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  1. I'd say these decisions are made on a quarterly basis. Seeing how an already mostly developed "expansion" (Ikr lol) is around the corner, I say if it happens, it wont be until the beginning if the new year. One, the incoming revenue may keep the sinking ship afloat thru another lunar cycle. Two, if sales tank, when they return from the holidays, they can then make preparations to reduce or close the servers entirely. Either way by mid summer of next year, it will be over. Oh btw. Who in the fuck goes on vacation, holiday or not, when their company is floundering? Same as Turbine, SSG are a cocky bunch and their hubris is deep ingrained to the point of stubborness. So any reduction in servers means SSG has to say to the gaming world they are failing. I could almost seeing SSG pulling the plug suddenly, than having to endure the embarrassment. One thing I never understood is why SSG hasn't been working on a new project through all this time. It could very well be happening but not on SSG time or books. A back up for employment security for the eventually end of LotRO and SSG. I'd say they would be total dumbasses to not be doing this because... Lets face it. These nerds aren't getting another job making games.
  2. Yes , I see the thread is still open. I hadn't accounted for SSG to be watching. Seeing which way the pendulum swings, before taking any action, in case it went against their benefit. At this point, since the OP is absent, it will remain open for the cheer leading squad to toss around their pom poms. However, I suspect once rebuttals arrive, a lock will come soon after. For many years, I have refrained from making tickets to the CM. Even in this forum, I was accused by someone of doing so, even though to that date I had not. That policy is coming to an end. Nearly every person Doro listed is fair game. I could place them on ignore and surely it would end it, for me, but after so many years and so many forum users being banned at the behest of these stooges, its time for some pay back. It'll will be my way of saying "fuck you" to all of them before my time in LotRO expires. I'll elude to more once that expiring moment has passed in a future post or thread. Until then, every fucker who uses bait posting to lock threads will end up getting banned by their own actions. Especially those already listed here in this thread. And Dorothy? The reason I made this thread. I'll be sure to remind her to put her other foot in the grave.
  3. I read this thread yesterday and admit it didn't stand much a of a chance because of the title. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674824-Dont-Support-Standing-Stone-Games Also, the OP doesn't understand the forum community or how the rules get applied by the moderator. Added, the OP isn't using the best choices to express their thoughts. Ending, with being baited into the same SJW, PC bitch traps to get the threads locked or closed. In this thread you'll find that old hag DJ saying the same old shite. In her post's you always find her recollection of LotRO's history as to how it came to be and where it is now rational. I think she keeps typing this spew so she can remember or else that part of her brain would have a void. With all that said, here is why I made the thread with the question and in the links that follows you can find the answer. Here she is with her 1st post responding to the OP. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674824-Dont-Support-Standing-Stone-Games&p=7953404#post7953404 "Well, sir, if fighting is your thing, and you think LotRO has an insufficient quantity of it, you are welcome to go elsewhere, where the standing line wears thinner and the dropping dead lie thick, and the foes who come to meet your sword shall see you and be sick. I shall not follow you, and neither, I think, will RiverBirch. I like it here. May the wind under your wings bear you where the Sun sails and the Moon walks." Here is her history diatribe. You know, the one that is there to avoid the space in her head becoming a void. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674824-Dont-Support-Standing-Stone-Games&p=7953438#post7953438 "And you should think about the fact that many don't love PvP. History: In Turbine > SSG games, starting with Asheron's Call in 1998, PvP has always been consensual. In AC1, you had to get to level 20 and go to a rather difficult place and swear fealty to Bael'Zharon, to become a "red dot" who could attack, and be attacked by, other "red dots," and nobody else. In AC2, you had to go to a region that belonged to a faction other than your own. (There was one tiny patch of ground, reached only by a portal, where anybody could fight anybody else, but you had to choose to enter the portal.) I can't speak about DDO, I only played the beta and never got out of level 1. As for LotRO, PvMP was introduced only in the last six months before launch (I assume the then-owners of Turbine thought it would make more money), to the great disappointment of everyone on the beta forums. And, you'll note, you have to choose to enter a PvMP region. There are many, many games whose major focus is all-PvP all the time. I wish you success in finding the one you like best." The OP finally responds to the old skanky thing. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674824-Dont-Support-Standing-Stone-Games&p=7953442#post7953442 They mess up her quote in their response but its still an understandable posting. "whether pvp or pve People stop playing lotro It's because the SSG does nothing and ignores us the class balance can not get it and want to bring out a new race Xdd but there are still idiots that supported ssg" So at this point the ancient Hen gets all pissy and posts this. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674824-Dont-Support-Standing-Stone-Games&p=7953444#post7953444 "Hmmm. Now you have just insulted me, and a number of other players. It's Saturday afternoon here. I forsee this thread getting closed early Monday morning EDT." Trap set, Bait placed in trap. Prey steps into trap not realizing the bait is poisoned. Then, I come along to put that nasty cunt in her place. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674824-Dont-Support-Standing-Stone-Games&p=7953460#post7953460 Originally Posted by djheydt May the wind under your wings bear you where the Sun sails and the Moon walks. "This in itself is tantamount to saying, if you don't like it #### here. Which is an instigating statement meant to spur anger. You could have chosen a different path for discourse or abstained all together, but, you know. Reasons..." Originally Posted by djheydt Hmmm. Now you have just insulted me, and a number of other players. "Actually the insult wasn't directed at you personally but it seems you do take offense. Now, why is that?" Originally Posted by djheydt It's Saturday afternoon here. I forsee this thread getting closed early Monday morning EDT. "Well, now we know don't we?" "It is by no coincidence, that the same poster's are always in the same threads that get locked or deleted. The biased, censorship is real and yet so irrational." This is the LotRO forum community. A bunch of sag bags who have nothing better to do with their last days, even while they have one foot in the grave. No doubt DJ double reports every time she does one, by using her husbands account as well. It's like she can't help herself. When ever there is a thread about PvP in the general discussion section she is always there saying the same old boring repeat. Like as if it ever made any difference. Once, I even posted in a similar kinda of thread, some bugs can't stay away from the light. I'd be a shamed of myself, if I wasted my last days doing what she somehow feels is championing a cause worthy of Valor. She is so intoxicated with the notion that pvp still exists after all this time the idea just brings it out as a poison stinking up the place with her fuming. Sure she skirts around the rules trying to be coquettish but anyone with two brains cells can see her insults for what they are. I imagine she feels they are victories in her feeble mind. Sad really that is the total sum of one's life. Also, as I elaborated to, there are as well, the same usual posters in the thread, Nymphonic, Pontin and a few others too addicted to say no, people. You know the fucktards who have thousands of post using some fucked up logic of entitlement rhetoric. So as a result, I will petition SSG to suggest that any thread which intentionally gets locked (by known bait tactics) within the first page or two, that all who post in the thread receive infractions. The bullshit has gone on far too long from those obsessed, entitled, minded poster's on the forums. They bait intentionally and avoid the pitfalls of infractions. It's time they all fuckin burn in their own personal hell.
  4. Splay

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    Made of Lions recently commented he used to be a lawyer in his former life. Imagine that. A lawyer spinning stories. 🤣
  5. Splay

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Just now looked at the numbers per Lux-hdro. Both Anor and Ithil have lost anything close to a bare minimum which could be considered critical mass. Even Landroval and Gladden could be put in that category as well. I'm seeing recently staunch supporters of the LS venture come back to Landy and wondering where everyone is. Each level cap raise on the LS soon after, has the continual decline. Minas Morgul will hold the original servers at their current dismal state but again the decline will continue. PvMP is nonexistent on 80% of the servers. Festivals aren't holding up well as they once have. Lore is being broken and outright destroyed, pushing away Lore Fanatics. Now, the new Lore mutation is Isildur became a Shade and Aragorn brought the Scepter of Annuminas to stir the Shades memory likely so Isildur will confront Karaz-something and have the players help defeat the last foe of Sauron's dominion. MoL is really dicing up the Lore in ways not seen before. Raid kins are being pushed in to raid kin pugs for survival. The only players who don't see the decline, are fuckin morons who wont look you in the eye, who would just as soon place everyone on ignore, because they can't control the chat box and freak out, if someone says something at all. The newer players haven't a clue on how to manage the UI, follow quest progressions, build their characters, or even understand the stats to choose gear. Its really a complete breakdown of the game and its social existence. Meanwhile idiots showcase the game via livestreams who just make the situation overall worse. Anor, Ithil server merge is inevitable and that will alienate even more because of the naming policy. I took a recent look at the usual game sites who have been selling accounts and gold for near 20 years, and in those you couldn't give away a LotRO lifetime account. They aren't buying or selling them at all. Was a time where a lifetime account was for sale at over $500. Also their gold selling prices for LotRO aren't even 10% of what they were at the games peak. I follow such reputable sites as a monitor for years. Not these, recent shit Russian scabs who stole accounts just by looking at their site. Also many so-called whales have been washed ashore and have become dead carcasses, alongside the flotsam and jetsam already littering the shores of Middle Earth. All in all, I can say with clarity, this game is nearing its last sunrise. You'll know this day, when suddenly SSG fast tracks to the "Sailing off into the West" by the fellowship. After that its 100% maintenance mode or an outright lights out situation. Edit: Just found this. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674713-The-ability-to-transfer-character-from-a-legendary-server-to-live-as-a-one-way-one-time-only-ability Only reason to want this is reaching level cap and not wanting to wait for a new one and knowing the LS gimmick is failing.
  6. Splay

    Breaking: New Race Announced

    The Scarecrow and Toto posing as snake oil salesmen. Lmao! Severlin really needs to polish up his act. The guy can barely present let alone represent LotRO. Another addition, no one ask for. Another reason to delay fixing PvMP. Another obstacle to throw balance over the cliff. Its clearly evident SSG has no initiative to complete the story J.R.R.Tolkien wrote and his son edited. Instead they are just writing a shit history to hype an old used game, way out of date. I can't help but wonder if the Tolkien Estate even knows what these idiots are doing. MEE might have the license for the material but I find it hard to believe the Tolkien Estate would give the nod to allow a parallel story so integrated into the trilogy and not have them have some say in editing or final drafts. Many people over this last 50 years have written content involving the proprietaries of Tolkien and all have been denied publishing access because the publishers fear being sued by the Tolkien Estate. The Russian authored, The Last Ringbearer is a classic example. The Stout Axed Dwarves have a ring of power? Bullshit! Pure bullshit. All those rings were lost or devoured by Dragons. I don't recall Tolkien saying "Hey there are some Dwarves north of Mordor who hold the last ring of power outside of the Ring Wraiths or the three Elven rings." Btw who the fuck are the Stout Axed Dwarves? How did it become that an unknown clan of Dwarves have a ring of power? I guess the part of this that pissed me off the most is, by the time these idiots are done, anyone who hasn't read the books will think the PJ movies and LotRO is how the written story goes. For the next decade if I here discussions from people, they will think Tauriel was in the books and Radagast help Beornings become shape shifters. Interesting how SSG conveniently ignores Minus Morgul is and was part of the Mordor content everyone already paid for, somehow spun into a new expansion to be for sale. The sooner SSG goes bankrupt the better our world will be.
  7. Splay

    Legendary Servers = Failed Experiment?

    Above: In a nutshell. Their populations continue to decline and at this point Ithil is even lower than the lowest existing server before consolidation. They just need to put those horses down and send them to the glue factory.
  8. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Here's the obvious in all that. At no point did I say or infer anyone who plays DDO were inferior and that includes SSG employees. It was posed as a challenge for Dev time by the suggestion, Nothing more. It also happens, I believe, I could beat any of them just as stated, no holds barred, in an arena setting. So, if that, in their minds constitutes an insult then so be it. It just might be they do suck at the competitive side of MMOs and cant handle this truth. Yet how is that offensive in any regard? I firmly believe that any normal person can accept their own limitations by trial and error and are willing to concede if they feel they are out matched and still not be offended by the proposition. I think, there is a larger truth here at hand. Turbine and by extension SSG have been beaten down by their own poor choices these last 12 years, that the only way they can exist and not self destruct is to hold each other's hands and sing songs of encouragement that one day they might get it right. But... we as their customers know different and they at SSG know this as well. So, the more time that passes the more they have a disdain for obvious truths. SSG creates Lord of the Misfits and those at SSG champion this cause, because they themselves identify with the misfits of society and anyone who even comes close to this truth openly, will feel some wrath. Well, here in their little kingdom anyway. The only thing I can say to this is, Cordoban 🖕
  9. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Dear sapienze, You have received an infraction at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. ------- ------- This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?674069-What-happened-to-Sev-saying-they-had-ideas-for-how-to-help-us-with-LI-grind-over-3-months-ago&p=7946457#post7946457 "Well darn it! Now you did it. The cats out of the bag and there is no stuffing it back in without getting many claw scratches and tooth marks. Maybe SSG should let us have cross-game arena pvp and who ever wins gets Dev time. I am sure my Minstrel or even my Black Arrow could beat any DDO player including if the DDO player was a SSG employee. No amending or adapting any class, race,or skill. Just what we have straight up. I might cower at first sight of a DDO Dwarf Blacksmith but I am fairly sure I would prevail. " This gets a player an infraction. My response in the LotRO mail back to him was. "Lmao Cordovan, what ever gets you through the day." Now for all you lurking cock swallowers. Just know, I have some 30 accounts and can change any of 6 IPs every 72 hours. Now you know, you can get some free LP by swallowing another load while gurgling out this info.
  10. Yes everything Wrath of Winter said above and more. For me Morpheus defines this very well in the 1st Matrix movie. What he says can be adapted to near every moment in a persons life involving the sensory feedback loop for validation. “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” ― Morpheus The Matrix The will to be goal driven is probably one of the best facets of humankind, but too often its stretches into the weird for many who only exist, to further the boundary, to maintain the same feelgood from the initial experience. Today, I see a vast majority of society goals as something not intended to create "Validation", but to keep those in the experience to continue to reach for that which is not intended to be grasp a hold of. In online games its the repeat grind. In life its the perfect credit score. Many other examples exist bth they are too numerous to put here. Imaginary benchmarks that have no solidity nor tangibles of real value. Just made up to keep you plugged in with the hopes you will never pull the plug. People grow up with games, video game, phones, computers all using up a days time. Next generation is born into this cycle and don't know any difference. Revolve their lives around these time sinks. Next generation is born into same cycle and think it is all there ever was. They can't conceive of a day before all these things existed therefore in there minds they always existed. Since they can't step out of a box they aren't aware of, they will defend what they know, because somewhere within this box they find meaning which validates their existence. Even if it is all a machination of someone's they will never know. I do readily and openly admit, I love to fuck with people who are plugged into society. To stick a splinter in their mind about what for, why they exist, and best of all, the value of their existence.
  11. Sometime ago, maybe two years, possibly more, I made a post in a thread about how Amazon would go big if they obtained rights to the Tolkien universe. Not long after, a series by Amazon was announced, and a 500 million dollar tag was attached to it. In this, I also said, I saw a new LotR based game coming after. I didn't hit the bullseye, but I'll be satisfied knowing, I was close. I'll dig the thread up later when I have more time and edit, add it here. I won't be so interested in this new game if it is attached to Amazon Prime in some measure relating to accounts. I hardly watch television as it is. There isn't enough time in my day to be a lounge lizard eating Bon Bons. Reading the recent news, I didn't make the leap that this project would be usurped by Amazon as many others have. I still see it as a Leyou owned game who managed to purchase some Tolkien rights and has some help by an American company being Amazon. Though admittedly I haven't been following this game other than seeing the momentary buzz from time to time.
  12. I watched this at 6:30 am. Put on my headset and turned it up to 11. Walked out the door for work and said "Fuck Ya!" This world's got nothing if you can't go apeshit at a football game. Might be just the reason I need to take a vacation and head across the pond for a month or so. American sports seem a rather boring affair in comparison. The tribalism is magnitudes beyond insanity.
  13. I believe the reason Tolkien's son stepped down was so he could keep his word and at the same time open up the Tolkien universe in ways not known before. He he, ya not a bad filter in deed. SSG like Turbine hardly gave a shit about LotRO except to siphon off revenue for disasters like Infinite crisis and to keep their beloved DDO still online. The thing about all those addicted Lore junkies and nerds is they have all been sedentary while consuming their addiction. 12 years of playing 12, 14, 18 hours a day. Most of them will be dead or near worthless physically so much they'd have a hard time wiping their ass. I see them, in my evenings and occasional way early log on times. Now with a stable of 20, 30, 40 alts and they are still worthless in any group situation let alone an endgame raid. SSG can't keep the lights on when all the retards drop dead. So, if this new MMO ever comes to fruition LotRO has what? Five years to milk the insanity?
  14. Splay

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    Easy to tell it wasn't a correct map of the oceans contamination by way of lack of sanitary means to dispose of human waste. As you stated its has a Noaa.gov tag at the top. Some segue narratives are too good to pass by. 😁 Also the largest world population along likely one of the largest rivers showed nothing highlighted. This being the Yangtze River in China. One among many others who have killed off any coral growth or other plant life off the coast of any large city near the ocean. Wouldn't this apply anywhere in today's world job market because of the #Feelingsmatter hysteria of today?
  15. Splay

    Google is in fact... EVIL!

    Visual proof we live in a world of shit. Let's have technology cure cancer and all the other debilitating chronic diseases and ailments so they can live longer and shit more. We can have improved communications so we can isolate ourselves and only use smartphone technology to talk about how much more shit the world has compiled because it will give us meaning and a reason for living the happiest life possible. I use technology everyday. Nary a person can go a day without using it, yet I don't need any of it. Can others say this? Idk and don't care for an answer, because its a personal choice. I, at times, wouldn't mind seeing the world go black for every connected device, just so I can watch people freak out. Suicides would be at an all time high, because people forgot their elective choice isn't a necessity. I guess their ignorance about importance and dependence might allow the accrual of shit to slow down for a moment. People I find interesting, seem to have caught the interest of others. Maybe its because they have something worth saying. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/612950/10-of-bill-gatess-favorite-books-about-technology/ Imagine that. Maybe sensible minds do think alike. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/03/bill-gates-names-the-5-best-books-he-read-in-2018.html Take note of the book and author I linked on the first page of this thread.