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  1. It's amazing the lengths Jean will go so she can sit on her fat ass day after day playing video games. Now she knows after this recent round of poverty pleading she can bullshit people and get paid for it. No doubt she has eyed up other similar avenues for predatory adventures. She writes about job hunting but she won't leave her house to go out and find an actual job. It doesn't matter what state in the US she lives in. Anyone whether they are eligible for unemployment or not, can use the services from that states unemployment offices and websites to find employment. But... that means sh
  2. I wouldn't bother with PvMP. It's just trash. Especially on Landy. Even if SSG puts out the PvP gear Vastin says is in the works, it will only amount to another monetization scheme. Nostalgia isn't enough for me. My last recent log on was to inform my kinmates I stopped and to kick me from the kin roster if that suited them. I've concluded sometime ago, the names you mention and some other no lifer forum handles appear that, that forum thread is trash polluted by their presence. For me to be ask to post in such threads is about the same as asking me to stick my fingers in dogshit
  3. I find the situation very sad and often irritating. Especially when I read their forums. Repeatedly week after week the same shit show where SSG just needs to piss off players to keep some silly status quo. That being SSG can't let any player exist without fucking with their mind's creating crisis after crisis. How some analytical junky worked that out as a positive is mind boggling. The sad part is that there are still diehard morons who suck up all that negativity SSG spews out and convince themselves somehow it taste like caviar. Their addictions are real and SSG loves it. Though I don
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-impeaches-trump-for-incitement-of-insurrection/ar-BB1cImdc?li=BBnbcA1 The House voted 232 to 197 to impeach Trump exactly one week after rioters forced lawmakers to flee from the very chamber in which they cast ballots in the fourth presidential impeachment in US history -- and the first time a President has been impeached twice. I was reading a few other news articles. In more than one were spoken opinions where a President must be in office to be Impeached. Claiming if when the Senate returns, Trump will be out of office and can't be Im
  5. Trump needs to be Impeached. Again Not because he is a registered Republican. Party affiliation has the least to do with this opinion of mine. He needs to be Impeached so he cannot run for elected office in the future. I know some here said we need to move on and have Trump become history. Saying Americans needs to find a way to unite and find resolve for our own problems and that Impeaching Trump will further divide the United States. In light of this past week, I'm not sure the US can be more divided outside of all out civil war. We'll see how much resolve Congress has to
  6. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. Mine was uneventful. That's a good thing imo. Cheers to 2021
  7. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?685011-Did-SSG-take-payroll-protection-money-intended-for-businesses-that-were-closed-due-to-Covid On the periphery of Covid fallout. It seems directly or indirectly SSG has benefited from PPP. I posted somewhere on these forums SSG would apply for free money even though they didn't really need it. In light of the recent news where another company has bought DayBreak Games including SSG and their games. The promotional feeder to EG7 investors lists the financial information about SSG's revenue. https://www.enadglobal7.com/wp-conte...reak-Games.p
  8. And... If you chose a gender change, it will be another 2,495 LP to change the characters name. Unless you already had a neutral name. That would be $50 for one character. Imagine buying a new car and later wanting a different color paint and having it cost you half as much as the car.
  9. The delights of a two party system where each side is deathly afraid of becoming irrelevant. Willing to drag everyone into the us vs. them struggle.
  10. There is some real truth to Barr and 2024. He'll wreck whats left of the Constitution that Trump hasn't already. I read some of his published material. The guy has this thing about co-equal branches and how it is interpreted. Essentially he thinks the Executive branch deserves a bigger slice of the pie. I haven't given weight to anything he has said while working for Trump. Barr knows AG is a stepping stone, so he'll say what he is told and endure the fallout. Honestly I don't think Barr is presidential material. Pompeo? I don't see it. He is tainted by Trump.
  11. To me the meaning of a moderate, centralist means being able to pick and choose sensible positions from the political spectrum. If they reside outside of the center as long as they provide positive outcomes the majority of the people can benefit from is fair game. With that said, free education and healthcare are within that meaning. Just because they are social programs doesn't meaning they are leading the way to socialism. I find it funny when people make opposition to those two ideas, but at the same time don't consider bailing out banks and business sectors socialism. Also the same pe
  12. President-elect Biden gave a very good victory speech tonight. His confidence seemed overwhelmingly evident. He covered nearly every concern an American might have if not all of them. Tonight's speech might be the best I've heard from any politician in more than 20 years.
  13. Ya its far from over and I don't mean Trump throwing child tantrums. Without Senate control for Biden its really just a wasted span of time. Mcconnell is the swamp. You know, the one Trump wanted to get rid of. Biden will already have to sell his soul just to get cabinet members. Biden ought to just pull the bullshit move Trump used and place interim proxies for his cabinet which just happen to never get replaced. Mcconnell will block any and every nomination and legislation Biden's Democrats put forward. Then later want to use the backroom for bargaining. The end results are just more of the
  14. Seems this sites edit function has disappeared.
  15. No it wouldn't but then you've not given a reason why it is a bad thing. The problem with the EC is its points at doled out state by state. Where as they should be stand alone points per EC district decided by the census. Doing it this way gives each EC point and equal standing amongst the total number. Also the majority of voters in a specific district get proper recognition. Nebraska and Maine have it right. The remainder of the states have it wrong.
  16. You are correct. He is still a US President residing in the White House until Jan 20th 2021. After that date things change for any President. But... Let's not get ahead so quick. Before Jan. 20th. If Trump is seen to be shifting large amounts of assets or currency, it will be seen as suspicious. Being as such will also attract scrutiny and public criticism. This suspicion isn't just limited to Trump the person but also his family and those who control his finances. If this scenario plays out there is no chance the US gov't will let lame duck President leave the country. The risk
  17. Some people just can't figure it out. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684237-New-p2w-relics-garbage-loot-progression The LotRO treadmill spins the wheel of insanity.
  18. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/is-president-donald-trump-a-flight-risk/ar-BB1au69W Was the statement merely a sour-grapes throwaway line by a cantankerous candidate facing potential defeat? Or was it a signal that Trump might actually abandon—some would say flee—our shores and seek refuge elsewhere if he is routed by a Joe Biden victory? During my long military intelligence career I spent countless hours with my peers working on diverse “What if…?” contingency scenarios in complex locales such as the Balkans and Afghanistan. In these intensely personal environments, where clan or
  19. This is an increasingly common occurrence. Players feeling the need to list their loyalty badges while submitting to the forums for help. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684095-Any-SSG-support-tech-please-view-this-thread-Cordovan "I'm a VIP since pre launch in 2006. Been in here before %99 of the community. Did not miss a single payment over the years. I never eve rcomplain about anything in the game, even though I have some valid reasons to.." I am at a loss for words from both ends (the player and the company) after reading this. I'm happy I left this shit sh
  20. On a semi serious note it is a bit depressing watching SSG sink to the bottom of the ocean. So just to lighten up the tone I made a new thread in the suggestion section. Partly out of humor. Yet why not? How much worse could the game be now? https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684031-Whale-pet-please "I want one. I have cash. SSG make it happen." Anyway, I expect it to get buried in a day or two.
  21. Read the current forum threads today. Sounds like everything is broken from scaling instances to content purchases. Players can't get logged in. Complaints about the price packages and more. Looks like most who complain about the 'recommended' package are pissed they want a boar 🐖 but not for the forty dollar price tag. With this level of irritation the forums are ripe for trolling while wearing the fanboy hat. What do FC?
  22. It actually could happen and should happen. Here is why. Trump has been the most disruptive person to ever set at the Resolute desk. He is a belligerent, arrogant, too dumb to know he is stupid moron. I don't say that because I dislike him. It's just obvious to the casual viewer Trump is a child throwing tantrums when things don't go his way. A President needs to display something worthy of respect to the American people and to the world. Trump is a divider of people and has many times trampled on civil rights, human rights and lacks empathy for his fellow man.Though those offenses don't
  23. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-suggests-he-may-leave-country-biden-election-2020-10 "Could you imagine if I lose?" Trump said on Friday. "I'm not going to feel so good. Maybe I'll have to leave the country, I don't know." Translation: If I lose I'll be running with my tail tucked all the way to daddy Putin. Or will he? I think the answer is no. I also don't think any US President has ever left the United States and formally lived as a citizen in another country after their term expired. Additionally, I don't believe a future administration (regardless of party) would
  24. If Democrats retain the House, gain the Senate, and the White House, Trump can be impeached again. Hypothetically if Trump was convicted he could be denied access to any elected position in the future including the US Presidency. Its not like Democrats have to look far for impeach worthy actions from Trump. In fact it could be run through the House and Senate as quickly as say a Supreme court nominee.
  25. Historically, Trump is starting to make Nero and Caligula look like good guys.
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