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  1. Splay

    Who owns Lord of the Rings Online?

    Oh but there is and more than one. You just haven't looked in the right places. Ofc there is a DBG agreement. How could there not be for the company who publishes LotRO? As you yourself has said. It is run by SSG. That in no way means ownership. Again, DGB is the publisher. It is not a given they own LotRO. That's just your assumption. By your assertion its like saying Microsoft owned Ultima online because they were its publisher. Everyone knows that is and never was a truth. If you have something more concrete than this by all means put it forth. It is why I created the thread and I stand by what I said.
  2. Splay

    Who owns Lord of the Rings Online?

    It is my belief Warner Bros. owns the RPGMMO Lord of the Rings Online. I also think WB is still paying for the IP license to have LotRO active. Turbine sold themselves out to WB for a loan amounting to peanuts. So Turbine only developed the game after being bought. When WB made the decision for Turbine to focus on Mobile games it was then SSG came into being. SSG existed for nearly two years before they came onto the stage as an "Indie development team". SSG claimed they work in a new location which was mostly false. It looks more like Turbine sublet them space within their own existing offices. SSG is nothing more than a subcontracted company paid by WB. SSG gets help from Turbine in any manor they are willing to pay for as far as resources and even aspects that go beyond game development. DBG is just as SSG claims and nothing more, a publisher. With my assertion WB still owns LotRO, DBG contributes nothing in the way of finances or acquiring and maintaining the IP license. I have read nothing that contradicts this scenario. I started the thread because there may have been things I was, or am unaware of and in light of DBG problems the situation becomes even more clouded. With this lack of clarity and the hidden realities it becomes more questionable about who owns, and for how long this shitshow LotRO will exist. SSG has to answer to and show profits to someone and I don't think it is DBG. I didn't forget that Severlin on a live stream said his boss was a part of DBG. That could very well be true but it doesn't mean the this same person is the boss of SSG the company. Severlin's supposed title is Executive Director. It doesn't mean much to me, its just a title but it could create a distinction for business. I see Severlin as they go between who has the inner workings experience that was once Turbine's domain delegated to him by WB to to do business with DBG. I see no reason why WB would give up the licensing rights which are part of one of the biggest licensing entities in the entertainment medium realm. All this leads to how long can LotRo survive? SSG has screwed up again and again. Almost every week something occurs that stirs anger within its playerbase. Each remedy to rectify mistakes alienates a small section of the very same playerbase. Also having SSG virtually change the games focus to the "NOW" quick and easy content for the casual player, means they are sacrificing PVE Raiders, PvMP players who were for years the heart that held the community together. The solo-centric atmosphere has degraded the quality of content created challenges, also the past knowledge of existing challenges are for the most part lost in that same history. The games playerbase has been on a slow downward slide since SSG took control except one brief moment when Mordor launched. Lowest total since when trait trees 1st came out and the lame content of HD era. The difference between now and then is WB no longer bear the burden to maintain LotRO in finances or development. SSG does and they are imploding. Their only momentary salvation imo at this point is what they are exploiting at this very moment. Festivals, Festivals what in the fuck! Yuletide festivals in July! I highly doubt Festivals are what will keep the bills paid, so I wonder how can they think it will. They damn sure better have another project in the front burning while they let LotRo simmer away into steam because if the don't they are fucked as SSG. The PvMP community is openly irate even though they are a much smaller community than years past. Cordoban is vanning usernames each week now on the forums. Most don't care because they use f2p accounts to do this. What I don't get is how Cordoban and SSG just sluff off the PvMP community like they are old dead skin and to be so coy and pompous about it. Cordoban better be damn sure some of these players don't show up in Indiana next week and embarrass SSG in a way the damage control will not suffice. I expect soon some of the PvMPers will trash the chat in his live streams on Friday's. Mainly because Cordoban is just spewing out BS week after week about the status of PvMP development. Would SSG deserve such? Perhaps and rightfully so for deceptive waylaying paying costumers. If I am correct about my assertion WB still owns LotRo and SSG flounders, WB won't care, nor will Turbine, and least of all DBG and its Russian associates. What that leaves is a player base of loyal people who for years got shit on time and time again just to get flushed down the toilet.
  3. Turbine, Sony, WB, DBG, any of them or all of them? This is a current and ongoing question lately due to the Renovo, DBG connection err umm denied connection. I bring this to attention for this reason. I recently used the remainder of my LP to make a transfer. In my email I found a link at the bottom of the transfer page for completing the process from SSG. When I placed my arrow on the link and it gave an address that showed SSG but when I clicked the link, I viewed this. https://policies.warnerbros.com/privacy/en-us/html/privacy_en-us_1.0.0.html The email I read shows at the bottom left a copyright and logo from Turbine and WB dated 2005-2015 and to the bottom right the link above. Note the date revision for the above link. Updated: December 8, 2017. I haven't SS'd my email mainly because to do it would show very little that I wouldn't choose to black out of personal information I'd want kept private. Same goes for the external link of my transaction. Interesting revision update date. Coincidentally around the time of the other nonsense directly and indirectly implicating associations with a Russian who the U.S. has had his U.S. assets frozen. I'm not suggesting the two are connected but the date does seem relative. Being that the transfer was placed through the ingame store I did not SS it or find any links to it. I could have put it through an external browser but didn't have any insight to be aware I would find Turbine and WB associations still attached to SSG or the Lord of the Rings Online. I found this transaction leaving questions in my mind concerning the uncertainty of the question and the known answers. Who owns LotRO? Any thoughts?
  4. SSG manipulation isn't done here with this. What they have done is create a false sense of demand by their relaxed statement on how they are choosing to deal with this. Those who have the mount get to keep it. Those who don't act likely before Tuesday will be SOL. Then the money grab comes into existence. I say it will magically appear at the LotRo store for sale. I believe this was the intent all along. If I am wrong well then I'm wrong. If not expect more manipulation along the same path. I don't have the mount from the box and couldn't give two shits about wanting it. I have the meta deed horse so they can go fuck themselves on that account. It didn't go passed my notice the new mount is the old Moors horse for rank 9. For that they can shove a blender up their asses and turn it on high. I played nearly every night back in SoA for two years to get that horse. 64bit put on hold. Lol I saw that coming a galaxy away. PvMP remains stagnant for at least 6 more months. BTW I expect some lame ass reason in the future for how they will have to shelf pvmp improvements even after the new years starts. Player numbers continue to drop. The implosion is eminent. I want to know when so I can laugh at them.
  5. http://massivelyop.com/2018/06/28/legends-of-aria-has-a-huge-graphics-upgrade-in-store-for-closed-beta-as-it-kicks-off-a-community-scavenger-hunt/ I'm still watching this game and I continually like the direction. ESO? Meh, no thanks Sandbox with open world pvp all the rest are extras imo. The dev player feedback loop looks functional and I do like that. The changes and implementation are fast. The company seems open and far more transparent than say SSG. I will continue to follow their progress.
  6. I've read this forum for a number of years and knew idiots like Sapience frequented here just to spur his anger to muster up the courage to go on his mass revenge bans. I also knew his minions were here too, keeping him informed of any new dissent. And so it is the tradition still holds true. Just a different idiot and different minions. I rarely log on to the dungheap that is LotRo and when I do its mainly to talk with friends who still play. The remainder is to laugh at all the ocd idiots who feel LotRo gives them a sense of purpose in their empty lives. Those players who think the game is ever enduring even in the face of facts and statistics that clearly show the game is in a slow constant decline. Those players who know very well the story and its climax has passed, yet they wish the game to continue to the end of time. Bring this fact up on the forums and they get triggered and fire off their repeating rifle in the most fastidious of manners all the while ignoring the obvious. By posting here and displaying my character names and server has served a purpose for letting the minions do their work. In turn giving them even more validation for the useless purpose in life. So it is I have a new badge which I have no use for other than to provide even more meaning to such as previously mentioned. The Funberry types can thank me later at some other junction in their life when they require something more to sustain. Just for the record it is a very bad signature just screaming for attention of some level I cant fully comprehend. To show my thanks and just for a brief giggle I will be sending a package to the idiot supreme from here. https://bagofdicks.com/ I'm not sure which product to send. The one with the singing theme that won't stop for two hours looks appropriate. I'm up for suggestions. Tbh I was always wanting a reason to send such a gift and this seems the right moment. See I enjoy having fun and can even laugh at a prank played on me. What is life for if a person can't laugh along the way, so I hope this one can be taken in stride and appreciate the light hearted thank you from me when it arrives. The only question there is left for me and the readers is can the Funberry types kept it a secret and enjoy the humor or will they run to the idiot supreme and beg for some when they arrive, because you know when one sword swallower knows another will get some tonsil massage they get jelly. If in case its the latter, you'll have to hurry cause Sev will likely have bought some over priced ditchweed from Cord and both will have the munchies. Don't fret, since I haven't paid "my logo is a big dick" games a penny in years I can afford to send some more to those minions as well. If interested just ask here and I will oblige. For some time my only interest in LotRo beyond what I already mentioned is PvMP as a creep. Why? Because I know when I kill the OP side, for those ocd types the kill causes them real pain. They spend endless hours chasing the carrot only to find all the effort when they enter the Moors is all in vain. They spend untold dollars to be the hero just the be corpse jumped and /ruded by my BA. The more the balance is skewed the more I enjoy the challenge and its reward.
  7. Lord of the Rings Online should be renamed to Festivals Online. Of course that is after the incoming audit from the Treasury Department and the IRS. Class balance? I suspected from first hearing this, that the worst possible situation could occur. This being Hunters are currently hitting npc test dummies for over 1 million points of damage. Vastin seemed to have a notion of what he wanted, however it looks like he caved in the the complainers and now it appears to be far from what he originally said. Basically he probably screwed up the Hunter class so much it may never return to any semblance of falling inline of so called balance. Minas Morgul? I never saw this actually happening. To see it pushed back doesn't surprise me. Mordor, I used up LP I had for several years and purchased it. I approached the Black Gate and realized I had a quest ring lit up in the Waste Lands from previous content. I decide I should clean that up and then move on. Next I knew, unannounced I was watching Frodo cinematic of the ring being destroyed. Ten years, to have that moment essentially stolen from me, was to say the least depressing. Mordor grind, grind, grind, falling through the landscape a dozen times per session, and many other failings to numerous to mention. Allegiance, more grind and several of the instances for it are broken. To this day those instances are being exploited by circumventing the design. I couldn't bother to make a ticket due to knowing six months later they still existed as old content. Northern Kingdoms, the grind is real and often returns you to old Mordor, Allegiance grinds to progress. The staggered dailys in this region are mundane and boring. All that crap just for Essence nearly puts me to sleep. SSG said there would be no new level increase yet somehow they forgot that. 80 quest for 5 levels means even more repeat grind. PvMP, It is the worst I have ever seen it. I think it is atrocious and should be deleted from the game completely. That comes from a Creep only player for over 5 years. Lag,lag,lag. it won't ever be fixed and I know that. SSG empty words is all I hear about a new engine. Soon with Apple ending support for its 32 bit products, I expect the Mac version to disappear. Gold spammers, Ha Ha Ha I laughed when I saw Cordovan in a live stream where the gold spammers flooded world chat. How embarrassing that had to be. Its no wonder he does the live streams while stoned on pot. For me this game isn't nearly as fun as it once was. I don't drive myself mad like many of the truly addicted idiots that think this is good game design. The fanboys who constantly try to squash any dissent in game and on the forums will likely go through some counseling to adapt to the real world after this game gets shut down. Come June 5th I might get to see how the long the sun will be giving light. Cordovan will have to eat those words and I'll have no problem spoon feeding them back to him. I made a thread asking for SSG to not burn the community like many closing games do by telling lies and then dropping the bomb. I made that post because, I saw a possible impact from what the US Government was about to do concerning Russia and sanctions. I'll watch and see what happens. Moving on to Legends of Aria regardless. It will have many features I always wanted LotRo to have. RIP LotRo
  8. Christian.s aka Splay,Brammble A stupid thread it may be. However imo it was a necessary to show the level of stupid that is SSG to the LotRo community. Most of who still play,purposely choose to remain blind to the health of the game,which many love and hold dear even when confronted with the larger truth. The game turned into a shitfest money grab,when it could have been so much more. In the end Cordovan gave me the free uninhibited opportunity to trollfuck him and SSG until their very last day. Cordovan with his cocky hubris gave me 5 billion years to spit that back at him with impunity. I didn't see a comment from Sev. Honestly,I didn't expect to anyway. After watching Cord and Sev in ytube clips and live streams,to me the writing on the wall was clear. A neckbeard who likely hates his job and an ocd fucktard who can't even answer the simplest of questions in a live stream without getting a brain spasm and just stutters until Cord saves him.