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  1. Four hired last week in highly visible positions, today two visible employees are fired (Clover and Graalx2), will this be a net positive, or are there more bad news to come ?
  2. That's bad, everyone is entitled to his opinion on Graalx2's modifications, but at least his large in-depth knowledge of the game mechanics will not be replaced easily. I will be wary of changes to classes without Graalx2 around to avoid huge imbalances. Sometimes, seemingly small changes have a huge impact further down the road.
  3. I reinstalled win7 shortly before RoR launch, to run lotro from a native win OS. I only use linux otherwise, so my windows isn't cluttered with many apps or adware running in the background. I also checked running processes last time I crashed, and there were so few that I could exactly identify each. I have two intel i7 quadcores, and 8GB RAM, with an SSD and last generation nVidia GPU. But all these details are pointless when you realize that the crashes and rubberbanding are mostly during peak game hours. When Europe is at work and the States are in bed, the games runs quite smoothly. That must be my weeks-old graphic driver behaving thusly to wrongly incriminate the servers. Shoo ! Bad driver !
  4. Blaming players for bugs is unforgivable. I have none of the problems he cited, running the game on a brand new 64-bit win7, fully updated with the latest drivers, plenty or RAM and no others applications running (especially not happy cloud), and I still get my fair share of crashes recently. Even today I couldn't get into frodo's session without being booted to the desktop. Couldn't disable the plugins either, I had to manually edit the xml files to work around this. The way this goes, you will soon need to be able to disassemble and manually patch the game to play...
  5. If the game is properly coded (ok, it is NOT properly coded, but let's be imaginative here), the game world is spread on many processors, some processors having several chunk of it to manage (think of very sparsely populated areas, or instances). A very populated game world will use more computing power than a ghost town, with more instances, more dynamic layers, and less zones per processors. Hence high population servers are impacting low population servers, as they basically compete for the same resources, pushing the low-pop servers on a lower number of processors. As with bandwith for patches, Turbine makes calls on how much resources are needed to satisfy their customers, without spending too much money on resources. On sunday I could not even move in moria, and couldn't teleport back in there ounce I ported out, and my server is one of the least populated one (moria is completely empty, seeing another player is always a surprising event).
  6. Codemaster brought all GMs in-house. And even if Turbine's GMs are outsourced, stopping a contract is subject to conditions and/or penalties. The main assertion you conveniently cut was that "There are a lot of jobs which have to be discontinued when a MMO ends.". Lots of people would have to find a new occupation, and you can't keep everyone unless you have a brand new project to put those people on. Stopping a MMO is probably quite costly. If the hobbit gives some hopes of easy money, I can't see LoTRO closing before next spring.
  7. Looking forward to my legendary socks.
  8. A few thougths on possible endings: - There are a lot of jobs which have to be discontinued when a MMO ends. These jobs are either redeployed or simply cut. Codemaster kept all their community managers, but fired many GMs. - The hobbit films will populate lotro a bit. I don't say that this will be tremendous, but it is a huge PR move for tolkien's world, and lotro should at least reap some profits from that. - If Turbine is completely closed, WB can push it quite easily and fast to bankruptcy. This solves a lot of headaches regarding job contracts, as Turbine would shut down fast.
  9. Yes, thanks a lot Doro. And thanks to the pointy haired guy at Turbine who made the decision to sell the whole expansion from day one in the store, and not piecewise like last year. Cheers for the anonymous pointy haired guy !
  10. That's what they did for Enedwaith (now starting at 60). Having a complete region with only one level is not easily marketable to new players (lorien is marketed as 55-60). See the official quest packs list. My money is on a great river region with quests going from 70 to 75. Anyway, I will play a low level roll until the new regions are not too crowded and a promotion arrives for the expansion. I might even wait for the new instances to buy the bundle with points.
  11. I am not a huge fan of Turbine, but I would not level without quest content. To each his own I guess. On my rolls, when I get tired of a region I simply sirmish my way through a couple of levels to go another place. Since you are dual boxing, and if you really just want to reach the level cap my suggestion is to play another game with a skirmish in the background. Since you are a lifer you will get rest XP, and by setting the skirm level appropriately (and picking your skirmish wisely), you should be able to gain xp with a very low level of attention for the game. A good skirm soldier with the help of one or two NPCs will frequently clean most of a skirmish without any problem. For those times when you die, it does not really matter anyway, since you don't lose much (some gold and some marks with the penalty). Pick a defensive skirm with NPCs (gondamon with a warrior works great for that, stand at the top with the big NPC), check every five or ten minutes that you and your soldier are still alive, and do something else. It won't be fast, but you will literally not see the levels pass. If you have an archer, stand at amon sul is even better if you can come back to lit the fires when the timer expires, since the NPC can heal. Your skirm soldier needs to tap the mobs, so this won't work with herbalists. Dual boxing, an archer and an herbalist are probably the best combo since they won't move much.
  12. The quest pack bought with TP won't include the three kinds of war horses. This is only for full expansions bought directly with money. Confirmed by Sapience today.
  13. From the official forum, this might be for a charity ! If it really is for a charity then I would of course do it for free, if I only had a bit more free time.
  14. We could auction this out, I would accept to do it for 5,000 euros. Under that price I would have to discuss specifics in details (such as travel expenses if filmed outside home, etc.). But that's probably because I have a nice paying job and a scarcity of holidays. Others might want to do it for much less.
  15. I never intended to post NDA material here or participate in beta, but I would love to have some further discussion on why do you (as a site admin) chose this position. Is it because you or other admins are not anonymous on Turbine's official forum ?
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