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  1. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Looks like the Creeper, whom I shall not name, wasn't happy reading his psycho bio here. No doubt he linked many a thread from here where Cordoban is deservedly shat upon hoping the creeper will again come into SSG's good graces. No worries you Faggoty Bitch! I hit the mark and you know it. Suck it up and swallow your earned karmic payback, like a good cocksucker.
  2. Splay

    Same shit different week

    What investors? The only investor Turbine ever had was WB. WB's investment was an eventual planned buyout per the contract, which the original founder of Turbine intended all along as his cashout. Everyone assumes there is some dude swimming in cash who remains hidden as the investor. The most that occurred was an investment company was created for the sole purpose for WB's eventual ownership. SSG themselves had someone front them a loan to get on their feet, once no longer under the Turbine/WB yoke directly. The loan to create an indie development company is not the same thing as who supplies the cash to keep LotRO going. There is a good chance the SSG loan is already paid off and likely the reason DBG didn't jump in immediately. Also the loan for SSG was likely incorporated into the package deal arbitrated between WB, DBG and SSG from the budget allotted to SSG in the first year. All parties concerned gave SSG a break to get on their feet. Infinite Crisis was a piece of shit built on the same piece of shit engine LotRO and DDO use today. It doesn't surprise me its was shut down and tbh I don't think Turbine was fully committed to making it good. A pet project approved by WB which no one really gave a fuck about but to keep their jobs until WB made the transition to Mobile games. Essentially Infinite Crisis was a filler to take up time on WB's ticket expense. Any profits Turbine ever made were promptly taken away and the annual budget prevailed. It wasn't like as if Turbine hit it big again raises would be flying out from WB or the annual budget would have been infinite. My point about the game engine and creating a new one, is there was always room and time to have it bargained for in any given years budget. That never happened.
  3. Splay

    Same shit different week

    All these years from Asheron's Call to today. Turbine and by extension SSG could have been creating a new game engine from the ground up, back to front. Always same bullshit about Turbine was a small company and how SSG is a small Dev company is just passing the $buck. From the company to the shills and whiteknights. All bullshit through and through. SSG should have had this as their 1st goal and main priority from the onset of creating the LLC. Not for LotRO or DDO, but for both all the while creating it for a new game. What new game idk but surely creating a new game engine would open up many doors within and without. I see other game engines being used for newer games and I know that shit isn't free open source material in every case. One person on the payroll could have done this and yes it would take years. How many? Umm let's see. Twelve years? Probably less. Bottom line is, small minds have small goals.
  4. Splay

    Captain Build Advice

    Trait tree points have a cap. 90 points I think. Before this it was possible to fill out nearly two complete trait trees. I see a good chance of them raising the Trait Tree cap in the future. If the game gets to the stage players can cap all three trait lines then that would be dumb and rather redundant. We already had that, but it could be a long term plan all along to hinder player advancement for one reason. To have players buy the future points from the store.
  5. Within the 1st month of SSG taking over there has been something messed up nearly on a weekly basis. Oddly enough the vast majority of these supposed mistakes always seem to be in the category of things that hold back player progression in some way. Quest progression leading to raid content and the raid content itself. Last week was the quest advancement of the wrapper for the quest in Hultvis. The week before the inability to complete the Vales Black Book Intro. This week Thikil Gundu closed. After patch this week Anvil Raid npc damage changed to nearly make the raid undoable. Trading for Ember in Hultvis broken until today. Its been like this for over a year and almost every time its something stopping the players from working out a routine for their time and effort. Throughout all of SSG's tenure the track record looks kind of bleak for creating content reliably with consistency that doesn't hold back players. I could go back week after week and list them here and the list would already be numbering in the hundreds. This makes me think these aren't wholly honest mistakes due to ineptitude or ignorance but rather another system promoted to keep players from completing content in its entirety. All in the name of keeping players logged on, but not for good healthy game play. Instead irritating players while logged on with the hopes they will bite deeper into the SSG carrot and create alts, thereby indirectly keeping them logged on and buying developer time simultaneously. If this is the case then I can't see how it can continue without the majority of sensible players not seeing this tactic in action. Let's assume. What I typed above is untrue. Just for some balance to the subject. If untrue this would mean that every employee at SSG is constantly being taken off of current projects to go back time and time again to fix and find remedies for the past mistakes. Suggesting they are indeed having to do this, makes their current projects susceptible to the same types of errors. Thus repeating the cycle again and again. Considering this could very well be a truth, I cannot foresee how this game can continue to be published, developed, and distributed to the masses for selling. It just seem inefficient and at a great cost to the long term and top end of the profit production. In conjunction with the topic regardless of what truth ends up prevailing, Is Cordovan. The front man for SSG who never commits on anything when problems arise. Nor does he commit on the remedy and when it will be applied. The guy is just Dulgabeth spouting out posi speak rhetoric. SSG seems so incompetent at their jobs, they know better than to commit on anything so they do not. They don't even try. Seem incompetent, but I do question this and alot. To make the current matter worse. SSG now has raiders and crafters at each other over Rimes. Possibly another manipulation to slow player progress. In the end, all of this tallied together makes for a mixture of poison spewing its vapors among the player community. To be straightforward and honest. Its just not a fun place to be. On top of all of this is the players already paid for the latest release and many players are already done with it and yet the instances wont be released for weeks and possibly two months. This case with the late instance release is or could be another example of slowing player progress. Someone looks at the data and "Guys its time. Our players are not logging on." Probably same shit that made SSG release Mirkwood on LS. This type of manipulation of spoon feeding bit by bit can't keep me playing. The story is over save for the Scouring and SSG would stretch this out for years. To the point SSG is now outright changing the Cannon Lore (Radagast gave the Beornings the skill to skin change.) to keep continuing all the while manipulating into constant procrastination. Admittedly this last part extremely annoys me. The fucking game should be at its story's end now and the game would be better off for it. Existing in perpetuity in its own context. Enduring in maintenance mode and fixing all the fucking broken shit of the last 12 years. I know this won't happen and the game will be dragged across every pile of shit conceivably possible before finally turning the lights off. Week after week fixing the previous weeks immediate brokeness if it gets in the way of revenue. If it doesn't, fuck it, we'll get to it the next patch.
  6. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    I read that thread today before leaving for work. I was like, whatever, always someone find the inadequacies of Turbine/SSG shoddy work and exploits it. It's become common place for particular types to desire these exploitables. What did I see? Some 18 hours later (Even waiting a full day could have been something to say about keeping a word) was to have the creeper delete his "I'm no longer posting" comment and resume his "same old, same old". But, honestly, I knew it was a lie even if he didn't. Removed his sig too. I find predictability extremely boring and with this said, I had my fill of the creeper. Its time for me to evict him from even a remote possibility of renting one brain cell in my mind. I don't know about others but for me it works like this. Vanya you're a fucking creeper and should be sent to the void. Here is your walking papers. "You are nameless, faceless, formless. Go back to the void from whence you came!" Poof! Magic happens.
  7. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    I finished all the new content already. It isn't like I went all mad crazy to get through it. I fuck around alot and talk and chat and often go afk while logged on. There just isn't much there to do. So tonight I was way bored and started looking into the creeper abit. Things I already knew but just wanted a fresh confirmation instead of reciting from memory. This abit jumbled and I don't have anymore time tonight to clean it up. His old forum account user name was Ninky. When I found a thread he created under that name, I clicked and followed to read the thread. Which aside from the main topic/server categories everything has been change to his faggot Elves name. Also much of his old Gladden forum post have been removed. This thread is where I concluded where he is from. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?661626-The-Great-Tolkien-Pub-Meetup-Summer-2018-Zagreb-Croatia Other post that give insight to the creeper are linked or quoted below. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?653705-The-Union-of-Maedhros-is-welcoming-Firstborn!-Eldar-kinship-only! When the High Elves came out this weirdo went full on apeshit RP mode trying to recruit. Looks like it didn't go well. "My Girlfriend. Radiant Star Queen of Calacirya." "Married within Valley of Imladris, Happily now and for eternity <3" Here above the creeper was so enthralled with the High Elf he posted his marriage to his Hunter. Ironically it looks alot like him. Thus my comment about being a narcissist. And that only is the visual surface of his true depth of being a narcissist. While on Ark in the Moors he constantly wanted the Creep population to know he married his Elf. Along inverse insanity he claimed no real woman could complete against her perfection. When he started referring to his Elf in this way, I knew this guy was fit for an asylum. " My Testosterone Guardian girl" which is a quote from a forum post. 3rd page of his own pvp troll thread. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?664600-The-Desolation-of-Vanyalanthiriel-The-Update-22-2-PvMP-Compendium/page3&amp;p=7851013#post7851013 Then he got caught rank farming in Osg. A quote from him about his rank being stripped. "We all do mistakes, I got what I deserved. I'll be the first to admit, Tis justified and her rank was reseted. Speaking off the hunter and the inappropriate actions within Osgiliath." Another quote from same post. "I also wish to apologise to certain players and I have erased most of my Player vs Monster-play videos. {Duels Name calling} I was always passionate,exaggerated soul. No offence." That was him taking his trolling too far and knowing it too late. Basically he was using YT to harrass particular players and when confronted by SSG and also getting caught rank farming he said he was leaving the game and its forums. That lasted about 2 months. Today his last post. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?669240-The-Legendary-Guardian-Solo-duo-Compilation-by-Limbairedhiel-of-Ithil&amp;p=7939358&amp;highlight=#post7939358 "I have decided to distance myself from official forums." <----- Total bullshit from an obsessed psychopath. I'll keep in mind this post and how long before he returns. So you see this guy is a total fuckin head case. I'm guessing he lost his spot on the Official LotRO streaming but I can't be arsed to confirm this. This guy is the only forum user I ever placed on ignore. His freakish long post are just too much to waste time on. You can bet 100's of forum users and players have been caught up in his troll baiting only to be banned. I think getting players banned is his only enjoyment. The game is just the vehicle to do it from. Btw he changed his forum sig today as well. " Unworthy thou art." No doubt a message and a kick in the teeth to someone he can't get banned.
  8. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    LMAO! I know a bit about this creeper Vanya. One, he doesn't live in Norway. He lives in the Baltic region. Serbia, Croatia or somewhere close. He has had more than one account banned and keeps coming back. He deludes himself he makes a difference in LotRO, to LotRO and SSG. He harasses GMs and specifically Diplodocus who I believe is a woman. I seen Vanya follow and I dare say stalk Diplo from one server to the next. The guy makes 100s of videos and post them on YT. He always keeps a recorder going to protect him and when he reports players the recorded stuff is always edited to make him look like the victim. I have interacted with him and to him in the past. In PvMP and other places in the game. I stop doing that sometime ago. I won't give him the satisfaction of getting me banned. When ever he plays on Landy, I trollfuck him every time. I never address him directly but he knows I am talking to him. He is just a sad example of humanity. Last time he tried to kin recruit on Landy in world chat, I put right after it. "Don't pay any attention to creeper ERPers who just want to record your chats/video for later fap sessions." I was told by a long time player I've known now for 11 years, who makes it a point to know all the Elvish language in the lore, that Vanya joined a group of others in one of the social constructs and immediately wanted admin and when given started a slash and burn removal of anyone in it who directly objected to anything he said. I don't follow such. Maybe it was a Reddit or Twitter following idk I'd have to ask. In any case I heard he was removed. The guy is 100% Narcissist psychopath and is likely a dangerous person in the real world if he fixates on someone. How he came to my attention was in PvMP on Ark. Always trolling creeps while playing his Hunter and later a Guard. Cheating every possible way imaginable while there. He was and is known to combat log instead of accepting defeat. I just wait him out and kill him upon his respawn and that always follows with weird rants from his creep spy. His guard is now on Landy and when I know he goes to the Moors, I switch to creep and look for him. He never stays out long because he knows I will hunt him down and kill him or make him leave the Moors. Pretty sure his Hunter is no more. I'd guess its on an account that is permabanned but idk for sure. It's my guess SSG is afraid to confront him. One, he spends a shit load of money to keep playing. Another is SSG fears a lawsuit that isn't covered by their LLC and its binding arbitration. Since its known he records and copies everything to and from SSG they'd just as soon leave him to his own devices rather than remove him with consequences they don't want to incur. I guess the bad part is its only a matter of time before someone does take legal action against SSG for this creepers actions.
  9. Splay

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    Three grams of Heroin, no problem. 300 used sandwich bags in a garbage bag gets a fine. Our world is finally making sense to me.
  10. Splay

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    During my stay there, it was my experience that most of the newer working class residents came from California. Most always stated the cost of living was too high in LA. and San Fran. Imo along the I5 corridor, Portland might have be the best choice of all the major cities but my experience in Portland was limited. With that said, any and all Californians travel through Portland in some capacity to get to Seattle. Looks like others followed the same path as well. Three grams of Heroin was acceptable and considered personal use? That's just fucked up to hear that in the documentary. Many of the places in the documentary, I remembered. What wasn't in my memory was all the freakin trash everywhere. Compassion only works when given to those who give a fuck. Junkies never give a shit except for the next fix. As an afterthought of watching it, I noticed a select bias. It can't be coincidence that near all the people being viewed and interviewed are white. Though Seattle is predominately white, there is a quite wide variety of race and ethnicity. I can't help but to wonder why this was excluded. The part about a solution won't work. Rhode Island has a small population. The cost will be far too high in Seattle to take the same measures. If some how Seattle takes a harsher stance and enforces their existing laws the problem may go away but most likely the problem will just migrate. I've never been to England and know little about their laws and justice system. What penalty there would someone get who has 3 grams of Heroin in their possession?
  11. Splay

    Be Virtuous!

    I can't say I've ever heard a gargling scree or a gargling squee. I imagine they both sound the same. That shit is just too funny.
  12. Splay

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    I watched the entire documentary by the news station. Posted on YT In March and likely produced in the last half of the previous year. Too much for words and only can say wow. So happy I don't live there anymore and doubt I would ever revisit Seattle again.
  13. Splay

    "Legendary" Mirkwood

    That area ought to last about two weeks while every place below it becomes a desert. It wouldn't surprise me if SSG merges Ithil and Anor then rolls out with another SoA progression server. Rinse and repeat, all the while those idiot touting how great the new servers are will again find their nostalgia hat. What better way to earn a living than laughing at idiots who are placed at the same entrance to run the same rat maze again and again. Honestly though I think if SSG did do as I described above, all the idiots who ran from the ILI grind will be so pissed. It's likely half of them will come to some sense and see this charade for what it is. Cheap content for mindless fools. Ever wonder what comes after the downward spiral? Watch and wait for the show. I'll be making popcorn.
  14. Splay

    UK Perspective on UK Contempt of Court

    Growing up in the North East US and spending a decade in Seattle. I can tell you the homeless problem is exacerbated by things like the needle exchange program, feeding homeless in city parks and handing out coats during winter in the city of Seattle. I lived in the U District and Queen Anne and I know most of the homeless that sleep in their parks have no reason to find a way to not be homeless. Aside from NYC (It is its own beast) homelessness is not tolerated in the North East as it is on the West coast and by extension there is no need for the needle exchange program in the NE. Not even in nasty cities like Newark or New Haven are there homeless sleeping in parks with the police giving the nod to do so. Sure there are people of all walks who end up in this way and become homeless but some places choose to deal with it in a totally different manner than Seattle. So , If England or London had a needle exchange program, they would be better off if they didn't. I used to watch junkies each day stagger down U. Ave to the needle guy empty handed and leave with fresh works daily. It wasn't by coincidence the alley behind my Apt. building was littered with discarded works. I could pick up 100 or more a week and next week would be same shit. If they weren't distributed freely they wouldn't end up on the pavement and just maybe the junkies would have moved on in some way.
  15. Splay

    Be Virtuous!

    No doubt I'll get some of the timeline wrong as it was near a decade ago. Maybe 2009, with the addition of the RK and Warden but in successive updates through Moria. LM had always used Will and Minstrel mainly used Fate but somewhere along the way the RK didnt seem to fit in the Light Armour scheme. Also the added quandary of the Warden's place in the main attributes made it more complicated. Will stat had incombat power regen which is why LM's focused on it. The remainder, I long forgot due to me not really playing one all that much. Mastery fed off of Fate but, I don't think Mastery was all that evolved at that point to what it is today. As a Minstrel back at that time, I focused on Fate, Vitality, Will, Agility, Might. Pretty much in that order. Later on it became Will, Vitality, switching the two to what ever suited the purpose and player ideology. Finesse appeared around the same time as additions to pvp stats. Mainly Audacity and the intro of Diminished Returns, which by the way broke within 90 days, to never be fixed. Virtues of the past didn't include Finesse. Wit and a few others today do. SSG knew they needed Finesse to be included but damn, all this bullshit didn't need to take place to get them a spot in the old existing list. They could have just added an additional stat to each Virtue and made them be appropriately placed. Instead they added a new so-called bonus which is mostly just a small amount of Morale. Saying all our Virtues will be contributary even if not slotted. Somehow my Minstrel's Morale seems lower today than a week ago. Most of my Virtues sit at 58 and 59 and a few between 55 and 58. Maybe 3 of them. Seeing all of the Virtues have been shuffled, I haven't bothered fine tuning the choices for my Minstrel. Don't need to. All of the Vales of Anduin is straight up face roll territory.