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  1. Good move on their side, it made me think about coming back but the in game store and the tides it have with the game does concern me too much to give it a try. The last time I actively played the game was too grindy for my taste and from what people have told me and what I read I don't believe it has been approved. Anyway if they will reduce the in game grind I may consider coming back.
  2. Some people are ok with paying that amount of money, but what they don't understand it drives people away from the game which is not healthy for any game.
  3. I have to admit it's a very curious turn this item is now behind a pay wall of real money, I wonder if in time they will add more items/services for real money only.
  4. It's not like the store didn't had virtues traits for sale. The problem is the system itself it's so grindy and now it gives people motivation to farm all traits and not only those they needs. The system was ok if it was account wide, but instead people have to grind it on every character.
  5. The game is expensive and the grind is there to direct people to the store, The problem is not the booster the problem is the idea of people having to pay just to skip stuff in a game, cause the grind is too extensive and simply not fun. Long time ago I realized it's not a game with a store, it's a store that have game.
  6. The amount of years you played means nothing in terms of how well you character is geared. If one is buying a character booster he should expect to have a good gear and traits so he won't need to play old content.
  7. If you consider the very expensive price of valar (over 60$) it reasonable.
  8. I wonder the state of this live version, how long was the beta phase testing?
  9. Those loyal fans allowed it to happen at the first place, they silenced any sort of criticize opinion. They said they are happy to give turbine/ssg money cause they want to support the game they love. And in the mean time they keep giving away money for getting more of the same, there are no new fun mechanics the quests are still the same as they were at 2007.
  10. does it add any new zones/maps to the game?
  11. Before I stopped to play I felt that in every turn the player is encouraged to pay money. And in my opinion this is the main problem, players should want to pay money to have more fun, but in lotro I felt I need to pay to skip certain parts of the game which I don't enjoy, so I can get to the parts I do enjoy. And it's a real shame cause I believe lotro have or at least had a lot of potential.
  12. I don't understand what the fuzz is about, They should have made a new type of vault just for materials and make it account wide. Instead they got some sort of a bag and people will have to transfer it between characters, and when people want to use those mats for crafting they will have to get it out of the bags,.I hope ssg will come to their senses and take more to perfect it, cause In my opinion it bad implementation of great idea. The best part is people will have to pay at least 80$ for it ( I guess at some point it will be available on the store)
  13. To be honest I don't see the point of those trailers other games have trailers with nice and very expensive cgi which build hype. But when I watch Mordor/Minas Morgul it simply drive me away from the game, the trailers just look awful.
  14. This trailer still looks better than the one they had for mordor. And what info do you expect? from my understanding it's a new region with few new instances. If people want to spend 130$ on it it's their choice.
  15. Really nice change, 30$ is really good price for gw2 even the 60$ deal was a really fair price. And this is my problem with lotro when you compare lotro with other games in the market it doesn't feel like you get worth of your money even the 40$ deal.
  16. The early zones until 75 are fun and enjoyable looks great and unique. the real pain start once you start leveling everythin between 75 - 110/115 (this is when I stopped playing).
  17. The reasons are clear to me, and even understandable. I do think vip should be able to purchase it with point like a month after release. What amaze me is how people can defend the pricing, to me it seems like they ask a lot of money and deliver very little.
  18. I still amaze people actually defend their pricing. In gw2 you pay for each xpack 30$ (two so far) and you unlock almost everything the game have to offer. In swtor you sub for one month and it unlocks all the content that has been released until that point. And again people won't be able to buy it with points until march 2020, are they trying to kill the game or did it work for them with mordor?
  19. This is really funny, and it's only one new class can't imagine how it will be when the xpack hit the live servers.
  20. I don't follow the forums does the expansions connected some how? (beside lore and geographical)? I'm asking cause I see many people mentioning mordor.
  21. why not? If you skip or short the QA process, it's possible to roll out a new expansion. The longer it will be out it increase the numbers of people who will buy it just to play with their friends.
  22. wow this is unbelievable 130$, even 40$ is too much for this game. But for 130$ I would expect something more than just virtual bundle, and it's not even unlocking any of the old content.
  23. Quitting a game that you invested so many hours is not easy specially when you make friends so for some people it's really hard to leave this game behind. I stopped playing few years ago, but the only reason I keeping login every now and then is to say hello.
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