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  1. I said two years ago DBG sent a guy to oversee SSG. Oleg Brodskiy is your man. I don't care if his Linkedin doesn't list it. It makes sense to keep that off of his history. Especially when DGB didn't want it to be known. Oleg is there for one main reason. (Oh side from dropping F bombs on a live stream marketed to teens) He speaks Russian. Why is that of importance? Because let's not forget the investment oligarchy who the US sanctioned is Russian. The EG7 involvement was purely for one reason. A non US sanctioned body already in place to become the perfect shell for laundering Russian cash. DBG is balls deep in this and they love smelling the spum dripping out of SSG. SSG is getting fucked so hard right now and there is nothing they can do about it. A console version. Ya its gonna be a thing but not what anyone thinks. Piranah a subsidiary of EG7/DBG will siphon off assets of LotRO from SSG via Oleg and export what they need for a completely separate game. Once done SSG's LotRO will go into maintenance mode and SSG will either become non existent or have to prove those old fucks can be worth something for another task within DBG. Ofc that means Jeff Libbey will be forced to finish the original story. You know, the one we all came to see. Not his shit posting worthy procrastination of a story. Before the console becomes a reality. The rest will be pushed back to DDO or out into retirement. No need for Scenario the landscape will be done or copy pasted from old assets the complete the console story. Mark this date right now. By 2025 LotRO the pc game with be gone. I left this game over two years ago save a logon here and there to check mail and keep in touch with players I've known since 2008. Before a few months ago I didn't look at the game for a year. When I learned the Moors was getting some attention I jumped into the forums on the regular to advocate for PvP gear for the Moors only. In that I argued with that shitstain Snowlock almost daily. To the point I was pushing the boundarys again on a permaban. It was worth it and if it ended in a permaban I couldn't give one fuck let alone two. I knew it was a last chance to get back the old Moors I knew and enjoyed. However again that ended in a half ass outcome. The Moors did get the gear and jewellry as well only equipped in the Moors. What I didn't see coming was a complete new iteration of the LI system which basically threw any work Fantus did under the bus of shit progress we all know too well that comes out of the barf bag SSG calls content. So... The Moors is basically dead on any server except for Evernight which exist in a perpetual state of lag. Freep new weapons made Freeps exceptionally OP and Champs top the list. I took my Minstrel out and got new gear and with my new LI's I ran around unstoppable while being attacked by no less than 16 Creeps. I one shotted groups of wargs with aoe crits. I'm like how in the fuck is this balance!? After my 6 hour pass into the Moors expired, I decided LotRO has no more PvMP. Well there is a new fight club arena where the old plains OP used to be. The place where Fantus goes on Brandy to get his dick stroked by the likes of Spilo and Dreadweaver while they do 1v1s. Lastly. The newest shitstorm from SSG set up to completely monetize LotRO raising the ire of almost anyone who remains. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?692005-Changes-to-Motes-Ember-Figments My post: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?692005-Changes-to-Motes-Ember-Figments&p=8118369#post8118369 When I think about LotRO and SSG this is what comes to mind. Oleg quoted: "We're continuing to keep an eye on this, and appreciate your feedback, but please remember that the forums are a bubble within the community, and aren't representative of the wider community." Anyone who read that and ever did the beta sessions should ask themself why should I bother or care about your shitty monetized slideshow. Likely my last post here. Thank you all. p.s. It was nice to see my thoughts on the subject of the last US election vindicated by the present. The former President was all I expressed and more. Doro should have never started that thread. It was a detonation the moment he hit submit. The poster I shall not name hopefully has to see now just how terrible the man is by now. If he is dead from being an anti-vaxer numpty. Perhaps not. Anyways, enjoy your lives and be good to yourself, family, and friends.
  2. 34:20 - 35:09 In this 29 seconds the LotRO Producer on a live stream slips up with a F-bomb. Then admits he has a filthy mouth and needs to work on it. Then Cordovan jumps in and basically says profanity is expected because they reside in the Boston area and everyone swears. So much so he adds and his opinion states "It is almost taught in elementary schools". I can't help but to wonder what their new overlords (EG7) think about this environment propagated by SSG who markets a game to children 12 and up. Also what would the residents of Boston think about a man who fronts a video game based in Boston. I am sure the Boston Herald would run this through the coals if they found out. What I found interesting about these 29 seconds is that not one person who viewed this live, never once mentioned anything about it. But, ofc those who watch it on the regular are the most devoted victims SSG has. By the way, why is Cordovan always stoned on pot during his live streams? Does he think no one can tell? The fuckin guy is baked while promoting a game for children and up. The legality of the subject carries no bearing on the matter. Only a dumbfuck would think that's good PR.
  3. It's amazing the lengths Jean will go so she can sit on her fat ass day after day playing video games. Now she knows after this recent round of poverty pleading she can bullshit people and get paid for it. No doubt she has eyed up other similar avenues for predatory adventures. She writes about job hunting but she won't leave her house to go out and find an actual job. It doesn't matter what state in the US she lives in. Anyone whether they are eligible for unemployment or not, can use the services from that states unemployment offices and websites to find employment. But... that means she needs to get her horrendous sized ass out her front door. Every state's access has a deep well resources not just for employees but also employers. All of these agencies have other related resources and in some cases actual free education for job sectors in demand. As far as the claims of near starvation, I gotta call bullshit. Of any time in my life, there is more free food to be found for those truly in need. Any person could make the rounds in any county on given days for food drives and in a days end have more than a person could consume in a year. But, you know a person needs to leave their computer sit idle for a day. Pathetic but not unsurprising.
  4. I wouldn't bother with PvMP. It's just trash. Especially on Landy. Even if SSG puts out the PvP gear Vastin says is in the works, it will only amount to another monetization scheme. Nostalgia isn't enough for me. My last recent log on was to inform my kinmates I stopped and to kick me from the kin roster if that suited them. I've concluded sometime ago, the names you mention and some other no lifer forum handles appear that, that forum thread is trash polluted by their presence. For me to be ask to post in such threads is about the same as asking me to stick my fingers in dogshit and pretending I like it. Ya nope. SSG has no creativity. Hasn't for years and whats worse is knowing Libbey (MoL) runs that show these days. His story telling is crap and gets worse each year. I recently read his rational for the new Brawler class. SSG's ideal of promotion is the same old, same old and extremely predictable. Some SSG dev says lets puts some stuff in the item data base and let a player find it hoping they make a splash somewhere on the net. As usual someone finds the info and acts like its finding Solomon's lost gold. Then comes the usual OOPS, Its just a wip so don't get excited. Meanwhile all their addicted accomplices jizz all over the keyboard. Once my game time got to the point I was spending the majority maintaining their Virtue, ILI, and so on, just to get into endgame group activities. It became a second job. Ya, that Lord of the Rings game isn't fun.
  5. I find the situation very sad and often irritating. Especially when I read their forums. Repeatedly week after week the same shit show where SSG just needs to piss off players to keep some silly status quo. That being SSG can't let any player exist without fucking with their mind's creating crisis after crisis. How some analytical junky worked that out as a positive is mind boggling. The sad part is that there are still diehard morons who suck up all that negativity SSG spews out and convince themselves somehow it taste like caviar. Their addictions are real and SSG loves it. Though I don't play this game anymore (I log on every few weeks only for fellowship chat) it could work out to my benefit having the fucktards at SSG continue on their full monetization path. Doing so only makes my accounts worth more for selling. A tally of one character based on the figure above makes it value by SSG standards worth $1,800 plus for only its ILI's. Obviously only a dumbass would pay that price, but I estimate it's a far better amount than the average value of less than $100 for a non lifer account being sold at various places for more than the last 8 years. I'd really like to see the new ownership remove everyone from SSG who is connected with LotRO. A brand new team couldn't fuck this game up anymore and I might have a shred of solace knowing new people actually might give one fuck about their quality and performance.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/house-impeaches-trump-for-incitement-of-insurrection/ar-BB1cImdc?li=BBnbcA1 The House voted 232 to 197 to impeach Trump exactly one week after rioters forced lawmakers to flee from the very chamber in which they cast ballots in the fourth presidential impeachment in US history -- and the first time a President has been impeached twice. I was reading a few other news articles. In more than one were spoken opinions where a President must be in office to be Impeached. Claiming if when the Senate returns, Trump will be out of office and can't be Impeached. My how these professed, learned scholars know so little about the very thing they spend their lives claiming they do indeed know. Impeachment and possible conviction are two separate entities. So much so that it requires both arms of congress to complete the procedure. If it wasn't so, then Trump would not have been Impeached the first time. It is an obvious fact of history Trump was in fact Impeached once before. The history of it all. Which I might add was my initial interest in the topic of this thread and stated so very early on. The second and lesser of the two catching my interest was that I did not/do not like the man Donald Trump. Only a dumbass would stand in front of a mic and claim to be very smart because he cheated his way into a $900 million plus tax deferment/credit. Saying so much as to suggest paying taxes was for the people dumb enough to not find a way to avoid it. Two procedures leading to one final outcome. Trump has been Impeached and wait for it... While he was in office. Some say America couldn't afford the time to put Americans through a second Impeachment. I think it took a whole five days to get it done. What is good about it is, it isn't really debatable how the judgment came so fast and how it will never be contested. The whole world saw the moments leading to today's vote. Trump could have steamrolled over America. Trump could have shredded the Constitution and left the US crippled for generations, had he only kept his mouth shut. Crazies and nutters would own the US had only Trump played the role more becoming to expectations and traditions considered even with the lowest modicum. Instead the guy defeated himself at every step. At every cross roads. At every moment of his existence sitting behind the Resolute desk. Trump is living proof an arrogant dumbfuck should never be allowed to lead a nation. Too dumb to know he isn't intelligent. I'll give a 75% chance Trump will be convicted in the Senate. It depends on what Mcconnell can get out of a bargain from the incoming Senate majority leader Schumer. Yes Mcconnell's current position says he is open to an Impeachment conviction. I'll believe it when he votes to convict. All the while wondering how much of America's soul was sacrificed to leave Trump with the enduring legacy of LOSER. This last four years may have been a blessing in disguise. Huh! What?! Possibly and for the reason of what if an intelligent man had these past four years determined to change the US so drastically that it would no longer represent the country from the time of my birth. Someone just a little more driven and evil, with enough sense to know how to play the game. In that context Trump has been a showing on how to curtail future Presidential candidates leading to the Presidency that they are indeed subject to the law. Biden would not have been my choice. Too old. Possibly too willing to appease the fringes of the political sprectrum. In any case, I doubt he can fuck up the US more than loser Trump has. I'm still expecting Trump to take a shit on the Resolute desk before he leaves on Jan. 20th. It's just the kind of man he is.
  7. Trump needs to be Impeached. Again Not because he is a registered Republican. Party affiliation has the least to do with this opinion of mine. He needs to be Impeached so he cannot run for elected office in the future. I know some here said we need to move on and have Trump become history. Saying Americans needs to find a way to unite and find resolve for our own problems and that Impeaching Trump will further divide the United States. In light of this past week, I'm not sure the US can be more divided outside of all out civil war. We'll see how much resolve Congress has to Impeach him this coming week. Just to note. No where does the Constitution say the same Congress who initiates an Impeachment proceeding is the same Congress that concludes the same proceeding. Having Mcconnell say it won't happen on his watch means nothing. He knows it, I know it, and so does the incoming Senate. If Senate Democrats/Independents are united, Trump will be convicted of the charges listed in the Impeachment articles. Will Trump being convicted as a result of Impeachment proceedings? Possibly, but the cost is a necessity for the US to again become a Union for the long term existence of US's Democracy. Presidents need to be clearly aware they are not above the law. They need to be clearly aware there are consequences for violating the Constitution and the law it imbues. I am exceedingly elated the Corruptor and Chief is being banned across several social media platforms. I said it should happen earlier in this thread and finally these platforms are understanding how much influence a dumb fuck with self serving goals can convince, coerce, threaten, and trash the lives of participants of a Democracy. As a side note about this, I'm also loving the fact Trump lost his addiction and is freaking out he can't feed his narcissism. On a meta type of context its just a grand moment knowing Trump the troll is reaping what he has sown. From the very beginning of his candidacy Trump eagerly stepped outside of acceptable discourse. Saying what ever popped into his two functioning brain cells. Often lowering any bar set across centuries of debate. Falling below even hole in the wall backroom bar lingua franca. Basic shit talk by a moron who can't stay on topic or even understand the universe isn't contained between his own ears. Things I see for Trump's future: He will not live at Mara Lago fulltime. He will not live in any Democratic represented nation outside of the US. He will spend the remainder of his life in litigation. Melania will divorce him and take Barron with her back to her native country. (She hasn't spent years teaching Barron her native tongue for fun.) He will forfeit/lose the majority of his properties in the US. He will have all his financial assets under US control frozen. He will have his passport revoked due being a flight risk. He will spend time under house arrest. Likely the remainder of his life. He will lose Secret Service protection. He will be denied licensing by the FTC for a media (news channel) outlet platform. He will be considered the worst President of the United States by historians. He will play the victim the remainder of his life. All the while denying he victimized people all his life and can be directly attributed to millions of deaths worldwide and likely over half of one million US citizens. If Americans have learn anything about how our Democracy should be conducted and represented, Trump will... Make America Great Again.
  8. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays. Mine was uneventful. That's a good thing imo. Cheers to 2021
  9. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?685011-Did-SSG-take-payroll-protection-money-intended-for-businesses-that-were-closed-due-to-Covid On the periphery of Covid fallout. It seems directly or indirectly SSG has benefited from PPP. I posted somewhere on these forums SSG would apply for free money even though they didn't really need it. In light of the recent news where another company has bought DayBreak Games including SSG and their games. The promotional feeder to EG7 investors lists the financial information about SSG's revenue. https://www.enadglobal7.com/wp-conte...reak-Games.pdf As of Sept 2020, for the year of 2020 SSG is listed as making $9.9 million. Collecting up to $1 million (PPP) of free money. SSG wasn't hurting for cash as they have always portrayed and yet SSG either on their own or through DBG jumped on the opportunity as soon as the money was available. The sad reality of the players saying SSG gave all the content for free over the summer because SSG was founded on heart felt respect to its players is even more laughable now this truth is undeniable. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FederalPay's PPP Information Policy Paycheck Protection Loan data has been made public by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for private companies that received a PPP loan of $150,000 or over. All information displayed on this page is publicly available information under PPP loan guidelines, and is published unmodified, as provided by the SBA. PPP Loan Information — STANDING STONE GAMES LLC CA STANDING STONE GAMES LLC Business Type: Limited Liability Company(LLC) Industry: Software Publishers Location: SAN DIEGO, CA Tweet This • Search PPP Data STANDING STONE GAMES LLC is a limited liability company(llc) located in San Diego, California that received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of at least $350,000.00 in April, 2020. PPP Loan Information Loan Size: $350,000 to $1M Jobs Retained: 52 Loan Approved: 2020-04-08 Lender: CIBC Bank USA STANDING STONE GAMES LLC received a Paycheck Protection Loan of between 350,000 and 1M through CIBC Bank USA, which was approved in April, 2020. Based on standard PPP eligibility rules, STANDING STONE GAMES LLC's total 2019 payroll expenses were between $1.68M and $4.8M in order to qualify for the PPP loan amount received. Based on their reported 52 jobs retained, this equals an estimated average yearly compensation between $32,308 and $92,308 per employee1. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That money could have gone to a small business that actually suffered from the pandemic. Instead we get players who will defend their addiction like this ill conceived wad. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?685011-Did-SSG-take-payroll-protection-money-intended-for-businesses-that-were-closed-due-to-Covid&p=8051540#post8051540 DavidmeetHal I just play LOTRO and have fun. I don’t give a damn what they do as a company. The incognito Nymphonic alt forum account. I find SSG and their sycophants absolutely disgusting. I'm wondering what the position of EG7 and its investors would have knowing DBG and SSG collected free money as a result of a world wide pandemic when they actually increase their revenue during the same period instead of enduring a hardship. I can see some ethical issues
  10. And... If you chose a gender change, it will be another 2,495 LP to change the characters name. Unless you already had a neutral name. That would be $50 for one character. Imagine buying a new car and later wanting a different color paint and having it cost you half as much as the car.
  11. The delights of a two party system where each side is deathly afraid of becoming irrelevant. Willing to drag everyone into the us vs. them struggle.
  12. There is some real truth to Barr and 2024. He'll wreck whats left of the Constitution that Trump hasn't already. I read some of his published material. The guy has this thing about co-equal branches and how it is interpreted. Essentially he thinks the Executive branch deserves a bigger slice of the pie. I haven't given weight to anything he has said while working for Trump. Barr knows AG is a stepping stone, so he'll say what he is told and endure the fallout. Honestly I don't think Barr is presidential material. Pompeo? I don't see it. He is tainted by Trump.
  13. To me the meaning of a moderate, centralist means being able to pick and choose sensible positions from the political spectrum. If they reside outside of the center as long as they provide positive outcomes the majority of the people can benefit from is fair game. With that said, free education and healthcare are within that meaning. Just because they are social programs doesn't meaning they are leading the way to socialism. I find it funny when people make opposition to those two ideas, but at the same time don't consider bailing out banks and business sectors socialism. Also the same people expect to collect social security which is a subsidized social program. Go figure. Having long term fully funded social programs doesn't make the US a socialist country. I don't prefer Biden takes us back to the America we had before Trump. The US needs to move beyond that. Without the US Senate working with Biden we just get the old same old plus Trump's debt.
  14. President-elect Biden gave a very good victory speech tonight. His confidence seemed overwhelmingly evident. He covered nearly every concern an American might have if not all of them. Tonight's speech might be the best I've heard from any politician in more than 20 years.
  15. Ya its far from over and I don't mean Trump throwing child tantrums. Without Senate control for Biden its really just a wasted span of time. Mcconnell is the swamp. You know, the one Trump wanted to get rid of. Biden will already have to sell his soul just to get cabinet members. Biden ought to just pull the bullshit move Trump used and place interim proxies for his cabinet which just happen to never get replaced. Mcconnell will block any and every nomination and legislation Biden's Democrats put forward. Then later want to use the backroom for bargaining. The end results are just more of the same change no one wants and at best always watered down versions of anything meaningful. Biden does have this going for him. He can repeal all the stupid changes Trump made within the administrations agencies. I'm wishing that Biden gets in a room with Mcconnell and just says fuck you. You get nothing until you get out of my way. Though when I see an old man walking around with purple colored hands and multiple contusions, I don't expect Mcconnell to be around very long. Those are clear signs of a failing life. Anyway it is far from over. The past four years of media brainwashing from the mind of a lunatic (Trump) is going to play out in the immediate future. All these ignorant uneducated fools who voted for Trump are really dumb enough to act out aggression rather than just admit they backed a dumbass loser with an IQ of 65. Biden won't sit in the White House with a powerful enough mandate to contribute to any major change needed in the US. He'll barely be able to undo all the damage Trump caused, let alone make this country a better place to live. Without control of the Congress, Biden will be a lame duck President for four years in my opinion. Then there is a real possibility Trump will be back if he isn't dead, incarcerated, or has fled. Ya it's far from over.
  16. Seems this sites edit function has disappeared.
  17. No it wouldn't but then you've not given a reason why it is a bad thing. The problem with the EC is its points at doled out state by state. Where as they should be stand alone points per EC district decided by the census. Doing it this way gives each EC point and equal standing amongst the total number. Also the majority of voters in a specific district get proper recognition. Nebraska and Maine have it right. The remainder of the states have it wrong.
  18. You are correct. He is still a US President residing in the White House until Jan 20th 2021. After that date things change for any President. But... Let's not get ahead so quick. Before Jan. 20th. If Trump is seen to be shifting large amounts of assets or currency, it will be seen as suspicious. Being as such will also attract scrutiny and public criticism. This suspicion isn't just limited to Trump the person but also his family and those who control his finances. If this scenario plays out there is no chance the US gov't will let lame duck President leave the country. The risks are too high for the United States. After Jan. 20th. Trump could be seen as a fugitive if he leaves US soil. There are already criminal cases pending against Trump and more are likely to take place. If he is determined a flight risk he will not leave the US. One, his Secret Service attachment won't let him leave. Two, if he tries to evade this attachment, other law enforcement will be brought in to find him. If Trump request asylum from another nation, he won't make it to the destination with his mental faculties intact. To my knowledge no US President has ever lived, resided, or became a citizen of another country after leaving office. There is a reason for this. For many years, a US President wasn't allowed to travel abroad. The same reasons apply to both. They would become prime targets for assassination and capture for torture or ransom. The only exception was FDR who had a summer home in Canada while in his first term. Presidents aren't as free as one would think. In fact they are held tightly to their former position for the remainder of their lives. I foresee Donald Trump being a prisoner living on one of his properties under a sort of house arrest for a very long time if he doesn't win a second term. Trump is a slave to the system whether he likes it or not.
  19. Some people just can't figure it out. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684237-New-p2w-relics-garbage-loot-progression The LotRO treadmill spins the wheel of insanity.
  20. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/is-president-donald-trump-a-flight-risk/ar-BB1au69W Was the statement merely a sour-grapes throwaway line by a cantankerous candidate facing potential defeat? Or was it a signal that Trump might actually abandon—some would say flee—our shores and seek refuge elsewhere if he is routed by a Joe Biden victory? During my long military intelligence career I spent countless hours with my peers working on diverse “What if…?” contingency scenarios in complex locales such as the Balkans and Afghanistan. In these intensely personal environments, where clan or tribal loyalty is paramount, local and regional leaders, often with links to organized criminal activities and enabling transnational networks could be dangerously unpredictable. Judging from the array of personality traits gleaned from these and numerous other experiences, and correlating them to his current circumstances, to me Trump appears to be a classic flight risk. By Brig. Gen. (ret.) Peter B. Zwack I knew soon as Trump said it, others would see the possible truth of a President being a flight risk. Being a dumbass, Trump has already sabotaged any chance flee the United States.
  21. This is an increasingly common occurrence. Players feeling the need to list their loyalty badges while submitting to the forums for help. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684095-Any-SSG-support-tech-please-view-this-thread-Cordovan "I'm a VIP since pre launch in 2006. Been in here before %99 of the community. Did not miss a single payment over the years. I never eve rcomplain about anything in the game, even though I have some valid reasons to.." I am at a loss for words from both ends (the player and the company) after reading this. I'm happy I left this shit show behind.
  22. On a semi serious note it is a bit depressing watching SSG sink to the bottom of the ocean. So just to lighten up the tone I made a new thread in the suggestion section. Partly out of humor. Yet why not? How much worse could the game be now? https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?684031-Whale-pet-please "I want one. I have cash. SSG make it happen." Anyway, I expect it to get buried in a day or two.
  23. Read the current forum threads today. Sounds like everything is broken from scaling instances to content purchases. Players can't get logged in. Complaints about the price packages and more. Looks like most who complain about the 'recommended' package are pissed they want a boar 🐖 but not for the forty dollar price tag. With this level of irritation the forums are ripe for trolling while wearing the fanboy hat. What do FC?
  24. It actually could happen and should happen. Here is why. Trump has been the most disruptive person to ever set at the Resolute desk. He is a belligerent, arrogant, too dumb to know he is stupid moron. I don't say that because I dislike him. It's just obvious to the casual viewer Trump is a child throwing tantrums when things don't go his way. A President needs to display something worthy of respect to the American people and to the world. Trump is a divider of people and has many times trampled on civil rights, human rights and lacks empathy for his fellow man.Though those offenses don't necessarily equate to Impeachable offenses. The totality of his actions constitute real damage to the US, its people and our standing in the world. Impeachment isn't only based on criminality. It is also and equally based on character. The oath sworn says as much. More than one US agency has deemed Trump a national security threat. This added to the nature of basically a bad person in general is enough to Impeach a President. I didn't suggest that Trump be Impeached after November 3rd. A President or any included in the Impeachment mention's (judges, cabinet members, congress) can also be Impeached after leaving or losing their office position. House representative Matt Gaetz wanted to Impeach Obama. He had this process correct but waiting near 4 years is kinda out of reach of sensibility. Trump however if he loses is right now is current. I know lol Matt Gaetz. Even a broken clock can be right twice a day. Still, the guy knew there was precedent to Impeach a person after they left office. Links with some quotes on the matter. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/12/06/can-former-presidents-be-impeached/ Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, says, “The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Article I, Section 3, says, “Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States.” https://www.quora.com/USA-Can-a-President-be-impeached-after-leaving-office The Constitution allows only two penalties as a result of impeachment: removal from office, and being banned from holding future federal office. Technically, it is probably the case that Congress could impeach a President who had left office in order to prevent them from holding future office in the Federal government. This would not only prevent a one-term president from returning to seek another term at a later time, but would prevent a former president from running for Congress or serving in the cabinet of a future president or as a federal judge or Supreme Court justice. However, it’s hard not to see this as a huge waste of Congress’s time. https://reason.com/2019/12/05/can-the-house-impeach-a-former-president/ This is not an easy case, and there is not a scholarly consensus on this point, but it is plausible that it is within the authority of the House to impeach former federal officers. https://blogs.findlaw.com/legally_weird/2019/12/can-you-actually-impeach-a-former-president-maybe.html Princeton University professor Keith Whittington argues that Gaetz is "likely right," because the Constitution does not specifically limit impeachment powers to current office holders. "If impeachments are to protect the republic from dangerous officeholders, then the ability to disqualify a former officer who has been demonstrated to have committed grave abuses of office in the past might be valuable," Whittington writes. Tulane Law School professor Ross Garber, who has represented governors in state-level impeachment proceedings, argues that the Constitution, "by its terms," limits impeachment and removal to current office holders. "This interpretation would also honor the primary purpose of the impeachment provision, which is to protect the country from extraordinary abuses by executive branch officials in between elections and by judges who have lifetime tenure," Garber says. "to protect the country from extraordinary abuses by executive branch officials in between elections and by judges who have lifetime tenure" It is my strong opinion should Trump lose the 2020 election that he be Impeached again to prohibit him from trying in 2024. If the House and Senate has a majority of votes to do so they should without hesitation. The cost to do it within the current context and time is far cheaper than dealing with the remote prospect Trump could again run for office and cause more the havoc and turmoil like he has these last four years. Saying let the voters be heard and move on is a complacent stance. Yes there are dire situations which need a remedy with expediency in the country as a whole and mostly only Congress can offer those solutions. To forget or ignore a goodly portion of those problems arise because of a moron sitting in the White House atm is no excuse to take a chance Trump could again sit in the same chair in 2024 if he loses next month. Pay for it now while its cheap or wait until it cost far more. Trump is the biggest single threat to American Democracy we face today. One month of time isn't that much to get it done and be dealt with forever.
  25. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-suggests-he-may-leave-country-biden-election-2020-10 "Could you imagine if I lose?" Trump said on Friday. "I'm not going to feel so good. Maybe I'll have to leave the country, I don't know." Translation: If I lose I'll be running with my tail tucked all the way to daddy Putin. Or will he? I think the answer is no. I also don't think any US President has ever left the United States and formally lived as a citizen in another country after their term expired. Additionally, I don't believe a future administration (regardless of party) would allow a President to flee avoiding possible prosecution. I don't see the Secret Service letting this happen. I don't see agencies such as the DoJ, State dept., and IRS letting this happen too. That doesn't include the many future civil and criminal cases likely to occur or one's currently pending. No judge is going to let this happen while cases are on their docket. Nope, a US President knows too many things involving nation security to let them threaten to leave and cause risk or jeopardy to the US, its citizens or components of government. Really, the words Trump spews on the subject are just a rhetoric salad, fear tactic to scare his sympathizers at a rally. However, merely saying such things will likely put motions in action Trump may not be aware of. I can see a future where a once sitting President will spend a lengthy stay under house arrest possibly for years just proposing the idea of fleeing consequence of action. How embarrassing the whole thing would be for the United States.
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