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  1. That moment when those in your own political party hate you more than your political opponent. Biden may be the first to win the Presidency without leaving his home throughout the whole campaign.
  2. When Millions of Americans lose their jobs all in the same month, that's the time a President needs to step up. Step up with a plan to get those same Americans back to work. Presidents have in the past, yet some how Trump can't put this piece to the puzzle. I've mentioned unemployment numbers more than once, but I know that isn't the totality of the picture. Its just a leading indicator of direction. This article below gives more insight to that picture. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/nearly-half-of-american-adults-are-now-unemployed/ar-BB167gf0?li=BBnbfcN The employment-population ratio — the number of employed people as a percentage of the U.S. adult population — plunged to 52.8% in May, meaning 47.2% of Americans are jobless, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. "To get the employment-to-population ratio back to where it was at its peak in 2000 we need to create 30 million jobs," Torsten Slok, Deutsche Bank's chief economist As the President of ignorance and denial, Trump still only cares about feeding his ego and a future prospect of a second term is what leads his impulsive decisions. There is no way Trump will make a second term and for him it is way too late to change course causing any effective change to the lives of average Americans. Many of the jobs lost at the beginning of 2020 will not return. Not today. Not tomorrow, or even in a year. They are gone, period. That makes the unemployed number even a more daunting task for recovery leading to jobs. Trump never got it. Instead of dealing with Covid 19 in a sensible way, he just wanted to act like it was fake news. The sad part in this is those dumb enough to place Trump's priorities to align with their own. Governors who refused to address the virus are now the worst places in America to be right now. To think all this could have been ended over a month ago and jobs on the recovery following the populations recovery from the pandemic. But no! We gots to be stupid. The people where I live paid attention and were directed by common sense. As a result, there are less than 20 confirmed cases in the county, and zero deaths. This wasn't because they paid attention to Trump. In fact he was widely ignored and the irony in that is, I live in a rural setting which is predominantly conservative and Republican. I guess they aren't Trump kinda dumb.
  3. Trump's Tulsa rally was about as nourishing as ordering a nothing burger at a drive thru. Seems his supporters can't survive on such a low calorie diet. Instead they stayed home. I guess that's a good thing rather than seeing another city in flames. I listened to it up until the rambling idiot gave his rational about virus testing.
  4. The Batman's Joker let all the crazies out of the asylum. Chords of Chaos accompanied by tribal chants, where the lunatics dance to the beat. A festival of madness where sacrifices are offered to their gods. Where have I seen that before...
  5. I called this last week, but knew of its reality than a year ago. The pendulum swings as the Corruptor and Chief keeps winding up the clock. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/intel-report-warns-that-far-right-extremists-may-target-washington-dc/ar-BB15Jd2U The assessment, dated June 15 and obtained by Politico, reported that “recent events indicate violent adherents of the boogaloo ideology likely reside in the National Capital Region, and others may be willing to travel far distances to incite civil unrest or conduct violence encouraged in online forums associated with the movement.” “The politicization of national security threats is retrograde and hurting our response,” Levin said. “We’re not seeing this level of violence now from the left because these extremist movements respond to inertia from the mainstream. The hard right hangs on Trump’s every word. And even in ambiguity, they see support.” All through the article describes recent moments throughout the US where Right-Wing extreme ideologist commit to actions violating the law. Trump needs to go and Biden is a poor replacement but given the outcomes is the better choice. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I see a significant chance Tulsa will burn tomorrow night. Knowing it only takes one nutcase wielding a gun to set the blaze.
  6. I read somewhere in the last two days, Trump wants the revenue from the publishing contract to be awarded to him as some kind of recompense for the dirty deeds done to besmirch Trump's golden image. Might have been about his niece's book, or both hers and Bolton's book. The media already have copies, so blocking warehouse distribution doesn't matter. I highly doubt Trump can stop the sales. I can see where Trump may not want the 2020 election win, because there will be another Impeachment and with Bolton's book also a possible Democrat Senate. Conviction is inevitable.
  7. I'm fully aware of the origin and the reasoning behind it. The reality is if Biden were to win 11 states, he'd never have to set foot in a Republican stronghold. Less than 1/3 of the 50 states. Three of those 11 are currently swing states looking rather favorable to a Democrat victory. That is hardly representative of voters. The absence of the Electoral College would not have hindered the founding of the US. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Electoral_College The suitability of the Electoral College system is a matter of ongoing debate. Supporters of the Electoral College argue that it is fundamental to American federalism, that it requires candidates to appeal to voters outside large cities, increases the political influence of small states, preserves the two-party system, and makes the electoral outcome appear more legitimate than that of a nationwide popular vote. Opponents of the Electoral College argue that it can result in different candidates winning the popular and electoral vote (which occurred in two of the five presidential elections from 2000 to 2016); that it causes candidates to focus their campaigning disproportionately in a few "swing states"; and that its allocation of Electoral College votes gives citizens in less populated states (e.g., Wyoming) as much as four times the voting power as those in more populous states (e.g., California). As time passes these disparities will widen causing further, future elections, to have an imbalance between popular and electoral votes.
  8. All this does is reveal the inequality in a nation, which is founded where all men are created equal. Does this mean Trump will be expected in California campaigning? Will Biden be found in Oklahoma looking for votes?
  9. Impress me. Seriously, make it an effort. Show me a discussion which isn't being vomited by an obvious biased conservative. Show me a discussion where you are part of it, fully engaged talking the points. I want to see this deeper, more complex thought. Really! Get it out here and have it maintain a solid logical basis. Do this, and I'll stop posting.
  10. Like a horse and buggy or a model A Ford? Since its non binding, constitutionality doesn't really matter. Also its a poor response to the actual statement. For practical purposes (for the most part) it is a Democracy, but since you want to be a stickler, the US is a Constitutional Federal Republic.
  11. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/elections-2020/trump-rally-sign-up-includes-disclaimer-about-potential-covid-19-exposure/ar-BB15mmDB?li=BBnb7Kz Those wishing to attend President Trump's rally next week in Oklahoma must agree not to sue the Trump campaign or host venue in the event they contract the coronavirus.
  12. The electoral college is outdated, and doesn't represent the one person, one vote idea. I can see this going by the wayside in the near future. It gives too much power to states with smaller populations and skews to overall will of a Democracy.
  13. https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/479041-fact-checker-counts-16k-false-misleading-claims-by-trump-in-three President Trump has made 16,241 false or misleading claims during his three years in office
  14. You really discredit yourself when you point out polarization from media sources. Then list a fringe link from apparent gas lighting idiots. Your friends must be viewing this with strange glasses, because I know of first hand accounts that dispute your view and the twitter mania you linked. Anything to get sensationalized attention. The twitter nut makes it sound like it is an "Escape from LA" world when the facts are far different. As to what is actually going on. I see this as a counterbalance to conservative extremism. I don't condone or identify with either. Its just a dynamic that is expected in a free country where freedom remains unhindered. Had all those gun toting idiots not went to Charlottesville VA, then they wouldn't have to have fear of the pendulum swinging back past center. Action and reaction plain and simple. That's some funny shit. Trump gets angry, serving cease and desist orders. The king has no throne. I can't say I will shed a tear.
  15. There may come a time where the messenger and the message diverge. Perhaps this time has already arrived. When this separation occurs, continued discourse has choices. The obvious ones are, to disengage, or choose incendiary literal devices. Neither of which offer a positive outcome, in the name of continuity par for the usual pro forma. What's left in the absence of consent to continuity? To address the messenger rather than the message. If... Indeed there is any reason for follow up at all. Almagnus has no message and hasn't for some recent span of time. Now, if Almagnus had offered up something profound, foundationally irrefutable which might be worthy of continued engaging discourse, I would be astonished. I say, because when Almagnus offers nothing burger farts rather than sticking to the message. These intonations in conviction really amount to flare ups in hemorroids. If Almagnus has no further message, then thats well and fine. However continued blathering of no message leaves a reader totally uninspired to continue reading. It's like a comedian that can only tell a joke worth a laugh of 1 in ten. Personally I wouldn't pay money to see that. Sounds boring and a waste of time. Basically Almagnus's ten second efforts amount, to having a sore ass, and screaming they have a sore ass. It isn't comedic on any level and lacks substance to verify there was ever any message. But... Seriously. Should I expect anymore from someone who worships a moron? Perhaps not.
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