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  1. Splay

    Legends of Aria

    I've been following the progress on this game for near two years. https://www.legendsofaria.com/ Just over a week ago Citadel Studios launched Legends of Aria. It has previously been in various stages of open and closed beta. There was an expected release and launch via Steam of December 4th 2018. This release date has been postponed until after the new year and its reasons are found here by its developers. This is a December 3rd entry on the LoA site. https://www.legendsofaria.com/early-access-tomorrow-steam-must-wait/ In this entry you can read and get some insight to how this company is run and their priorities. At this time a person can purchase this game and play it right now outside of Steam. I think, I will enjoy this and perhaps others will too.
  2. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Those to occurrences are rather weak if I must say so. In the pvp section, previous to this particular thread. There was a thread I created on the Black Arrow. Where the person who reported me said many things which were all false and bullshit, to me and about me. Even after others confirmed who I was, they still persisted in some crazy assumption. Who btw is on a new forum account bought from a rank farmer who hid up beyond OR for who knows how many years. Some Danish dumbass who wants to be seemingly important in the way-dead, non-existent pvp scene. The warning. What can I say really? This is some reaching from a CM I haven't seen before. Its 12am now and Cordoban is still logged on doing damage control. I say its a given, he will be even more pissy come tomorrow.
  3. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    A follow up from earlier this evening. The thread I linked can be found here. Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator Also tonight I received an infraction and a warning dated for yesterday Dec 12th. One was from this thread in where another player ask for advice. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?669597-Couple-quick-corruption-Qs The infraction was from my post which has been removed from the thread. Seen below. My post response is in bold type. You have received an infraction at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums Dear sapienze, You have received an infraction at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. ------- No personal attacks. ------- This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. Original Post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7898381 Originally Posted by ElMel Returning a bit after a hiatus since we were 105... couple quick Qs for help plz as I try to get back up to speed.... 1. For BAs, is it worth slotting the Fire Damage trait now, or still not so much? 2. For BAs/Defilers/Wargs: Is it worth slotting any phys/tac mits at this point, or are mits just broken? What about crit D? 3. Is it worth slotting finesse on anything? Thnx! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "For the Black Arrow 1. It is situational depending if you know how your opponent is traited. Very limited advantage. 2. It is, but again it is situational. Crit D, there has been something odd going on with this for some time. 3. Finesse works but I question if it is worth slotting as opposed to a full slotting of Phys mast and Crit combo." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Originally Posted by Saruman_Of_Numbers you ran out of arguments and have resorted to using ad-hominem attacks... 10/10 argumentation and debate skills. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I'm surprised he hasn't rambled on in Danish yet There is a good chance what we have here is an Ost Ringdor farm account." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All the best, The Lord of the Rings Online Forums Then a warning for this in the thread where Kickman77 and Hurin were banned. Again my post in bold type. You have received a warning at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums Dear sapienze, You have received a warning at The Lord of the Rings Online Forums. Reason: ------- Community Rules Violation: Please read the Community Rules and follow them. No fighting and personal attacks. ------- Original Post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7898996 "I have no further comment to a person whose only intent is to squash differing opinions and in the process intentionally using a throw away forum account to get a thread locked. Have fun with yourself in this." Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow. All the best, The Lord of the Rings Online Forums
  4. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    Sometime ago Hurin and Snowlock were at each other. The result was two permabans. In that thread I gave Hurin notice he was being baited with a post saying this. "You are doing it again" Later the same day both were banned. The next day I sent Cordoban forum mail asking to reconsider the two bans and gave supposition for my request. I take no credit for the action of the CM to unban one, because others may have also sent him mail too asking the same. Hurin is a feisty one and stands strong on his position in any exchange. He did return. However, Snowlock is gone from those forums as he is known. I suspect the main reason Hurin was banned in this thread was because he clearly outplayed the sock-puppet. When the sock-puppet tried to quote and use Hurin's link to the attachment, they found it was edited and threw a fit. As stated by Hurin, he used the pic saved on his own server and when the sock-puppet tried to use it in their quote Hurin removed it from his server or denied its use. The sock-puppet cried foul and a tantrum ensued likely in the form of a forum mail to Cordoban. So what does this show? The vindictive shitstain was outplayed at their own game and went crying to the powers that be for justice. Now, if I could only get the shitstain to come out into the Moors their death would be swift and I'd be /ruding them so many times before they retreated ,they would be tasting my BA's hip thrust's out the back of their head.
  5. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    I have just autographed my own permaban in this thread. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?669877-Cordovan-please-reconsider-ban&p=7900733#post7900733 With this post. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.lotro.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=7900733 This whole series of events was in itself a sad display with the intent to net as many players as possible, who over time have become genuinely dissatisfied with the performance of the company who creates this game. The notion a player can create a sock-puppet account with the sole purpose to be a supposed, self elected, champion of LotRO and still be allowed to engage this community bears witness to future undue indictments for anyone who expresses any complaint. Complaints derived from pure passion for what they truly love, in many cases such as those mentioned here. To embolden such a person, and by proxy of the CM decision to lock a thread, instead of removing the posts and the offender is in itself a display of suppression I haven't seen in years. #Iseewhatyoudid ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know that shitstain who posted in the same thread will read my post and hurriedly jump into a spastic frenzy, trying to think of a response. One which, they will delete again and again due to the end fact if they choose to post a response directed to me, will reveal them for who we all already know the identity of. Cordoban will do what he has wanted for months and feel some justice. I'm ok with that because by him doing this will free me of the burden. The burden being me attached to a known account.
  6. Splay

    Cordovan Strikes with Banhammer

    I called that fucktard for who they were the minute I read the post from Moveonpal. Cordovan deserves the name Cordoban. The guy isn't all that bright. I understand he has a job but I personally couldn't be the frontman for a shitty company such as SSG. He refuses to answer hard questions. Anytime he has, he gave wrong answers or out right lied. I sent Cordoban mail about Moveonpal and in it insisted they be banned on all their forums account the day I posted, calling out the asshat. I explained to him how to know every account from the poster. I've used vBulletin as a user and a Mod. Cordoban knows but chooses to do nothing. I also requested the offensive post be removed an instead of locking the thread but again I also knew the outcome anyway. It makes SSG look bad. That why the thread was locked and Cordoban was just waiting for a moment to do it. I really try to take an objective stance when looking at LotRO. From where it started to where it is now and all the transition leading to today. The new year is approaching and I still say it will be a miracle if this game makes it past the beginning of 2019. The numbers are near rock bottom. Seeing the lead designer left could mean the Shelob raid is history. You know the one they postponed twice already. Not to go all full complaint mode here, because that shit would be a book as large as the Tolkien story itself. Everyone here knows it full well. I just don't see how a fucking Festivals Online game is going to keep this shitshow running. Kickman I've read your postings for years. I know your history and watched the change in you. From an avid player and once PC member to the person who stood your ground on seeing how things changed. A person who actually gave a shit. We both knew the outcome and even still you persisted. I salute you. Now about this apologist who uses sock puppet accounts. Karma is a motherfucker! Any and all new forumuser accounts no longer endure CM approval or a 30 day wait stuck in the new player section. Its like 3 days or something short. Take notice of who stopped posting before this troll account appeared.
  7. Splay

    Sub FUBAR

    I wasn't suggesting you were and yes it is a failing on their part. However I can tell you they don't care. 500 LP per month with VIP is all you get or atleast supposed to. So no it isn't working as intended. Key word 1st sentence "if" you are found and investigated you could very well be charged for all the free LP and "if" you refuse to pay it, you could end up with nothing but a temp ban on the account until you remit full payment. Your best choice is to bring it to their attention and perhaps nothing will come of it.
  8. Splay

    Sub FUBAR

    Whats going to happen is at 1st if you are found doing this repeatedly, you will get a warning. Second time you will get a temp ban and have to purchase the LP you were given beyond the initial 500 or remain banned. Third time you will be permabanned. Transfer any store bought items with this LP and a receiver is subject to a ban also. There have been several ways to accrue TP and LP over the life span of LotRO since the emergence of the store outside of the prescribed subscription model and its allotted points. All of them are ongoing and in most cases it is an honest occurrence unknown to the subscriber. However... One long standing error was fixed about a year ago where the subscriber made the purchase with insufficient funds. Basically the player used a pre paid gift card with a $1 balance. Once the transaction went through the account gained VIP status. The points were awarded. This happened because the purchasing of VIP and the points came from two different sources. So players did this every few days and gain 500 points each time for free. There was a 3 day delay for CC verification and Turbine ( When SSG took over, this still remained) treated it as a full faith purchase. Then on the 3rd day their system auto kicked any account down from VIP to Premium if payment wasn't made in full. So imagine a gold seller with 300 accounts and one CC with a $1 dollar balance. Now the system auto verifies instantly and no longer accepts pre paid gift cards. You can purchase LP with a pre paid gift card but not VIP. Originally this started with legit CC attached to bank accounts from regular players. Once Gold sellers learned this, they went full on in cash making mode. There are other current ways aside from what you discovered but I'll not post how they are done. I, myself only know this (these) due to in game associations with shenanigan types who just can't keep their mouths shut.
  9. Splay

    FTC Will Investigate Loot Boxes

    True stuff here. I was reading this while eating a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and sprayed my monitor with milk and cereal. I honestly have no idea how in the hell this game is still being available. There has to be a few thousands retards using Mithril Coin to travel from West Bree to South Bree dozens of times a day. One of the forum posters has the SSG cock swallowed so hard its coming out their ass. It's the same person who trashed the consolidation thread years ago. I called them out on this and Viv came to their rescue. If this forum poster played on Landy, I'd load up a slew of alts and troll fuck them into hell. Note to self: Keep edible projectiles away while reading here.
  10. Splay

    Legendary™ Servers

    Agreed with what you say about the log on queue and its cause. People at SSG know how people are when it comes to games and any other sort of things where a log on has numerous people doing it at the same time. Can't get in? Relog and hope to bump to the front. This the part where I say it was intentional. Yes, for the sole purpose to artificially inflate the numbers. Also to create the sense that this thing is in high demand inciting a frenzied state among the participants. Some kid is texting his friends going (OMG! This game is the shit! Get in here bros! Its on!) or at least SSG would want it to be in this manner. It's just one mind fuck after another these days. Too bad really, because playing a game for fun has taken a back seat.
  11. Splay

    Legendary™ Servers

    Only half of Eregion's landscape launched with Moria. The remainder came several months later. Anything across the river was blocked off, which included the School and the Library. At least that is how I remember it from those years ago
  12. Splay

    Legendary™ Servers

    A 30% drop on the old servers is close but there are exceptions. Evernight is holding its own and daily has exceeded Anor for all this past week. The bottleneck queque was intentional just so Cordovan could make his post claiming success. Ithil will not survive much longer. SSG choice to create Ithil was downright dumb. If they leave it open it looks bad. If they close it and merge with Anor it will look worse. Mean while a good portion of the old servers have taken a hit as above noted. This in itself will cause a domino effect which I doubt SSG can stop until the last domino falls. That won't mean the game will shut down but if its starts they might as well pull the plug. I've long lost my optimism about the future of LotRO. This recent move reeks of desperation. I'll be watching the player logon numbers but tbh this doesn't look good. The multiboxers mentioned above are likely legit and not gold sellers. It's easy to get lifetime accounts for LotRo and if a person is willing to shop around they are relatively cheap. The only drawback with purchasing one from a wholesale seller is retaining the account if something goes wrong. I dont mean the original owner trying to reclaim. I mean if the multiboxer starts using scripts or 3rd party programs and flaunts it. I have no doubt if an account get reviewed by a GM and they see it has changed hands they will instantly permaban it. Not because it changed hand, but because they have eliminated a free ride from a past legacy they would as soon not have anymore. Also in hopes the player will restart on a new vip account. Take notice the recent sale. In this is the Moria content. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?669254-LOTRO-Store-Sales-Black-Friday-and-Weekly-Sales&p=7893398#post7893398 I doubt SSG will wait four months to release Moria. Coincidentally the 4 month mark is the quarterly earnings mark. I read players saying time and time again more revenue means more for dev time, more for content, more for QoL. What I see is more revenue means more for the investor. Not more for the player. A few stabs at the future reality of LotRO. No Shelob raid. Faster timing on releases for the new LS's. No more dev time to PvMP, period. LotRO under SSG is now being instructed by someone from DBG directly on how the game is presented and focused. Much more on earnings than SSG managed. Every implementation has a manipulation factor which now is undeniably blatant. Example, buy yourself a key on AH and watch a lootbox opening. I laughed when I saw a new animation for this. Damn if it isn't a YAY! I win! Then, I never seen one before. Another, the whole U23 grind. The whole thing is geared to set you up, one step at a time to continually push you to buy something. I could go on with many examples describing this but I think you all get the picture. My point is SSG under DBG directives are clamping down to produce revenue. I doubt the people who work at SSG care anymore about the playerbase as they once did or have claimed to. At this point its, how do I keep my job?
  13. Splay

    Legendary™ Servers

    With a little search time after slogging through the credits would give a more specific time as to when he was brought on. He is the low guy on the pole so he gets all the shit work Severlin doesn't want to deal with anymore.
  14. Splay

    Legendary™ Servers

    I'm still laughing at the absurdity thread about butterflies, It's like the whole game is on the verge of crashing and some dimwit says "looky perty butterflies". I'm not going to bust Vastin's nads. The guy is trying. Its just sad all the players know he is the only one doing the work. There is no way they can release a new server at this point. No one with a decent head on their shoulders would do it dead line or not. I said back in March or April that if the game made it to the new year I would be surprised.
  15. Splay

    Legendary™ Servers

    The Legendary server explains why all the starting zone revamps. None of which were ask for. The land connections in old content areas. Which no one ask for. The Core stat redistributions. Which no one ask for. This becomes clear when looking back. I expect this server to flop on its face in a few months. I also don't see who is going to pay for it. I know I wont. Especially knowing all the lifers wont pay a dime, I wont support it with my money. I sure won't pay for what I already paid for twice now. So who is going to pay for it? Hmm? No PvMP? So they say not at launch. Ya only way it will happen is if they realize their effort is doomed. Then and only then will they open the Moors and then is so it wont be the same PvMP because Severlin said he wants something different than what we have had. Thing is by the time they conclude it is a necessary it will be too late for them. Disregarding all I put above, I can answer to the motive. This is to place LotRO fully under the umbrella of DBG. A gradual shift of the current population under a new revenue model and then have it become part of the DBG collective. Paying an all access fee to DBG. Why? Its a twofold purpose. One it yields security to SSG or so they think so. Two DBG adds to their portfolio and in turn spreads their losses if one of their existing games goes under. Basically this is spreading the damage and diluting the profits for SSG. SSG doesn't care how profitable the game is as long as they can screw around mind fucking their playerbase and still make a check. I suspect this transition was part of the deal when DBG and SSG negotiated their publishing deal. I said this before and still stand by it. WB owns LotRO the game. None of this transition is prohibitive to that assertion. Does WB care if LotRo floats or flounders? I doubt it. All it serves is to keep the license active with a purpose for the moment. The recent monetization scheme is sad and now to a point where it is breaking the will of players to continue. At this point, I am just an observer. Watching this experiment mainly due to curiosity. Anyone with half a brain can see the manipulation at work here and I don't feel sorry one bit for the carrot chasers. A new Legendary server and it doesn't have a new game engine. It isn't a 64 bit client. Why would players pay to lag on JUST another LotRO server? The answer makes my head spin.