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  1. Splay

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Well that is surely an empty threat. There is no way these musicians would quit. The one you speak of may have unfurled a boycott banner but not long after would have stood alone. One thing I learned about the social structure of MMOs is, it is always temporary. Alliances last as long as good pizza. Once the pizza is consumed gamers are looking for the next free slice. Also there are plenty of others who would fill the empty niche. Some, because it was there to be filled. Others, to fill it to gain sway while unseating others. The power struggle is always prevalent and as soon as one duckling turns the wrong direction the other ducklings quack. Why? Because ducklings want to be ducklings and if their mother duck doesn't want to stay at the head, the ducklings quickly look for a new lead to follow. As an aside, I don't know any other game these musicians could have migrated to. To me, this was empty threats all the way down. Had I been a Dev at Turbine, in that day, I would have called their bluff and watched them quack. To think Turbine fell on their face by one in opposition, where in time, cost Turbine/SSG thousands of players and millions in revenue. Another contributing factor why LotRO PvMP is shit.
  2. Splay

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Clips and video I watched in the past that kept my attention have things in common. A good voice is the most important one. An appearance that doesn't spark ewww. Clarity, concision, and the ability to stay focused. Not including serious face material, a good sense of humor. Knowing their source material. Explaining things in a way which doesn't make the viewer think they aren't being talked down to. Some years ago I watched a person who made videos for GTA. Name was Louie-something. The guy has a good voice. He knew what he was doing in GTA and was quite good at it. I found his videos informative and interesting. He stayed on track. He made watching his videos fun. If I were to ever play any version of GTA, this guy would be the biggest reason. Outside of the games appeal itself.
  3. Splay

    Streamer "Awesomeness"

    Mac, what in the hell did I just watch there? This woman has an official LotRO stream? Its a joke right? Tell me its a joke. No Cry of Chorus. No tiering up Ballads. No Song of Distraction. No fear. No flop. No idea of a Minstrel AoE or single target skill. No poison removal. No awareness. No fucking clue how to play a Minstrel. Stands there and just dies. Again and again and then again. She should get banned just for existing. On level, this shit was faceroll even before the Mordor nerf. I literally just ran in the place where the pages were and owned the place still using half a set of DA gear. Just rolled through like I had the title to the property. I'm still shaking my head some 7 hours after I watched this abomination of a video. I don't watch live streams and rarely watch player made videos of LotRO, and I can say I am better for it. Beating my forehead with a ballpeen hammer would give me greater joy than watching Druidsfire play a Minstrel. I take this stupidity as an attack on my common sense. I almost don't want to believe, her and I exist in the same universe. I seen (truth here) a 10 year old girl play a Minstrel better. If I could take this (video) moment back I would in heartbeat. The class I choose to main a Minstrel. Stuck with it for near 12 years now. To think this person is allowed in some official capacity, to showcase this class and can't even manage the basics of the class, is beyond sad. What is worse is the general public who are interested in gaming might see this. Why SSG would tolerate an association of this nature, would surely have to know it can't promote the game in a good light. Or... Maybe its just that bad and these idiots don't know any different. It is no wonder why this game has gotten shitty. If SSG caters to players like Druidsfire, I can now understand why no one with a clue bothers with LotRo anymore.
  4. Splay

    64-bit gossip

    Lmao Maybe if someone creates a thread here titled "Are lotro pvers that bad" A dev will show up and tell us about how Turbine/SSG had to constantly dumb down the game so people like Druidsfire could feel relevant. Lowering mob density. Giving melee classes extended range. Classes faceroll one shotting. Players low manning raids on level. The list is manifold. Oh and the cake topper. Endgame essence in festivals.
  5. Splay

    64-bit gossip

    Honestly, who gives a fuck about instanced housing? I cant even give one shit about it let alone two. Had SSG chose to allow players to have housing on the landscape, that is something I would go for. Rohan is perfect for this. Instead, it will just be another dead space in the game meant to be a refuge for hoarders. So they can become enamored with their pixels. No mention of PvMP. Ofc, I guess I shouldn't expect this from the interviewer. I doubt they have a clue in such matters and likely have a stroke from one direct encounter vs a person. Severlin's mention of the LS population is laughable. The numbers don't lie. Stated many times here and elsewhere, as the cap raises anything below becomes a deserted wasteland. So the only thing LS has, is to stay with the herd and convince themselves its fun crawling over top of each other for that one ore node. I just don't see the longevity of the LS situation sustaining.
  6. New all time low for last month on the Steam chart. I have also noticed many a player who have consistently been active for years now mia. The raid content is boring. The grind to prepare for raid content is tedium extreme. Most players claim to have put lootboxes on the filter list. The AH is starting to look like a bare cupboard. Activated npcs are sluggish even on the days of server restarts. LS populations are still declining. Store sales are inconsistent and often have disparity between LP and Mithril. The Festival has failed to bring in long term ezmoders for cosmetic shinys. Yet every fucking retard, who has 50 alts and owns a complete homestead will vehemently defend the "LotRO is doing great" mantra.
  7. Yeah sorry. What I meant was it isn't just visible names in the social panel it also includes anons. I concur with your correction on my post. Not sure how it came out like that. Posting way too late in my evening.
  8. The graphs above were never clear to me if they are unique client log ons or character log ons. I always understood them as character log ons but have nothing to support this. What is clear is, these numbers are non-anon numbers. I always used them as a general reference taking note of average activity.
  9. I see no marked increase of activity on LS over this past weekend. One would expect this to occur if the venture is to remain successful. Some lodss of activity on Landy but this could be due to several factors not being attributed to LS activity. End game grind, holiday, spring, ect. Also of note, the logons for LS and old servers are affected by this. Many players log onto both from the same accounts there by adding numbers which could seems as extra activity from any known data collection. In general, everything that was expected here by its users have been close the reality. The LS are not doing well and still syphon activity from the old servers. Steam at its all time low is telling of the situation and just how bad the game is doing. I don't know or see how this can continue with the current trend. It would be really sad to think a festival could be LotRO's saving grace. 😞
  10. Moria launched today and it seems the LS cash cow hasn't yielded much as of today. The numbers didn't impress me. Maybe this weekend they will pick up.
  11. Splay

    Moria soon on LS?

    Who in their right mind would pass up on a Gandalf emote and LI lag?
  12. Splay

    Who owns Lord of the Rings Online?

    Google is sometimes your friend. I barely believe the nonsense I read in this kind of information. Too many times other sources conflict. Layer after intentional layer to hide the reality is common in business and even more so for suspicious entities. I had already read this but didn't consider it legit enough to stand on it. Have researched to who this guy is related to?
  13. Splay

    22 Hours

    For those who don't know, the SSG customer service link on the launcher seems to work. If all those on reddit and twitter were to know this, I imagine many of them would flood their CS with angry type complaints. The evil in me isn't strong enough to care or I'd have let all of them know.
  14. Splay

    22 Hours

    /Sudden outburst of laughter occurs. SSG should hire you for comic relief at Cordovan's live streams using LotRO emotes for punch lines. I might be inclined to watch them if this were so.
  15. Splay

    22 Hours

    Send cookies? WTF! It's not they at SSG are going through a real hurricane and require disaster relief. If anything SSG needs swift kick in the ass for allowing themselves to be in this position. The whole thing is quite embarrassing.