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  1. Splay

    Moria soon on LS?

    I noticed CKA has been quoting Doro some these past two weeks. I was briefly tempted... Then it passed.
  2. The day I went to the Treasure Hunting area a player I knew ask me if I had the Dousing emote. Idk maybe some 5 years ago I went to the area and did some of the repeats for a time and when done seen I could trade for the dousing emote. I showed the player the emote. Later, after I left the area, the Dousing animation persisted for the duration of my session with my character holding a supposed rod/rope with a gem at its end wherever I traveled. A person would think after all those years something like this would have been fixed. To think, I would pay money for picks, to end with a broken emote is laughable
  3. Treasure Picks are 5 for 200 LP for the Treasure Hunt. I went there out of curiosity. Basically you get 5 picks through game play to do your thing in the treasure hunting area then go back and wait 10 to 15 minutes. 50 picks at 2k LP is about $20 I know damn well there are idiots throwing cash at this because they can't sit still for more than 5 seconds let alone ten minutes. Yesterday some player claimed they had 400 picks. I commented about all that time wasted to get picks. They sent me an IM and said lol no I bought them at the store. $80 to gloat in world chat about virtual pixels. For what? I hope the dumbass didn't get what they were after and blew another $80. After all some dumb fuck has to keep this shit show running. I remember clearly when the store first arrived someone at Turbine claimed the store would only sell cosmetics and other such QoL items. Some dumbass who is willing to pay $80 for a chance to get a treasure goat. Ha Ha Ha!
  4. Splay

    Has anybody seen this?

    Was Doctor OctoThorpe fired? This was never clear to me. Is Severlin gone? Tbh this wouldn't hurt my feelings if he is. I saw him from the beginning of SSG emergence as nothing more than a person who was willing to step up and assume the figurehead semblance of a leader cause no one else had the balls. Basically he accepted it because he wanted to keep a job where he wasn't going to be a greenie doing grunt work elsewhere. I could just imagine. "Alright guys I'll do it." "I know i'm going to eat alot of shit, but along as you all keep me stocked with energy drinks, I'll be fine." "It'll be really cool." The irony of the LotRO history repeating itself under every new banner. Keep the shitshow running to siphon the revenue off for other projects.
  5. Splay

    Where is Fernando Paiz?

    I thought you all knew about the Paiz company or else I might have linked their shenanigans. I never bothered to follow up on any leads to their whereabouts since 1st learning of their E-sports bandwagon attempt. Nor did I ever try to find a real location for their work place but I'll take a stab at it now. They are housed in the WB/old Turbine building along side SSG, Shit Show Games. I could be wrong but every game they touted on their website that was after DDO and LotRO tanked and I mean sank like a rock. Thinking about this company and SSG in relation to WB shows me both are independent companies subcontracted by WB. Which goes back to previous things I said as to the ownership of LOTRO and DDO. It makes sense for WB to shed all the burdens of the overhead cost of a company like Turbine who were likely on the verge of collapse. Sad thing about LotRO is its only saving grace is a demon well known to destroy games and their communities for near 20 years. This being SOE/DBG. I still firmly believe LotRO is owned by WB. Also it is them paying for the license. If a person were to delve into the interactive game side of WB, I'd wager they would find some names in common in both WB and SSG and possibly DBG. Those game credits on the LotRO load screen are a vast treasure of info into the reality of LotRO and its greater connection's to other entities.
  6. Holy shit! That's so fuckin funny. Maybe worth a new wiki entry for shit shows in the MMO world. Sorry folks we are no longer in the development phrase. We are skipping past the maintenance mode. Next week we transition into the "Fuck You Mode". Keep giving us your money and hey FUCK YOU!
  7. Splay

    The Missing 2019 Producer Letter & Severlin?

    Early February now. The game is running. I gave it for the new year and this shit show would be ended. With this said, It would be better if it had. Mainly for this fact. Many upon many over the years have stated about all the ineptitude beholden to Turbine and SSG. In many cases I agree with the general consensus. However these last two years I don't believe this is the case. Think about this for a moment. Most of todays so-called fuck ups aren't really by mistakes. No, No these are intentional and decisive choices. Anything from screwing up stats on armour to fucking up the simple structure of how a new incentive based feature is implemented. Often, there are convoluted paths to the desired gains where instead it could be strait forward. All these measure's players consider fuck ups are instead measured devices to keep the player logged on. Why? In the hopes the player will get frustrated and open the magic window. Pull out their credit card and be a winner. The difference now compared to years ago is this. Once they were subtle and left room for speculation for if they were mistakes, to now where there is no denying the manipulations. Today's path is always full of twist and turns and at no point will you ever feel like you can reach the goal line. This is intentional. You my fellow players have been part of one of the longest running experiments in the MMO world. An experiment where the producers of this game will continue to refine their machinations to a degree that has yet to be discovered. Under the guidance of DBG this will only continue. I have watched the subtlety of the psychology being used in this game. Knowing this decides for me what I do and don't do in this game and why. Others though seem so immersed in their desires and their needs to feel an accomplishment or reach a goal nothing is out of bounds. To the outsider observing the addicted player chomping on this carrot produced by SSG they would suggest the player be required to seek help for their disfunction. As often said in Eve online. "The only way to win is to quit playing". Try telling this to an ocd, idiot and they will hate you forever much like forcefully taking a bottle from a life long alcoholic. The experiment is to see how far the bar can be raised and I dare say it crosses the boundary of predatory. Predatory on the blind and dumb people who fall for such simple gimmicks. I said in one of my first post on these forums that I am an observer and this still holds true. I do still play LotRO but mostly I watch the players and how they react to what SSG feeds them. It is astounding how much shit a person will allow to be shoved down their gullet and all the while claim it tastes like ice cream.
  8. All the names are in the load screen credits. It takes about 40 minutes to go through them all. It wouldn't be all that difficult to attach real names to forum usernames, though overtime some have changed forum names. Somewhere, I read not long ago Vastin has been with LotRO over a decade but my memory could be wrong in what I read. There is a good chance DDO has same list of credits for their game's life duration. Also somewhere I read a DBG employee is now in Boston. Damn if I can remember where I read this. It is my opinion this person now calls the shots for the publishing company who manages LotRO. This person too is likely to be found in the credits of the last 2 or 3 releases. Another thing to think about is the user agreement. Has anyone noticed it was changed a year or so ago and also no prompt to confronted with a new one like all previous releases? Idk maybe it is expansions only. Anyway the user agreement is the standard DBG agreement just with minor differences due to being a different game.
  9. Splay

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    This could very well be true but it wouldn't matter to me one bit. If a SSG employee wants to pose a player then all the more to them. Let them stand at the gate of the sewers and feed off of the froth. No amount of money in this world could get me to do this. Ofc if SSG and past Turbine gave a shit and fixed their freakin game, the poser could have a great experience.
  10. Probably about the same time maintenance mode starts.
  11. Splay

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    This evening, I entertained my last interaction with Marteena aka CKA. From this point forward I have no intention to engage this ignorant self centered child. I said my piece and am done with them. I'm fairly sure their rebuttal with be nothing more of substance than touting Cordoban's words from his twitch stream with a slap in the face emote afterwards. Regardless, I will not engage them further. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?670831-PvP-Legendary-Servers&p=7911760&highlight=#post7911760
  12. Splay

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    Post's get deleted with no word and next thing CKA shows up pumping out post of their own over compensating the obvious. Cordoban is delegating moderation of the forums and is the reason post get deleted with no mail for why or infractions is because the junior moderator doesn't have those privileges. Yet. What does this mean? It means there is another set of subjective reasoning in play.
  13. Splay

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    Doro, You will have to watch yourself and your interaction with the weirdo Bohbd. This nutcase shits out flagged post to Cordoban when the wind changes direction. He used to keep a link to another forum. I took some time to look at it and his posting. What his fascination with beagles is idk, but its oddly mortifying. You just had your forum privileges restored don't lose them to this numpty. On a side note. I'd love to see Bohbd come out to the moors. This weirdo would no doubt freeze up when a confrontation occurred and start doing millions of knickknack hand machinations telling himself all through them saying. "Everything is fine" "Everything is fine!"
  14. Splay

    No plans for PVMP on LS

    I just read this thread and couldn't stop laughing at CKA getting dunked.
  15. Splay

    New Raid

    I thought Turbine was bad. I purchased U23, completed all the quest chains up to a point where the rep repeatables bored me after the 1st week. I won't purchase the next one. Ha ha the Turtle reskinned and scaled placed in The Howling Pit instance all dressed in a different color scheme. You could be right on this about Shelob. Imagine the progressive grind to match U23 insanity to get gear. Sucks to be the dumbasses who pay for content like that.