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  1. Dismantling their game's community has long been a manager pet project passed along to each new EP. PvMP is a good example. Passive avoidance and silence while letting systems harboring player loyalties march their way to the graveyard. Replaced by insta-gratification systems which intentionally inherit monetization structures. I'd guess every time SSG reads on their forums where a player says buying the Life Time was the best money they ever spent on gaming is a likely good source for the motivation to disenfranchise the non profiting portion of their playerbase. The F2P model has served its
  2. Cordovan responds https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?683312-New-class-quot-BRAWLER-quot-found-in-beta-trainer-traits-and-raid-gear-huge-selling-point-for-Gundabad-expansion&p=8037369#post8037369 "I mean I posted in the thread. Obviously you've all seen something we weren't quite ready to talk about, but we'll have more information in the near future. Just to make sure people are aware, this is not something that would be coming to War of Three Peaks." Well, there it is. The repeating cycle of professed ignorance. While at the same time leaving enough of a carrot fo
  3. The Ultimate Gundabad Bundle package. $300 Package includes Gundabad Expansion, Race change New Brawler class War Pig 5 Anti-lag tokens I remember that thread. SSG hopes memories are short. That way SSG can claim idea origin. I'll keep watch of the current thread to see if SSG jumps in the thread. Then link that thread to say umm ya it wasn't SSG's idea. Radhruin is gonna be shitting out bent rusty nails. The howling will be excruciatingly loud from him if indeed a new Brawler class introduction is approaching. SSG has been placing plot discussion devi
  4. This guy would have never survived a Mueller investigation testifying in person. The guy talks shit his whole life and in 2016 when questioned under oath, expects to not be held accountable for those same words. In the end, Trump lost and paid $25 million and was ok with that as long as he could admit no wrong doing. Now we can see 1st hand why his attorneys try to keep him off the stand at all cost.
  5. I keep reading this stuff about how SSG is a business and they need players money desperately. Ya umm nope. Not this year in particular. I know damn well DBG and by proxy of DBG's umbrella, SSG too have gotten millions from the US as a result of Covid-19 through the US appropriations for small businesses. Think this through and you will see what I mean. DBG recently broke up their business into smaller development companies. That in itself made them eligible for loans to keep their employees working from home and with the caveat of loan forgiveness for adhering to policy's set forth by US cong
  6. The forum posting theme of 'slap me again I like it' made me laugh. Ninety nine dollars for a work in progress. I can't say its fills me with joy. No ILI fix. No PvMP fix. Transfers are still broken, but hey we got a boar mount. Next year we'll see the super mini expansion for $20. The following year will be the mini quest pack for $20. Until finally a few years down the road it will be the Log-On release for $20.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/no-bob-woodwards-recordings-of-trump-are-not-proof-of-reckless-homicide/ar-BB18S5Kh?li=BBnb7Kz This article is a perfect example of how and why societal standards have fallen to the wayside. The author of the article proposes any decision made by a world leader (in this case a US President) has no obligation, responsibility or a consequence for failing meet the challenge of a national emergency. The foundation of his article stands on a choice of legality, or lack of, and totally ignores the demand of moral choices by a person leading a nation.
  8. This guy has issues. Almost seems like he is sucking up to Trump to be his next White House Press Secretary. Tim Pool (Timhat) is a poor excuse for a human. He is merely part of the private media, gaslighting network which has evolved in the last decade. What kind of sensible logic can there be applied to how he chooses to vote from this twitter link? I'm going to vote for someone because a 17 year old boy walks around with an assault rifle after a curfew limit, recklessly applying constitutional liberty? In what universe does that even deserve praise or prompt a personal deci
  9. Anyone remember the day when the new legendary servers opened up and people like Marteena shilled for SSG? I recall a post from Marteena who typed in large bold about how successful those servers were. Well, day came where HD was released. Ofc anyone with a brain new those servers life ended at the intro of HD and now proof is being communicated. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682834-PLEASE-set-me-(us)-free-from-the-LEGENDARY-Servers!!! PLEASE set me (us) free from the LEGENDARY Servers!!! Like many long-time VIPs (or otherwise), when the LEGENDARY
  10. Comedians couldn't pull a punchline like this. It is 100% laughing stock material. Trump is an idiot and this rather proves that point. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/the-“keep-america-great”-domain-belongs-to-joe-biden/ar-BB18twXk?li=BBnbfcL Despite the fact that he did not make America great in any way (nor was it great in the first place), the slogan for Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is “Keep America Great.” So, one would think they would have purchased KeepAmericaGreat.com a while ago. But no, the idiocy and lack of preparedness in Trump world knows no bounds. This
  11. SSG is outsourcing everything they can. Those temp contracts are exactly that. Paying people peanuts while being subcontracted for 12 months. Outside of half a dozen at SSG the rest are expendable. That isn't saying those in that small group are proficient. They are leftovers from Turbine who are in it for a pound. The funny part of reading those job listing is a person waiting tables or barista will make more than those technically educated because online games and coding in general is todays equivalent of 1950s secretarial work in the underbelly of corporations. Give it a few more years and
  12. The ban is assured after this interaction. Marteena says https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682729-Refusal-to-refund-mithril-coins-accidentally-spent-due-to-server-lag&p=8031882#post8031882 I had a stroke and emergency brain surgery in March this year due to a burst AVM, and it took me weeks before I was able to barely play lotro again.... Hankenstein replies https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?682729-Refusal-to-refund-mithril-coins-accidentally-spent-due-to-server-lag&p=8031920#post8031920 lmao dont use immaginary illness as an exucse in
  13. I once had a Finnish guy tell me the players from Siberia who play Eve would rather cut off their left nut than stop playing Eve. Saying it was near a reality in truth because those people haven't got shit to live for. Said they play on hacked dialup networks and stolen electricity with old outdated pcs. Elmagor reminds of those Russian players the Finnish guy spoke of. So the picture of Elmagor in my mind is a guy playing by candle light wrapped and bundled because of the cold, staring at a reworked Commodore to run Linux from the glow of a 4 inch black and white screen.
  14. Imagine when SSG came forward to claim LotRO if they said this. We are keeping our game servers in house. We our hiring an IT person to manage our servers. We are rewriting LotRO's code back to front and bringing all its extensions to the current date. We fixing all the old abandoned systems in game. We are closing the game down for 6 months and coming back with a brand new shiny game that can lead its customers into the next decade. Instead Severlin gives his war chant. "We are masters of our destiny" At the same time selling that same destiny to a 3rd rat
  15. I'm reasonably certain Hankenstein is the third of a forum ban success story. On their third account going berserker anytime someone disagrees with them. The same moron who proposed SSG sell pvp ranks. The same who got triggered so bad they said they were rage quitting the forums only to return a few days later. They are either a teen or a brain damaged soul and possibly both. I can see Captainkissass salivating at knowing another dumbass fell into their bait troll trap. Anyway they deserve each other.
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