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  1. There is this old site. https://surugi.com/lotrostats/index.php?server=All&week=&year=2012&rank=3 I don't know how the totals are accumulated but seeing a 2012 total for rank 3 and higher of 140k player characters who entered the Moors is a far bit more than a ton. I went back through the forums looking for Osgilaith pvp and found little support for the idea pre existing the zone. The earliest I found was dated for 2012 and that was only a "What if" scenario. There was a Producer letter listing Osgiliath zone including a pvp zone but the link didn't work located from past Dev Diary's. No threads which went beyond a page or two until it was released and those are suggestion changes or complaint thread for the shitty zone we have today. I searched the Dev Diary section and found this while milling around. https://twitter.com/sera_brennan Now my brain is damaged.
  2. Edit: Several minutes after I made this thread, the OP removed their last post, which I have copied here. I see they had enough sense to remove it and not give SSG the easy out they usual get from frustrated players committing infractions due to their overzealous attachment to this game's PvP. For eight years near to nothing in regards to PvMP and pvp balance. Actual thousands ask about its development throughout those eight years. Other than Osgiliath, which none ask for or wanted, the most thats happened was stances and stat adjustments. A few tweeks which mostly amounted to nerfs due to Freep complaints. This thread below is unprecedented in my 12 years I spent playing LotRO. A thread with 5 pages of unity requesting SSG fix PvMP. I suspect will now be locked by tomorrows end. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677066-Official-Players-who-demands-a-serious-work-from-SSG-on-PvMP Again another thread which could have been titled differently, but still the unity in the thread speaks volumes. Hello everyone, as all of us can notice, there's never a staff response in order to PvMP ideas, suggestions or even asking a simple interest from the company in this part of the game. The purposal from this thread is not to give ideas or suggestions, the purposal of ths thread is to show Standing Stone Games and their Staff the large amount of players who demands work on LotRO PvMP. This way I want to invite everyone who wants PvMP being developed as it deserves to sign this thread, perhaps, if we are loud enough, SSG will finally listen to us, give us the replies we need, and interact with their players, it's not time to stay quiet giving ideas who are going to get ignored for years, it's time tofight for our PvMP. And I also think it's worth a minute if by this way we can make anything change, this is not a fight because we all must be together, we all must claim a decent PvMP and a responsible reaction from the company we all are or were paying for this game. LotRO PvMP is a concept who involves two factions, Free Peoples and Monster Players. We fight at the grounds but it's time to stand together and try to make those blue names notice it's not a matter of a minority. Let's make them see the number of players we are wanting, because i know the number is very high. Said that, I am the first to sign this demand. Thanks in advance. Yuzuriha from Evernight. Last page is the OP showing a warning from Cordovan. Though it doesn't list the infraction, it will now get locked. All the time wasted scratching over my threads for this... Would be better dedicated in a reply to the 106 persons, until this moment who are asking the company to read us, tell us things, anything!! What's next? Ban? That will just show with more force all mentioned things. The ball is on your roof now. PS: Thanks /re-signed .. of course Last edited by Yuzuriha_EN; Yesterday at 11:31 PM. That's too bad really. Rather depressing how SSG prods along ignoring PvMP while those who PvP beg them to fix it. In reflection at a later time, I'll probably see this thread as PvMP's last stand.
  3. Splay

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    Are sales historically usually kept on the time scheduled or do they deviate due to nonsensical effects from an alternate universe? Ya guys, sorry we didn't change the launcher. Ya guys, sorry we meant Dec 12th. Which way will it go?
  4. Splay

    Pounding spikes

    Dorothy, Dorothy, Ah Dorothy She tries so hard to remain relevant. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677006-Name-forcibly-changed&p=7977471#post7977471 Still giving the forums her all, from her vast archival knowledge. Then I come along just to pound a fuckin spike in her head. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?677006-Name-forcibly-changed&p=7977473#post7977473 "Maybe Heinlein knew the naval pirate slang term for an eye splice as well." By the time she figures that one out she'll be a bit pissy. Being as usual, stereotypical in the way she thinks like as if the world never moved on from the fuckin stone age.
  5. Splay

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    I can see two forms of currency in the future of LotRO. In game earned LP and cash paid LP. Both will be able to purchase Mithril Coins. Every new store purchase will have a designation as to which currency can be used for that purchase. In game LP becomes GLP. Cash LP become CLP or an equivalent logo icon preceding each form of LP. SSG going full on greed, they eliminate all barter currency to replace it with MC. Want kindred for that new faction? Grind for GLP or pay for CLP, then convert the LPs to MC for barter. Of course by then, the change will provide the perfect excuse to eliminate the LifeTime LP stipened. I read the forums today and see the rabid exchanges. I think some players spend more time posting than playing. Post after post for pages, like as if it is a live chat box or some texting party. No real substance just the back and forth reiterations of what they said the page before. None of which SSG gives a fuck about. SSG RedPanda is logged on saying their team is working on fixing the store. So serious and all.🙄 None of SSG is doing shit today. Digital River gets a phone call. SSG leaves message. Please fix store. Its broken. DR calls back, says okie we on it. DR Goes back to sleep until tomorrow.
  6. Splay

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    Is Olivetti trolling players/readers by placing a "Play LotRo for Free" button inside the article?
  7. Splay

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    I saw DrOctothorpe's thread was locked. Due to who the OP is might have as much as anything to why it got a necro and lock. The previous necro was to a thread that showed old maps from MEO. I don't think the map links worked anymore but lollol NECRO! I noticed Cordovan is more likely to necro a thread that doesn't represent SSG in a good light vs just doing a necro on any old thread. In the past year I've seen threads come back from more than two years ago to become active with no notice and yet others can arise only to be locked in a day or so. It might be worth a thread to list them as they get locked. "Cordovan's Necro Thread" then a ready viewed record to monitor consistency.
  8. Splay

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    Players in LotRO see the game as F2P or VIP. They still don't see it as it is. Pay to play. Every suggestion in this last year that SSG has seized upon becomes a pay item. Each time they choose a different path to offer the carrot. Each change they make to a system enables the pay to play scheme. Maybe at some point players will get wise and quit asking for things. Though there is always some dumbass who says to SSG, shut up and take my money. After a quick history review from memory, it looks like a market goal for SSG is to get every player to spend $100 a month. I insure 3 vehicles for a similar amount and one is a 2019. Put it in that perspective shows me I'll never say shut up and take my money. I have better things to use it on.
  9. Splay

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    I think we are seeing some forum RP going on here. RP as in forum persona's attempting to continually express their views but using different forums accounts hoping an association will not be discovered. Some people aren't as good as others because they leave tale tell signature habits that cross their multi-forum identities. Jokor, Mukor, Elmagor all have similar errors in spelling, sentence structure, and approaches based on their overall view of LotRO. I also notice when one posts the others are absent. Since I know longer play LotRO, I can show how a forum user can use multiple forum persona and never be discovered. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?664980-Investigative-Research-Services-has-deemed-the-following-actions-appropriate-for-implementation I am Mister_IRS_Agent. I am not all that great at using multiple forum persona and in review I do see some mistakes. Clues to the observant person would give my endeavor away. I did post in the last pages on Sapienze but purely for amusement. In retrospect, I should not have done so. Mainly because at the beginning my intent was for another kind of amusement based on an objective standing not associated in anyway with any player. Even myself. Essentially I wasn't going to engage Snowlock with Mister_IRS_Agent on any level outside of objectivity. In that, I found myself trailing away from my original premise. Which was to layout a plan for future PvMP and stay away from the usual back and forth forum shit talking. Oh ya. I forgot. If anyone reads the thread, see if you can find the bitch slap I gave SSG. I don't feel outing myself needs proof, but it could easily be proven by adding the same avatar from these forums to Mister_IRS_Agent's forum account.
  10. Splay

    Just Another Day in Monetezation

    Watching to see if the Curator philosophy gets expanded to other barter type exchanges in the future. I read the post with the mention of Puppy-Huggles and noted the Post Script added at the bottom of their post. I so want to make a post asking if their puppy fetish is attributed and enhanced by meds. Also to look for a meme of a person strangling a puppy to death with hugs. On the subject of the Task wallet thinger. It kind of amazes me that all these players praising it haven't noticed that the higher priced LP sale includes a medium version. This implies a large version in the future. I also imagine all the addicted players still call the Double LP Bonus as a double point sale. Completely passing by them it isn't a double LP sale. It's possible in their minds these sales have been around long enough they no longer make the distinction between two very different amounts and how they are recognized. If this is the general case, someone at SSG gets a win there. LotRO players can't math. I sure would like to see the data on who, why, what, and how much players spend. Also to see how the data changes an SSG broadens their manipulative shenanigans. Somebody in their marketing understands how to prey on addiction. That's too bad really. They could be marketing to bring in new players with a more honest approach. Instead they've chosen to prey on their existing player base. I guess it is easy to abuse your family than to find strangers who will endure the same abuse.
  11. Splay

    Black Friday Sale (and New Item)

    It will be a funny parade of shenanigans if they ever transfer to a different web host. All those previous banned forum accounts become ready and able for trolling. On another note. It occurred to me why the transfer option is disabled. It was shortly after their servers were worked on, changed, or switched (Who can tell what SSG actuallt did at that time is anyone's guess) that the transfer window disappeared. What I realized today is, SSG may have lost or intentionally deleted all the data from the old existing closed servers. I still had a 65 Burg on Vilya and a few stragglers across other older closed servers. If they did something to essentially void all that character data that would be inappropriate in my opinion. Just a thought seeing how there has been no word and I'm still seeing players ask about it. This Black Friday thing is laughable on a few levels. It seems some people are barking louder than usual but I bet they will still be logging on to LotRO regardless. Lord of the Rings Online is becoming an expensive game to play these days.
  12. Splay

    US Elections 2020

    Oh looky, a piece of candy. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/white-house-invited-to-participate-in-impeachment-hearing-next-week/ar-BBXnC97?li=BBnb7Kz Trump has no choice but to appear in some capacity. He has complained all along the Impeachment isn't legit. At the same time complains he can't defend himself. Well, now he has a chance. Trump could lay this to rest in one hour by swearing an oath and testifying. Will he? Hell no! Trump will continue to obstruct, distract, delay, and throw a tantrum. At the same time try to procrastinate saying his defense team needs time to submit to any Impeachment appearance. Trump has been doing his best to stretch this out to after the next election. Somehow in his mind thinking this is the best choice. It won't work. Pelosi has plainly stated the train rolls out, with or without Trump on its way to Impeachment. I'm going laugh my ass off, when this reaches the Senate, the Supreme Court decides Bolton can testify. I can see this happening and it will be credited by a Trump nominated Justice. Kavanaugh has already stated that no man is above the law. Including presidents and cited history to back his opinion. If per chance leads to this, it will be the perfect Karma transaction to date.
  13. Splay

    US Elections 2020

    Why would I ever want that? I'd rather you come and live in my guest house for free. Mainly to laugh at you each morning. It's fully furnished and you'll have free ski passes and golf. Also a nice trout steam to fish for native trout. Don't be shy. I won't laugh too hard watching try to fly fish.
  14. Splay

    US Elections 2020

    I never said I was opposed to a wall regardless of its construct. You assumed since I brought it up early on, I was. I brought it up because it didn't happen. You missed that part dumbass. I can find a poll if I want to suit any narrative. Just like you did here, dumbass. Kids using remote controlled cars to traffic drugs into the US. Adults cutting holes in the existing wall big enough to drive trucks through. Here you think changing immigration laws are working. 🙄 How easy you forget every poll said Hillary was winning in 2016 and now you want to put full faith in a poll? 🙄 When I said you should go home and help your family keep their farm, you went off for a whole page about the money you don't make. I said it because under Trump farmers and coal miners are now either out of jobs or are defaulting on bank loans trying to keep their farms... And you think Trump is getting Black votes because they earn more money today than 4 years ago. You're trying so hard to keep your dream of worshipping Trump through to eternity. You made the wrong choice. Own it and move on.
  15. Splay

    US Elections 2020

    Says the guy who can't see the obvious because it would destroy your bubble. You've gone on for most of these pages talking about conspiracies, even after they been proven false by numerous sources. Placing full beliefs in total lies and bullshit. Maybe because everything Trump says is lies and proven to be false daily. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/don-mcgahn-must-testify-about-time-as-white-house-lawyer-judge-rules/ar-BBXkcjQ I expect within this hour Trump will go bonkers Tweeting. No doubt setting a motion to appeal as well.