years they are doing the same thing, leveling by questing. Many mmos has abandon this way, or at least won't mind if you power level on a different way, and by won't mind I mean you will be able to do dalies and nothing will be gated behind doing the whole quest line to unlock something. But I guess it's the easiest way to make quests that send you to collect/kill/explore x amount of y. Kinda sad I hoped at this point the developers will decide to make it more interesting. But so far all I saw on Mordor is the same old stuff we saw if it's glorious reputation system/radiance and etc. So I'm going to wait on buying Mordor, maybe when it go to store for lps I will buy it.