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  1. Either way, it's a senile geriatric one imminent stroke away from kicking the can. I can't quite tell who will be the better red pill, so I honestly don't care who wins.
  2. Yes, they more than succeeded in making the West a clown zone. The whiplash-inducing hypocrisy of the media is just too much for words now. It's not even a question of pretending not to be lying or shilling for one side. The mask is off, figuratively, and literally - when in cultic BLM reveries on the streets, where the pandemic risk magically disappears. "By any means necessary" will Western civilization be destroyed.
  3. Several months ago, I finally made it to the destruction of the ring and started into Mordor. Haven't played since, since Mordor looks like poop, as did almost the whole of Gondor, especially with the awful darkened sky effect (I get the lore reason, but it's still too dark and ugly). I feel like I can never play the game again and have no regrets. I'd like to see the northern zones, but I don't know if I have the patience to get through Mordor, and I'm a zone completionist. The gear situation is a nightmare grind. I simply gave up ever hoping to finish my LI or have decent armor or raid
  4. Wait, they admitted this was happening?
  5. I have no horse in the race, but Trump is absolutely hilarious. I don't understand how you could furrow your brow and get all hot under the collar when he speaks or tweets. He is undoubtedly a troll, both intentionally and unintentionally.
  6. I've been stuck in pre-battle MT and it's dreadfully slow and boring. The sky is awful (I get it from a lore perspective, but man, it doesn't make for enjoyable playing).
  7. Almost since launch, this company has failed to recognize that, given the IP, they are basically guaranteed money. Consequently, there's no reason to ignore player feedback or make this Lord of the Casino Online. But this is what they've done and continue to do. I've never seen a company so hostile toward its player-base and oblivious to its game's problems (although I hear ArenaNet is catching up to them).
  8. My ASUS laptop runs pretty quietly by itself, but it also runs really hot, so I add an external Opolar cooler, which does a good job with reducing temps but is really loud. It's a bit of a no-win. I'm still waiting for the day that gaming laptop manufacturers actually invest in proper cooling and noise reduction.
  9. I still don't know what exactly went wrong, but this is hilarious nonetheless. Some great memes on r/lotro. I also still maintain that at some point the game will simply cease to function. There will be some tweak or change here or there that, combined with all the other stuff being supported on a rotting foundation, will simply topple the whole thing and they won't know how to put it back together.
  10. I would welcome maintenance mode, if it actually meant they would do maintenance on the existing game. Unfortunately, they keep adding more content onto a rotting foundation.
  11. I was permabanned by Sapience a long time ago and asked after he left if I could be reinstated, but I got no reply. There's no rhyme or reason to their decisions. The CMs just act on gut feelings.
  12. Unlike Star Wars Battlefront and other titles, Lotro is such an obscure game that I feel it might fly under the radar of potential regulations and so get away with a lot of immoral and possibly illegal business practices. Who's holding SSG accountable? If there are regulations against loot boxes, can we trust SSG to scale back on them in game? Those dialogue phrases kill me! The guy pronounces Rohirrim like "Rohireem." It drives me up an absolute wall.
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