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  1. There are 2,800 confirmed cases in two central areas less than 100 miles from me. Fortunate for me, I always limit my direct contact with others, as much as possible. Especially more so now days.
  2. My thoughts relating to the pvp linked below. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?679328-Now-that-the-Producer-s-Letter-is-here&p=7999788#post7999788 While we have disagreed on some points in the past, I am in agreement with you today. Just to pick a relative famous quote, "We're not in Kansas anymore". Though my agreement comes from a different position, it is agreement nonetheless. I have absolutely no interest in another new PvMP scenario and certainly not one that places an opposite, polar diametric to the Tolkien trilogy and Tolkien's larger universe. Plainly and boldly put. It's just wrong. For years it was said by more than one person from Turbine and SSG that Freeps would never fight competitively in opposition to each other outside of sparring. Stated as a prerequisite to licensing. So all that past talk were lies or license bargaining has changed. In either case this situation as described, loses face. I'm not going to dig through years of text, quotes, and other varied info sources to back what I'm saying here today. My memory is far longer than my teeth. What ever the case and its components, this endeavour will not work. It certainly is not worth another server. How do I know? Umm, two words. Legendary Server. Touted as the next coming revival and as of today the evidence is overwhelming. Dead in their tracks. A hole for anti-social wreckage. Praised as a home away from trolls and yet it became a harbor for passive aggressive sameness. About the only thing those servers did was allow a consensual agreement for self-identifying separation. Which by the way was a temporary sanity,reprieve for the old original servers. I said more than once in the last two years if PvMP was fixed, it would not be the fix players ask for, for years. That instead it would be a grindy monetized demon. Now to hear those past sentiments could be and are likely true, and in addition more Lore breaking than I could have ever imagined. I can say it is the perfect trifecta where the horse keels over before the first furlong. I'll not jump in the hot air balloon and crash land in OZ.
  3. One concern on the horizon amid the virus spread is farmers and their seasonal crops. In the US most of the manual labor in the fields is done by seasonal migrant workers. When I say most, of course that is subjective, nonetheless this work isn't being done by educated or even semi educated people. Prior to the 1980s and the introduction of NAFTA (NAFTA mention being a timestamp, but does have a relative value outside of just a timestamp.), traditionally these positions were performed by the farmer's family, young persons and college students residing in those farmer's area. Though the US farm land shrinks every year, those who retain their land for agriculture, often increase their land holdings, and in turn are generally the reason for the farming industries consolidation. Which I might add, can often lead to factory size farms basically subsidized by the corporations who purchase their fruit, vegetable, grain, ect. The above is relevant at this moment, because of limitations on travel across national borders. Many fields workers are transitory traveling through the latitudes as the seasons pass through their annual cycle. A late April, peach picker in South Carolina might be picking apples in Pennsylvania by the time 6 months pass and return to Florida or south of the US border as winter approaches. This places the transitory nature of these employments at odds with the current situations where this kind of travel is mostly discouraged. This places farmers in a predicament where planted vegetable crops and season tree crops can be set to ripen where they grow not be harvested. What is a farmer to do? Let a strawberry field go several days past peak harvest time and its a near total loss? Where is a farmer able to find laborers? Well, as said previous, those farmers relied on family and local communities to provide labor. That is a hard sell today. Most farmer's children flee the farms as soon as they can. Often attending higher education or seeking employment found in cities. The reliance on outside labor has essentially taught Americans that they need not toil in fields when their nation allows others to perform the labor at a comparative cheap cost. No young person wants to get their hands dirty when they can play with their device of choice, convincing themselves they can be podcast stars, learn to code drones, or just plain lazy wards of the welfare system. Will farmer let their crops rot and claim hardship? Possibly so, wouldn't that be a huge shame, when millions are unemployed. With unemployment benefits subsidizing an additional $600 per week, it's a hard pitch to convince previous employed persons to throw that free money aside and sweat in a farm field. What would FDR do? Possibly prompt every young person who isn't attending school or college with some incentive to sweat in the fields. Direct large corporations to divert their unemployed to cooperatively harvest farm fields before they move past the ripe stage. Set up travel and work camps under health driven guidelines to achieve these labor tasks. TL;DR Farmers are fucked. Trump is too dumb to know this. Time is relative. Americans are too lazy to perform manual labor. The price of produce will double in the coming months.
  4. https://www.nature.com/articles/nm.3985?fbclid=IwAR1unPVainUR65XDBAZF7DhHNHfk8AHdDwUTfRxXora7cHRbCUCBICcqyL0 A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence The article is from 2015 and has a recent edit addition. Change history 30 March 2020 Editors’ note, March 2020: We are aware that this article is being used as the basis for unverified theories that the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus. Will the near future provide some insight with details, or will history be rewritten?
  5. This guy is something. Always saying he is great, the best, the smartest, knows everything and better than anyone else. Living in a constant state of denial. In some small way I feel sorry for him. Today a co-worker won the day when he said to me. "Every time I see Trump approach a mic, I want to see him burst into flames." Trumps ashes would serve humanity better than his actual person. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/why-the-new-effort-to-blame-coronavirus-fumbles-on-the-impeachment-trial-falls-so-far-short/ar-BB11YO9C As far as political rhetoric goes, it doesn’t get much tidier. What if the still growing coronavirus epidemic could be blamed not on President Trump and missteps by the federal government but, instead, on Democrats? What if Americans could be convinced that thousands of them are dying because Democrats were focused earlier this year on kicking Trump out of the White House and not through any fault of the White House itself?
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/jails-are-petri-dishes-inmates-freed-as-the-virus-spreads-behind-bars/ar-BB11V0Q8 Attorney General William P. Barr said officials were trying to expand home confinement, as opposed to directly releasing federal prisoners, almost all of whom were convicted of felonies. He ordered an assessment of at-risk nonviolent inmates, particularly those who have served much of their sentence. “I don’t want people to think that we’re opening up the jail doors and letting people go,” the judge said, adding, “We have to protect the public, and we also have to protect the safety of the inmate.” “Our jails are petri dishes,” said Toni Preckwinkle, president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, comparing them to nursing homes or cruise ships Deputies in Los Angeles have also been instructed to make fewer arrests, and Sheriff Villanueva asked the district attorney and courts to delay some criminal proceedings.
  7. Credit is given when duly earned. It's not something a person of integrity can self bestow and claim with some self righteous posture. Also... The United States is just that. Fifty sovereign governments with their own State Constitutions who have met the accepted criteria and pledged allegiance to form a union which is a Democratic Republic. With that said, any state can leave the union with just cause (Being denied, withheld, or impugned without proof) and can alternatively expect reciprocity at any time of crisis. In fact, states can demand a reciprocal environment when the federal government has already concurred a crisis is in the making or underway. Furthermore, through implication and direct text of constitution's, every state empowers itself to defend itself, from foreign or domestic acts, which will serve to disestablish its constitution, or their determined sovereign borders. Trump has no leg to stand on when a national emergency has already been declared and put in place. Trump has to do his duty for the office of President he has pledged to uphold. So, if Trump pisses around too much acting like a beaten dog for not doing his job, he may find states will give him a big fuck you. There are already 20 states that would willingly secede from the union. With more than enough signatures to do so, but they need a President to accept their succession. No President has accepted these motions, but those are during times of peace. Given the current environment, peace doesn't describe this very well. Trump will do his job or the states will defend themselves and in forced to do so, may decide the union no longer serves their best interest. Considering the current scope, of the existence, of our Democratic Republic, Trump would disappear before the Feds would willingly let a state secede during a national emergency. That's right. The Feds (and I don't mean Trumps appointed lackeys) would yank his ass right out of the WH and throw him in a supermax, before allowing the US to go into another civil war. The same Feds know if things went so far as to begin a civil war, the US would not exist as it does today. Ya... Trump, or the US? Hopefully the moron isn't so bold as to pose the choice by his arrogance, because he gets the shortest straw. Maybe you should stick to Canadian politics and procedure.
  8. LIVE VIDEO President Trump gives update on federal coronavirus response. Click to watch full coverage... Today, another wordsalad session from the US President filled with gibberish and then followed with spite and hate to anyone who doesn't coddle him. No thanks I will take a pass. Meanwhile... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/coronavirus-update-cuomo-says-im-seeing-people-die-all-around-me-as-he-appeals-for-more-federal-government-help/ar-BB11VdrK?li=BBnb7Kz “Pardon me if I’m a little emotional, but I’m living with this 24 hours a day and I’m seeing people die all around me,” Cuomo said. “The science people, the government professionals have to stand up and look the president in the eye and say this is not a political exercise. This is not press relations. It’s not optics. The tsunami is coming. We know it is."
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/health-insurance-premiums-could-skyrocket-analysis/ar-BB11SdbI Health insurance premiums could skyrocket because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to analysis released last week. Premiums could jump as much as 40 percent next year if the coronavirus ends up hospitalizing millions of Americans, state insurance marketplace Covered California's analysis warned. No doubt Americans will be bailing out the healthcare profiteers. Bernie's ideas look more appealing as every day passes.
  10. His daily briefings have about as much caloric information as a word salad bar. For some standing there representing the US it is like they were sentenced to eternal hell waiting for it to be finished. Don't tell Trump this or he'd say you are nasty. Trump Detachment Syndrome is more contagious than Covid. I don't place much value on polls from media. The sample sizes are too small to validate being general consensus. Also I try to consider who is reading the articles, the polls are connected to, and the general availability of the poll itself.
  11. Trump is terrible at crisis management. That will happen when the current President lives in a world of denial. The Mad Hatter could do a better job at leading the US. Recent polls show Trump is being seen for the bafoon he is. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/elections-2020/fox-news-poll-biden-leads-trump-wins-high-marks-for-female-vp-pledge/ar-BB11OkW2?li=BBnb7Kz I don't care for Biden, but he will do a better job leading the US, even if he sleeps all the way through 4 years. Once conservatives sense the Trump ship is sinking, they'll all be jumping ship. I'll enjoy knowing a whole country will be laughing at the moron after he leaves the Oval office. Perhaps one day conservatives will look back in reflection and say to themselves, Da Fuk were we thinking.
  12. Trump should be dragged out of the WH on Easter and placed in a congested church until Sunday service is over. Shoulder to shoulder sitting in a pew with Trump in the middle of the pew.
  13. I guess if I was stranded somewhere, Japan wouldn't be a bad place to be. Not suggesting you are. I watched videos of the open markets and there looks to be some tasty food and produce being sold at them. It would probably be a fun way to learn Japanese, since my Japanese vocabulary consist of about 20 words.
  14. You continue to prove how ignorant you are about the people living in the US. There are thousands upon thousands of individual sub contractors who are self employed who work hard and pay their taxes and would have to jump through hoops to qualify for unemployment. There are thousands upon thousands who run online businesses out of their homes selling products they make, who would never qualify for unemployment. The list goes on and none of those Americans exist under the umbrella of government subsidies. Then there is the single parent working two part time jobs where they could receive unemployment and the amount per week wouldn't pay but enough to have a day care or another to watch and care for their children. They have already been living paycheck to paycheck. By the way, I doubt you have a clue how much is the maximum weekly unemployment benefit. It doesn't yield enough to pay for health insurance. The rest is you showing the depth of your ignorance or perhaps arguing just to defend your savior.
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